Are we familiar with our heavenly inheritance? Our heavenly inheritance that the beloved has when we believe and confess CHRIST openly through the mouth from the heart is this. We have a living hope which is boundless in the mercy of CHRIST because HE rose from the dead and proved HIMself to be alive. In HIS rising we are born-again not of flesh and blood which is human effort but in the Spirit of the Almighty GOD. We instantly become that which is beyond the ability to change and decay through perishing. We are no longer soiled, tarnished and fading. This is the inheritance that awaits us in heaven. Our earthly flesh is made from the dust of the ground and it returns back to the ground daily and then finally through the decay of death. Because of our faith in CHRIST we are being guarded in GOD’s power until the time will come when we will receive the full inheritance of our salvation that will be revealed in the last day. This is why we should be overjoyed instead of looking as though we are sucking on lemons or drinking sour pickle juice. As long as we remain alive on earth we are going to experience some distress through trials and we will be tested, this is only to reveal to ourselves how genuine our faith in CHRIST is. GOD will test us but never tempt us. We must know that our faith in CHRIST is more valuable than any gemstone and will be judged whether or not we are worthy of praise, glory, and honor of CHRIST when HE is revealed. None of us have seen CHRIST yet we say that we love, believe, exult and show overly expressions of joy regarding HIM. This is because we are receiving daily the results of our faith in CHRIST the salvation of our souls. Prophets have prophesied, searched and asked with a deep interrogation about this salvation. They needed to find out who this was to happen to and when. We get this way when the Spirit of CHRIST works within us we become earnestly inquisitive about CHRIST. Because the Holy Spirit is the One who was working in the Prophets He pointed out to them the predictions of sufferings that CHRIST will endure and the glories which will follow. This was spoken to the Prophets of old because they were taught by the Holy Spirit that the information was not to be kept by them but was to be shared because the knowledge that they were given was not for the timeframe in which they lived. But was for those that were born and lived before us to know as well as for us today. And we too are to share the Good News of CHRIST the difference is that we don’t have to share that CHRIST will suffer because HE already has for us. We are to share what HE has done for us as well as what HE taught while HE lived among us on earth. This same Holy Spirit who never changes will equip us to speak the truth about the Truth/CHRIST. Ha-ha, it is wonderful to know that even the angels in heaven are taking a long look into what CHRIST has done and is doing for mankind because they do not understand them. Or rather, they do not understand us for making CHRIST so very irrelevant.

CHRIST suffered only the once for our sins and only the once was a complete requirement because HIS suffering perfectly paid in full our sin debt. And though CHRIST suffered and died in the hopes that all mankind will come back to GOD it was known by HIM that all mankind will not believe in HIM and because of that many will die in their sins and descend down into hell and the lake of fire. CHRIST died in the flesh but CHRIST was made alive again by the Spirit of GOD. The same Holy Spirit that will come and reside within us will help us to share CHRIST with others.


Because CHRIST suffered for us in HIS flesh we should be willing to suffer for HIM in our flesh but we find this to be too much to ask of us. When we put on the mind of CHRIST and discontinue living willy-nilly in the sin of our flesh which lusts after those things that we believe we are in need of but actually we don’t need them at all. Then we will understand what it means to live in the rest and will of GOD. For all of us one day is too many days to live in sin but for many of us who are living years, decades and generations {that is if we have as many as five generations of our family living}, in sin and now we and our house have come to CHRIST and yet we continue to do what we know is a sin. Don’t we know that we have spent more than enough time living in our past lifetime as a heathen? We did everything we wanted to do and often said that we were hurting no one but ourselves. Only to find out that not only were we hurting ourselves but we were hurting those who love us. Once we have changed our minds from feeding our flesh in the depravity of sin many will think that we are strange or religious when actually we are in a relationship with CHRIST. If anyone has a negative word to say know that we are in great company because they spoke and still speak negatively about CHRIST. Everyone who chooses not to believe in CHRIST will have to give an account to HIM the only One who can and will judge the unrighteous. Before coming to CHRIST we were already dead and unrighteous but once we came to CHRIST we became immediately alive and righteous in HIM.


The prophetic word of CHRIST is trustworthy and those who believe in HIM do not or no longer follow after lies. We know about the power and the return of CHRIST and have a desire to share this with others. CHRIST is majestic, HE has dignity within HIS person/appearance, and HE is grand and princely. CHRIST received from HIS FATHER honor and glory when HIS FATHER said from heaven while CHRIST was on the earth and others heard this, “this is MY Beloved SON, in HIM I AM well pleased”. Mankind the very image of GOD who created us will do very well when we take regard with care, taking notice of HIS truth and attend to HIS Word. CHRIST is the light that shines in the darkest of places when HE moves into our hearts the morning star shines in the dawn. And be aware of this fact, no prophesy of the scriptures is to be kept to oneself and explained falsely, true prophesy does not come by the will of mankind, true prophecy comes from the Spirit of GOD who urges HIS Words to be shared among others.


This is how we will know who actually belongs to CHRIST and who actually has CHRIST inside of their heart. Those that keep the commandments of CHRIST. Because those who say that they know CHRIST yet will willingly and knowingly do their own will and not that of the FATHER is a liar and the Truth is not present inwardly. Keep the Word of GOD and truly the love of GOD is being perfected within. It is by this that we will know and so will others know that we are in CHRIST. Live as CHRIST lived. If you say that CHRIST is living within you and yet you hate your CHRISTian sibling or can’t get along than you are filled with darkness. When we love our CHRISTian sibling and try as much as possible to get along we have HIS light within us and we will refrain from stumbling and falling.

Those of us who truly believe  will adhere to and we trust and we rely on the fact that JESUS is the CHRIST/MESSIAH is born-again of the living Almighty GOD. And those of us who love the FATHER has to love CHRIST the FATHER’s First born. And because of this, we are able to love all our siblings because we know HIS order and we keep HIS commands and teaching. We are born of GOD and because of this we are victorious it is our faith that causes us to be victorious of anything in this world. Victory only belongs to the children of the Highest GOD our FATHER through JESUS because we believe that HE is the Beloved SON and that HE is the CHRIST. The commandment of CHRIST has been the same from the very beginning and that is we are to love each other. We are to live out HIS commandments.

Those who have been beheaded because they refused to worship the beast or his image and have not received on their foreheads or hands will reign with CHRIST for one thousand years.

This is the conclusion of this six-part blog series. I hope that you have been encouraged, informed and inspired by what has been shared with you.

The grace (blessing and favor) of the LORD CHRIST JESUS (the MESSIAH) be with all the saints (GOD’s holy people, those set apart for GOD, to be, as it were, exclusively HIS). Amen (so let it be)! [AMP version of the Holy Bible].

