It takes Grace to face and move Mountains

It takes Grace to face and move Mountains

Zechariah 4:7, 11:7, 10; 12:10

All of us face, mountains in our life. Sometimes people may say that they are facing a mountain. But most often than not the phrase that is thrown about “Mountain Moving” is said by those of faith but may not be applied by those of faith. Where or how did/does this phrase come about? We find it in Zech. 4:7. Zechariah and Zurrubabel were facing a great mountain of earth. Today, we either purposefully go to view mountains, or while in travel we may come upon some mountains that we may or may not take for granted because they are something that we see often. So, to those who are either surrounded by mountains in their view or who pass by mountains when traveling from one location to another, mountains may not be a big deal.

In our daily life, we face great mountains in the form of but not limited to the following.

  • Automobile payments
  • Family
  • Jobs
  • Mortgage/rent

Mountains are defined as the large mass of earth [soil] and rock rising above the common level of land without definite altitude. Altitude is defined by a high and common termination of its state of being, condition, or mannerism. Most often our perspective of our comprehension with our eyes and mind affects our altitude of attitude.

Instead of complaining and moaning about the mountains that we are going to face as though some of them are a great surprise to us. We need to see the mountain or mountains that we expect to see and do not expect to see and ask the mountains this question. “Who or What are you, big/great mountain”!? Some we can identify and those are the mountains that we know are there and others will be unexpected mountains, so, it is for those mountains that we need to pose that question. All of us need to face our mountains with this attitude by saying. “You will be flattened and capped/coped with and I will see my achievements due to my faith in CHRIST JESUS. I will exclaim/shout Grace, grace to what GOD has done for me!” When we deal with our mountains in this manner we will begin to notice that our stress levels will become depleted and that we will live our lives in total chill mode.

In our next verse of scripture, we should see this not from a mere shepherd but from the point of anyone who is in authority.

  • Employers/Group leaders/Management
  • Government
  • Parents
  • Pastors (all ordained ministers/clergy)
  • PeaceMakers (police)
  • Teachers

The omission of titles of those in authority is not intentional. If you are a person of positive authority include yourself.

See people that are two or more as a flock. All Born-Again CHRISTians should feed the flock of the doomed for slaughter. This flock is most miserable, poor in spirit, and weak. They are disobedient, rebellious, and none believers in CHRIST JESUS. Our shepherd’s staff are our limbs, our right and left arms and hands. We need to see our right hand as Grace (the strength of the Almighty GOD, Beauty) and our left hand as Bond (Unity). It is impossible to cause division when we see ourselves as the instruments of Grace and Unity in our heavenly FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.

We all need to feed the flock by meeting their natural and spiritual needs. When we who experience the Grace and Unity of GOD through CHRIST JESUS fail the meet the needs of the flock who are for the slaughter. (Slaughter, destruction, killed); Those who are being destroyed by sin and the result to sins inevitably is death, hell, and the lake of fire for eternal torment. We are cutting into our staff of Grace and Unity breaking the covenant of loving and caring for people.

It is not GOD’s desire to see anyone of HIS most precious creations the soul of humanity perish, John 3:16. How dare we deny the doomed flock the invitation to know CHRIST JESUS by not meeting not only their natural needs but their spiritual needs as well. What if CHRIST JESUS was denied us when we were in the state of being most miserable and pitiable, poor in our spirit, and weak because of our sinful nature? We are to have the same heart as our heavenly FATHER because of what JESUS The CHRIST has done not only for me and you but for all of humanity.

Some of the flock have been begrudged the invitation of getting to know The Savior, the One who was pierced/stabbed in the side while hanging on that cross to check and see if HE was dead or not. We should want all people to know the Spirit of Grace, Kindness, and Mercy, we should focus on wanting all people to come to know CHRIST JESUS who was crucified, pierced, buried, and rose again from the grave for all people.


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