Baptism / Baptize



We spend too much time; especially us folks in the church debating about baptism. The scriptures make it clear regardless of the dictionary’s definition or the mannerisms in which church you attend. It is for such reasons as this that we have division among the saints. What we must do; is to become well versed in the Word of GOD. It’s not about the doctrine of the church that you attend; it’s about the doctrine that GOD has given to HIS creation called human. Many in America call themselves CHRISTians; yet many are not living the life of a CHRISTian. Let’s focus on what’s important and that is what has GOD say about a topic? There is far too much confusion in the body of CHRIST and there is no confusion of HIM. JESUS is not the author of confusion and when we spend time debating about what you believe according to the church that you attend versus what another believe according to the church in which they attend; we are not focusing on GOD’s Word and the enemy loves this. Hopefully the few scriptures I provided will help in the understanding of whether you are truly baptized if you are only sprinkled; you are baptized before understanding and accepting the Word of GOD and HIS SON JESUS; the difference of being baptized dirty versus being clean (unrepentant –v- repentant or saved –v- unsaved). The difference of water baptism and Holy Fire baptism; performed only by the Holy Spirit. Let’s spend quality time in the Word of GOD and no time in debating what doctrine you accept because of the church you attend. Let’s give GOD all glory and none to the enemy or to the doctrine of humans.

Scripture reference & definition:

Matthew 3:6, 11, 13-16; 20:23; 21:25; 28:19

Mark 1:4; 16:16

Luke 3:7, 21; 7:29-30; 12:50

John 1:33; 3:26

Acts 1:5, 22; 2:38; 8:12; 36-38; 10:47; 13:24; 16:15, 33; 18:8; 19:3-4

Romans 6:3-4

1 Corinthians 12:3

Galatians 3:27

Ephesians 4:5

Colossians 2:12

Hebrews 6:2

 1 Peter 3:21 

Ceremonial immersion in water; cleanse spiritually. 





I don’t know if the word balm is actually used anymore outside of the medical office. When I was growing up it was a word often heard and understood. There was the icky smell of the medicinal balm usually applied to the chest for colds. Such as mustard plasters; or good old Vick’s vapor rub used on the chest; back and nasal cavities. (My mum used to make us eat Vick’s & Vaseline when we ran out of cough syrup). Then there is the balm we also called back then liniment for sore muscles. My favorite balm was the sweat smelling balms my Great-grandma would occasionally rub on me; such as lemon, orange or mint. Today we call fragrant balms body oils.

When you are a kid and you have hurt yourself or you have a respiratory infection it was a good feeling when your mum or grandma would rub the balm on you. Honestly I don’t know what made me feel better; the balm or the touch of my loving mum or grand-mum. When you feel icky there is something about a loving touch that makes your world just a wee bit better. When you suffer from sprains or sore muscles and you are rubbed with a soothing balm deeply into the tissues it’s a great help. Today we have become very disconnected with a positive and loving touch from mother, grand-ma and spouse. There are times when we must touch; however, I don’t think that the art of touching should completely disappear. Reconnect with the sweet aromatic touch of family and friendship. When you look back to reflect on your life; you may find that the balm of love has always been present and healing.

 Scripture reference & definition

 Jeremiah 8:21-22; 46:11; 51:8

John 9:6

Any of various oily, fragrant, resinous substances, often of medicinal value, exuding from certain plants; any aromatic or fragrant ointment; any of various aromatic plants of the mint family; anything that heals, soothes, or mitigates pain. For example: Orange blossoms or lemon-scented leaves used as a seasoning.  



