To be alive is to be opposite of being dead. Every organ is working in the manner it was designed to work. To be alive is to be in a state of action, undestroyed, unexpired and unextinguished. This description is all about the flesh. But, there also is a description regarding our spirit, sure we are animated to look alive or to being alive as we know what being alive is. However, there is an example of our being alive or dead in our spirit. We must return to the FATHER just like the prodigal son had done. Likewise, our FATHER is constantly looking to see if HE can see us approaching from the horizons and when HE does see us, HE runs to us to greet us and throws HIS arms around us to welcome us back to HIMself. Giving us a kiss on the neck. It is through our faith in CHRIST JESUS that our real self, our spirit man comes alive.

When CHRIST JESUS came back from the dead, this is a great example of what it is for us in our spirit. Though CHRIST JESUS did not return as a Spirit, HIS return was that of flesh so that Thomas could feel HIM with his own hands as well as see for himself. For forty days CHRIST JESUS demonstrated without any doubt convincing evidence. They got to see him as HE spoke with them about the Kingdom of GOD. I find this awesome because we recall that JESUS showed HIMself to HIS disciples, but we don’t recall in our conversation how over five hundred believers at one time saw HIM as well. HE did not return to the five hundred and speak with them over the forty days HE was alive from the dead as HE did with HIS disciples. It was a one-time event. Some of those people had not tasted natural death but some among them were the ones who had died and made alive again. These were the ones who were resurrected by CHRIST JESUS but did not come out or show themselves alive until after CHRIST JESUS returned from the dead. Mt. 27:52-53. WoW, can you imagine along with me that three days after the crucifixion not only does CHRIST JESUS walk out of HIS borrowed tomb but the loved ones of others who believed in HIM before they fell asleep/dead also showed themselves? This must have been an incredible sight, people know that you are dead and here you come strutting in talking about some Hi! This is and was phenomenal!!

When Adam our ancestral father the one who had provided us with our DNA and our blood of sin. Disobeyed the FATHER by eating from the tree which he was warned not to eat from it caused him and everyone who came from him to be dead. Each and every one of us are descendants from Adam even the baby which you are carrying inside your belly at this reading. But we have a blessed hope in CHRIST JESUS because HE is our last Adam and it is only in HIM that we are made alive not just in the flesh but in the spirit. The spirit is our true being, not our flesh and soul. Therefore, we need to have our spirit alive within us because if it remains asleep/dead we are only zombies.

Without our spirit, without our real-selves being alive we remain dead and we are failures, we are trespassers and we are continually disobedient to the FATHER and the ways of CHRIST JESUS. However, with our spirit, our real-selves being alive then we are truly alive in CHRIST. This is what is known of our being given HIS grace to be saved, it is HIS kindness which saved us.

This is for the men only and maybe for the women who are in countries that mutilate you. Circumcision is no longer a requirement from GOD the FATHER. It is the heart that must be circumcised and what is required from the FATHER. Without allowing our heart to become circumcised we will remain dead and have corrupt natures. We remain spiritually dead because of sins. But, when we choose CHRIST JESUS to enter our heart, we become spiritually alive together with CHRIST JESUS because all our failures, all our sins, and trespasses have been forever and irrevocably forgiven.

Now, if we are alive on the earth and we are a true believer in CHRIST JESUS we will get to witness the coming of CHRIST JESUS and hear HIS beckoning us to join HIM up in the air. However, while we are looking up at HIM, we will see other spirits rising in the air before us and that’s because the dead in CHRIST JESUS must rise first.

JESUS CHRIST suffered for everyone in the world so that we would not have to receive the punishment that HE took. It will do us good to read in the four gospels regarding the punishment that HE suffered on behalf of us but do it using the imagination, see the gross misdeeds of the justice HE got from the soldiers and people who were incensed by satan. See HIM being beaten, spat on, having HIS beard plucked out of HIS face in chunks by the hands of others. See HIM having that crown of plated thorns smashed upon HIS head and then see HIM walking up the road towards HIS death barely able to stand and walk let alone carrying HIS own cross up that hill. But, notice that because of the exhaustion and manner of fatigue, HE received help. Then HE willingly laid HIMself down on that cross, HE was not put on the cross by anyone. JESUS CHRIST did this the once and HE will never do any of this again for anyone because what HE had done for us was perfectly acceptable by HIS FATHER. JESUS was innocent of all charges brought onto HIM. Even Pilate saw no fault in HIM, but, because of the pressure from the crowd and because it was the destiny that JESUS had to fulfill. This is what was required to lead us back to the FATHER. Physically JESUS died but spiritually by HIS own Holy Spirit GOD made CHRIST JESUS alive for us and HE walked out and away from where HE was buried.

