What is beauty?

How do you characterize beauty?

The dictionary defines beauty as a quality present in a person or thing that provides intense pleasure or deep satisfaction of the mind.

People characterize beauty by the temporary; based on outer beauty which in time may fade; based on the enhancements of the physical which is never perceived as perfect in the manner in which GOD designed you. Men view themselves beautiful when they have a full head of hair and their muscles bulge in all the right places. Women view themselves beautiful by altering their physical bodies with make-up; false nails; hair and expensive surgical procedures. Beauty is so badly described by the media that even now men are wearing girdles; jewelry; make-up and believe it or not; having surgical procedures done as well.

I have found in the Bible the meaning of true beauty. I also found in the Bible the meaning of false beauty. If we can’t see the beauty that is within us all; can we at least view some of the examples that I pulled from the Bible?

1.  1 Samuel 25:3; 14; 24-25; 28; 30-31; 34-35

Abigal, a woman of good understanding and beauty. What amazed me, is that being wise came before her beauty.

Be Honest


(Lev. 19:11)

After reading the first 19 versus of this chapter; I was reminded of how awesome it is to live under grace and not the law. The NT holds grace and the OT is the law for which we are no longer subject to its rituals; for if we were, all if not most of us would be dead for breaking every law and ritual ceremony.

This book explains how we are to conduct ourselves morally; a conduct which seems to have gotten lost in America. The older generation of citizens; no longer impart wisdom and etiquette to the younger generation. This may have a lot to do with the younger generation not willing to listen. Everyone seems to be out for themselves; I often hear this in the atmosphere “I gotta get mine”.

We no longer have respect for self and others; we have grown to a society that will cheat; lie; steal or kill at a drop of a hat and ask; what in the world is going on? Morality begins in the home; teach your children to respect you; don’t speak evil of the other parent when the two of you have disagreements. Teach your child/ren not to cheat, lie, steal but make sure you are not doing the same thing. Who or what is it that you honor most? Your possessions, what you have or can get your hands on or JESUS? Is work or play above JESUS? Anyone or anything that is above JESUS is your god; it’s your idol. Entertainers and sports figures are often referred to as idols. Idol is just another word for god. The use of the name GOD and JESUS is so watered down in our conscience and heart that we have no problem using the name GOD or JESUS to swear by; use in connection with profanity or general conversation when we are not calling on those names for help and guidance. Seeking salvation is the first time you should be calling on GOD through JESUS. If you don’t believe in HIM than you will never know how ignorant your speech is each time you call on the name of GOD or JESUS for nothing. Why don’t you use your own name in your speech? We come against our neighbors because we really don’t have a concept of who our neighbors are. We are limited by our thinking; our neighbors are those who dwell in the house next to ours as well as those who live in Jerusalem. We are an unjust nation; looking down on those less fortunate than we are and upholding those who are better off than we are financially. But I tell you the one who has JESUS dwelling within him is far wealthier than a billionaire. People can go about gossiping about nothing but have a difficult time sharing their faith in JESUS. Gossip travels throughout this world at a rate of speed close to that of light. But the people in the world are still deaf to JESUS. We have CHRISTians who are still dealing with anger and revenge who have been saved for over a decade. Why is this; we should be accountable to one another. Help our brothers and sisters in the body of JESUS. We are all struggling with something but we want to walk around praising the LORD with mask on. We are a hurting people who do not fulfill giving GOD the type of glory HE deserves. We are to keep the statutes of GOD but we can’t if we don’t even understand what statutes mean.

According to the dictionary statute means a permanent law; an enactment made by legislative branch of the government. Citizens who are criminals will obey the law of the land made by corrupt men but we will not obey GOD. Kirk Franklin said something that I will borrow. “Some of our politicians and some of our police are corrupt; the government makes the laws and the police enforce the law. We as citizens will stop at a stop light but we will not stop at sin”.

GOD truly is higher than legislature; yet there are so many people who are not honest and that’s because they do not love.

GOD has informed you that when you belong to HIM you are holy.

