Character: Part 16

Titus 2:1-10

           Our character must at all times be a reflection of JESUS.

Men, you need to stop blaming those who were not there for you to teach you what a real man is. I’m not saying that what you are saying and experiencing is not valid because it is. What I’m saying is that there comes a time when you must get up off of your pity pot. Look in GOD’s Word for the dignity and strength of a man. Then begin to study and incorporate the characteristics of man into your life. Whatever you find to be a challenge, you are to ask GOD in the name of JESUS to help develop your character. HE will do that for you.

          Women, stop taking the role of man and allow a man to be a man. Encourage him and help him. Don’t degrade him in any way possible. Be feminine at all times. Don’t be abusive and don’t take abuse. Learn to love yourself because you are the man’s glory. Read and teach females younger than you to be virtuous. Speak only what is true. Don’t do anything that will remove your beauty which is within and shines out. Learn and understand that when you read GOD’s Word and come across the word submissive, not to take it or deny it as something dirty; negative or something that will remove your independence.

Women when you are married you are to submit which is another word for agree with or comply to. The word does not mean that you are to deny yourself for the person of who you are. When CHRISTian women are married to CHRISTian men the hierarchy is such. JESUS; husband; wife and child/children. Now I know and understand that there are CHRISTian husbands who are abusive to their wives. You are not to submit to anyone who is abusive to you emotionally; mentally or physically. However, when your husband is not being legalistic with GOD’s Word and the both of you are enjoying each other 90% or more of the time then you have no problem being submissive to him. Don’t remove the word obey from your wedding vows, it means that you will submit. Besides, men promise to do the same which means that he will listen to your wise counsel and act on it.

When daddy and mommy are living their lives according to GOD’s Word the children can’t help but be pleasurable to your spirits.

Finally, make sure that you both have eaten. Are you aware that when you are hungry your attitude is more likely to be abusive?

 This concludes Character.


Character: Part 15


Ephesians 4:22-32

          Please, don’t fool yourself or allow anyone to have you think that you will or can change instantly. The percentage of those who change instantly is not great. There are more children of GOD who grow into Grace than are instantly transformed into Grace.


          If you read my previous notes, you read that I told you growing is a process just as a new born baby grows, it’s a process. We are born-again; carried and suckled; carried and trained; crawl; walk; run and so on.


          We cannot grow successfully on our own in the natural or spiritually. We need guidance. None of us can sustain life on milk alone. We need meat or for the vegetarian the vitamins that meat provides from other foods to help keep our bodies nourished in the manner it was designed to.


          You must make up in your mind and ask GOD to help you with this transformation. You want to make sure that you starve and kill the old nature you once possessed. You may be able to work on yourself one vice at a time or more.


          Don’t give up and don’t allow any person to discourage you. Before you know it you will become that change vessel of GOD. You may not notice the change. One day you will hear someone tell you that they have not seen or heard you react in the manner you were know for. That’s when you will know that you are changing. Others will see the change in you. Remember to give ALL glory to GOD for your transformation.


          However, don’t fool yourself. The real work is to keep the old you dead. Once you sense the return of your old self. Run to GOD for help. We are created in the image of GOD and we are more than conquers. No weapon formed against us will prosper.


Character:Part 13

2 Peter 1:2-6

           Did you know that you were specifically chosen by GOD? Most don’t realize that. Now, that I’ve given you that bit of information. It’s time that you shake yourself loose to anything that will hinder you from GODs peaceful life for you.

          Understand that you are consecrated by the Spirit to be obedient to JESUS. You have been sprinkled with HIS Blood. Grace and Peace has been given to you and it has to be increased by your faith. Spiritual peace is through JESUS, realize this. Spiritual peace replaces fears; conflicts; immoral passions; anger and anything else that goes against the character of JESUS.

          We have hope in the resurrection of JESUS and all the promises given to us by JESUS. Our inheritance from HIM is yours because you belong to HIM. Our inheritance from JESUS is obtainable on earth and in heaven. Our inheritance in heaven however will never go out of style and it is indestructible. Our inheritance is being guarded in heaven by GODs power which is activated by your faith.

          You must be excited about this knowledge. Yes, we will go through trials on this earth, however, remind yourself that you are not from this world, you are from heaven above and what goes on here towards you is temporary. Trials are test to show you how you must grow or must’ve grown in your faith. Temptations are not from GOD and you will never be tempted by GOD. You cannot be tempted to do anything that you are not familiar with. When temptations come your way in your mind, speak GODs Word, don’t think GODs Word. Notice how quickly those tempting thoughts leave you. When temptations come your way in your sight, go the other way, leave. When temptation comes your way in your hearing, speak the Word of GOD or listen to inspirational music, do what you must to get away from listening to negative, tempting speech.

Character: Part 12

James 3:2, 6, 8-10

      Nobody is perfect, except JESUS. How many times have we heard or said this?

