JESUS family pt. 6

Here are the final ancestors of our LORD JESUS; there is nothing written of these folks; however, notice how the ancestors of King David never broke because Zerubbabel had two sons who are mentioned Abiud who is found in the book of Matthew and Rhesa who is found in the book of Luke. 

Shealtiel /father of Zerubbabel; Ezra 3:2, 8; Neh. 12:1

 Zerubbabel /set up an alter for The LORD GOD; laid the foundation of the temple which had been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar. Zerubbabel is a descendent of the royal line of David.  Ezra 3:8-13; 4-6

 Abiud to Jacob there is no history to be found; so we are going to pick up from Zerubbabel to JESUS.

 Rhesa /son of Zerubbabel, Luke 3:27 

Joannas /father of Judah, Luke 3:27

 Judah /father of Joseph, Luke 3:26

 Joseph /father of Semei, Luke 3:26

 Semei /father of Mattathiah, Luke 3:26 

Mattathiah /father of Maath, Luke 3:26

 Maath /father of Naggai, Luke 3:25

 Naggai /father of Esli, Luke 3:25

 Esli /father of Nahum, Luke 3:25

 Nahum/father of Amos, Luke 3:25

 Amos / father of Mattathiah, Luke 3:25

 Mattathiah /father of Joseph, Luke 3:24

 Joseph /father of Janna, Luke 3:24

 Janna /father of Melchi, Luke 3:24

 Melchi /father of Levi, Luke 3:24 

Levi /father of Matthat, Luke 3:24

 Matthat / father of Heli, Luke 3:24

 Heli /father of Mary; father in-law to Joseph, husband of Mary, mother of The LORD JESUS; Luke 3:23

 JESUS /the begotten SON of The LORD GOD and Son of Mary the wife of Joseph.

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