Leviticus 11:44-45; 19:2; 21:8

Isaiah 62:12

GOD has informed you that when you belong to HIM that HE is your GOD.

Exodus 6:7; 15:26; 20:2, 5

Leviticus 11:44; 18:21; 19:2, 4, 12, 10 14, 32; 20:24; 18:2, 4, 30; 19:3, 25, 31, 34, 36; 20:7; 22:33; 23:22, 43; 24:22; 25:17, 38; 26:1, 13

Numbers 10:10; 15:41

Deuteronomy 5:6, 9; 29:6

Joshua 23:14

Judges 6:10

Psalm 81:10

Isaiah 43:3; 48:17; 51:15

Ezekiel 20:5, 19-20; 23:49; 34:31

Hosea 12:9

Joel 2:27; 3:17

JESUS your redeemer who is a Jew has proclaimed to the Israelites that HE is their GOD. And because we are descendents of Abraham the Father of faith; and heirs with JESUS those scriptures above are to us as well. The LORD JESUS The CHRIST is our GOD and we are to be holy for The LORD our GOD is Holy.



1 Samuel 17:40-47

What is your relationship with GOD and what do you have that HE will work with?

David was discounted by his father and brothers. He was put out in the field to tend the sheep and to be out of the sight of his family. The family of David had no idea that out in the field while tending sheep that this is where he would seek out GOD. Out in the field David learned to talk to and trust GOD with everything. After all David had no one else to keep him company but some sheep. As a shepherd; David will learn to love; have compassion; to be merciful; to lead and direct the sheep. Sounds a lot like a Pastor. He composes songs and sings them to GOD; he writes poetry and recites them to GOD. He’s lonely yet not alone. Well one day David is called on to take some KFC to his brothers who are in the military. After speaking with his brothers and seeing how cowardly and ignorant the soldiers were and to whom there GOD is. David set out to deal with this one soldier on the enemy’s camp. David did not consider how young he was and that he was not trained for battle. David came forth with little but GOD used it greatly. The enemy came with full fighting gear; armor; sword; javelin and spear. The enemy made fun of David’s stature; his color and his age. The enemy cursed him by the power of his dead god. The enemy even suggested what he would do to David. David knew who he was; he knows who his GOD is; he showed no fear because he went forward. David proclaimed to his enemy who his GOD is and that all of the enemy’s supporters will know who GOD is. As well as the Israeli soldiers. Let’s look at what David had in the definitions below.


Staff – a stick, pole, or rod for aid in walking or climbing, for use as a weapon, serving as a symbol of office or authority.

Stone – a small piece of rock

Shepherds bag – pouch (hand; shoulder; waist)

Sling/Slingshot – a device for hurling stones or other missiles that consists, typically, of a short strap with a long string at each end and that is operated by placing the missile in the strap, and, holding the ends of the strings in one hand, whirling the instrument around in a circle and releasing one of the strings to discharge the missile.





The barrenness that I can relate to because I have had the displeasure to witness this epidemic among our young people is the barrenness of the mind. Our greatest weapon of destruction towards all the ignorance and evil in this world is our ability to learn. I am hard wired to sit and speak with those who are older than I. As a child I turned my attention to those who where in my young vision old; the 30+ people. I learned so much by listening to their experiences in life. How I was encouraged to attend school and get an education. I have to admit that kind of conversation about education did bore me. However, when I listened to them reminisce about the music they listened to or the prices they paid for attending a movie. This was exciting to me. My great, great, great grandmother used to share stories with me that opened my mind to an ever increasing search and thirst for knowledge about biography, documentaries and history. Today I am still in love with these topics. I take my love for education regarding biography, documentaries and history and learn the Word of GOD. The greatest person I care to know anything about is my Creator and my Savior.

Our mind is the barren land that must have knowledge planted into the soil to produce intelligence. We must read; highlight words that we don’t understand; look the word up in the dictionary and then begin to utilize the usage of the words we learn in our vocabulary. In Galatians we can read “Be not deceived; GOD is not mocked; whatever man sows that is what he shall reap”. We say “what goes around comes around”. GOD is letting us know that HE is aware of what is being done and said. HE knows the heart of man. It is because of this knowledge that GOD is not able to be mocked or surprised by what we do, say or think. We too must realize that we must stay ahead with knowledge that produces a mouthwatering harvest.

