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October 14, 2020

Anger: How long is your fuse?-James 1:19-20

A great example for others to see regarding how quick or slow we can become angry is by how quick or slow we react or speak. Most often anger is aroused because we hear but do not listen and misunderstandings.

The difference between hearing and listening is as follows.

  • Hear: the impression of sound perceived by the working organs within the ears
  • Listen: to give allowance, attention, and audience to those who are speaking

In the original Hebrew text, the above scripture is “let everyone be quick to listen”. We are to be active listeners. Most often when we listen we are apt not to miss out on that which is being spoken as well as get clarity then rather than later. But when we hear it is inactive because everyone who has working organs within the ears will not only hear who is speaking but they will hear all the background noise around and hear their own thoughts. All of this will cause miscommunication and misunderstanding because pertinent information could have gotten lost.

Active listening will cause us to be s-l-o-w in our speaking, not being prompted to speak hastily or through precipitating what we think the speaker will say next. When controlled by the Holy Spirit we will know not to speak with abundant words because when speaking too much sin is unavoidable. The Holy Spirit gives us valuable knowledge in His wisdom and with wisdom we are instructed to gain understanding. This helps us to take care to control our tongue from speaking many words. We become mature in discerning, cool, self-controlled, and even-tempered.

And, finally, those who have short fuses, quick-tempered, and easily provoked to anger are foolish and without self-control. They do stupid things and they look stupid. Being one who is s-l-o-w to anger and able to control their temper is honorable. We must allow the Holy Spirit to rule and control then we in turn will do likewise.

Today, ask the FATHER in JESUS name to deliver you if you fit the bill of one who has a short fuse, easily angered, or harbors anger in the heart where all anger resides. Today is the time to stop cursing, nursing, and rehearsing anger because this is what fools do. Get this understanding, anger will never promote the good life that GOD desires for us. Mankind’s anger does not produce the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS.

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AMFBeM Newsletter

October 13, 2020

Anger: Put it away-Ephesians 4:31

Yippee! Here is my opportunity to share with you the fullness of anger if I had not successfully done so in the previous newsletters. We are going to explore four types of anger in depth. So, away we go.

  1. Anger: to choke, strangle, strain, a violent passion of the mind of the heart aroused by a real or unreal injury, accompanied with a propensity to take vengeance, arouse resentment, provoke
  2. Bitterness or Malice: extreme hatred, being an enemy, unfriendly, ill will, inclination to injure another, grudge, evil.
  3. Clamor: a great outcry, making noise, being loud
  4. Mad: disorder in intellect, distracted, furious, inflamed with violent and unreasonable passion, anxious, troubled, perplexed

When we are overcome by any one of the above descriptions we will do and we will say evil and hurtful things. Anger ignites the unruly instrument which cannot be humanly tamed, our tongue to have words spoken out of bitterness, curses as well as profanity.

We must avail ourselves to the teachings of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to eradicate from our heart anger, rage, malice, abusive, obscene, and filthy vulgar language out of our mouths because out of the heart does the mouth speak.

As believers in CHRIST JESUS, we are never to speak slanderously against our siblings in the faith of CHRIST JESUS first, then exercise this lesson with non-believers. We are not to promote ourselves to be self-righteous because when we do we will find ourselves fallen in the same manner in which we judge someone else harshly. 

We are to remind ourselves that we too were once foolish and for some of us we still are. And in being foolish we are proving the act of disobedience, deceived, enslaved to sinful desires and pleasures. We must stop wasting our precious lives being bitter, envious, and hateful. Stop holding grudges.

Come to the realization that anger is a killer of self before the possibility of acting out in actually taking the life from another. In the eyes of GOD, HE views one who harbors anger within their heart to be a murderer.

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October 12, 2020

Anger: Be angry and sin not-Ephesians 4:26

Okay, let’s be real, we all get angry and it is an emotion given to us for a reason. Let me see if I can explain anger’s necessity after all it was provided to us by GOD and JESUS exercised righteous anger, so anger when controlled must be a tool in our emotions that is required.

I want to try and explain the difference between bad and good anger. 

Bad anger when released inappropriately escalates and provokes more anger and increases stress. In the heat of bad anger, we become impulsive and for some of us who exhibit out-of-control anger, we do not care about what we say or do and most often whoever is in our line of anger though they may be innocent of what caused the anger, they too will be caught in the line of fire.

