Justice-Psalm 25:8-10


The LORD GOD is completely good. There is no attribute to HIM that we must think about and separate to weigh where HE is greater or less. The Most High GOD is completely and evenly good. The True and Living GOD’s character and integrity is filled with righteousness; honesty and justice. Through the Holy Spirit; HE alone will teach us HIS true and perfect way. How HE will teach us will be found in HIS Word. We must take the time to spend time in the Word of GOD. Television ministry is great; hearing the Word of GOD spoken at church is great; but nothing compares to you getting into the Word of GOD for yourself and reading; writing down questions that you don’t understand and asking or speaking with HIM about them so that HE will give you revelation. You can also take those questions to your weekly bible study and ask you’re Pastor and there can be a dialogue between you; the Pastor and the other students. This is how we prepare our understanding. But nothing compares to speaking with the LORD GOD and having HIM to share with us. For me; it’s not so important that I memorize the scriptures so I can quote them in a moment’s notice; what’s more important to me is that I live the scriptures that I understand to the fullest. I desire to walk in my freedom because I’m aware that I have been justified because of my faith in JESUS. The Word of GOD humbles me because all that I am and all that I strive to be is found in JESUS. I of myself am nothing. I choose to see the importance of others over myself. I choose to help those who are in need versus concentrating on my needs. I don’t speak about my accomplishments because all that has been done is done in CHRIST JESUS and if I’m going to boast in anyone may it be CHRIST JESUS. In HIS covenant I am an heir according to HIS promises. According to HIS testimonies I lack no good thing. I celebrate my being justified because of HIM; without HIM I am guilty of every sin known to man.


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