 Scripture reference & definition:

Judges 13:3

2 Kings 2:19

Psalm 107:34

Proverbs 30:16

2 Peter 1:8

Not producing or incapable of producing offspring; sterile; unproductive; unfruitful; without capacity to interest or attract; mentally dull; stupid; destitute.

Baptism / Baptize



We spend too much time; especially us folks in the church debating about baptism. The scriptures make it clear regardless of the dictionary’s definition or the mannerisms in which church you attend. It is for such reasons as this that we have division among the saints. What we must do; is to become well versed in the Word of GOD. It’s not about the doctrine of the church that you attend; it’s about the doctrine that GOD has given to HIS creation called human. Many in America call themselves CHRISTians; yet many are not living the life of a CHRISTian. Let’s focus on what’s important and that is what has GOD say about a topic? There is far too much confusion in the body of CHRIST and there is no confusion of HIM. JESUS is not the author of confusion and when we spend time debating about what you believe according to the church that you attend versus what another believe according to the church in which they attend; we are not focusing on GOD’s Word and the enemy loves this. Hopefully the few scriptures I provided will help in the understanding of whether you are truly baptized if you are only sprinkled; you are baptized before understanding and accepting the Word of GOD and HIS SON JESUS; the difference of being baptized dirty versus being clean (unrepentant –v- repentant or saved –v- unsaved). The difference of water baptism and Holy Fire baptism; performed only by the Holy Spirit. Let’s spend quality time in the Word of GOD and no time in debating what doctrine you accept because of the church you attend. Let’s give GOD all glory and none to the enemy or to the doctrine of humans.

Scripture reference & definition:

Matthew 3:6, 11, 13-16; 20:23; 21:25; 28:19

Mark 1:4; 16:16

Luke 3:7, 21; 7:29-30; 12:50

John 1:33; 3:26

Acts 1:5, 22; 2:38; 8:12; 36-38; 10:47; 13:24; 16:15, 33; 18:8; 19:3-4

Romans 6:3-4

1 Corinthians 12:3

Galatians 3:27

Ephesians 4:5

Colossians 2:12

Hebrews 6:2

 1 Peter 3:21 

Ceremonial immersion in water; cleanse spiritually. 




I don’t know if the word balm is actually used anymore outside of the medical office. When I was growing up it was a word often heard and understood. There was the icky smell of the medicinal balm usually applied to the chest for colds. Such as mustard plasters; or good old Vick’s vapor rub used on the chest; back and nasal cavities. (My mum used to make us eat Vick’s & Vaseline when we ran out of cough syrup). Then there is the balm we also called back then liniment for sore muscles. My favorite balm was the sweat smelling balms my Great-grandma would occasionally rub on me; such as lemon, orange or mint. Today we call fragrant balms body oils.

When you are a kid and you have hurt yourself or you have a respiratory infection it was a good feeling when your mum or grandma would rub the balm on you. Honestly I don’t know what made me feel better; the balm or the touch of my loving mum or grand-mum. When you feel icky there is something about a loving touch that makes your world just a wee bit better. When you suffer from sprains or sore muscles and you are rubbed with a soothing balm deeply into the tissues it’s a great help. Today we have become very disconnected with a positive and loving touch from mother, grand-ma and spouse. There are times when we must touch; however, I don’t think that the art of touching should completely disappear. Reconnect with the sweet aromatic touch of family and friendship. When you look back to reflect on your life; you may find that the balm of love has always been present and healing.

 Scripture reference & definition

 Jeremiah 8:21-22; 46:11; 51:8

John 9:6

Any of various oily, fragrant, resinous substances, often of medicinal value, exuding from certain plants; any aromatic or fragrant ointment; any of various aromatic plants of the mint family; anything that heals, soothes, or mitigates pain. For example: Orange blossoms or lemon-scented leaves used as a seasoning.  