When becoming angry we react instead of being proactive. This is a good example of losing self-control rather than being in control of oneself. It also is a reflection of unjustifiable and unrighteous anger.

Good anger is exercised by one who takes the time to reflect on the situation rather than reacting to a situation. We must put forward our ability to empower our rational mind rather than giving power to our emotional mind. We are not the brute beast, we are mankind and we must embrace our humanity of reasoning, we can problem-solve. This is an example of justifiable and righteous anger.

People belong to an array of communities and giving power to anger when angered is not our time to flex what we believe is our strength because, in actuality, inappropriate anger is flexing our weakness.

When angered, it is essential that we remove ourselves from the person, people, or situation that has caused this emotion to become stirred within and self-talk. This is a pretty good tool that may cause us to reflect that for whatever reason we began to get angry it was really a skimpy reason and that maybe we may have some unresolved reasons as to why something so small would cause the arousal of this type of emotion.

How many people have experienced the death of a family, friend, or associate while we are in the throws of being unjustifiably angry only to wish that we could apologize, ignored, or see them again realizing that what we were angry about was foolishness?

Unfortunately, my country America has a leader who loves to stoke the flames of anger. He bullies and taunts and instead of our soaring higher than he, most speak out in anger. Or, some who have drunk the poison punch and share in the foolishness of his rantings and try to ignite not only anger but fear as well.

We are not to give in and become defeated by inappropriate emotional anger. We are intelligent humans who are students in the Word of GOD which teaches us to be in self-control. It is vital that we take the time to deal with unresolved issues in our lives that can go as far back as our childhood. Be honest about what has caused us emotional pain, disappointments, discouragements, and such. Then, give them to GOD asking HIM to deliver us from all that has never been resolved in our lives, we must forgive everyone who has wronged us including ourselves. And, as we ask the FATHER in JESUS name to take away those things, ask HIM to give to us in their place the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the ability to forgive, love, show mercy and grace towards others. I must share with you that it is liberating to have everything that hindered me from having JESUS character evicted from me and to have what I need of JESUS to move in and take the place of negativity.

I have also found that attending an anger management class can be rather helpful because not only will we hear relatable stories but together we can help one another and reflect that the problems that we endure do not seem as overwhelming as the ones that other people seem to have. Not, to make light of what we are dealing with, but those classes teach us to listen and reflect and take notice that we are not alone, we are not the only ones who experience what we are dealing with.

So, the text is about being angry and not sinning, what are some of the ways we can do this.

  • Go to GOD, speak about it with HIM, then give it to HIM
  • Do not take the anger and it’s cause back
  • Deal with your own unresolved inner issues
  • Give them to GOD and do not take them back
  • Do not allow anger to overtake you
  • Explore your inner core desire
  • Recognize the spirit behind the person who has wronged you
  • Exercise compassion, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and love daily
  • Learn how to effectively communicate through verbal or written communication
  • Know that you are resilient
  • Never allow people to see you sweat

It is a must that we stop being angry with ourselves and with others. Put anger far away from you. Your life is much too precious to spend time being angry because anger leads to all sorts of evil.

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October 9, 2020

Anger has it’s place-Romans 12:19

How many of us have done the opposite of what this text instructs us not to do? Even the non-believers are familiar with this text but they have an excuse as to why they do not adhere to this instruction, we do not.

When we truly rely on and trust in the fact that we are the Beloved of the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit then there simply is no reason for us to try and punish those who have wronged us. Now, should we try to punish others because they have wronged us it is because we do not operate in the faith that GOD will fight our battles for us. It is a clear fact that we do not believe that HE will punish those who wronged us and we do not believe that HE cares for us. It is not for a Believer in CHRIST JESUS to revenge themselves or to hold grudges against anyone. Anyone includes natural and spiritual siblings, acquaintances, associates, aunts, children, companions, community, cousins, friends, neighbors, parents [yours, grands], spouses, uncles, and if I left anyone out of the list them too. We are to love people as we do ourselves, this is a commandment from the LORD Almighty.

Anger and wrath have a place and we must see to it that we keep them there. Do not allow your emotions to overtake you, instead you command your emotions because it is possible for you to operate in self-control.

When we take it upon ourselves to enact with vengeance we take vengeance away from GOD and vengeance does not belong to us but to HIM. So, if we are going to say that “Vengeance is MINE, say the LORD” then believe that Vengeance is HIS.

