Family, it’s wonderful. And as most new mother’s and father’s do we want to take a look to see who our new baby has the likeness of the mother or father. As the child develops his/her features will change and the likeness will be more dominate as to he/she resemble. Puberty can often times change the features again and change the likeness of your child and he/she will take on the likeness of another relative and as he/she continues to age throughout their lifetime it will be said that he/she resembles this person or that person within the family. Character traits are also a form of likeness that we have that can be either learned or that are hardwired within our DNA from our family pool.

We got those tendencies to want our off springs to look like us from GOD. Who doesn’t want their image duplicated on someone they love? But here is where we miss the whole entire message. Because we can’t see GOD we have no idea what HE looks like. And because we don’t study our bibles we miss the place where the scripture clearly tells us that GOD is a Spirit, not a man. So how on earth can we be made in HIS likeness if HE is not a man and HE has no image? You will have to know that the person that you see in the mirror is not the real you. Just like an egg, the egg is what is really on the inside of the shell. So it is with us, our spirit is the true us, it’s what we cannot see because of our shell and our spirit is invisible to the naked eye. We have been operated on and yet our spirit never escaped or has been revealed or touched. However, though we all have a spirit until we come to JESUS our spirits within us resembles the walking dead because our spirit is dead. But when we do come to JESUS our spirit comes alive within us. And only then are we able to communicate with our FATHER. Also, another point that we miss is the “US”, just who is the US? I am not going to spend much time on writing it out but I will give you the scripture for you to take a read. [John 1:1-3; John 4:24, 14:26, 1 John 5:7-8; Eph. 3:9] So now you know who the US is.

I have spent my CHRISTian lifetime speaking on this more than I have on JESUS in my early lifetime before ministry. Because this revelation really got to me, this image is everywhere, on our person, in our home, in our churches, automobiles, books, you name it the images can be found. And yet the image is not a true image of JESUS and dare I write GOD who is JESUS in the flesh. True CHRISTians I can understand us wearing a simplistic cross somewhere on us be it earrings, bracelet or necklace. But why wear a crucifix when JESUS is no longer hanging on a cross and is no longer dead? But why are heathens wearing a cross it means nothing to them, actually when we wear it, it should provoke people to ask us why we wear the cross or what does the cross mean to us? But no one does that because they are desensitized to viewing the object. Back to the image some dear heart and I get it because humans have a desire to look at something to focus on to have that nearness. So incomes a model, a mere mortal man to sit and pose for an artist who painted an image that for decades have brought comfort to millions of people and maybe caused him to gain wealth. Many homes have had an image of a man knocking on a door or kneeling in a garden looking up to heaven or hanging on a cross with a loin cloth on and then there is one with him holding a lamb and everyone has called this image, this likeness JESUS. One of this portraits if not all are in the homes or have been, we are all familiar with them. We think of them as sacred but none of us got their meaning or came to JESUS from them. None of us felt sorrow from them. They are just religious artifacts, images of a nice looking man, be he Asian, Caucasian, Black, Brown, or Red. And then there are the ones who are just totally coo-coo for cocoa puffs, they will make an image in whatever likeness that suits them and worships that be it animal, mineral, human or wealth.

If we want to see the face of GOD, we first have to come to JESUS and allow HIM to wake our spirit up from the dead. Once we believe in our heart that JESUS is the SON of GOD and that HE died for our sins and rose again from the grave and is seated at the right hand of the FATHER. Then we can look in the mirror and see the face of GOD through CHRIST JESUS because JESUS will be in you and you will be in CHRIST JESUS. While on earth we must be satisfied that when we look in the mirror that what we see looking back at us is the likeness of GOD. That is HIS likeness if you want to know what HE looks like, HE looks like you, you look like HIM because you are made in HIS likeness, HE is not made in ours. SPIRIT to spirit.


Genesis 1:26, Exodus 20:4, Psalms 17:15



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