          How true is that statement, yet we are commanded to be perfect. A mature person sets the mind to be one who does not display outburst of anger or to allow anyone to see them sweat due to stress.

          Well that maybe a good start, however would you believe that perfection can be worked on by one simple task on our part.

Control your MOUTH!

LOL, yes, just control the words as well as the degree in which we say things that are coming from our mouth.

          We must every day, every second, every minute and every hour continue to try not to say things that goes against GODs Word.

          This is where the renewing of the mind yet again comes into play. Do you realize that there is an array of everyday words that we use in our vocabulary that speaks death as well as life?

          The words that I will write out that we use daily in our speech are words that we must eradicate from use. Luck this word is supposed to reflect the effect of chance that we have. Where in the Bible do we find that we are lucky? According to the Word of GOD we are blessed. Years ago when I was taught to eradicate that word from my life, an acronym was used and each time I thought to use that word the acronym was thought of.

L is for living

U is for under

C is for carnal or corrupt

K is for knowledge

With the living of your life as being that of luck we are basing our success or lack of on chance, we are basing our life on a gamble.

          GOD never told us that we are lucky HE said that we are blessed.

          Another word that we must eradicate from our vocabulary is sick. First of all do you realize that when we say “I’m sick or another person is sick” we are calling GOD a liar? 

          We are tri-part beings. We are spirit; we are created in the image of GOD who is SPIRIT. We have a soul which is our emotions, how we feel. Our thoughts, what we think evil or good; our will and what we do. We are incased in flesh which is formed from dirt. Why do you think that when we attend funerals it is pronounced “dust to dust; ashes to ashes”? It’s because the flesh is being returned to its true form. Flesh decays. The spirit does not decay its eternal. The soul is the outlet from which we sense. Remember those 5 senses that we were taught back in pre-school or kindergarten? Feel, hear, see, taste and touch.

          I know that it’s true that our flesh does experience breakdowns and we must go to a hospital or a Doctor’s office to find out why our bodies are not feeling or doing what we want it to do. This is perfectly acceptable and wise. However, you are to take that diagnosis and begin to pray that your flesh line up with GODs Word and bow down to JESUS because you are healed. Stop taking ownership of an ailment. Take ownership of life. You don’t have a cold because if you did you would not show signs of the infection that is in your nose. You don’t have aides because if you did aids would be under your feet, it’s an enemy and the Word of GOD tells us that the enemy is under our feet. Aides must bow down to JESUS.

What is true is that your flesh is experiencing these worldly ailments. So why not just say my nose is under attack by a cold or my flesh is under attack with aides? Take the prescription given to you, work the home remedies yet never ever stop praying for your flesh to recover. You see your spirit is not being affected by any of these ailments just your flesh.

Now just as we are willing to curse our lives and others by the words we choose to say. We are also willing to bless our lives and others by the words we say. We know when we are blessing ourselves and others so I don’t think that I need to cover that. Just know that if it’s positive and agrees with the Word of GOD it’s a blessing we are a speaking.

Taming the tongue is not easy, however, as a part of getting our character in line with GODs Word. It’s necessary that we work on our mouth.

Character: Part 11

Hebrews 13:1-7

     How genuinely easy it for you to love those you know; those that you know and don’t like and those that you don’t know at all? It’s not easy is it?

     Yet this is an important part that must be within our character. It does not matter if you like, know or don’t know people. We are commanded to love just as JESUS loves.

     Hospitality towards others is just being kind and helpful. There are so many people walking around with masks on. There are many people walking around with anger in their eyes, their face reveal the hatred or hurt that has overtaken there heart.

     You may have heard how just speaking; smiling or complimenting someone may just save that person from death. Suicide often consumes the thoughts of many people.

     There are too many people who are mistreated in this world. No one walks around full of anger and hurt just because it’s in there DNA. Something awful has happened.

     Having a character of love, gentleness and kindness especially towards someone who you come in contact with on a daily basis can turn a person around. You will be known for your compassion by everyone that is familiar with you.

     Being known as a person who does not look for what someone can do for you, being one who is not driven by the cares of this world. Being content with what you have and if necessary offer what you have to help another. We as Americans have more than what we need anyway. I’m certain that all homes have something that can help another person.

     So show hospitality to your fellow being. Show hospitality which is charity; gentleness; and kindness to everyone regardless whether you know them or not. Show hospitality which is charity; gentleness and kindness to everyone regardless whether you like a person or not.

Character: Part 10

2 Timothy 2:1; 13-17; 21-26

Is your character strong, teachable or weak? Don’t know. Let’s take some inventory, now this is not going to hit every area. However you should be able to get the idea.

  • Do I have great courage, firmness & moral power in the LORD?
  • Do I operate in my own power or in the power of GOD?
  • Do I listen or do I hear only? Do I read books that will help me to grow and stretch as a person positively or academically?
  • Do I hear only or read only the instructions and advice that is given to me in the Bible yet I don’t put action to this great awesome advice that will create in me a new heart and will renew my mind?

