Now is the acceptable time

2 Corinthians 6

We should all know that we are the LORD GOD’s acceptable workers. It’s known because you have been given HIS grace. However, the reason so many do nothing with that is because they are unaware of this knowledge. The LORD GOD did not give HIS grace to us in vain. As a matter of fact it was at the acceptable time that HE heard us; in the day of salvation HE helped us. Why is that? Because NOW  is the accepted time; NOW is the day of salvation. Not later today; not tomorrow; not next week; not next month and not next year. Today is the day that we have and tomorrow is not promised to any of us. I may see tomorrow but what about you? Anything can happen in a moment; in a twinkling of an eye. This is why the time of grace; the time to be filled with the Holy Spirit; the time to be saved from sin and hell is today! The grace of the LORD GOD does not place obstacles in anyone’s way. Grace is not given to us to become fault finders. As true workers of the LORD GOD we endure the negative and are commended by the Holy Spirit by the genuineness of love; truth and power. We are to be filled with HIS joy and though we may have nothing but the Word of the living GOD we are rich and we help to make others rich because of HIS Word. We may appear to have nothing and yet we have everything because of the promises that were given in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Open your hearts wide and do not constrain yourself; any constraint you have is because of your own selfish doing due to the lack of understanding the LORD GOD’s grace that has been lavished on HIS children. Dear children of the living GOD; do not subject yourselves with anyone who is not a believer in the LORD JESUS CHRIST or anything that causes oppression. We are no longer in the service as slaves to sin so why return by linking up with others that have no intention of living for the LORD JESUS CHRIST in freedom. Be ever watchful and listen; don’t just hear but listen to what others are speaking. No one can pretend to live for the LORD JESUS CHRIST for very long. You will know another person by their fruit. An apple tree does not grow bananas. Darkness does not illuminate light- light illuminate darkness. A non believer is under the law and a true believer is under grace of the LORD JESUS CHRIST; so how can the two live in harmony? How can darkness remain dark once light comes in? How can two live in complete bliss when one lives in the name of the LORD JESUS who is GOD and the other serves another god who is false? How can a believer in the LORD JESUS CHRIST communicate about HIS goodness and favor with one who does not understand? What can they share with one another? One is the temple of the living GOD and the other is the temple of false gods / idols. How can the two agree?  The LORD GOD said this – “I will house myself in them;” Ezekiel 37:27 and “I will walk among you. I will be their GOD; and they will be MY people.” Leviticus 26:12  “Go out from their midst; separate yourselves; I myself will receive you in fact, I will be your FATHER, and you will be MY sons and daughters.” Says the LORD GOD Almighty.

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      Hi Scott,

      Thank you so very much. Also we have been enjoying your blogs. We look forward to reading them.

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      Thank you for your comment. We here at AMFBeM and Elder Shawn Denise Briscoe look forward to the encouragement that comments bring to us. Every blog that you desire to share with others is encouraged by us.

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