All too often I think that when a person thinks about balance it’s often related to something mathematically. The counting of money; the measuring of something, a shelf for example. A table where you must fold something to stick beneath the leg so that it does not rock. When we hear balance which pertains to the human life it means well rounded; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. At least that’s what it meant to me. I’m a transformed workaholic; I used to be way off balance. First I suffered from depression; I’ve worked steady since I was fifteen and grew in love with work. I became a mother and wife. The first contradiction here is the depression because it kept me from enjoying my family as I witnessed other families enjoying one another. I had to make myself get involved in my children’s life because of the great love and devotion that I have for them. The second contradiction in my life is that I was in love with work and I prospered greatly from it. There were never any longs hours; nothing I could not set out and accomplish. In other words I was married to my work and a very faithful wife to it. But just like my abusive marriage to my husband work also was abusive to me. The years that I spent giving everything that I had to my work provided me with major health problems in the end. I did not live a balanced life. Depression (mental) controlled me; work consumed me; spouse beat me; children suffered and I found no joy in being saved. Salvation to me in reality was fire insurance; I was insured that I never would see the gates of hell. Once I divorced my husband I threw myself even deeper into work but I made a promise that each and every weekend I would devote my time to my children. We would bond and I kept my word. The breakdown was that I often thought about work and I wanted to return to my wonderful house where I felt secure watching TV. Until my children grew up and began to live their own lives I kept my word to bond with them during the weekends. This became somewhat harder for me because now my health is on a rollercoaster ride down hill. My son is now in the military and my daughter now lives with her dad because of my health. Work was taken away from me and disability was provided. It is here in this dark place that I found balance. Though my children are now adults and per the government I am disabled. I found what true joy is according to Galatians 5:22. I have been delivered from depression; my ministry empowers people regardless of sex; nationality; creed or color to be encouraged. I now have balance; I don’t trip about what I can or cannot accomplish when I think it should have been accomplished. As long as I give it my effort until the task is complete; I have nothing to complain about. Mentally I’m balanced because my first, inbetween and last thought of the day is about GOD and HIS Word or HIS grace and mercy; HIS love for me; how blessed I am because of HIM. I’m balanced physically because I accomplish what I can for that present day and if anything still requires my attention; I’ll see to it on the following day should GOD give me another day. I’m balanced emotionally because I no longer allow anger and hurt to live inside of me; I may not speak on a subject that caused me anger or hurt the same day it happens. However, after conversation with my ABBA DADDY and Wisdom provides me with the words; the Holy Spirit provides me with the ability to do what must be done and JESUS witnessing with me because HE is angry or hurt also; I know that there will be a victorious outcome all around and if not I know I will be victorious. I’m balanced spiritually because I recognize that I am nothing without GOD; I am lost without JESUS; I am foolish without Wisdom and I’m a looser without the Holy Spirit. I need them all; I can’t pick and choose who I will be more devoted to. If I don’t have one of them I miss out on all of them.

Scripture reference & definition

Job 37:16

Isaiah 40:12

Mental steadiness or emotional stability; habit of calm behavior, judgment; the power or ability to decide an outcome by throwing one’s strength, influence, support to one side or the other. To arrange, adjust; estimate the relative weight or importance; compare.


I want to add a commentary to the scriptures. Though these are mathematical balances; meaning the scriptures pertains to measurements. I myself found these scriptures to be of help to put my life in order when it came to balance. 

Our GOD in HIS authority over all creation is so great, and so dominant over all creation, that HE has measured the waters in the center palm of HIS hand, and has measured heaven with a span. (A span is the distance from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the little finger). GOD is not a being with the body of a giant, so large that all the waters of the earth could be cupped in HIS hand, or so large that the universe could be measured by the span of HIS hand. The Bible tells us that GOD the FATHER is spirit, so HE does not have a body as we know it (John 4:24). GOD is so great in HIS wisdom and intelligence that HE calculated the dust of the earth in a measure. GOD knows exactly how many grains of dust there are on the earth. A person could never calculate the dust in their own house – much less the dust of the earth! To take it further, GOD knows how heavy the mountains are (HE weighed the mountains in scales), and the hills also for that matter! (And the hills in a balance).




Another well known name is “I’ve fallen & I won’t get up”.