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I’m certain when we think of the Apostles we never consider the One Apostle who is our HIGH PRIEST and that is CHRIST the One who we must confess publicly as ours. HE is the One who was sent on a mission to preach the gospel. HE was and is faithful to the FATHER who appointed HIM to be our Apostle and HIGH PRIEST. CHRIST deserves much more honor than Moses who was faithful in the house as a servant but CHRIST is the builder of the house because each and everything is built by GOD. CHRIST as SON was and is faithful over GOD’s house and we are that house and we must hold tight to the courage and confidence inspired by what we hope for in CHRIST. The Holy Spirit asks that when we hear His voice that we do not harden our hearts and turn a deaf ear to what we hear from Him. Do not fulfill and continue to rebel against CHRIST. The Israelites tested and tried the means of CHRIST by which the presence, quality, or genuineness was actual. Even after they experienced and saw the works of the LORD. We too do the very same thing. Many times in the Old Testament we will read about the anger of GOD and how HE let loose on those who were disobedient. Today, HE does not leash out in anger but rather provides grace to the disobedient and grace and mercy to the obedient. The disobedient do not have a clue about the ways of GOD through CHRIST because their hearts are far from HIM. And this is why they are not restful but rather restless. CHRISTians should not be so, we are to enter into HIS rest and stay there. We must surrender our hearts to the LORD GOD daily ask HIM to remove any darkness of unbelief out of us and replace that emptiness with the fruit of HIS Spirit. Be encouraging to one another, after all, how can anyone be discouraged when we are encouraged throughout the day as well as we encourage others. The lack of being encouraged will cause our hearts to grow cold and hard because of the slick and sly way sin creeps in. We are participators of CHRIST when we hold on to our faith. Remember to daily hear the voice of the Holy Spirit so that our hearts will not become hard and rebellious. CHRIST is forever our IGH PRIEST and not because HE appointed HIMself and neither is it because HE glorified HIMself. CHRIST is our forever HIGH PRIEST because the FATHER of glory our highest GOD in the heavens announced by making public that CHRIST is HIS SON and that CHRIST is a Priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. While CHRIST was on the earth HE prayed specific and special request for the things that HE not only needed but wanted. We have all at one time or another been led astray about what we are to pray for. But in my maturity in CHRIST I’ve learned that we can pray for what we need and what we want. Because CHRIST did so, we should as well. CHRIST prayed with an eagerness to get what HE needed and wanted, HE had a longing desire for the things HE prayed for. There were times when CHRIST prayed that HE cried due to the urgency. I know that some of us have been here. But maybe the request went nowhere because of our hearts faith. CHRIST as a human did not want to die after all who in their right mind wants to die? But because CHRIST had a healthy reverent respect for HIS FATHER though HE is CHRIST the SON, CHRIST learned obedience in the flesh because HE suffered. And because HE is perfect in HIS flesh CHRIST became the author and the finisher of our eternal salvation in faith to all who will obey HIM. But we are not willing to suffer but so much for CHRIST. HE is called by GOD to be our HIGH PRIEST. CHRIST received the promise from the FATHER which has the quality of being incapable of error or mistake. We as CHRISTians have perfected outward the ability to debate over elementary principles of CHRIST. GOD willing the elementary will be taken care of in time and if not, so what. We must leave behind us the elementary and initial lessons learned about CHRIST and grow up in the maturity of CHRIST. Cease from remaining and returning to the foundation of turning our backs on sin which led to our death through repentance, we confessed our faith now continue to trust without wavering. Why are we making a big production [dead formality] about repentance after we’ve done so in the beginning when we returned to the FATHER by faith in CHRIST? Our elementary learning was based on purification, the laying on of hands [when this is to be done], the resurrection of CHRIST and us in HIM, and the eternal judgment along with its punishment. We’ve learned them or we should have learned them, now, move on to grow up in CHRIST. The Word of GOD teaches us that it is impossible for those of us who have already tasted the heavenly gift of GOD, been once and for all enlightened and are sharers of the Holy Spirit to be restored and brought back again to repentance. Doing this is legalism, we are demonstrating ourselves to be as the Israelites who had to go to the High Priest with their offering to be inspected after the High Priest received the offering, laid his hands on the offering to transfer the sin onto the animal and then in the killing of  it the person was free to go. Do we not believe that the suffering and death of CHRIST the onetime fulfilled what we stand in need of sufficiently? Why do we find it necessary to continue executing CHRIST over and over again and placing HIM to public shame over and over again? Abraham who is the father of faith received the promise that we must take hold of because we are the seed of Abraham. The promise that was given without the ability to be a mistake, without the possibility of failure is that Abraham will be blessed and he will have many decedents of which we are, that is those of us who have the faith of CHRIST living within us. GOD is not a man that HE will lie, HIS promise and oath have been demonstrated so we are to run and take a stronghold of the hope which strongly encourages us and will keep us encouraged. Our hope is assured, our safety and anchor went through to what is inside that veil, and CHRIST went in as our HIGH PRIEST on our behalf. I wrote that we have the tendency to put CHRIST to an open public shame again and again and we crucify HIM again and again out of our ignorance of not knowing what our initial open repentance did for us when we came to CHRIST in faith. Though we will have the tendency from time to time to commit sin in our flesh and we will become remorseful about our actions. There is no need to openly return to the foundation of repentance just decide in the mind to no longer do what we have done, stop allowing guilt to overtake us. GOD knew that we would continue to do that which we are familiar with until we grow up in CHRIST by becoming mature in HIM. This is why our sins are forgiven the past, the present and the future. When the FATHER looks at us, all HE sees is HIS SON’s precious blood on us. HE does not see any sin. It is because of HIS death that HE is the defense attorney, and the mediator, of the Last Will and Testament, the New Covenant. HIS death has set us free from the moral duty of the law and the fact that we remained in breach of the commands. We have been called to receive the promised eternal inheritance. In order for a will to become effective, there must be a death and that death must be proven. As long as there is a doubt that the maker of the will is still alive or that the death cannot be proven, the will is ineffective. CHRIST has not entered into an earthly sanctuary made by the efforts of human hands. CHRIST entered the Holiest Place not made by man, not a copy of what heaven is like but HE actually entered into heaven. HE is there on our behalf in the very presence of GOD. HE is not in heaven to present HIMself repeatedly as our offering and sacrifice as the former High Priest did by offering and sacrificing animals year after year with blood that was not their own and if it was it could not do what CHRIST blood does. If GOD knew that the blood of CHRIST was not sufficient to clean and forgive those who believe and trust in HIM, CHRIST would have had to die beginning with Adam and Eve and for every human thereafter. However, because GOD knew that the blood of CHRIST is sufficient to cleanse and forgive HE only had a need to die the once. It is we through our ignorance and rebellion that continues to crucify CHRIST through continual repentance and unbelief of who HE is and our being saved and forgiven through HIM. Humans die once and then are judged when we die and are raised in CHRIST we have already been judged righteous. So when we go to sleep and are buried or cremated CHRIST will return and deliver us who are eagerly waiting for HIM. Others will die, be judged and sentenced to eternal damnation all because they did not believe in CHRIST. The death of CHRIST perfected the sanctified in HIM which are HIS believer in HIM. CHRIST offered one sacrifice for our sins forever and then HE went and sat HIMself down at the right hand of the FATHER. HIS work is complete and we are to now enter into HIS rest as HE is resting from HIS work. HE is patiently waiting for HIS enemies to realize that they no longer have authority or power and to become HIS footstool. The Holy Spirit is our witness He reminds us what CHRIST has said. “This is the covenant which I will make with them after those days, says the LORD: “I will put MY laws on their hearts, and write it on their minds” HE then adds, “and their sins and their wickedness’s I will remember no more”. Notice how CHRIST has said that the laws which we will have from now on will be HIS laws not the Laws of Moses. Where forgiveness offerings, sacrifices, and continual repentance is no longer needed or required. We all when we realize that we’ve done or said something stupid or in error, we say aloud that which we have said or have done acknowledging our error. Sometimes we laugh at our error and sometimes we get a wee bit upset and then we move on correcting our mistake by no longer doing what we’ve done or superseding what we’ve done with what should have been done. This is how we should be when we acknowledge what we are saying or what we are doing that is not pleasing to GOD. Just change our position, change our mind not to repeat that again. Live in the full freedom and confidence that we have been given. Boldly go into the throne room and keep our DADDY company in the blood of CHRIST. Come forward, draw near to the FATHER knowing that our hearts have been purified and that we have qualified and an absolute assurance which is engineered by our faith in CHRIST leaning on GOD’s absolute goodness, power and wisdom. Hold on and keep without doubting the hope that we’ve obtained. Acknowledge, confess, and love it with sincerity because GOD has promised and HE is reliable and HE will always be faithful to HIS Word who is CHRIST.