All too often I think that when a person thinks about balance it’s often related to something mathematically. The counting of money; the measuring of something, a shelf for example. A table where you must fold something to stick beneath the leg so that it does not rock. When we hear balance which pertains to the human life it means well rounded; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. At least that’s what it meant to me. I’m a transformed workaholic; I used to be way off balance. First I suffered from depression; I’ve worked steady since I was fifteen and grew in love with work. I became a mother and wife. The first contradiction here is the depression because it kept me from enjoying my family as I witnessed other families enjoying one another. I had to make myself get involved in my children’s life because of the great love and devotion that I have for them. The second contradiction in my life is that I was in love with work and I prospered greatly from it. There were never any longs hours; nothing I could not set out and accomplish. In other words I was married to my work and a very faithful wife to it. But just like my abusive marriage to my husband work also was abusive to me. The years that I spent giving everything that I had to my work provided me with major health problems in the end. I did not live a balanced life. Depression (mental) controlled me; work consumed me; spouse beat me; children suffered and I found no joy in being saved. Salvation to me in reality was fire insurance; I was insured that I never would see the gates of hell. Once I divorced my husband I threw myself even deeper into work but I made a promise that each and every weekend I would devote my time to my children. We would bond and I kept my word. The breakdown was that I often thought about work and I wanted to return to my wonderful house where I felt secure watching TV. Until my children grew up and began to live their own lives I kept my word to bond with them during the weekends. This became somewhat harder for me because now my health is on a rollercoaster ride down hill. My son is now in the military and my daughter now lives with her dad because of my health. Work was taken away from me and disability was provided. It is here in this dark place that I found balance. Though my children are now adults and per the government I am disabled. I found what true joy is according to Galatians 5:22. I have been delivered from depression; my ministry empowers people regardless of sex; nationality; creed or color to be encouraged. I now have balance; I don’t trip about what I can or cannot accomplish when I think it should have been accomplished. As long as I give it my effort until the task is complete; I have nothing to complain about. Mentally I’m balanced because my first, inbetween and last thought of the day is about GOD and HIS Word or HIS grace and mercy; HIS love for me; how blessed I am because of HIM. I’m balanced physically because I accomplish what I can for that present day and if anything still requires my attention; I’ll see to it on the following day should GOD give me another day. I’m balanced emotionally because I no longer allow anger and hurt to live inside of me; I may not speak on a subject that caused me anger or hurt the same day it happens. However, after conversation with my ABBA DADDY and Wisdom provides me with the words; the Holy Spirit provides me with the ability to do what must be done and JESUS witnessing with me because HE is angry or hurt also; I know that there will be a victorious outcome all around and if not I know I will be victorious. I’m balanced spiritually because I recognize that I am nothing without GOD; I am lost without JESUS; I am foolish without Wisdom and I’m a looser without the Holy Spirit. I need them all; I can’t pick and choose who I will be more devoted to. If I don’t have one of them I miss out on all of them.

Scripture reference & definition

Job 37:16

Isaiah 40:12

Mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment; the power or ability to decide an outcome by throwing one’s strength, influence, support to one side or the other. To arrange, adjust; estimate the relative weight or importance; compare.


I want to add a commentary to the scriptures. Though these are mathematical balances; meaning the scriptures pertains to measurements. I myself found these scriptures to be of help to put my life in order when it came to balance. 

Our GOD in HIS authority over all creation is so great, and so dominant over all creation, that HE has measured the waters in the center palm of HIS hand, and has measured heaven with a span. (A span is the distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger). GOD is not a being with the body of a giant, so large that all the waters of the earth could be cupped in HIS hand, or so large that the universe could be measured by the span of HIS hand. The Bible tells us that GOD the FATHER is spirit, so HE does not have a body as we know it (John 4:24). GOD is so great in HIS wisdom and intelligence that HE calculated the dust of the earth in a measure. GOD knows exactly how many grains of dust there are on the earth. A person could never calculate the dust in their own house – much less the dust of the earth! To take it further, GOD knows how heavy the mountains are (HE weighed the mountains in scales), and the hills also for that matter! (And the hills in a balance).