Focus on Who not what is important

Focus On Jesus Hebrews 12:2

We miss ushering people to the Living GOD because we are too focused on those things which are not important rather than CHRIST JESUS. All people who do not know GOD through CHRIST JESUS as their Savior need to know that HE truly cares for their well being regardless of what they look like or where they are. Because only GOD can care for them enough not to leave them in their present condition. People are walking around with a mask on their face pretending that they have it all together when in actuality they do not. None of us have it all together without the Living Word residing on the inside of us within our heart. For those of you who profess to be Christian yet you care more of how someone appears outwardly rather than what is going on internally you are religious [a Pharisee or a Saducee] and you can profess to be a Christian from morning, noon till night, that does not make it true, no more than our living in an apartment and calling it a sprawling fourteen room mansion, it is not true. True CHRISTians possess [a disciple] the Eternal Word of GOD within them and they focus on who GOD desires for them to reach. When we listen out for the voice of GOD in our spirit we can thwart the hand of the enemy with his desire to end another precious life before their time. People commit suicide because of the pain of not believing they are loved or that anyone cares about them being alive or dead. It is this belief that they have that haunts them morning, noon and night until they see no other alternative but to murder themselves. But as true CHRISTians when we listen and obey the voice of the Eternal Word of GOD and speak to people on their level they will listen. Stop going through the weird motions of shaking, rattling and rolling; stop casting out spirits unless GOD tells you to do so and just hold a loving conversation with people. I am telling you that when we have heard with our spiritual ears and obey to do and or say just what the Holy Spirit request of us, that person will have an open heart to not only hear us speak but listen to that important message that they must hear from GOD. Most often people will be surprised that GOD loves them so much as to speak to them through you. Humble yourself to being used by GOD for HIS glory and not your own. Stop listen for angelic voices to sing, do not bind or cast out a spirit unless the Holy Spirit directs us to do so. Stop trying to quote various scriptures, by chapter and verse. And most of all, stop trying to be so deep because the person you are trying to reach is already in deep, deep into sin and darkness. No one when hurting is trying to hear our theological persuasions. The Holy Spirit has opened the door, all we need do is follow His lead.

Hebrews 12:2 Do not become as one of the hypocrites just be the wonderful person GOD created you to be and share HIS Word with others. JESUS obtained the prize with full joy and in order for HIM to do so HE went through great torture for us all. JESUS was crucified as though HE was a common criminal because they could not see HIM for who HE truly is. JESUS was put to an open shame, HE was and is to this day despised by some and in these most important steps to those of us who believe in HIM, HE died, was buried, rose from the grave, ascended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of HIS FATHER.

Ps. 69:7; Phil. 2:8; Heb. 2:9; Ps. 110:1








GOD is never too busy for you


We know this to be true and new mother’s you will be able to relate to this. After we have awaited for our baby to emerge from our body we begin to take inventory of our precious child. We look at the hair or lack of, count the fingers and toes, search for blemishes like moles or birthmarks and then we just continue to gleam with joy as we hold our son or daughter in our arms and speak to him or her. Notice how I wrote that we count the fingers and toes which include the limbs which are two arms and legs. If you were like I was over three decades ago and recalling to memory the written Word of GOD regarding the hair, you may have attempted to count the hair on your baby’s head and failed that is if your child was born with a head full of hair exposed. Having one or two follicles is much easier to count than a head full of lush wet hair.

Only GOD knows the exact number of hairs which are atop of our head which includes the brows and lashes. For each follicle that sheds only HE knows which number actually fell out naturally, was rubbed or pulled away from our head. As it leaves HE knows that follicle 1 or 1,000,000,000 is no longer and when it has been replaced by a living follicle or will not be replaced. This is proof positive that GOD loves us so very much that HE took the time to count each strand of hair and keeps a perfect record of its loss and replacement. No matter how much we love our babies from birth to adulthood we are not able to do this, try as we might. This also should remind us that from all of the creations GOD created that we are worth much more than all HIS other creations and that we alone are created in HIS very image. GOD is Spirit and so we have a spirit which is lying dormant until we receive the free gift of eternal life from CHRIST JESUS. Without the Spirit of the Living GOD within our heart we are the actual reflection of zombies or the walking dead.