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October 8, 2020

Anger-Romans 10:18-21

This is a great witnessing experience because if any of you have actually out of compassion, grace, love, and mercy witnessed to anyone, most likely you may have hit a brick wall. However, this does not mean that because of this that you are to just give in and give up. No, keep at it.

I want us to take notice of our text of today, above our text is the scripture verse “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of GOD”. And this is where people stop but we must continue because the entire text explains why we hit brick walls with some and they may show us variations of their anger towards the JESUS within us. And are received by others and how in the beginning they may show irritation but then will begin to listen.

Once people have heard the gospel from others, the radio, the television, attendance of a weekly worship ministry, or you, it is their own fault that their lives have become ruined to the end. They cannot blame anyone for not telling them about JESUS. This text is also in reference to two separate nations, the first being the Jewish and the second being the Gentiles. Throughout the Bible prior to the death of JESUS on the cross, the gospel went out to the Jewish nation only. But they did not receive it well. During the life and after the death of JESUS on the cross the gospel touched the lives of Jews and Gentiles providing the example that both nations would benefit and deny the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS. The Jewish believers in CHRIST are called the Messianic Jews and the Gentiles are simply called Believers. The bottom line is that the Messianic Jews and the Gentiles are both Believers in CHRIST JESUS. We both benefit from all the promises because we both are inheriters through CHRIST JESUS.

So, when we approach our non-believing family members, associates, friends, or strangers do not walk away feeling that you have failed because you have not. They heard you but they did not listen. Your sound went out just as it said it will be, the Good News of CHRIST JESUS will be preached/spoken about/and taught throughout every nation in the entire world and then the end will come. As for you, remain obedient and tell others being moved from compassion, grace, love, and mercy for others about the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. Do not be ashamed, exercise your confidence in your faith in JESUS because you trust in HIS Goodness, HIS Power, and HIS Wisdom. This Wonderful Gospel of CHRIST JESUS is consistently being spread about the entire world bearing fruit by GOD’s Great Power just as it has been doing before you heard and since, this is GOD’s Grace in Truth. Just as JESUS reconciled you to the FATHER in HIS physical body through the death that HE endured on that cross just so we can be presented to the FATHER blameless, holy, and far removed from reproach HE will continue, not we will continue. All we need do is remain confident and faithful in HIM not being a reflection of having a double mind, shifting from one day to another about our hope in HIM. As long as we the believer remain true to our faith in JESUS what we say in the ears of others will echo and people will pay attention to our living out our faith in CHRIST and this just may be the hope of bringing a lost soul to the altar of the cross of JESUS.

GOD’s creation of mankind has made HIM jealous because we have placed people and things above HIM. GOD does not tolerate idolatry of any type. Everyone and everything that we place before JESUS is openly and secretly showing what and who we worship. Those who are true believers in JESUS prosper and because we prosper people stand back and speak negatively about what we have because they can see that we have been blessed abundantly. Jealousy is a product of anger, this is why we are being spoken about out of negative gossip and envy. As long as there is breath in the bodies of humans those who do not and have not received GOD’s Word are being shown grace and mercy because HE could very well take them out as HE did in days of old. However, if non-believers die in their refusal to believe in JESUS from their heart than that is of their own making to be destroyed eternally not yours, and most definitely not GOD’s because HE made a way of escape for each of us. So, what am I trying to explain here, that non-believers are transgressors, they are rebellious and rejecting JESUS and Salvation and in their earthly death, they will be cast into the pit of fire where the mercy of death will never come and it will be here that they will be conscious of all they forfeited from JESUS. 

Every single human on this planet has been deceived, disobedient, enslaved, and foolish to various sinful pleasures. We have spent and wasted our lives being envious, hateful, and full of malice [the action of anger, having the disposition to cause injury to others from personal gratification, be it mentally or having the thought to cause harm physically. Revenge comes from within a dead and sinful spirit], towards others.

I do not like the phrase “I found JESUS” because JESUS has never been nor will HE ever be lost but we are. We are the lost ones but I do accept that once we hear the Gospel of JESUS that we begin to seek for HIM. I do accept that when we have reached despair and cry out to JESUS that HE will make HIMself accessible to those who are lost. It is during those times of desperation that we come crying out to HIM but before that, we do not ask for HIM. We do not inquire about HIM from the heart but we may do so from the mind. And when questions come from those that people believe should be able to provide them with answers about JESUS or the circumstances in this world or what people are facing and the answer does not come because of our trying to come across as super-intelligent. That causes the person who is asking questions to continue in their disbelief. We push them closer to hell. JESUS wants to be known by all mankind.