CHRIST JESUS is alive! HE was once dead but now, today HE is alive! And HIS being alive was and is not temporary HE is alive forevermore and eternally and so will we be. Ha-ha, we have nothing to fear regarding death that is unless we want to, or we are dying in our sins because no one has shared with us that we can be alive in our spirit because of JESUS. CHRIST JESUS has authority over death and HE is in possession of the keys of death and hell.

*I have provided many scriptures that I have not written about, hopefully, you will read them in your time of study and share with others. Elder Briscoe

Acts 1:3; Matt. 28:17; Mrk. 16:12, 14; Lk. 24:34, 36; Jhn. 20:19, 26, 21:1, 14; 1 Corinthians 15:5-7, 22, 51-52; Jhn. 5:28-29; Ephesians 2:5; Rom. 6:4-5; Colossians 2:13; 1 Thessalonians 4:15; 1 Peter 3:18; Revelation 1:18, 4:9, 19:20




The real being of GOD. The self-existing GOD. The Being of all beings. GOD is eternal and immutable. HIS constancy and faithfulness in fulfilling HIS promises include all time, past, present, and future. HE is not only the I AM what I AM at present, but HE is the I AM what I have been, and I AM the GOD of what I will be and will be what I AM. John 8:58.

The question arose from Moses when he was speaking with GOD on top of the mountain when GOD/JESUS appeared before Moses in a burning yet unconsumed bush. “What is HIS name?” Today the question is still being asked. Our GOD has many names, and, in this name, I AM, HE was revealed to us as the GOD who is self-existing, eternal and very real. The answer Moses received from GOD/JESUS was that should the question come up of what MY name is, tell them that “I AM who I AM” “I AM has sent me to you”. Today, we need to be reminded that CHRIST JESUS the Creator GOD is still today “I AM” HE is still just to name a few.

  • The LORD GOD
  • The LORD
  • YAH the One who rides on the clouds
  • The LORD Most High
  • I AM the LORD
  • The Creator (Jhn. 1:10)
  • The Son of Man

JESUS warned just how critical it is to believe in HIM, that if anyone who is of the world and still the children of the beneath/hell, the children of satan, that they will die in their sins. They will when it’s much too late look for HIM. To believe in CHRIST JESUS we must believe first in our heart. Faith must always begin in the heart of anyone. There will be those who are in the last minutes of dying who may not be able to confess CHRIST JESUS from their mouth but by believing in their heart they will receive the gift of salvation. In this case, water baptism is impossible. However, for those of us who do have faith in CHRIST JESUS and willingly confess that JESUS is the LORD we should, but it will not cancel out our salvation if we are not water baptized. But just as CHRIST JESUS was submerged beneath the water so should we want the same. And it was when JESUS CHRIST was crucified that those who may have heard HIM teach finally believed that HE was who HE said that HE was and is who HE said that HE is. A great example is a Roman Soldier who may have abused and taunted JESUS but definitely pierced HIS side to verify that HE was dead. John 19:34. Mockers then and mockers today who refuse to believe in CHRIST JESUS will ask have we seen JESUS. I believe that JESUS gave an answer that we today may use. Of, course we may have to tweak it a wee bit to fit our language of today. But JESUS said that before Abraham was born that HE existed/I AM. Yet, we know or should be informed that Abraham is our father of faith because HE believed in CHRIST JESUS before JESUS was born of mankind. Before HE clothed HIMself in mortal flesh and breathed, lived, did normal activities of the day, learned from HIS earthly father of whom HE did not come from the trade of being a carpenter. Matt. 13:55 and Mrk. 6:3. CHRIST JESUS has and never will change, HE is the same yesterday, today (present) and forever the I AM. HE is not like a man who constantly changes, and HIS years will never fail. CHRIST JESUS is the Alpha and HE is the Omega; the Beginning and the End/Last. I AM who is the LORD Almighty, The LORD, The YES, the LORD Most High, The YAH, JESUS The CHRIST is HE who was, and HE who is to come, HE is the Almighty, HE is the I AM. CHRIST JESUS is “Holy, Holy, Holy, The LORD GOD Almighty who was and is coming back!

