Inspired by the reading of 1st John 2

I love JESUS so very much because HE is GOD and there is nothing that we can think, see, hear, say or do that will surprise HIM. This is why HE saved us from our sins past; present and future. Agree or not; it makes not matter with me. I can only go by what the Word of GOD has said. Yes, I have written said; books or the words contained in books do not speak. However, the living words in the living book which is the living Bible; they do speak to us. It’s by our reading of the Word of GOD that the Holy Spirit will speak to us; and the Spirit of wisdom will give us the understanding of all that the Holy Spirit teaches us. The FATHER knows that we need help; not once but as long as we reside here on this earth. So when JESUS willingly gave up HIS sinless life for us and our sin filled lives; HE made preparations for us to be taken care of when we commit future sins after we accepted HIS gift of salvation. Brothers, sisters in CHRIST JESUS and those who have not yet made up their minds to believe in JESUS; the One and Only begotten SON of The Most High GOD. I’m telling you that it’s true; we will sin and as we grow in the grace of JESUS we will find it more impossible to actively sin on a daily basis. However, don’t fool yourself; you will sin and you do sin. Maybe not with your eyes, ears, mouth or the movement of your body. But what about your mind? Convince JESUS, yourself and me that you don’t have evil thoughts. Did someone disrespect you today? Was traffic a bear today? Are your patients short today? And so on. However, JESUS is primed and ready to plead your case for you. JESUS is our Advocate; some of you maybe asking; what is an advocate? An advocate is one who will defend the one who is being persecuted. The enemy is always ready to point the finger of blame; he is always ready to fool you to believe that you are no longer loved; that you are guilty; that you should be ashamed. The enemy is always ready to steal the promises of GOD from you; to kill the hope that you have built up in JESUS. To murder your faith in JESUS. Don’t listen to that father of lies! JESUS is taking care of you my brother and sister in CHRIST JESUS. JESUS will take care of you person who has not decided to believe in JESUS as yet. JESUS is the Righteous One and because of HIM we are called the righteous. JESUS is the propitiation for our sins. What is propitiation? The person who makes one favorable before another; will turn away the anger of the one who has a right to be angry. The Most High GOD has a right to be angry with the entire world; yet because of HIS enormous love for mankind beginning with Adam until the last human that will be birthed or the last human that will be alive on earth; whichever comes first before the return of JESUS. HE gave the world HIS SON JESUS; to save the world from sin. All we need do is believe. We will want to keep the LORD’s commandments. We will want to keep the LORD’s Word. This is our action of love towards the FATHER and the precious SON, JESUS. JESUS is perfect and in HIM we will want to become perfect in HIM. I’m so hurt when I hear so many people who are so very unsure about their salvation. I hope that I will settle this for you; if you think of JESUS and what it is that HE desire for you everyday; then you are saved. No one who is unsaved will think about JESUS. And no one who is unsaved cares about if they are pleasing HIM or not. I remember when I was a young sinner without JESUS. My inspiration for doing what was right was that if I did not want to get caught or hurt my parents and grandmother than I should not be doing something or saying something. As a young woman in JESUS my goal became broader; I would think about how this would affect JESUS, my husband, my kids, my parents and my grandmother. Now, I’m so sold out to CHRIST JESUS that my thought in the morning when I awake and before I go to sleep is JESUS. During the course of the day I think about JESUS. I just want to please JESUS; later for the people. With JESUS and the Holy Spirit help; I am destined to walk as JESUS walked. I want to be in the light of JESUS and at times it can be a wee bit challenging. I understand now that I don’t have to agree with my siblings in CHRIST JESUS but I must love them regardless. I don’t hate anyone; this includes the non-believer out of JESUS. I love them but I don’t love what they do which is sinful; this does not mean that I will not be their friend; this does not mean that I will ignore them; this does not mean that I will stand by and point the finger and blame. Some of the nicest people I know refuse to believe in JESUS. Yet, with a hurting heart I respect their decision and they know that it is nothing that they can say or do to move me from my faith in CHRIST JESUS. The understanding of the Word of GOD and the relationship that my brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS is on various levels. We may or may not agree but this does not give me cause to be angry and to hate them. After all; if you have brothers and sisters you don’t always agree and you don’t hate them. Settle in your spirit these truths:

  1. If you are in CHRIST JESUS your sins are forgive because of JESUS.
  2. JESUS was in the beginning.
  3. JESUS has overcome the devil and because he overcame the wicked one we are Overcomers.
  4. When you have come to know JESUS CHRIST you come to know GOD The FATHER.
  5. We are strong because of the Word of GOD which lives in us.

We have been concerned with the affairs of this world long enough and all we need to understand; is that the world is wicked and the world will come to an end. So no longer love what this world has to offer. If you don’t know what the world has to offer here it is.

  1. Lust of the flesh
  2. Lust of the eyes
  3. Pride of life

Understand that JESUS has promised you everlasting life in HIM. In JESUS you will be anointed to know all things from HIM.

JESUS lives in me

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