Righteousness can only come from having faith in CHRIST JESUS. Everyone can see what GOD has done, yet, not everyone will give GOD the credit due to HIM. Instead, GOD is blamed for things that should be accredited to satan. However, GOD is our sustainer, but all of mankind will not obey HIS voice and keep HIS covenant. Believers in CHRIST JESUS are HIS special treasure above all people; for all the earth belongs to GOD who is its Creator. We who are true believers in CHRIST JESUS are to the FATHER, HIS kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. Those who desire to live out their lives through the law of righteousness will never fully do so because mankind in their sinful state will always break this law and this is why GOD wrote on two tablets HIS Ten Commandments because out of rebellion did the people speak that they were capable of doing all that the LORD has spoken. Well, we can see that this is untrue. We break in part, which means that we are breakers of the entire commandments, and laws which were written. Sin will keep non-believers in a state of anger, guilt, and rebellion. There is nothing that can be done righteously without CHRIST JESUS.

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October 7, 2020

Anger-Mark 3:5

While angry, do you do well? It is a characteristic that we must grow into and after reading how JESUS did well while angry with the Pharisees we must not overlook where the needs are.

To me, the greatest disappointment I encounter is going to the church building and seeing so many of us hurting emotionally, mentally, physically as well as having diseases, illnesses, and sickness. This should be the one true hospital for every believer and the one true hospital where non-believers will know to come and be healed.

In our text, today, notice this key phrase “HE entered the synagogue again “ this informs me that JESUS was in the building of worship and for whatever reason exited the building and entered again. But as I dug a wee bit further within the other gospels, I noticed that the other writers did not use the phrase of re-entry. And because Luke, a physician, is more detailed in his writings as all doctors are, I believe that Mark’s recount should have been that on another seventh day of the week when Jews went to a synagogue, JESUS went into a synagogue as well, as it was HIS custom.

Now, in the synagogue then and now as it is in our local assembly of worship, a man had a withered hand, meaning that his hand was dried up from the inside out. There was no moisture to be found in his bones, sinews, tendons, muscles. But the Pharisees and Sadducees, I am most certain since they went to the Synagogues as well on the seventh day of the week all looked at JESUS knowing full well that HE could heal people from everything that they either witnessed themselves or that they heard throughout their regions and lastly when people had to come before them to be released from being an outcast due to an ailment.

The thing here is this, they looked at JESUS with a look of judgment waiting to see if HE would heal the man. Remember, according to the law which JESUS lived by and obeyed perfectly, work of any type was not permitted. Okay, I can see this but what about the other six days, was this man a stranger in the land that just appeared for the very first time in the Synagogue? I do not think so, I believe that this man was known but the Pharisees and Sadducees did not have the faith which was required of GOD and they did not know how to tap into believing that they could have healed the man from having a withered hand. GOD is not a respecter of people, JESUS is our greatest example setter and because HE did it we can do it.

The anger of JESUS was aroused because HE knew within their hearts that they were primed to accuse HIM of healing this man from his suffering on the seventh day of the week. They felt that healing was the operation of working so it should be done on one of the six days. How ridiculous that is.  It amazes me that we are willing to accept everything evil that comes from satan but not willing to accept everything good which can only come from GOD. GOD is a life giver and restorer whereas satan is a life destroyer and taker.

Do you know that most of the people JESUS healed did not know that HE is the MESSIAH and some of them did not believe that HE could heal them? So, we need to stop waiting on others to have faith that they can be healed. What matters is that we have faith that those we pray for can and will be healed. JESUS did not say that when we pray to the FATHER in the name of JESUS to heal anyone that HE will do it. No, JESUS said “heal the sick, heal the lepers, cast out demons, raise the dead, freely you have received, freely give” Matt. 10:8; “heal the sick” Lk. 9:2; “heal the sick there” Lk. 10:9 and in the book of Philippians this scripture is greatly quoted but it is not believed, “I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me” Phil. 4:13. Step forward to those who are disfigured, sick, and emotionally, mentally, and physically in pain and pray for them out of your faith not so much out of theirs. JESUS asked if it was lawful to do good or to do evil, to save a life or to kill a life? Most likely, because I left out the word sabbath/seventh day of the week, your answer will be to do good and to save a life.

