To know that we are in the Grace of GOD is to know that GOD has favored us. That we have been endued with HIS Grace. Know that the LORD our GOD is with us. Cease being fearful and know that we have found Grace, that we are free from our sins, and our past. We have found favor and loving-kindness with GOD that is in abundance.

Grow up in all things that are in CHRIST JESUS with the Holy Spirit giving to us His power and resources to do so. Become strong in our spirit being filled with the Wisdom of GOD and getting to understand. Take notice of GOD’s grace in your life.

GOD has given to us HIS authority through CHRIST JESUS so live in that. We have been given power through the Holy Spirit so apply that. Depend on CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit, stop leaning onto your understanding and lean onto the understanding obtained from the Holy Spirit. CHRIST JESUS is the possessor of Grace and HE will give grace to whomever HE wills to do so. If we are true believers in CHRIST JESUS then we have HIS grace in our lives. And this grace will change how we think, how we see, how we listen, and how we speak from as the world does which is negative to how it is in heaven which is positive and optimistic. We will speak about the Good News of CHRIST JESUS by way of Encouragement in the Word of GOD, by Information about who we are in CHRIST JESUS, and through Inspiration by how to live according to the promises of GOD.


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