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5c6819ad68f12e9cbccc0adf9ded-is-philosophy-and-religion-in-conflict-with-each-otherBelieve it or not, there are more born-again CHRISTians living under legalism rather than the freedom of GOD’s gift of grace. No longer must males be circumcised to prove that they are in agreement with the Holiest GOD, after all when we read about the males who were circumcised they did not follow the laws as it was required. This is because the flesh is incapable of obeying what is good in CHRIST without assistance. No longer must we jump through hoops to prove who we are in GOD through CHRIST. CHRIST, if we have believed by faith, has already circumcised our hearts spiritually and we were buried with HIM in the baptism of CHRIST and just as CHRIST rose from the dead so did we because we believe in the working of our living GOD who also raised CHRIST from the dead first. So, we must live our lives on this earth with the knowledge that we were once dead and uncircumcised because of sin in our flesh. And, now we are alive in CHRIST who has forgiven us of all our sins, past, present and future. CHRIST has wiped away, erased, and made it null and void to follow requirements that we never had a chance at fully obeying in the first place. We can’t obey our parents, teachers, minor governmental laws and such so what makes us think that we can obey the Ten Commandments and the Laws of Moses? We are victorious only because CHRIST is our victor who overcame everything [all, nothing missing] on behalf of us. So eat what you desire, live your life in a manner that is not harmful to you. We all must know our limitations and what is not harmful to our bodies as well as what is not pleasing to our LORD and Savior CHRIST. When people instill traditions and requirements on people believing that this is how GOD desires us to live our lives as proof to everyone that we belong to HIM we begin to look like the sour pickle-faced folks and we should not want to look like them. We have a radiance from within and we smile and reflect the joy that we have in CHRIST. We don’t place credence in what color the moon is or the position of the stars alignment, why the weather is hotter or colder than normal, and which day of the week we must gather together to worship our LORD in our local assembly. None of this means anything to our GOD through CHRIST. Recognize true humility from people, cease from worshipping angels, Mary or the Apostles, don’t allow anyone especially yourself to cheat you from the reward. Have you ever heard the term carnal Christian? Well, if not let me explain who they are. They are folk who say that they are Christians yet there actions and conversation have no reflection of CHRIST whatsoever. I like to also call these people professors of CHRIST they will say but they don’t live. Another type of CHRISTian is the blood washed, these people possess CHRIST and though at times we who are possessors resurrect the old nature of ourselves from time to time. We often return to CHRIST because we are growing up in HIM and eventually those things that we either love so much that is not like CHRIST or those things that set us off will disintegrate from our lives replaced by the fruit of the Spirit and we will never miss it. Possessors of CHRIST will look for what is in heaven that they can take hold of and pull it down for our use, we don’t pollute our minds with trivial things of this earth but daily learn how to live as citizens of heaven. Thank GOD that the dead former us have no place with CHRIST and that upon HIS return we will all who belong to HIM will appear with HIM in HIS glory. It will take time for us to mature in the ways of CHRIST but we can do this with HIS help and HIS help is the Holy Spirit which HE has given to us. Pick something about yourself that you no longer want to do, give that over to CHRIST and find scripture that we can daily concentrate on until we realize or someone tells us that we no longer do this or that. This is the time that we will see the victory of our being overcomers through CHRIST. No longer remain or operate as the sons of disobedience do, they are called son because their father is satan just as we were once his children. But glory to GOD in the highest we are no longer his. Remember that we have put on our new self through CHRIST and that we are in the image of CHRIST because HE is the One who created us. GOD did not free us to continue being prejudice because of a person’s skin coloring or where they come from. Once they become a part of the body of CHRIST that should be enough for us to boldly proclaim that he/she is our brother/sister in CHRIST. Our character and integrity in CHRIST is maturing so, what does a blood washed, possessor of CHRIST look like? We are merciful, kind, humble, not easily irritated, patient, and forgiving. Who are we not to forgive our siblings in CHRIST or for that matter any person? We know that we are forgiven in CHRIST and some of us were hum-dingers, so just as we have been forgiven we must forgive. Put love on and never take it off allow GOD’s peace to rule in our heart and please become thankful. The Word which is CHRIST should be living in our hearts providing us with a wealth of wisdom from the Holy Spirit. Because it is He who teaches us consistently if we let Him through our listening, obeying and application of the Word in our lives. Now, whatever we have need of doing be it for ourselves or at the request of others, do so in the name of CHRIST JESUS and be thankful to GOD our FATHER. We will not be moved by the trials of life we must endure rather we will band together and encourage one another and re-establish the faith that we have. Let’s face it, sometimes when we are knocked down we allow our faith to be rocked/shaken this is why we all must have someone steady that we can speak with who will not only listen but will inspire and encourage us to get up in our remembrance of what CHRIST has done and who we are in HIM. CHRIST has come through for us in past situations that we have faced so, what makes us think that HE will not assist us where we are in these trials? Don’t allow the enemy to trick you or for that matter continue to speak to you in your ears. There is a prayer for the body of CHRIST which I am including.