But there are many people who are believers and non-believers who prefer out of ignorance to live by the letter of the law rather than the spirit of the law. These people see things in black and white and there is no grey. I like to think that the grey area is the grace and mercy areas. Believers are filled with GOD’s grace and mercy but we do not know how to live in that. Just like the armor we are never to remove from our person we must live our lives in the action of grace and mercy. People who are legalistic, rigid in their decision making, and lifestyles with no acceptance that there is more than one way to get things done correctly are control freaks. These people like to mico-manage. I should know, I used to be this way. 

This often grieves the Holy Spirit because these types of people have very hard hearts like diamonds and this type of behavior is taught. It is a difficult thing for people like this to listen to the message of the GOD of Hosts through CHRIST JESUS given by the Holy Spirit.

But take notice, even though JESUS was angry because of the hardness of the leadership’s hearts, HE did well while angry. This is our lesson, yes, there are times when we will become angry but be certain that if it is true anger, meaning that it is justifiable and righteous. Or, is it just disappointment due to expectations that we have of others. Do well when angered!

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October 6, 2020

Anger-Matthew 5:22

I have discovered throughout my years of study that this scripture of the gospel is misunderstood for a few reasons. 

  • The first is that when readers read about JESUS, they either miss what they have read about HIS being born under the law or they misunderstand what is meant by this. Gal. 4:4-5
  • The second is that ninety-nine point nine percent of the family of CHRIST do not realize that the New Testament does not begin within these four gospels until the crucifixion of JESUS. 
  • And the third is that you cannot have a New Will and Testament without the Old Will and Testament being superseded and the Will and Testament cannot be activated until a death.

  When JESUS spoke these words, HE spoke them under that law which was current but the grace and mercy which came after can be found within the scriptures. Although JESUS lived under the law HE gave everyone examples of HIS grace and HIS mercy which have been demonstrated throughout HIS life and ministry.

No person who professes to be a child of GOD by truly being cleansed in the blood of JESUS should crucify JESUS again through their actions of anger. We do have a right to be angry it is an emotion that is given to every human and JESUS HIMself became angry as well. However, unlike JESUS when we are angry our actions and our words are not justifiable nor are they righteous. In these next few days, I hope that what is written will help all of us to better understand, anger, and how to overcome it. 

First, let us take a look at our emotions of being angry and disappointed because I believe that these two are misconstrued/error of interpretation. To be angry/enraged with another including ourselves is to feel resentment which means that we take offense towards another and with ourselves. To be angry also includes that we can be provoked by our being aroused/excited to take action regarding the actions or words spoken by another or the actions taken by ourselves. To be disappointed with another including ourselves is the defeat of our expectations of others as well as ourselves. We become frustrated at dashed desires, hopes, or intentions.

JESUS makes HIS statement very clear, our siblings in CHRIST JESUS are people just as we are. All people make mistakes but not all people do and say things purposefully to incite others to anger. We who are in the body of CHRIST must learn to be led by the Holy Spirit through His wisdom to not only think but to listen/not just hear, and to see. I write this because Peter rebuked JESUS when JESUS was preparing the disciples for HIS death and Peter denied that this would be. JESUS did not turn in anger at Peter but rather recognized that Peter was being used by the spirit of satan who spoke through him. When we understand why people do what they do and say what they say we will find ourselves less likely to become angry. However, should our CHRISTian siblings have a justifiable reason that has caused us to become angry take the time first of all to calm down. This is done by getting by ourselves, maybe speaking with another sibling about our emotions that we know will not judge us but hold us accountable regarding whether or not our emotion is truly justifiable. But most of all speak with the FATHER about this emotion, do we truly have a cause to be angry? Then quickly, go to the person and speak with them without being angry but calm. First, let them know that this came to your attention by way of another or how you felt when he/she did or said something directly to you. Next, listen to their apology, and ask why would this have been said or done. We all need to get understandings of offenses directly or indirectly done. Most often offenses are misunderstandings be it on their part or ours and sometimes both.

We must never intentionally work against our siblings in CHRIST JESUS because this is a reflection of hate. And hate in our heart is murder in the eyes of GOD. And the Word of GOD informs us that no murderer can live eternally with the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.

In this scripture the word raca which most readers who do not or do not know how to study their Bibles will come to overlook all because they do not know the definition of this word. The definition of the word raca is empty, empty-headed, stupid, numbskull/presumptuous, thoughtless, worthless, and good for nothing. We all are guilty of thinking and using these definitions towards others and towards ourselves. Although if, we speak American English or another type of language it may be likely that the actual word raca is no longer used. [To increase my wealth of knowledge, feel free to let me know which language continues to use this contemptuous word].