Look we are incased in flesh and because we are ever growing in our learning to the character of JESUS we are going to sin.

When your mommy birthed you, you did not immediately sin. Likewise when you were born again you did not immediately stop sinning. Most humans don’t commit the act of their first sin until they are between the ages of 2-5. Can’t accept that can you? Well let me ask you a question.

Do you remember when you told your first lie or stole something?

The first sin that I committed was before I became school age. There was a time when moms used to have cookie jars filled with cookies. I remember being told that I could not have any and I climbed up on a chair and got the cookie jar and ate a cookie. The thing is though I did not get caught the first time on the chair, I was caught with crumbs around my mouth or the smell of Oreo’s on my breath. (Darn those Oreo’s) My mother asked me if I had been eating cookies and I said “no”.

What did I just show you with my own story, I disobeyed a commandment, I stole and I lied.

There are those who are born again who sin on purpose (they have fire insurance).

CHRISTians who through ignorance or rebellion will not learn how to live the living Word of GOD. Either no one has taken the babe in CHRIST and encouraged him/her to continue attending church and reading their Bible. The renewed spirit is willing but the flesh wins out to keep the babe in CHRIST from attending church, reading their Bible and attending Bible study.

There are those who abide (live) in JESUS who try to not sin consciously. Then there are those who live in JESUS and have the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of them who are determined that they are not going to sin and will adhere to the warning that they are about to sin. Or you sin because you are not aware that you are sinning. In other words it is difficult for you to sin willingly everyday because your character is becoming less like you and more like JESUS.

You will have moments of having a character flaw that will tap you on the shoulder to let you know that this is an area that will need to be worked on. There is no faith here. However, you tell your flesh “ok, I need help in this area of my life and I need the help of the Holy Spirit. When we are faithless, GOD is faithful.

 In an earlier statement, I wrote that most humans commit their first sin between the ages of 2-5. Good news it does not take that long to stop sinning. We have to learn to stop sinning because this is not the nature of flesh. Flesh wants what it wants and we have to continue to stomp its desires into the ground and bury them.

Our soul is what has been saved. Our mind, will and emotions.

Our spirit has been re-born, returned back to GOD to adhere to the will of our heavenly FATHER. To reap the rewards of obedience that will cause us to ever prosper.

Unlike the enemy who was our father spiritually. When we obeyed him it was fun for awhile. Then he begins to snatch the thrill from us that we once experienced. He places on us sickness and disease, anxiety, depression and so on.

 Well, I hope you liked today’s reading. As always continue to write those questions or comments in my FB inbox. It does me good to know that I am helping you to understand by keeping it simple and plain.


Character: Part 9

Colossians 4:5-6, 12

      By nature I’m an introvert. I enjoy listening to what people have to say, when they have something worth listening to that is. I most often than not will just listen and not have anything to say about whatever the subject matter is. This is because I am learning about the person or the people about me. When asked how is it that I’m ahead of what someone is doing, I inform them it’s because I listen to what is coming from their mouth as well as listening to what is not coming from their mouth.

     In other words a person is known by what is said and what is done. In our speech we try to impress another but our motive is often the true character of the person. For example, let’s take a group of people who are conversing and smiling with one another. A couple of acquaintances from the group leave. Everyone may think that the conversation was wonderful and that the two or more that left were a delight. Only to find out later that they felt the conversation was a bore and so was the speaker. The true motives were in their body language but most often we don’t pick up on that because we are not true listeners.

     We must be attentive to everyone and everything. We must not miss opportunities to share JESUS with those who don’t know HIM. We don’t always have to share HIM verbally we can share HIM in our character. More people are aware that I’m a minister from my character than by my witnessing to them through my speech. I always do this, ask how is it that they know that I’m a minister, I did not tell you. And the answer is always the same someone else told them because of how they felt around me or because I don’t step out of character to fit in. I just present myself lovingly.

     Incorporate praying tirelessly into your life. You may be thinking, how am I to pray all day, I have other things to do. It’s so simple you will wonder why you never thought of it that way. First understand that pray is just conversation between you and GOD. Secondly you can speak with HIM just like you speak with anyone else. You don’t get on your knees to speak with other so don’t think that you are only praying if you are on your knees. You speak with yourself and answer for that matter why not take self out of the picture and view yourself speaking with GOD and listen for HIM to answer. You speak to an inanimate object or to others in cars while in traffic thought they can’t hear you. Why not speak with GOD who can hear you? These are forms of prayer. So you see, you can pray all day and do so without drawing attention. You will know or should know when you really need to be alone in your prayer closet with GOD for deep prayer.

     Be firm; mature and confident in everything that GOD wants you to do. This includes building on your character.