However, though I AM having many names there is only one name that is above every name. It is the name that we must use in our heart, in our mind, and from our lips. It is at this name that everyone knee will bow either willingly (above the earth) or unwillingly (beneath the earth) and our tongues in like manner will willingly (above the earth) or unwillingly (beneath the earth) and openly acknowledge and confess that;

JESUS CHRIST is The LORD to the glory of GOD The FATHER.

For HE is the great I AM.

Exodus 3:14, 6:3; John 8:24, 28, 58; Heb. 13:8; Rev. 1:8, 4:8





Ah, the angels; we simply love to speak about them and yet we don’t understand them. We call our loved one’s angels and believe that when a person dies that they are transformed into angels. Angels are messengers, they come to tell or announce a message from GOD. They are ministering spirits, ministers of GOD with intelligence employed by GOD to communicate HIS will to us. In the Word of GOD, we are shown various angels and what it is that they do. Throughout the Old Testament we will find “the Angel of the LORD or GOD” this is JESUS” Heb.1:4, Rev.10:1. CHRIST JESUS is the head of the church as shown to us in Rev. 10:1. Another angel that we are shown is satan, he is an evil spirit. And he and all the angels that followed him will be judged by us, 1 Cor. 6:3, Rev. 9:1. Angels are ambassadors of GOD, Rev. 2 and 3. Angels are assigned to execute judgment, Rev. 16. Humans are not transformed after death into angels though we will have their likeness once we join CHRIST JESUS after HE returns to collect who belong to HIM.

The Angel of LORD; Messenger of the LORD, Angel of GOD, this is JESUS pre-incarnate, this was before HE clothed HIMself in human flesh. JESUS spoke with Hagar the mother of Ishmael the firstborn of Abraham, HE also spoke with Abraham and Jacob.

JESUS CHRIST as the Angel of the LORD, first showed HIMself to Moses in a burning bush speaking with Moses on the mountain.  We all know and love the scripture about the dividing of the Red Sea, it is here that we see the LORD is the One who caused the land to be dry for the crossing over. Here is not where HE showed HIMself to Moses and the Israelites as the Angel of the LORD but the LORD who is in control. It is here that JESUS CHRIST reveals that even the seas obey HIM. The Angel of GOD [JESUS] not only went before Moses and the Israelites to guide by night in the form of a pillar of fire. During the day the Angel of GOD [JESUS] transformed HIMself into a pillar of cloud and became their rear guard following behind them.  The Angel of the LORD [JESUS] spoke to Moses providing him with a promise of bringing the Israelites to the Promised Land and giving him instructions.

Some manuscripts show that it was the Angel of the LORD who stirred up the water in the pool at Bethesda but I myself do not like to put in or take out what the scriptures are teaching us. I don’t see in many manuscripts that will confirm that it was JESUS as the Angel of the LORD as being the One who stirred up the water in the pool. However, it is without argument that an angel who was assigned by GOD to come down at various seasons or times to stir up the water in the pool and that whoever was able to get into the pool first is the one who would be healed.

 The Angel of the LORD is JESUS who is spoken of in the book of Acts regarding Moses who was rejected yet made ruler by GOD. Moses was sent by GOD to free the Israelites from bondage and he was to rule them only by the help of the Messenger Angel [JESUS] who showed HIMself to Moses in the burning bush which was not consumed by the fire.

Now let’s look at how the evil spirit, the fallen angel who is not of GOD came to temp JESUS when JESUS was weak in HIS human form. The evil fallen angel came to JESUS and tried to convince HIM that HE was not the SON of GOD. What is missing here is “delight and begotten”. The FATHER said, and it was heard not only by JESUS but by John the Baptist his cousin who baptized HIM and by all who witnessed the baptism of JESUS. We must never forget who we are and whose we are in CHRIST JESUS regardless of what people tell us or say about us. And though we know that we are never alone, that we have assigned angels who have charge over us and will be given a special charge to keep us. Never tempt the LORD our GOD when we know that what we are being tempted with is dangerous. As was stated above it is proven that in our grief it makes us feel a wee bit better to say that our loved ones when dead have been transformed into angels. This is not true first we don’t know but we do hope that our loved ones are waiting to be awakened by CHRIST in HIS return for HIS church. If our loved ones truly believed even if done with their final breath that JESUS is the LORD then they along with us will be like angels meaning that it’s not our flesh that will be joining CHRIST but our spirit and it is not clear to us what we will actually look like. So, we need to dispel that we will have wings and may resemble all the idols that we have in our homes, vehicles, and place of employment depicting what angels may look like.