Now may our GOD and FATHER HIMself, and our LORD CHRIST JESUS. And may the LORD make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all, just as we do to you, so that HE may establish your hearts blameless in holiness before our GOD and FATHER at the coming of our LORD CHRIST JESUS with all HIS saints.

Take comfort in the knowledge within our hearts that CHRIST is coming back. I am prompted to share that in most funerals or home going services that we attend we are rarely encouraged by what we hear during the service. Either the service is all about the person in the box, urn or a beautiful picture which is displayed for all to see. This is the time that we must share the gospel of CHRIST because most of the members of the audience attend worship service weekly or monthly for that matter. Most of the attendees may attend service on Easter, Mother’s Day, and CHRISTmas. We need to cease from speaking ignorance as to keep the immature CHRISTians ignorant and the non-believers from knowing what actually happens if and when we die. CHRISTians know this, that we are only asleep because we are in CHRIST and possess an eternal hope in HIM. We believed just as CHRIST died and was buried we too will die and be buried or cremated but regardless of what is done with our remains we will rise again. And for those who are still alive when CHRIST returns we will not ascend into the air to meet CHRIST before those who are asleep in HIM. CHRIST is coming back with a shout from the archangel and the blast from the shofar of GOD. Those who fell asleep in the marvelous hope in CHRIST will rise first and then those who are alive still and possess CHRIST in their hearts will all be caught up together to meet CHRIST in the air. And we will remain with CHRIST forever and ever.

There is coming a time when those who have professed CHRIST will abandon, depart and desert what they once proclaimed to believe in CHRIST. This is because the heat will be on, the pressure will be applied to anyone alive to survive carnally. These people are deceived by the knowledge that CHRIST has already returned. Just as there are people today who believe in the predicted date that usually comes about every Easter. We are not to give importance to or occupy ourselves with lies that foster and promote useless speculations and cause us to question rather than our acceptance in our faith of GOD’s administration and the divine training that is in faith. Also, the man of sin must be revealed and he will be after all he is the son of destruction and ruin. This fool will oppose everything of the living GOD and CHRIST and he will exalt himself because he believes that his father satan will place him to sit in the temple of the holiest GOD to show those who follow him through deceit that he is a god. However, this idiot will be destroyed with the consuming breath of the LORD and HIS glorious brightness when HE returns to gather HIS elect. Understand that the workings of CHRIST is everlasting and the workings of satan are destructive and temporary as well as limited copies of what our GOD does. What the son of destruction and all those who follow him will receive is hell and the lake of fire because they did not receive within them CHRIST. They could have chosen to be loved and saved but they did not. And because of this GOD will send strong delusion they will be deceived and mislead within their minds. They will believe whatever lies they listen to and they all will be condemned who do not believe in the Truth but will enjoy the pleasure of being unrighteous.

We who are blood washed and understand that we are forgiven have so much to be thankful for. We were all once enemies of GOD and we all spoke of the Supreme Being in terms of being irreverent; spoke reproachfully of GOD using HIS name in profanity or saying HIS name as though we are saying gee-whiz or golly, we persecuted others, and were prideful, contemptuous of other, overbearing, and  domineering. However, the grace that we received from CHRIST is exceedingly abundant with faith and love. CHRIST came into the world to save us not to condemn us and it is for this reason that we have obtained mercy from HIM.