What I want to shine a light on is old comfortable habits. The CHRISTian walk is not an easy walk to accomplish; however, it is a walk that we must perfect each and every day of our life. To do wrong is nothing that we must learn; it’s in our nature and it’s a comfort fit or lifestyle. Living a life that brings glory to GOD we must learn to do because it goes against our very nature. Normally at age 1 or 2 we begin to show signs of rebellion; also known as witchcraft. Rebellion is not of GOD; to lie is to talk; to steal is to take without permission. Some of us elevate to worse some of us don’t. Regardless, to GOD there are no little sin or big sin. Sin is sin without a measure. Righteousness is righteousness without a measure; nothing you do in righteousness is more or less than what you’ve done that was good in the eye of GOD. It’s what you should do; it’s what’s expected of you. It’s a sacrifice of the flesh to surrender to do what pleases GOD and not self. The Bible is filled with stories of men and women who saw firsthand the presence of GOD and yet they backslide into their comfort zone. From the Old Testament to the New Testament there is evidence of backsliding. Now of all the evidence written the two stories that amaze me the most are the Israelites who lived in Egypt and claimed to belong to the true and living GOD. They did not acknowledge all the false gods within Egypt. However, when they were in the camp waiting on Moses to descend from the mountain with instructions from GOD; they got crazy. They allowed what they have witnessed all their lives back in Egypt to show up. I’m sure for some that it was a surprise to them that the Egyptian culture was that engrafted into their lives. They made a false god and began to act like pure fools. The other example is Judas Iscariot; a man who walked with, talked with and witnessed all that JESUS had done. Yet this idiot had the nerve to cheat, lie and steal while in the company of JESUS. He sold JESUS for 30 pieces of silver and he could not even enjoy his spoil. You see he was a liar and he was lied to; he saw that what the judges did was not what they said they were going to do. Guilt swelled up in him; he tried to back out of the bargain; finally he killed himself. Today when we backslide it’s really no different from what is written in GOD’s Word. I’m sure most of us have heard the saying “there is nothing new under the sun”. If you are an unmarried CHRISTian and you are having sex you take JESUS with you to perform the very same act. After all does HE not live in you? When you lie, you use the mouth of JESUS to deceive. Doesn’t JESUS live in you? Bottom line everything that you do and say; you are causing JESUS to do and say and this is called “Putting JESUS to shame” because you are crucifying HIM openly again. Some people get so lost in their backsliding that they just lay there in the filth for hours; days; weeks; months or years. Look, it’s understandable if you slip but don’t lay there in the mud; get up quick; wipe yourself off with asking GOD to forgive you. Allow GOD to wash you clean as you repent; ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and please don’t forget wisdom; allow her to show you how you could have handled that situation. Believe you me; you will be tested again until you past the test. Don’t just be a reader of GOD’s Word; make GOD’s Word active in your life. Don’t just be a hearer of GOD’s Word; make GOD’s Word active in your life. Until you put GOD’s Word into practice you will not become victorious. Head knowledge is good but until what you know graduates into your heart which will cause you to speak and move in what you know; it’s just that; head knowledge.

 Scripture reference & definition

Proverbs 14:14

Jeremiah 2:19; 3:12, 22; 5:6; 8:5; 14:7

Hosea 11:7, 14:4

Relapse into bad habits, sinful behavior, or undesirable activities.

