Our Lives Demonstrate That We Are GOD’s Sons


Hello, it’s me here again to share with the faithless as well as with the faithful about CHRIST JESUS my LORD and my Savior. As I write I know that it’s my FATHER who writes through me because of HIS Holy Spirit living on the inside of me. Without Him, I could not write the blogs that have been written and shared thus far. I like many others are HIS representatives and being HIS evangelist, I write again to you on behalf of CHRIST JESUS to be reunited with the FATHER. There is only one way to the FATHER and that is through CHRIST JESUS who is our perfect doorway. No one will see the FATHER by climbing through the windows, jumping down from the roof, breaking and entering or using the back door. We all must walk through the front door. Every minister of Almighty GOD that is every person of faith in CHRIST JESUS should be telling others of CHRIST JESUS either verbally or literally. Consider yourselves to be co-workers in CHRIST JESUS and come out of the closet regarding your faith. This is not the time to be secret agents for CHRIST we must be heard and seen. Stop being ashamed of what others may think about your faith in CHRIST JESUS. Just as it was the right time for you, so it is for others. HE heard you and HE will hear the hearts and words of the request of others to invite HIM into their hearts. The day that we believed in our salvation because we received HIS gift of salvation is the day that HE helped us. And it will be no different for those who do not yet believe. No human is too bad/sinful that CHRIST JESUS will turn HIS back on us. HE is aware of everything that we have done and said,  even our very thoughts so we might as well give up and into HIM. This is the very hour, the very day that you, yes you must come to CHRIST JESUS and come out of bondage, darkness, imprisonment, and sin. Now, right now is your acceptable time, not tomorrow or later in life. Tomorrow may come but tomorrow may not come for you. Later may come but later may not come for you. Make this the day of your salvation, make this the day that you believe and receive GOD’s most precious gift, HIS SON. Make this the day that everything that you are guilty of that you will now be acquitted, not found guilty, and faultless. Today, this very minute could be your day and time of becoming restored because of your belief in CHRIST JESUS. Will this be the day that you received GOD’s favor/blessings? HE will answer when you call out of a heart of sincere belief in HIS SON. And in your day of salvation, you will receive HIS help. From that point on GOD will protect you because you will be appointed HIS promise, HIS chosen people. And just like the rest of us, you will be a partaker in the restoration of the land/community where we reside. And we will be at rest in the place which is considered desolate/good for nothing; the ghetto; the place where public housing is and so on. People will say of you just as it was said about JESUS; can any good thing come out of Nazareth? Well, can any good thing come out of where you are?

2 Corinthians 5:20, 6:1-3; Is. 49:8;  https://youtu.be/YUQQukbJr_s


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