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All of us make purchases with or without the use of coupons. The only time most of us think of the word redeem is when we are using our coupons and this is only because the word is actually written on the paper or digital device. How many of you with the exception of the CHRISTmas holiday ever tried to return or exchange a purchased item from a store without a receipt? Impossible to follow through on the transaction right? Any place of business that sells merchandise has signs posted for the customer to observe and understand the redemption process that when we follow the directions will be hassle-free. Try to redeem without doing what you the customer must adhere to and you just may leave the store without satisfaction. Well, CHRIST redeemed mankind from the curse of the law, HE purchased mankind back from the hands of satan and all we need do is believe in HIM about our being redeemed. Those who believe in CHRIST are spiritually blessed. CHRIST chose us we did not choose HIM and HE did so before HE created the foundation of the world. Mankind was predestined to live a holy life and be without blame in the love of CHRIST. Some parents who adopted a child or children are ashamed to use the word adoption. The word is not a dirty word by the very definition anyone who is adopted will receive whatever a biological child would inherit. I’m not biologically adopted, however, I’m spiritually adopted and rejoice to tell anyone this because I’m a joint heir with CHRIST whatever HE has I have and because of who HE is I am as well through HIM. I’m CHRIST good pleasure and it is HIS will to take care of me. This is how the body of CHRIST must see themselves. See yourself as accepted and beloved by the FATHER through CHRIST. It’s all because of the blood of CHRIST which has redeemed us of our sins it has nothing to do with what we do in works or our trying to bargain our way into the Kingdom of GOD because none of that works on our behalf. We can even beg, plead and cry and none of this means anything. The grace of CHRIST is rich and is in great plenty it’s incapable of running low or out. Through this, we gain HIS wisdom with the method of doing or not doing something which is the mystery from those who do not belong to HIM but open to us that which is purposed within HIMself. When the time is completed we will be gathered together those who are in heaven and those who are on earth. Either begin to trust or continue to trust the Word of Truth, the gospel of our salvation who is CHRIST and because of HIM we have been sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise who guarantees our inheritance until we are redeemed of the purchased possession. Remember how the receipt or coupon is used we use the coupon to pay a reduced purchase price and we show a receipt to prove that we made a purchase. Our redemption is to the glory and praise of our FATHER. CHRIST is our peace no more do we have need to have anyone pray on our behalf or speak to the FATHER for us. No more is there a separation between those who have been adopted and are now joint heirs with CHRIST. We can enter the throne and speak to our FATHER firsthand, no more are we enemies because of the law or rituals and rules which was established by authority. CHRIST made peace but it’s only through our belief that we come back to the FATHER by what CHRIST did for us on the cross. I’m certain unless you are familiar with masonry or construction that we don’t think much about CHRIST being our cornerstone or how this even makes any sense to us. CHRIST is our Chief corner-stone, HE is the principal stone, and especially the stone which forms the corner of the foundation of an edifice. We are the edifice, the church, and the household of GOD. We are continually being built on the foundation of the Apostles, the Prophets and most importantly CHRIST JESUS HIMself. Because of CHRIST we are being fitted together and growing into a holy temple in HIM and we are the place where GOD the Spirit lives. If we want to make anything difficult stick mankind in the mix and we will without fail cause confusion every time. The mystery of the gospel is so very elementary and clear but we work overtime in making it difficult through the blindness of sin. No certain denomination of people are better than another and no certain denomination of people will enter into the Kingdom of GOD if we don’t believe in CHRIST completely. CHRIST suffered, died and resurrected for all of mankind. It is HIS desire that we all become joint heirs and will take part in the gospel of CHRIST. GOD created all things through CHRIST and the wisdom of GOD which is too numerous is to be made known by HIS children from the supreme power in heavenly places. This is the eternal purpose which is accomplished in CHRIST. We are to be bold and access with confidence with the faith that we possess in CHRIST. So, don’t lose heart about what we see which disturbs us we possess the glory of GOD. Appreciate the mystery which is hidden from anyone that chose not to believe in CHRIST bow your knee, knees or heart to our FATHER and our LORD CHRIST because HE lives within our heart through faith and we are rooted and grounded in HIS love. And because of this. we know the love of CHRIST which is above the understanding of those who do not have HIS love in their heart so it’s incomprehensible to understand we my beloved is filled and running over with the fullness of GOD. Dear siblings in CHRIST we are to make CHRIST our everyday conversation with anyone we are in conversation with. Even if those that we speak with telling us that they know that CHRIST is good, or that HE died on the cross, or that HE forgives sins and that HE is loving. It’s good that we hear those things from them but we are to find out if they just know this carnally or do they really believe this in their hearts are their spirit truly alive in HIM. We are being delivered by the prayers of others and we help in the deliverance of others through prayers for those things that we are in need of come from the Holy Spirit of CHRIST. Our diligence is to magnify CHRIST from within outward not outward to within. Our character and integrity will be a reflection of who we rely on, self, satan or CHRIST. What type of fruit is growing from us? Our joy becomes abundant in CHRIST. Some of us may remember how our growing pains felt as we were crossing over from childhood to adulthood, this was in the flesh wanting to be an adult yet the restrictions of our age kept us in the place of a child. Which is good for our own protection until we reach maturity and not what we assume is maturity. It’s the same in our spirit, we experience discomfort brought on by our wanting to do that which pleases GOD through CHRIST yet our flesh desires to do another that which may be or not a sin. Let us not be confused if the Word of GOD does not instruct us in the New Testament that what we desire to do is a sin do not allow others or that guilty conscience to stress us out that what we desire to do or eat is sinful. Not everything we do is a sin, learn to live life in the freedom of CHRIST because in CHRIST we are free from the distress of the mind and misery of ourselves and others. In the Holy Spirit learn to love everyone freely, spend more time with those who share the same interest as we have in CHRIST rather than spending more time with those whose company we enjoy yet they have a dead spirit, they have no interest in pleasing GOD but rather themselves. Even when we experience affliction know that we have more than enough mercy from CHRIST which will fulfill our joy because we have the mind of CHRIST. Live life without being selfish and conceited, respects everyone and take care of all our own interest but also when asked or when we see that we can be a help to others do so. This is what it means to be humble. Regardless of our success be helpful to anyone that we see is in need of being helped. Never allow who we are distracted us from doing what CHRIST did for HE is our blueprint. Always keep in mind that it was CHRIST who died on the cross for us and it was CHRIST who has been highly exalted and must remain so and it is CHRIST who has the name JESUS which is above every other name so that at the very name of JESUS we are to bow our knee, knees, but especially our hearts and this is done by those of us who are still on the earth and it is also done by those who are in heaven. Our tongues are the instruments by which we herald that CHRIST JESUS is the LORD of GOD’s glory who is our FATHER. And there will come a time that even those who have chosen to descend down to the very bowels of hell to the lake of fire will confess CHRIST JESUS is the LORD. Beloved beware of anyone who practices evil know that these people will mutilate our emotions more often than our flesh. A true CHRISTian will worship the living GOD from within our spirit rather than just from our mouths. Always rejoice in the spiritual knowledge that CHRIST is our confidence. Everything we decide to do must be done within CHRIST. Set out to accomplish the dreams and goals that have been given to us through CHRIST, see the vision without a doubt that we can accomplish them. Press on in CHRIST never again be chained by what we were like in our past even if our past was yesterday, this morning, afternoon or evening. We are going to goof things up. But when we do and we acknowledge that we goofed up, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and go forward reaching for those things which are before us because our goal and our prize is our call that we have answered from GOD through CHRIST. Enjoy life and attain those things that we desire which are not harmful to us but keep this in mind that what is seen and what we obtain is temporary so we should not worship anything or anyone including ourselves for GOD and CHRIST is the only One worthy of being worshipped. A higher self-image will cause us to move away from the cross as sinners are already enemies of the cross. Our possessions should not fill our bellies with satisfaction but rather our obeying the FATHER through CHRIST should be our anchor by which we will be completely satisfied. Our permanent residence beginning from the time we believed in our heart and confessed with our mouth who CHRIST is has been heaven. This is why we have that eagerness to see HIM and the FATHER. We eagerly wait to receive unbroken bodies which some of us suffer with from diseases [all types], and aches and pains [all types]. Our earthly bodies will finally be done away with and we will receive our glorious bodies according to the workings of CHRIST.

Dear siblings in CHRIST be filled with the knowledge that we must know HIS will which can only be obtained from the Holy Spirit who provides us with wisdom and spiritual understanding by teaching us but we must request this. In so our knowing the will of CHRIST will cause us to live worthy of HIM fully pleasing and being fruitful of what is good as we increase in the knowledge of GOD. We are growing stronger according to the power of CHRIST which provides us with patience in the joy which also prompts us to be thankful to our FATHER who qualified us to share in the inheritance that CHRIST has. We are forevermore delivered by all powers of darkness and has brought us into the Kingdom of HIS SON’s love because of our redemption through HIS most precious blood the forgiveness of sins. CHRIST is the very image of the invisible GOD. Want to see GOD look at CHRIST. CHRIST is the One who created everything invisible and visible because everything was created for HIM. CHRIST existed before everything, HE is the beginning and HE is the end. HE is the pre-eminence. So because the FATHER is pleased that all the fullness is living in CHRIST it is through HIM alone that we are called back to the FATHER to be in union with HIM. Peace has been paid in full on the cross through the blood of CHRIST. Look out for those who try to persuade you through philosophy about what is or is not true in regards to our faith in CHRIST. Philosophy is just to have a love for wisdom and there is nothing wrong with this, however, wisdom belongs to GOD and to obtain true wisdom is to go to the FATHER and ask for HIS wisdom through CHRIST who will provide us with the wisdom needed for the day from the Holy Spirit. Those who philosophy by education and worldly knowledge don’t understand the wisdom that we receive from the Holy Spirit and our decision to listen to Him comes across to those with a lack of understanding as weird until they see the results that come from Him. So don’t allow yourself to be conceived by tradition.