GOD cares about all of our requests regardless of how small we may think our request is to how major we know they are. We must come to believe that even if we misplace our glasses or keys that when we ask HIM to help us locate them that HE will. I know that HE has helped me.

Luke 12:7 None of GOD’s creations are forgotten about, however, none of GOD’s creations are worth more to HIM than humans. HIS Salvation [CHRIST JESUS] did not come to deliver the sky and water, the planets, the plant life or animal life. HIS Salvation [CHRIST JESUS] came to deliver humans.

We are the apple of GOD’s eye and no other is like to us and the love that HE has toward us.


Our miraculous GOD


Religious Christianity is irrelevant in this cold and cruel world. That means that people are only exhibiting their faith in the confines of the four walls of where they attend church service. If we truly believe in the finished works of CHRIST JESUS we must bring our faith outside of the four walls. We must show the miraculous power everywhere because wherever we are GOD is and HE is there ahead of us just waiting for our arrival. As true believers in CHRIST JESUS, we are the ones who bring the love of CHRIST with us and we must share that with others. We must infect people much like people spread their germs (colds and flu) with others either intentionally or unintentionally.

Matthew 9:36 JESUS saw and HE sees us where we are, HE sees that we are bewildered, dejected, distressed, harassed, helpless, troubled and weary. This is why we need a Good Shepherd, One who cares for us, who has compassion for us, who takes pity on us and, One who will teach us everything we need to know about the nature of the FATHER and the SON.


The Eternal Word becomes human

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In our entire existence, there is nothing more important that we will accomplish as spending time with CHRIST JESUS.

The majority of us spend a great deal of money purchasing self-help books, attending seminars, and speaking with professional coaches all because we desire to become better in some area of our life.

But did you know that every single answer that we are looking for in books, seminars and being coached is actually found in the Word of GOD? The Word of GOD is not just the best continual selling book of all time but rather it is a book that actually has life in its pages, the book will breathe life into us if we will only believe and apply.

JESUS is the very depiction of the FATHER, we can actually see and feel the heart of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Spending time with JESUS transforms our heart the more we are with HIM. And the transformation of our heart develops us to become more like JESUS.

We can never be too busy to spend time in GOD’s Eternal Word. Unlike what it was like for me when I was a young CHRISTian beginning my life in HIM, we had no electronic devices to listen to GOD’s Word during our busy schedules. The most we had were audio cassette tapes that we could play in our big bulky tape recorders, then came the walk-man devices or we could play them as we are driving from one place to another. Today, we can listen to the Word of GOD on our mobile phones, our watches, our tablets, in our cars and, our computers. Oh, and let me not forget that there are channels on the television where we can view the Word of GOD being spoken by some who truly know HIM and by others that we need to stay totally clear of. However, the bottom line is no one has an excuse not to spend quality time with JESUS.

