Deuteronomy 9:5 & 32:20

Ahh, here is a great example as to how not to think more of yourself than you should. This is a very easy trap to fall into. Especially, women and men who are of the clergy as I am. We study; pray and spend time with GOD and without saying so; we think that we have become one of the untouchables. That we have arrived, sin is no longer a character trait we need to look out for.

Wrong! When GOD makes a promise be it to you or your generations before you. HE honors what HE has said and remains faithful to what HE has said. You may not get to experience what HE has promised directly, however, your descendents will.

This was the case here in Deut. Moses made it very clear to the Israelites that they were very rebellious. After all that they had seen GOD do, they still did not walk in integrity.

Does this remind you of yourself? Here is my testimony; I was partially paralyzed of my right hand. GOD healed my hand; this is when I met GOD for the first time as HEALER. I believed from that moment on that GOD is a healer and said aloud that I would do anything and everything that I am supposed to do that GOD wants me to do. With my heart I really meant what I had said. However, not knowing that my heart did not fully belong to JESUS as yet. I was still full of me.

As I write this to you, I’m not confessing that my heart belongs fully to JESUS. Unfortunately there is still some small part of me that is me. How do I know this? Because on rare occasions I have found myself doing what I should not do just because I want to. It is that small part of me that has not been surrendered to JESUS as yet.

And, it is that large part of my heart that when I’ve completed my desire to do what I wanted to do or say it’s when my heart breaks and I’m flooded with a desire to ask GOD to forgive me and have HIS, SON wash me in HIS blood yet again. I am at a place that now when I go against GOD; I don’t lay there in the mud, filthy. I get up and run to GOD and ask for forgiveness and GOD gives it to me. That takes integrity.

We have to work on being faithful as GOD is faithful. Make up in your mind that you are going to do just one thing to change from who you are now to what GOD wants you to become.

  • Do you say that you are going to do something and you don’t do what you have said you will do?
  • Are you late for appointments?
  • Do you make promises that you don’t keep?

Those are just some examples of where you can begin to take inventory of yourself and begin to have GOD show you how to become a person of integrity in that area of your life. Once GOD reigns in that area, give to HIM another and just keep it moving. Don’t stop. You may slow down because you have become more of what GOD wants and less of what you want. When GOD or when you recognize that there is yet another portion of you that must be evicted from your character. Don’t be surprised just again work on it and gain integrity over that too.

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