There are two words written in two translations of the Bible that must be addressed. In the KJV of the book of James, the word is vain, and in the NKJV the world is foolish.

Vain in this verse of text is described as follows: deceitful, fruitless, ineffectual, prideful, unsatisfiable, and worthless. All descriptions regarding the in-generate [produced from within; born] spiritually shallow.

The other, foolish is described as follows: deprave, despicable, ridiculous, silly, sinful, unwise, void of sound judgment and understanding, and wicked. Again, all descriptions of the in-generate [produced from within; born] spiritually shallow.

So, in the book of Jms. 2:2o and 3:6 take notice of why he spoke to the spiritually dead in the manner in which he did. Also, take notice that regardless of our being believers in CHRIST JESUS or not we all suffer from the same terrible instrument which is our tongue. For without the tongue we are not able to speak. Notice what the tongue is.

  • A fire
  • Injustice
  • Unrighteousness
  • Contaminate
  • The course of life/the direction we take
  • Set on fire by hell

We all can take this fire and set ablaze living words of life or death because words have power. And once they are released there is no getting them back. We must not allow our tongue to be ignited by hell but rather the burning coals of heaven. It is better to speak words that are justifiable and righteous. 

Contaminate everyone that we speak to and with, with words that will provide life rather than death. And let us all renew our mindset so that we can speak the words that are found in our hearts because out of the heart does our mouth speaks and this takes us right back to anger. Do not speak in or out of anger.

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October 5, 2020

The Holy Spirit Carries-Revelation 21:10

Today, we have reached the finale’ on this series regarding the Holy Spirit.

The revelation of John is greatly misunderstood when in essence it should give the family of GOD great pleasure because HE has allowed us to see a glimpse of our Savior, the victory, and our home. As well as revealing the destruction of satan and his family. The destruction warning is not for us to become afraid, but to know what the outcome will be.

There are seven angels in heaven which have bowls that contain the seven last plagues which are GOD’s wrath [the justified punishment of crime and offenses; Ref: Rom. 1; 8]. Regardless of what may have been witnessed by way of illness, disease, sickness, or disasters that many people have called GOD’s anger or HIS judgment, is proof that they did not know what they were talking about. Had any of these effects that people out of ignorance spoke about was truly GOD’s anger, judgment, and wrath, then those effects should have turned many to JESUS, but they did not. And the wrath of GOD that is to come will be much too late for those who are persistent in turning their backs on JESUS. 

One of these seven angels took John and gave him a tour of the New Jerusalem which will descend out of heaven. So, for those of you who believe that you will be up in heaven throughout eternity, understand that our home is called the New Jerusalem and we will live out our eternity as our CREATOR intended in the Garden of Eden. 

Now, John was not in his natural state as we are. As a child of GOD, I hope that you have experienced being before The FATHER and the SON in the Holy Spirit. It is unforgettable, you can recall being swept up, transported, floating upward, and seeing things but cannot express anything that you saw. But you know as well as you know your name that you were in the presence of your FATHER and Savior. When we come back into our natural minds we become sadden because we had to return back to earth but we never forget the experience and it is much grander when we have our spiritual sibling or siblings with us because they are witness to the same experience. As we descend we know spiritually to wait for the return of our siblings and once we all have returned back to our natural state, we remain in a time of great worship unaware of how much time has passed. For me, I am certain that John felt the same way if not greater although he was given a command to record and share that which he saw. So, I understand when John reveals to us that he was not aware of his state but clear about who gave to him the tour of heaven and by whom he was there; the Holy Spirit.

 How much better off we all would be if we allowed the Holy Spirit to have control of us rather than demonic spirits? Because, if the Holy Spirit is not the One who is in control of us in human form know that it is a demonic spirit who is. There are other Biblical recordings of those chosen by GOD to see HIS plans, those who were led by the angel as they were carried by the Holy Spirit such as Ezekiel. Now back to John.

Now, I must confess to you all who is reading this, never in my studies have I received revelation knowledge of what I had been instructed on in school or otherwise regarding the reference to Ezekiel and the New Jerusalem. The only thing I can share with you regarding my finite understanding which does not amount to much when it comes to anything that pertains to GOD. If what I share was not taught or revealed to my spirit by the Holy Ghost and that is to me what I have read in the following chapters of Ezekiel chapters 40-48, all seems natural to me with the exception of this. Ez. 43:2-7.