Eph. 1:3-14, 2:14-22, 3:6, 9-19; Phil. 1:12-29, 2:1-11, 3-1-3, 12-21; Col. 1:9-18, 2:8




Those who are Overcomers because we have the living GOD living within us through CHRIST are never ashamed to speak of HIM and share what HE has done for us. It is through our testimony that we hope we gain the ear of the lost but it’s GOD’s Word that especially bring powerful means of salvation to those we share it with. Knowing by faith that we are now justified because we are considered through CHRIST by the FATHER that we are now righteous we must live in the peace that HE has given to us with GOD through our LORD CHRIST JESUS. Rely on the peace that is within us to triumph over all the tribulations we encounter. Look, CHRIST died in our place in the place of every single human being. We are weak and powerless to help ourselves because we are without GOD in hour life and even the righteous realize that we too are week and powerless this is why we totally rely on CHRIST. Take a good look at your life, even if you do not actively do such as commit murder, steal, and adultery, fornicate, you may not hate anyone, and you may not be selfish through ambitions. But have you exhibited being a liar at any time in your life, what do you idolize-what or who means far more to you than GOD your Creator and CHRIST your Savior, do you dabble in zodiacs, palmistry, tarot, luck-superstitions, do you harbor anger or are you quick-tempered, are you known to get drunk or high (witchcraft); and are you envious of others at any time in your life? Gal. 5:19-21 teaches us that when we are not led by the Holy Spirit we are led by sin. CHRIST died for us all. So, when we begin to believe in CHRIST we will become acquitted, brought into right relationship with the FATHER, justified, and made righteous. This is what the cleansing blood of CHRIST does for us HE is the One who can save us from GOD’s contempt, disgust, and anger towards anyone who dies without CHRIST. All anyone need do is believe in CHRIST JESUS. Without CHRIST in our heart, we will remain, enemies of GOD we must come back in union through friendship to the FATHER through CHRIST death because without HIM we are alienated, estranged and far from HIM. Those of us who believe in CHRIST know that we are being saved and delivered daily from the dominion of sin all because of CHRIST resurrection. And it is because we have come back to the FATHER in friendship through CHRIST that we can rejoice. The free gift that we receive from the FATHER is nothing like the life we had when we were sinners which are fun for just a while but the price that we pay is costly. The FATHER’s gift brings us closer to HIM whereas sin’s gift takes us further away from knowing the Truth who is CHRIST. In CHRIST we have an abounding, an increase in benefits because of our believing in HIM. Because of sin, we have already been birthed into this world condemned, however, the free gift that we receive is justification and righteousness. Do you know that all it took was one man to receive the death sentence for us all? Likewise, it only took One Man who has no sin coursing through HIS arteries and veins nor the marrow within HIS bones to offer us HIS Salvation with overflowing grace and mercy. The Law of Moses that so many Christians and CHRISTians are bound by only magnifies the sin within our lives. Each time we believe we have it all together or we become overly judgmental of others the law will show us how far we are from GOD’s grace and mercy. Not only that but we will become guilty of the same things we judge others for. The grace of GOD should increase within our lives not only for ourselves but towards others as well. Grace has to reign in our lives, people must see that we are the genuine article we don’t just speak JESUS we live in CHRIST and people will notice HIM through us. Hey you, my brother and sister in CHRIST we are no longer condemned because we are in right fellowship with the FATHER through CHRIST. So why do we want to see others whether we know them or not remain in condemnation? The correct law which is the Spirit of life that is in CHRIST has set us free from the Law of Moses which is the magnification of sin and the penalty is death. The Law of Moses failed at bringing and keeping mankind righteous because it does not have the power of grace and mercy to cause our flesh to cooperate. The SON of the Living GOD, however, disguised HIMself in flesh, HE looked like us and had needs as we do, that is to eat, bath, use the toilet, and be clothed. The FATHER required that sin be condemned in flesh and no one is able to fulfill this requirement except CHRIST. HE is the only One who was able to overcome and take away the power of sin and this is why those who choose to believe will believe this sacrifice. Also, it takes time for us to learn and believe that we do not have to obey our flesh any longer. Our flesh is not what CHRIST saved what HE saved is our spirit which was dead and is now alive in HIM. We must allow our spirit to lead our emotions which will lead our flesh not the other way round. CHRIST must be alive in us and we must believe that our flesh is dead by understanding that it will cause guilt due to sin. Our spirit is now alive and we have no guilt because we are righteous. CHRIST is the end of the Law of Moses. Live as CHRIST in our character and integrity. Love without hypocrisy, hate all manner of evil/sin, stick closely only to what is good. Put CHRIST on as we did our armor never will we find that we are to remove our armor so never are we to remove CHRIST. Our salvation is always near us more so before we chose to believe, provide nothing for our flesh except that which is essential to our requirements as humans because those things that we lust after are not required to sustain our lives.

Have anyone of you ever asked yourself why there are so many denominations of the local assembly where we worship? The answer is because they all are no longer speaking the same things in the ears of the congregation. This is what brought about division and caused us to no longer be perfectly joined together with the same mind and judgment in CHRIST. CHRIST is not divided so why are we? If we were spoken to in our spirit to preach the gospel why then are we not doing so? When I write though I have a great command of the vocabulary I write simplistically in the hopes that every reader in the world will understand the message. It’s wonderful that some of us have an education but an education is only useful when we are in a setting that calls for our higher learning. Stop trying to be impressive and share the gospel in its simplest form as the Word of GOD presents itself in the Bible. To those who will hear us but are not listening the cross of CHRIST is ridiculous those are the ones who are dying and though they may not believe today hopefully in their tomorrow if they get one, they will believe. But to us who have already believed, we are being saved because we know that it is GOD’s power and wisdom. CHRIST crucifixion and resurrection is foolishness to the unbeliever but we make it worse by being the stumbling block when we make the invitation, our lifestyle [character and integrity], and our conversation obvious that CHRIST is not the head of our life rather sin is. We are all called by the Holy Spirit to come to CHRIST who is the power and wisdom of GOD. We all need mentors but dearly beloved don’t allow anyone to mentor you who does not imitate CHRIST and I don’t mean one who calls himself such or places himself as a god/deity. This is why we must know who CHRIST is and who we are in HIM. Please stop all this competitiveness in the body of CHRIST. Just as our bodies have many parts internally and externally they all operate in harmony. Why can’t we in the body of CHRIST do the same, why can’t we who have been blessed with special gifts use them together in the church? Be harmonious in CHRIST. The reality of our faith in CHRIST is that HE died for everyone’s sins and our hope is set in the fact that HE rose from the dead. HE is alive and because of HIS being alive so are we who are in CHRIST our faith in HIM is not just talk old wives tales or lies. We who are in CHRIST no longer are held captive and led by sin. If we believe that this is the life that which we are living or so-called living in the now then we are all pitiful.

We must observe the Holy Spirit not the letter of the law. Our trust is in CHRIST towards GOD. Our minds are kept blinded because it has grown callous and hard we no longer have the ability to understand and the proof is evident when we read the laws within the Old Testament which is the old covenant, the old contract the veil is still present on our hearts we refuse to lift that dusty old veil to reveal that in CHRIST it is made null and void. CHRIST is the light of the gospel and we have received HIS mercy so don’t lose heart my dear ones. The light of the gospel of CHRIST glory who is the very image of GOD must shine on us. The gospel is about CHRIST not us as the focal point we are HIS bondservants with a burning desire to share HIM with everyone. GOD our Creator commanded light to shine out of the complete darkness and that light broke through the darkness of our hearts by invite that is. And in that light is the knowledge of GOD’s glory in the face of CHRIST. CHRIST is the blueprint by which we are to follow. Is your love for CHRIST sincere? Then people should see your diligent faith not so much by what you say but by what you do without knowing that you are being watched by others. Sincere love must be first nature in those who have CHRIST within.