Genesis 16:7, 21:17, 22:11, 15, 31:11; Exodus 3:2, 14:19 21, 23:20; John 5:4; Acts 7:35; Matthew 4:6, 22:30, 26:53; Ps. 91:11; 1 Jhn. 3:2; 2 Ki. 6:17; Dan. 7:10




We anoint our bodies daily, but we call it moisturizing. We also anoint our meats when preparing them to be cooked. We never think what we are doing or pay attention to the spiritual aspect of what we all do and take for granted. In the natural, anointing is the rubbing or smearing of oil or anything that contains oil. But in the spirit when we are anointed not only is it awesome, it’s for the purpose of consecration. When GOD anoints HIS chosen it’s because we are of high antiquity just as kings, prophets, and priest (apostles, prophets, evangelist, pastors, and teachers).

Every child of the Living GOD is anointed, and we need to be aware of this fact. We have had our head anointed with GOD’s holy oil and we have been welcomed and are HIS honored guest. The oil that is used on us is fresh it’s not spoiled, stale or stagnant. Just as JESUS was anointed with fragrant oil on HIS head and feet so are, we.

I know that we have the HEALER living on the inside and by all those stripes that JESUS took for us when HE was beaten, we are healed in HIM. Not only that but on that cross, JESUS took every disease, illness, and sickness yet, for some reason our flesh is attacked. Therefore, we have been instructed to get ourselves to the elders (anointed ministers of GOD) to have them pray over us and they (me) will anoint the sick with oil in the name of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. In our rubbing oil on the sick it will be the prayer of faith and our laying our hands on the sick that JESUS the Healer will work through us so that the sick will recover.

Dear beloved siblings of mine in CHRIST JESUS, I want to leave you with this. We have an anointing from the Holy One/Spirit and it is through His teaching and speaking to us that we will be equipped with the knowledge that is crucial to us. The Holy Spirit is poured on us by the hand of CHRIST JESUS and in HIS Holy Spirit, we will know all not some but all HIS truth. We are established in CHRIST JESUS and HE has anointed us in GOD. The GOD that JESUS called upon on that cross hates sin because its lawless and nothing in it represents who GOD is. We are anointed with the oil of gladness; therefore we seem peculiar when we should be having a mental breakdown or stressed out due to the trials that we must go through. But when hard times hit us, we are not facing them alone, JESUS is right there with us making sure that we don’t fall and remain there, making sure that we don’t sit in our troubles but go through them. Oh, praise GOD and HIS SON CHRIST JESUS because the anointing remains in us. So, if we didn’t know, now we know.

Psalms 23:5, 92:10; Lk. 7:46; James 5:14, Mrk.6:13, 18; 1 John 2:20, 27; 2 Cor.1:21; Heb. 1:9




Who is an antichrist? Any person or group, that opposes CHRIST. Followers of the antichrist are opposed to christian religion. Followers of the antichrist are contrariety to the christian religion. The word is very clear this is opposition to CHRIST and HIS followers.

From the moment CHRIST JESUS appeared from the dead there has been opposition, Mt.28:11-15. This was the beginning of the deception of the last hour or the last days from the enemies of CHRIST. There have been and there will be many antichrists but there is one coming who is the son of perdition, the one who is entirely lost and ruined and comes from utter destruction. He is from the state of misery and the eternal death. He is the man of sin and he will be revealed in the later day.