I invite you to write to me and please share with me the revelation knowledge that you have received from the Holy Spirit. So that I may add wealth to my knowledge of understanding.

So, in conclusion, the Holy Spirit can, does, and will carry some of us whoever He will to places unimaginable. I myself have never asked the FATHER to transport me anywhere, it just happened to my recollection twice. Once, when I was alone in the natural sense. And, another when I was on the phone with a dearly beloved sister in CHRIST. Close to three hours had passed when I came to my natural mindset and we could barely give our salutations to one another because we were so engulfed in the residue of heaven.

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October 2, 2020

Pray in union with the Holy Spirit-Jude 20

We speak in union with the Holy Spirit because we are deeply rooted in the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. By this, we become increasingly established in our faith in JESUS because we are being actively built up in HIM. What we have been taught should bring about gratitude which overflows.

Because of our enriched relationship in the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit we are easily able to encourage others especially our siblings in the faith of CHRIST JESUS so that we can build one another up. After all, no one does not prosper from being encouraged be they non-believer or believer in CHRIST JESUS.

I have an opinion that I will like to share. This opinion is that many of our siblings who do not believe in speaking in tongues or better yet phrased, the Holy Ghost is because they are number one; unaware that speaking in tongues is actually the Holy Spirit speaking through us in a language we do not comprehend. Meaning that we have never studied for those of us who speak American or British English we may not have studied Japenese or the various dialects of Chines, Hindu, and other various languages of the world and it goes as well for those who do not speak any other language but there native earthly tongue. And, number two; we are most often taught or we have read only one translation of the Bible and never discovered that in the original text the scripture is written “Praying in union/with the Holy Spirit. To pray in union means to unite, to be in agreement, harmonious. And, to pray with simple means to be in the company of, connection, mutual, partnership.

This is why I believe as well that it is better to pray in union/with the Holy Spirit. We cannot help ourselves with ourselves when we are weak. Sometimes, when we are honest with ourselves, whatever we may be going through is so difficult that we do not even know how to pray. I have found that though we know not to be overly concern about matters that affect our lives, that sub-consciously there are things that we thought have no effect on us or our families. We have questions that are not being addressed when we notice cracks and because we are left unaware of brewing problems those cracks become breakdowns and meltdowns. When we have the Holy Spirit living within us He will search our hearts and will speak those things that we do not know how to communicate. We are not always aware of how or what to pray/speak about to the FATHER but the Holy Spirit does. He knows what we have need of and this is why we should rely on Him to intercede on our behalf. We muck things up by being too wordy, believing if we speak in a language that is no longer used any longer depending on the translation of the Bible that we read or if we try to sound a certain way that this will move GOD to listen and adhere to us. I have even heard my siblings in CHRIST beg for things and this is a no-no. Our FATHER loves us, we are the apple of HIS eye so we have no need to beg HIM for anything, I believe that begging is a sign that unbelief is there when we speak. Also, we must have full knowledge of every word that we choose to read and speak. The definition of some words carries multiple definitions and we should not use a word without understanding its fullness.  In our focal scripture depending on which translation of the Bible you prefer, the word “groaning” is there. Here is the full definition of this word according to the eight-teen twenty-eight Noah Webster dictionary; [1] to cry out, to breathe with a deep murmuring sound, to utter a mournful voice as in pain or sorrow. [2]To sign, to be oppressed or afflicted, the complaint of oppression. Now of these two definitions that I have provided, number one is the accurate depiction of what the Holy Spirit does when we allow Him to pray and we pray in union with Him. Most of the time when we allow the Holy Spirit to speak it is because we are in dire need of help for ourselves or for others. The more frequent that we allow the Holy Spirit to pray and we along with Him, we may pray for a better understanding of what and how we need to be as we continue to mature in all things JESUS. To help us in our unbelief in certain areas of our life be it an illness, a pain, to resurrect our loved ones from the dead, and so on.  We have been told in the Bible of all the things that we can do and yet, we keep going to the FATHER asking HIM to do what HE has already placed within us to accomplish. The Holy Spirit will only speak on behalf of us according to the will of GOD. He knows the will of GOD but we must be in the spirit of willingness to learn [have a teachable spirit] the will of GOD.

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