John 1:1-5, CHRIST JESUS is the Eternal Word of GOD. In the beginning, was CHRIST JESUS. I will never tire of the fact that this is completely awesome to me and we may never totally get this until we are joined with HIM in heaven once HE returns for us. CHRIST JESUS is GOD and CHRIST JESUS was with GOD (I know this to be true because I believe this). CHRIST JESUS has always been in existence, HE was not born nor did HE die in the sense that we are born and die. CHRIST JESUS in human form is our seed and what happens to seeds when we bury them? They die to produce what is within them. Through HIS becoming human HE obeyed HIS mission to die for the world and HE was resurrected and ascended and is seated at the right hand of the FATHER with HIS crown of glory adorning HIS head rather than that crown of thorns which was pushed down into HIS skull and brow. HE is dressed in HIS royal attire, HIS robe is covered with blood rather than the clothes that HE was stripped of so that HE could walk to HIS place of crucifixion naked and ashamed. And HIS name is the Word of GOD! CHRIST JESUS existed before anything that HE created. Everything that has been created was created by HIM for HIM. GOD created everything through CHRIST JESUS that is in heaven, on earth and, beneath the earth. HE created the seen and the unseen, HE is the One who created spiritual powers, lords, rulers and, authorities. CHRIST JESUS is the Word of Life and in HIS human form people were able to see HIM and touch HIM. CHRIST JESUS is the Word which became flesh who is full of grace and truth. In the prayer that JESUS is saying to the FATHER, HE let it be known plainly that HE existed in the beginning and that HE was glorified. Nothing CHRIST JESUS spoke into existence is without witness today. Mankind does not have the ability to create without using what CHRIST JESUS has already provided and mankind does not have the ability to discover or invent without using that which CHRIST JESUS has already provided. CHRIST JESUS is our original architect for all and we must accept this and speak about the Eternal Life who is CHRIST JESUS. The un-belief in CHRIST JESUS does not make it untrue, HE did come to HIS created earth dressed in human skin, skeleton and untainted, unsinful blood flowed through HIS veins. In HIS human death, HE gave to us salvation so that we can understand the true and living GOD. And as believers in CHRIST JESUS we live in union with the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. HE is the true GOD and HE is Eternal life. CHRIST JESUS spoke into existence all that is created by HIS spoken word and they came to be and they were all considered good. And as the creator of all things CHRIST JESUS kept HIS secret hidden until HIS perfect time. Now, that HIS secret has been revealed, some of us in HIS family do not understand the finished works of CHRIST JESUS because we are relying on one or two days a week of fellowship in our local assembly rather than studying and listening to CHRIST JESUS through the Holy Spirit our perfect teacher. In these final days which has been in existence since JESUS CHRIST came to earth as a human, GOD has been speaking to us through HIS SON wanting us to get ready for our departure to be with HIM eternally. CHRIST JESUS is the architect for all that exists and HE is the true owner of all.

CHRIST JESUS is the light of the world and anyone who follows after HIM has that light of life and will never again live and walk in darkness. When JESUS CHRIST was in this world, HE was the light of the world. JESUS CHRIST came into this world to be our guiding light so that anyone who actively believes in HIM will no longer live in eternal darkness. No one is without excuse if you are an active non-believer in CHRIST JESUS it is because you love the darkness and you love to continue in your evil deeds. You have no one to blame but yourself for your eternal location away from GOD.   

This should be our testimony, that GOD has provided and given to us eternal life through HIS SON. Anyone who possesses the SON (CHRIST JESUS) rather than just professing HIM, have eternal life in HIM. Those who profess CHRIST JESUS but do not possess HIM, do not have eternal life in HIM.

Gen. 1:1 – 2:3; Col. 1:16-17; 1 Jhn. 1:1-2, 5:20; Jhn. 1:14; Rev. 19:13; Jhn. 17:5; Ps. 33:6; Eph. 3:9; Heb. 1:2; Jhn. 8:12, 9:5, 12:46, 3:19, 1 Jhn. 5:11


JESUS prays for all Born-Again Believers in HIM


I have never been able to convince those that I have spoken to that what we have been taught as the LORD’s prayer actually is not so but rather HIS blueprint, HIS direction in how we ought to pray. If we will read the actual LORD’s prayer found in the book of John we will see how when JESUS prayed it lined up to HIS blueprint that HE instructed for us.

JESUS demonstrated HIS relationship with HIS FATHER within HIS community. How many of us can say that we do the same? So many people want to leave their country to preach to other countries when they struggle to say hello to their next-door neighbors. They do not get along with family members, school-mates and co-workers. Within our community we all have a local assemble where we go to worship GOD at least one day of the week, during weddings, baptisms/(christenings, baby dedication), funerals, mothers day, easter, and or CHRISTmas. In our local worship center we should come together to encourage, inspire and be an influence to one another but in most cases this is the place where we whisper negative conversations behind the back of others, cause those who may want to come into this place not to come because of how they see the actions being demonstrated outside of the building, in the neighborhood or because they do not have the appropriate clothing mankind has deemed must be worn or else they either will not be allowed in or they will seat them someplace where they will not be noticed. The local assembly should be a place where everyone actually is welcomed and the freedom to learn, share their struggles without being unjustifiable judged which is what humans do because we do not know how to rightly judge as GOD does, this is why judging should be left up to HIM alone. The local assembly should be the placed where we can all grow closer to GOD rather than care what the preachers are wearing or the congregants for that matter.