Babe; Baby



Who are you? Who will your unborn child be? These are questions that most people no longer ask. I remember when I was small; the adults would always ask the neighborhood children; “what they wanted to be when they grew up”? The boys would say policeman, fireman or like my daddy. The girls would say a teacher, secretary, wife and mother. These questions though irritating at times were really important. I don’t recall not once anyone ever saying they wanted to be a professional liar; a thief; a prostitute; a junkie or alcoholic; you get the picture by now. Babes wanted to grow up to be world shakers and history makers. The adults in the neighborhood would help to direct the babies in the right direction when the baby veered too much to the left. Unfortunately today there are not many neighborhood adults looking out for the babies in the neighborhood. They are not asking those important questions or providing guidance or speaking with the parents about the babies on the block or community. Today the adults are throwing the babies beneath the bus and watching as they are critically injured or die. Adults you need to realize that GOD knew you and know the babies born daily long before HE created anything into being. You should also know that you must mind your mouth and not allow anyone to speak negative words into your hearing; a baby has the ability to hear every word you or someone say while inside of your womb. A babes learning does not begin on the outside of a mother’s womb but on the inside. I caught hold of that concept with my first pregnancy; from the moment it was medically confirmed that I was expecting a baby I began to speak love into his hearing; sing to him and read to him. I continued doing what I had habitually done while I was expecting him during his first 2 years of life. When my son began to speak he did not babble for long. It almost seemed instantaneous that he began to speak with clarity. At age 2 my son began to read a book to me; I thought that he was mimicking; I grabbed several books from his book shelf and he read various pages that I pointed too none of which were in sequence. My mother and grandmother were astonished. Well enough about my son; you know how when we see a babe sleeping and they are smiling and laughing and cooing. Though they belong to the enemy because we are all created in sin babes are innocent and inexperienced; they’ve not yet thought sinfully or spoke or committed sin. They are in communion with GOD; realize that perfected praise is within all babies. It’s so very important that we bring our children up in church; this could provide our babies with a fighting chance out there in this cold sinful world along with our very own relationship with JESUS as we pray for our babies. As an adult it’s hard for us to grasp a hold of that innocence that a child has. We have so much going on in our lives and in our heads we just don’t get it. I found my best teacher actually were my children. I watched how they developed as I studied GOD’s Word. Then it became clear to me; try to spend time with kids 10 and younger. I know that it may be a wee bit difficult giving the times that we live in but it’s not impossible. Watch how a babe is carefree; they believe they can do anything; they are innocent to harming others intentionally. There comes a time when we all must mature this is for our natural being as well as our spirit. In the natural we began life with milk and water. Then we moved to milk, water and juice. As we continued to mature and our appetites began to grow we went from an all liquid diet to a diet with substance. Cereal then fruit; meat was introduced. Again as we continued to mature we went from a soft diet to a diet were we could exercise our ability to chew so the consistency of the food changed. It’s no different with the Word of GOD; we can only handle GOD’s Word in small portions, we may have to go over the same scripture over and over to increase our appetites. We then begin to desire more and we not only read and memorize we put GOD’s Word into action. Finally GOD’s Word becomes our very nature this is what I call the meat (thick juicy steak smothered in onions and mushrooms) potatoes (dripping in either butter or sour cream) a green vegetable a cold glass of apple, cranberry or grape juice or may be water then a nice slice of chocolate cake. GOD’s Word will fill you up and satisfy you like a wonderful meal at a 5 star restaurant. But unlike food it does not make you lazy; you are energized to touch the lives of others. A babe could not get a full enjoyment as a grownup would. So as a babe desire the sincere milk of GOD’s Word and grow up in HIS Word so that you can sink your real or false teeth into the succulence of life. 

Scripture reference & definition

Jeremiah 1:5

Matthew 21:15-16

Luke 1:40-44


1Corinthians 14:20

Hebrews 5:12-14

1Peter 2:1-3

A baby or child is and should remain innocent and inexperienced.  Human fetus = unborn child; Newborn = child birth – 1 year; Infant = 1 year -2 years; Toddler – 3 years – 5 years and Youth = 5 years – 12 years.  


It’s an awful feeling to be ashamed of something you’ve done or said. It’s even worse to be ashamed of something that you had no control over. For example being abused of any type. Shame will create for us a prison in which we will live for many years when it has not been dealt with. You feel condemned and or worthless. To recover from being ashamed; we must first forgive ourselves before we can truly accept the forgiveness of others. *Hint: When someone ask you to forgive them; never say “it’s all right”. When you say that you have given that person permission to repeat the act or do greater harm to you. Truth is; it’s not alright because if it was your emotions would not be going through the turmoil that it’s going through. There is a cost to be the person of worth in which you are created to be and that price is to love yourself. You may have to start over and become your friend; just you and JESUS. You must live by the faith that you have and the ever increasing knowledge of JESUS that you are who HE says that you are. But not only that; you must accept that HE is who HE IS. To be ashamed means that you are guilt ridden about something awful. It is so important to JESUS that you tell HIM what you are guilty of by turning it over to HIM. You believe that no one will understand and that you are the only person that’s going through what you are experiencing. Don’t kid yourself; as people we are basically the same. It’s our nationalities and cultures that may place the twist of difference amongst us. It is very important to release our guilt so that the sting of the remembrance will be taken away; that’s what is meant by to no longer remember. We will be able to remember what we did or said or what has happened to us that created us to become ashamed without the guilt and pain. To carry shame with us after we have been enlightened about being prideful is a sin. There is no pride when it comes to your release from bondage and suffering. Being ashamed is a life sentence that will accomplish its goal and that is to take your life.

