Love those who hurt you

Luke 6:27-28

Loving a person who has hurt you is difficult. Even for most CHRISTians this is a difficult commandment to walk in.
Some CHRISTians came from extremely difficult pasts and maybe still dealing with past hurts from their lives. Some CHRISTians may have not experienced hurt to such a degree that it sprains your love walk. So when you do; you become confused about your faith questioning why GOD would have allowed this to happen to you. Being hurt by someone does not always have to come directly to you; you could experience the pain caused to another by another in a great degree. Our allegiance to the person who has been hurt can be so strong that in the pain we share with the one who hurt; we forget to rely on GOD to teach us to love regardless of what a person has done to us or another that we love. People have the ability to do some unbelievably destructive hurting things to others and people have the ability to do some amazingly wonderful things to others. For the person who is struggling with loving a person who has hurt them to an enormous degree it’s a crippling walk for them to get back into a place where GOD has healed them and they can forgive and love that person again. However, when they have gotten to that place of deliverance the joy of their testimony that will help others will be overwhelming. For those who support the one who is going through this hurt emotionally remember that we may have to make a tough decision in our love walk. We must remember the effect the actions of evil doers had taken on JESUS before the cross; during the cross and after the cross to this day and yet HE forgives and loves. Look up scriptures about forgiveness and love; pray those scriptures daily until that Word becomes a way of life for you. You may one day see or speak with the person who has caused that great deal of pain to you or to a person you love. When you do; be forgiving, kind and loving. This person will think several things as to why you are showing love to them and most of their thoughts will be wrong. Eventually, GOD will reveal to that person that you are not taking sides with the exception that you are on The LORD’s side. You are exhibiting what the Word of GOD teaches; read Proverbs 25:22 and Romans 12:20. Also show the person whom you love greatly that you have integrity by confessing that you saw or spoke with the person who has hurt them. By doing so you are not giving the person who is hurting the wrong impression about you and your allegiance to them. Like I said GOD will eventually get you or the person who is hurting to a place of peace. Some people experience a hurt that is just inches away from being turned inside out and only GOD will be able to provided the healing that is required. I give you assurance as well GOD will chastise and provide the type of justice that is required to the person who has hurt you or the person you love. When HE does it will be a righteous justice and that person must return to you and ask that you forgive his or her actions against you to your face. It will be up to you to forgive but I believe that in GOD’s perfect timing you will.  

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