So many people leave coming to their local assembly because of being hurt by others in the “church”. Yet, when they are hurt at home, school or work they continue to return. Mainly because of what drives them to return, home (no other place to go and everything they own is in there); school (because this is where they better be or they will get into bigger trouble at home or if it college or university, you have already paid for your semester why not see it through to the end before dropping out) and work (the paycheck). Hopefully, this makes it clear where priorities are laid.

JESUS did not die on the cross for some that HE loved, JESUS died on the cross for all because HE loves all. None of us were living during the time JESUS walked this earth so most assuredly we were not alive during HIS crucifixion, resurrection and, ascention. Yet, before HE stepped out of heaven to take on the likeness of humankind HE knew us all very well. So, it stands to reason that those of us who know that we are forgiven why is it so difficult to forgive. And it stands to reason that we know that GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON so that we may obtain everlasting life through HIM. So, why is it so difficult for us to love as well? JESUS never waited for us to get ourselves together, a task that will never be done correctly without HIM before HE loved us. HE loved us in spite of the fact that there was absolutely nothing about us worth loving.

We the Born-Again Believers in CHRIST JESUS are the actual church, not a building made of stone and mortar. The church is made of flesh and bone and it is up to us to make one another feel safe, we are to share our victories as well as our struggles with one another. We are in a family together we are not lone rangers.

John 17:20-26


Are you, Mary or Martha



This is how we find out which of the two sisters we are more like. What or who do you consider to be more important than spending time with JESUS? Our lifestyle tells on us all the time, the games/part that we play in the presence of others cannot be played out for a lifetime when it is false. Eventually, our true self will come through.

GOD could care less about our following demanding rules that are unbearable to obey continually. The Israelites failed miserably with that and so do we and so will the generations behind us. What is most important to CHRIST JESUS is that we allow HIM to transform our heart so that we will want to obey HIS moral commandments and rules. In order for HIM to give us the heart transplant that we all require is first we must willing desire to have the surgery and we make this decision with the heart that we possess now and then we must say in an audible voice that we want the surgery. Is this not what we must do when our human doctors inform us that we need surgery? He or She will give us our diagnoses and then he or she will inform us that surgery is required. After, they have shared all of what we must be informed with they ask us if we want the surgery or not. Some of us will say a resounding “No” while others of us will say “Okay/Yes”. Most surgeries will cause us to be better in that area whereas when JESUS performs surgery on us we become better instantly. Though it is an instant change due to receiving our heart transplant, we must be taught through HIS Word who we are in HIM and to continually learn the true nature of our FATHER, GOD.

Spending time with GOD is not done on the one designated day of the week that you will attend worship service or Bible study. Spending time with GOD is parallel to spending time with our parents, our spouse, our children, and other family members and friends. It is an intimate relationship between you and the FATHER.

Mary and Martha are the sisters of Lazarus, the guy JESUS raised from the dead. Mary has focused on the best, spending time with JESUS while Martha has focused on the good, performance which will always become a distraction from the best. Comes across as a contradiction to most but in scripture, we will find out the difference.

Luke 10:38-42 First, we must welcome JESUS into our home which is our heart. Then we sit at the feet of JESUS to spend time in HIS Word as we listen for HIS voice we will experience being worry-free. It is impossible to hear let alone listen to the Words JESUS will want to share and teach us when we are distracted. When we are distracted from our purpose we begin to murmur and complain believing that no one is doing what needs to be done but you. We magnify the problem rather than the solution. This is why so many saints are experiencing anxiety, fretting about things that they either have no control over or that can be handled after spending quality time with JESUS. More than likely after spending the much needed time with JESUS we will find that those things that we magnified as being a bother really are not. Those many things that we make such a grand deal about are not what is important or needful to us, what is important however is the fact that we do need JESUS and HE will not be taken away from us nor can HE once HE has been welcomed into our home/heart.