 Scripture reference & definition

Mark 8:34-38

Romans 1:16-17

2Timothy 1:8-10, 12

2Timothy 2:14-19

Titus 2:6-8

Hebrews 2:11-13

Hebrews 11:16

1Peter 3:13-17

1Peter 4:14-16

1John 2:28-29 & 3:1-3

The painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous done by oneself or another. A fact or circumstance bringing disgrace or regret. Distressed or embarrassed by feelings of guilt; ridicule, or disapproval.


Have you ever met anyone that you would consider arrogant? Are you yourself arrogant? Of course you may not answer yes to the last question because 90% of those who are arrogant don’t realize that they are. Maybe you’ve heard the words pride; full of oneself; superior. If you have and these words were directed towards you; you were being called arrogant.

Arrogance is a very dangerous position to put on oneself and GOD hates it greatly. Let me share a story with you. There once was an angel; a beautiful angel whose position was to praise and when he would move music would flow from him. I mean that all he had to do was breath and praise in music would flow from him. He was considered to be the most beautiful of angels. Not only was he the angel of praise he carried with him great authority; this position was designed for only three angels and he was one of them. As time passed he began to take notice of himself; he looked so intently at himself that he lost sight of who he was; what he was created for; when he would do what he was created to, that the population would praise and give glory to the one it’s meant for; where he wanted to be was not for him. So he began to purpose in his heart a plot to overtake and overthrow the environment which was not set up for him to rule. He began to speak into the ears of others until he won their hearts and they sided with him for this great treason.

However, there is something that this angel did not consider. Whom he wants to overthrow is all knowing; there is nothing that he does not hear or see. He does not need for someone to tell him that treason is being planned. Eventually, the day came when enough was enough. The day of reckoning had come for this stupid angel and his followers. He was stripped of his ability to create music of praise yet he creates music of chaos. He was stripped of his beauty and all that he stands for even his very name has caused him to be the very most grotesque creature there is. He was stripped of his original authority and now has the authority given to him by others. His plan unfortunately has never changed. He’s blinded by his arrogance and he has recruited many to his army. Providing empty promises that will never be fulfilled; he kills to get what he wants. He steals to get what he desires and he is a destroyer. He knows the Word of GOD better than humans so he twists the words around, put words where there are none or takes out what should be there to confuse those who are familiar with GOD’s Word. He lies each time he speaks and because he can’t be everywhere at all times he has agents that do his bidding and report back to him. Another incident came about when an awesome man had enough of his pleasure with people. He went to his home and beat him up bad and took back what he had stolen from the people. This guy hurt him real bad to the point that the angel does not have the power to do anything except mess with those who are unfamiliar with the guy that beat him up or his previous history before that. He messes with people’s minds. Those that have made their escape from him, he sends his agents after them and tell his agents to get them back at all cost.

But those who stand and do not fall will prevail against him. The end.

For those of you who do not realize; I just told you the story of the Archangel Lucifer who became satan and how he was evicted from heaven with his followers. That JESUS went into hell and took back the keys of death and hell. The moral of the story is this; if you are arrogant you need to check yourself. GOD hates pride; if HE evicted the angels because of arrogance what chance do you have?

 Scripture and definition

Offensive display of superiority or self-importance; overbearing pride.

Proverbs 8:13

Isaiah 13:11; 14:12-15

Zephaniah 2:10

James 4:16