There is only one true gospel and that is the gospel of CHRIST. You know why so many people turn away from christianity because CHRIST is not or no longer the focal point. Traditions, the Laws of Moses and whatever perversion that has become first place to either water down the gospel or removed it. We cannot serve CHRIST and man so who are we going to please mankind or CHRIST? CHRIST can only be revealed to us through the Holy Spirit and we are to attend Bible studies and worship service to glorify CHRIST and to have our faith stretched as we mature in HIM. No one should be saved for twenty years and still be on the milk of the Word of GOD. We all must be secure in the knowledge of knowing that when we believe in CHRIST and we have allowed CHRIST to reside in our heart that we are justified by GOD through CHRIST. Don’t allow anyone to cause you to doubt who you are all because of their unbelief in CHRIST. Those who are in CHRIST have been redeemed from the curse of the Law of Moses because CHRIST took our place and became cursed for us. We are now the seed of Abraham the father of faith which is the Seed of CHRIST who was known to be righteous not because of the law. Abraham lived four hundred and thirty years prior to Moses and the law. Abraham is known to be righteous because he believed whatever the LORD GOD shared with him. The promise by faith in CHRIST will be given to those who believe in HIM. The law is our tutor to bring us to CHRIST so that we can be justified by faith. We are all by faith in CHRIST sons of GOD when we were baptized in CHRIST we put on CHRIST. We are all one in CHRIST there is no special person so stop tripping. We are all special to HIM. We all have the promise and we all are heirs in CHRIST as it was promised to Abraham. We are liberated, free from sin and we must remain secure in this knowledge. CHRIST has made us free so please don’t return to what we are familiar with in sin.

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I’m amazed at how many people do not know who CHRIST is who is in the body of CHRIST. When the question that HE posed to HIS disciple’s so many generations ago was asked, only one gave the correct answer. The most common answer I’ve heard is that “it’s HIS last name”. The definition to CHRIST should be known throughout the body of CHRIST and just maybe if we know what CHRIST means and who CHRIST is and who HE is within us, we will be able to live accordingly.

CHRIST means MESSIAH, ANOINTED, or the Anointed ONE, the SON of the Living GOD. CHRIST is the official title of our LORD, occurring one thousand five hundred and fourteen times (1,514) in the New Testament. It denotes that HE was anointed/consecrated to HIS great redemptive work as Prophet, Priest, and King of HIS people. HE is described to us in these descriptions and books in the Old Testament.

HE is spoken of in these books which describes HIM as.

  • “MESSIAH the PRINCE” Isaiah and Daniel
  • “The SEED of the woman” and “the SEED of Abraham” Genesis
  • HE is the “PROPHET like Moses” Deuteronomy
  • “The PRIEST after the order of Melchizedek” Psalms,
  • “The ROD out of the stem of Jesse”
  • HE is “IMMANUEL,” the virgin’s son
  • “The BRANCH of JEHOVAH”, all from the book of Isaiah
  • “The MESSENGER of the Covenant”, Malachi

In order for us to know and recognize the CHRIST, we must first have HIS spirit living within us. Moses in the law and the prophets wrote about HIM. In the Old Testaments, we can see all the prophetic declarations regarding the GREAT DELIVERER and all of HIS accomplished work. 

JESUS the CHRIST is JESUS the GREAT DELIVERER the ANOINTED ONE, and the SAVIOR of mankind. JESUS was and still is divinely appointed, commissioned, and accredited as the SAVIOR of mankind.

To believe that “JESUS is the CHRIST” is to believe that HE actually is the ANOINTED, the MESSIAH of the prophets and the SAVIOR sent of GOD, that HE is, in a word, what HE claimed to be. We are to believe in the gospels, by the faith of which alone men can be brought to GOD. JESUS is the CHRIST, HE is the testimony of GOD, and the faith of this constitutes being a CHRISTian.

Most people find the genealogy of CHRIST to be boring or does not understand why this was placed into the scriptures. The reason for HIS genealogy to be made known to us is to understand HIS rightful ownership to the throne of David. As well as to show us that HIS earthly family was just as jacked up as ours is today, in the past and in the future. In studying those within HIS family we will see why the Savior is a requirement for mankind.

In the gospels, we are shown how CHRIST was birthed through a chosen virgin named Mary who before she married Joseph knew not the sexual connection between husband/man and wife/woman. However, after the birth of the CHRIST, she did discover the sexual connection between her and her husband Joseph and birthed to him, sons and daughters.

The gospels are so full of who the CHRIST is that I have decided to only share with you some highlights in the New Testaments. The NT has written within it five hundred and eighty-eight (588) declarations of who CHRIST is.

At the beginning of this blog, I shared that when CHRIST asked the question to HIS disciples that only one provided the correct answer and CHRIST shared that his answer did not come from knowing HIM through knowledge of the mind which is flesh and blood but through HIS FATHER who spoke in the spirit of Peter.

We are sinners and we deserve the punishment which is death eternally. However, GOD the FATHER loves mankind so greatly that HE has given to us a way of escape from sin, the clutches of satan and death which descends us to hell and the lake of fire.

Those of us who have believed by faith in our heart so that we are being sprinkled/washed daily in the blood of CHRIST and confessed with our mouth that belief that we now have the living CHRIST within our heart should at no time ever be ashamed to confess CHRIST before anyone. CHRIST JESUS is known for bringing division among mankind because those who do not know HIM will either blaspheme HIM or shun HIM when HE is brought up in conversations by those who love HIM and welcome the opportunity to speak about HIM with all those who are willing to listen. HIS name is not an irritant when we hear HIS name or what HE is doing in our lives as HE is with those who do not have HIM. HE is not referred to as a higher power or the man upstairs. We acknowledge the baptism of HIS afflictions as described in Ps. 66:12 and 69:1-2, we ourselves have experienced being overwhelmed. What sets us apart is that CHRIST JESUS welcomed the afflictions that HE had to go through for us. When we are afflicted or see affliction coming towards us we want out or don’t want to have to face the oncoming afflictions. CHRIST JESUS was sprinkled with HIS own blood and the blood of the enemies, Is. 63:3.