Ps. 27:4; Jhn. 6:27


JESUS has changed my life


To be honest with you, I have never cared about what color the skin of JESUS is. I write this because back when I was in my early thirties I was asked about that. My answer then and my answer today has remained the same. I really do not care what color the skin of JESUS is because all I know with certainty is that HIS blood is red and it has washed me clean from sin.

CHRIST JESUS has a desire to meet us right where we are because to HIM it does not matter what the following are concerning you.

  • The struggle with addictions
  • What our skin color or nationality is
  • HE knows who we are biologically male/female
  • HE knows that some are deceived when it comes to who they are sexually in gender and that they have altered HIS best for them
  • HE knows about our economic situation
  • HE knows that all humans are sinners and that they must hear the truth about HIMself so that they may believe in HIM
  • And so on-

None of that matters to HIM because what HE desires first and foremost is that HE find us regardless of where we are. HE is the One that is searching for us as we search for peace in empty promises. We will never find JESUS because JESUS is not the One who is lost, it is us. CHRIST JESUS is willing to search for us and locate us no matter where we are, HE is willing to go into the most depraved places to sit and speak with us then HE will walk us from that pit of darkness and despair. It does not matter to HIM who we are, what we are guilty of, when we have done something, where we are and why we do the things we do because HE knows the answer to all of that.

CHRIST JESUS will stand up for us while satan will throw us to the wolves. All it takes is for us to humble ourselves and admit that we need HIM. When we do this with our entire heart we will no longer run after those things that will bring temporary satisfaction yet continue to leave us empty and wanting more to satisfy us again and again. Those temporary gratifications that we run after is a never-ending cycle of needing more to numb ourselves from the pain we have endured and to push us deeper into those lies that we choose to believe all because we are blinded and deaf to the truth.

I am an advocate to testify about who CHRIST JESUS is and who we are in HIM, it is not about religion but about a relationship with and in HIM.

John 4:9 I have always found this an interesting passage of scripture because it magnifies cultural divisions due to sin and its effect being prejudice. Today we have the scientific ability to find out just who we are in regards to DNA. I have found out that by natural blood I am a Jewess and not only that but originated from Samaria. Not only was I totally shocked by this but it drove me to find out why was this Samaritan woman shunned by Jews. Do you know that Samaritans are Jews as well? They are the descendants of Joseph’s two sons Ephraim and Manasseh. Samaritans are also from the tribe of Levi.  According to Samaritan tradition, the split between them and the Judean-led Southern Israelites began during the biblical time of the priest Eli when the Southern Israelites split off from the central Israelite tradition, as they perceive it. Then I began to think about prejudice today between cultural and skin tone and as I have always believed long before I knew that I sprang from various cultural DNA lines is that being prejudice regarding culture and skin complexion is just plain stupid. To make my point there is a scripture that reads about a  man who was badly injured and how a Jewish clergyman crossed the road to avoid him, and how another Jewish man from the tribe of Levi also avoided the injured man knowing that this guy was nearly injured to cause his death because he took the time to actually stop, look at the poor guy and decided to do nothing and left the guy there. But it was the compassion of the despised Samaritan who actually showed compassion and put him up in a hotel (I’m using today’s language to make my point, the word hotel is not found in the bible.) and paid for his lodgings.  Not only that the Samaritan told the desk clerk that whatever this guys debts were that he would gladly cover the cost should it exhaust the payment he had already provided for the guy’s upkeep. Does this not come across in the manner that people today who are most despised due to their culture and skin color are more likely to be the ones who will offer help to those in need?

When JESUS spoke to the woman who is Samaritan she was perplexed because Jews did not associate with Samaritans let alone speak to women. And to make matters worse she was trying her best to fill the void in her heart by being in temporary relationships with various men. This woman not only was void of her precious worth but she lacked the knowledge of knowing that she was much more precious than what she saw herself as being. She like all of us do was looking for someone or something to fill the void within and to be genuinely loved. This is what we all hunger and thirst for but only JESUS can fill our hunger to the point that we will never hunger anymore and only JESUS can quench our thirst. Our hunger for what we all are searching for is actually the Bread of Life and that is CHRIST JESUS. And the unquenchable thirst that we all have is quenched by the Living Water that becomes a fountain that spring up within us into everlasting life.

Philippians 2:3-11