Leading as JESUS led


Most everyone wants to lead but many of them do not know how to lead successfully. No matter how many seminars we attend and we will gather the information that will be useful to us. Nothing can demonstrate leadership skills as we ought to know them. And there is no greater leader who can teach us to lead as JESUS can. To be the type of leader that we all should want to be, we must first learn how to follow the examples left for us by JESUS. This is for ourselves and others.

  • Servant
  • Communication
  • Value people
  • Equip people

Mark 10:42-45; Without CHRIST JESUS people who are in the role of authority are as follows. Those who are recognized as one with a leadership title and are supposed to serve, communicate, vale and equip people. Instead, they rule with disrespect and holding those that are in subjection to them exercising authority and dominion over them. In CHRIST JESUS people who are in the role of authority are as follows. Recognized as one who has leadership qualities through servitude, open and respectful communication, value and equipping of people. It is far better to be known not only as one who is paid to be a leader but rather one who is an actual “Friend of the people”. Do not become drunk with power. Remember, you once were the worker-bee and though you have been promoted to that of leadership you must remember that we all report to someone and everyone must answer to SomeOne/JESUS.

Lk. 22:25; Mt. 20:26, 28; Mrk. 9:35; Lk. 9:48, 22:27; Jhn. 13:14; Philp. 2:7-8


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