Those of us in the body of CHRIST will come to learn that as we grow up, mature in CHRIST that we will be willing to go wherever and do whatever for CHRIST not for a person who is leading in error. Many have joined cults believing that they were following what the scripture reads when it comes to leaving and hating family and friends for CHRIST. The scripture does not describe what we are to emotionally detach ourselves from them. However, if we are studying the Words of CHRIST and place our trust in HIM with complete reliance it should not matter if our family and friends think that we are cuckoo because of their lack of understanding. If we have heard CHRIST JESUS tell us that we are to be a part of a missionary than go, if we are to preach the Word of GOD as one of the five-fold ministers than be that, if we are prayer warriors than be that. The division will always begin at home when at least one member of the household is found by CHRIST JESUS, we are on fire wanting everyone we know to come to the LORD and most times we are shut down by non-believers or called holier than thou which in and of itself is not a slur but a compliment. We are never to hate any person with the definition that hate is described such as detest and great dislike. But we are to hate the sin that is within their lives, in time because of CHRIST living on the inside of us our family and friends will begin to leave us and will be replaced by our true family which is our siblings in CHRIST JESUS. But never are we to go against the Word of GOD to gain the approval of others, this is the type of hate which is being referred to.

Many will hear the truth with their natural ears and not know that CHRIST is speaking through the mortal mouth of those HE chooses to use. I’ve heard CHRIST JESUS speak through one who does not belong to HIM in order to get my attention to something I must be made aware of quickly. I’ve also had various people speak to me who do not know me to share with me a message that came from CHRIST JESUS, HIS message to me was to remind me of the promises that HE, HIMself spoke to me and they walked away. More times than not in that type of venue its confirmation to what we already know. Never at no time are we to listen to anyone who proclaims to be CHRIST or a deity they are the antichrist and usually are leaders of a cult. Beloved, know that the time has already come that believers are scattered abroad. Some are doing their own thing mainly because they could not get along with what they believe to be the manner in which CHRIST meant for us to be in fellowship. Some believe that the teachings and lifestyle of the Ten Commandments and ritual laws are to continue to be adhered to, [the law of death] others believe this or that as to how Christians are to look, conduct themselves and follow rituals and traditions, none of these are filled with grace and mercy. It’s like trying to keep oil and water bound together. In straying from the Truth we water down the gospel of CHRIST more and more. Some places of worship that we attend believe that CHRIST JESUS is there when actually HE is not. The Truth provides our lives with peace as we remain living in this world even when we have to face various trials and tribulations. What keeps us at peace is knowing that CHRIST JESUS has already overcome the world and because of that we are Overcomers.


Heb. 5:4; Is. 11:2-4; Jn. 5:37; Acts 2:22; 1 Cor. 12:3; 1 Jn. 5:1; Mt. 1:1-17 and Lk. 3:23-38; Mt. 1:18 and Lk. 2:1; Jn. 6:69; Mt. 16:16 and Lk. 9:20; Lk. 12:8, 49-50, 14:25; Jn. 7:25-26, 16:25, 32-33


bornagainFirst used in Antioch as the descriptions of the disciples, those who follow the teachings and the ways of CHRIST. Another description that is to be used among ourselves is; brothers, the faithful, the elect, saints, and believers.

Talmidim in Hebrew is disciples. In its purest definition are those who follow closely the ways of their teacher [earthly]; [Teacher, CHRIST JESUS]. To learn his [earthly]; [HIS, CHRIST JESUS] ways in order to be a reflection of their teacher [earthly]; [Teacher, CHRIST JESUS]. Messianic Hebrew definition for anointed messengers of the Anointed One, CHRIST.

If we do not fit the definition of what is written above and have believed by faith in CHRIST JESUS so that HE will live in us, be advised you are not a brother, a CHRISTian, a disciple, the elect, the faithful or saints of GOD. CHRISTians are compelled by the Holy Spirit within them to share their testimony of CHRIST in their lives and what HE has done for them. Not only this but we share who CHRIST JESUS is and though some of us may not witness the conversion of those we have an audience with be it one person or many it is our hope that what we’ve said in truth and with a sane mind that they will receive the grace of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. True CHRISTians desire as JESUS CHRIST when HE walked this earth desired that all mankind will believe in HIM and be saved through HIM.

We are to behave; live as CHRISTians and this is the mannerism that we must present in our lives to others.

  1. Possess real love
  2. Hate evil/loath every form that we see
  3. Stand firm to all that is good
  4. Love every member of our family who has CHRIST living within them
  5. Give and show precedence with honor to those in the body of CHRIST
  6. Never procrastinate about our endeavors/that which we have the ability to do through our own efforts
  7. Allow the glow of the LORD to be seen
  8. Be rejoiceful in our hope which is our triumph due to our success and victory through CHRIST
  9. Be persistently focused and patient during the time we are suffering and stressed
  10. Always pray
  11. Help GOD’s people, our siblings in CHRIST who are in need of help
  12. Bless anyone who is being cruel towards you with their attitude and words
  13. Share in the joy that our siblings in CHRIST have instead of being envious or jealous. And be compassionate in their grief.
  14. Be agreeable or at the very least agree to disagree without confrontations
  15. Give ourselves to be helpful in tasks that we see is required or when asked
  16. Never be overconfident in what we have knowledge of or in the ways we execute what we are doing; do not be conceited
  17. Do not be revengeful
  18. Keep in mind and continue to be honest, aim to be above reproach
  19. If at all possible, after we have exerted every way, live in peace with others
  20. Knowing that our enemy is hungry, feed your enemy. Knowing that our enemy is thirsty, give your enemy water or any non-alcoholic drink to rehydrate. Being loving towards our enemy will cause shame and just may covert our enemy to CHRIST.
  21. Overcome evil by doing good and out of love.

Only those who belong to CHRIST will know and understand the liberty that we have through HIM. Exist in the freedom that we have obtained through CHRIST JESUS. Be firm in the complete liberation that we possess. Do not allow others who knew us when we were hellions to convince us that we are not new creations in CHRIST JESUS, we are totally complete in HIM.

We have the grace of being a true CHRISTian and through consistent prayer, we are determined to receive from GOD our desires. We are to remain alert and intentional with thankfulness before we even receive in the natural our request.

If we have been a new creation, have become a true believer for at least six or twelve months we will find out that we are still susceptible to suffering in this life. However, we do not suffer alone because CHRIST suffered HE is aware of what we go through. Know that we do see HIS glory because HIS glory is revealed in us and to us. So be glad when others make fun of us for being CHRISTians. They are silly minded and dead spirited without understanding, people will always make fun of what they don’t understand. We are truly a blessed nation in CHRIST JESUS all because CHRIST Spirit which is of GOD lives within us. None believers will always blaspheme CHRIST JESUS in their speaking by misuse of HIS name, calling on HIM and wanting nothing, and there is no reverence towards HIM. Do not partake, keep away from anything that has a hint of sin, do not live as a criminal, cease from gossiping and meddling in other people affairs/business, mind your own. So when people make fun of us or ridicule us for being a true CHRISTian take it in stride, be not ashamed but thank our Savior that they can see that we are the genuine article and that there will come a time that we will be the one that they will come to for prayer or guidance. 


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