Now That The Celebration Is Over

Part 3

The world will speak about JESUS being born, afterward HIS death, and then possibly HIS resurrection. We, the true believers based on our faith and not religiosity or by who and what we do not know, must celebrate JESUS’ birth, death, and resurrection each day of the year.

Share with the people the purpose as to why JESUS was born and why HE died but do not forget to share that HE Is Alive and that HE Is still working in the love of many such as yourself.

Help people to understand that GOD is not contrary to the standard of right established by HIS divine law, Heb 6:10. Just because some people choose not to believe the message of CHRIST JESUS does not mean that The Almighty GOD cannot be trusted just because they choose not to operate in their faith. They choose to operate their faith in the things of this world, what they can recognize with their five senses. GOD Is The Truth therefore it stands to reason that HE not only operates in truth but HE tells the truth because it is impossible for HIM to lie. Every person can be a liar but GOD Is not that. GOD’S words will be proven and are proven to be true, Rom 3:4.

So, what does the Word of GOD have to demonstrate to us as to how we are to keep the celebration of JESUS going year-round? Here are some great points.

  • We must not forget to be engaging with not only those we know but strangers as well.
  • Treat a friend to a scripture meal, this is much like going out for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner. While dining, check the temperature of just how much your friend or family member believes about JESUS. Then share something about HIM that may seem possible that they are unaware of.
  • Give a stranger a meal scripture; people are hungry for the truth and we are truth keepers so why not share the truth with someone rather than speaking about the same old things that just pass the time of day.
  • The world is thirsty, they are parched and know that they need something to quench their thirst but they keep going for the wrong thing. We have living water springing up on the inside of us, so dip into that and give to those who are thirsty that which will quench their thirst forever.
  • Become or remain approachable, let people see that you are friendly and that they do not need to keep their guard up to defend themselves. A smile on your face and speaking friendly/kindly goes a long way.

Stay tuned for part four of this article.

Bullet points: Reference Matthew 25:35.


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