We are always to beware and be watchful because on this day we are surrounded by many who are deceivers, who are antichrist. We are to reject teachers who do not teach what CHRIST taught. So, how do we recognize an antichrist? First, we must know that they exist while we are breathing this air and they are living and working and attending our schools right along with us. Also, I know that this may be difficult for some of you to accept but they are attending some of our church services or functions. I have seen people who are in prominent positions attend christian services, funerals and award ceremonies. I will not mention some of these figures but if I did you would know who these men and women are. These people deny that CHRIST came in the flesh or that HE was born from a virgin or that HE is alive. They downplay HIS authority when speaking of HIM as being only a prophet and a teacher. This refusal to admit that CHRIST came in flesh and blood is a true mark of one who deceives and is antichrist. We all know people in our circle of associates, family, and friends who refuse to acknowledge that JESUS CHRIST came to this world as a human being and those that do this are enemies of CHRIST and we who are blood washed CHRISTians. In Jn. 2:22 it’s put so very well; “Who is a liar but he who denies that JESUS is the CHRIST? He is antichrist who denies the FATHER and the SON.

1 John 2:18; 2 Thess. 2:3; 2 John 7




This is the day, this is the moment that we will mount up to move towards higher places. Emerge from the bottom of the horizons. Begin afresh, spring up from laying down or sitting. For my beloved CHRISTian siblings, we all have been revived so we have no excuse for being lazy or stuck. We all must begin to act on that which we have dreamed of doing, move from that state of inaction and become exerted because we are moving towards the visions that we all have.

First, children of the Living GOD; arise, get up, get moving because the LORD our GOD is our glory.

Now, for children of the darkness, those of you who do not believe in JESUS the CHRIST, who don’t believe that you are forgiven and loved, that HE died for just you alone (everyone must see this that way), that HIS suffering was not done in vain, that CHRIST JESUS rose from the dead just for you (everyone must see this that way). You are the ones that must come to acknowledge, believe, trust, have faith in all from your heart, then confess from your mouth that JESUS is the LORD and that you know that you need a Savior, so invite HIM into your heart. HE will begin to bless you at that very moment. CHRIST JESUS will come and lift you up, cause you to arise from the pit and to place your feet on solid ground. CHRIST JESUS will shine within you because HE is our Light in this world. And you will be joined with the rest of us me and my CHRISTian siblings who live and walk in the knowledge of knowing that CHRIST JESUS rises within us.

Isaiah 60:1




In this year, beginning today January 1, 2019, we as the children of the Most High GOD must put on our armor and never take it off. Nowhere in the scriptures have, I read that we are to remove the armor. Put it on because our armor which are our defensive arms, we must get into the habit of wearing our armor while we are asleep during the night or day; while we are bathing; when we dress ourselves to do all that we are to do outside the home or inside the home. Our armor protects our body in the battle that we are in daily. Our armor protects us spiritually by providing us with a good conscience, to continue in the fullness of faith the grace.

So, put on your armor of light and never remove it again. Having on our armor of righteousness demonstrates that we are GOD’s sons and daughter. Our righteousness in GOD through CHRIST JESUS is our weapon both to attack and to defend. We are to commend ourselves over to the power of GOD. Through our use of HIS righteousness within us which is our weapon whether we are to attack and defend that which come against in that which has been promised us. When we are stressed about things that are natural it’s because we are fighting in our own power and strength. Know this my CHRISTian siblings, our weapon is not made from the flesh, our weapon is mighty in GOD and in HIM we pull down everything that comes against the knowledge of GOD. The most common strongholds that we all have, and all participate in is our carnal thoughts. Carnal thoughts are every thought that is totally opposite of all that CHRIST JESUS has given to us in HIS Holy Word. Participating in negative conversation which is carnal rather than directing the participants into thinking and speaking differently. Many people call this type of speaking as one who will have their own thoughts, not participating in what we hear and see by the majority. For example, when I was employed in Corporate America, one of my dear co-workers had a self-inflicted haircut that had gone horribly wrong. Many of our co-workers laughed at him and asked if he experienced a temporary break down. I believe that the Holy Spirit caused him to look over at me because I was near but not apart of the discussion due to my minding my own business of the work set before me and meet my deadline. He asked me about his haircut and how he is being made fun of. I simply said, “it’s only hair, it will grow back”. Not only did he thank me, but those people who were laughing at him went away from him because they had nothing to respond with what I said. It’s because I had my armor on to defeat and demolish the people defenses. To destroy the consensus of their arguments against him.

Put on your entire armor being properly dressed in our armor will help us to stand up against all the attacks, deceptive tactics, strategies, and tricks of satan. We will come to realize that we are no longer stressed about natural things. It is for this reason that we put on the entire armor of GOD. Because HE is the One who supplies us the ability to resist the attack of our enemy. It is by having on our entire armor that we overcome every evil obstacle and we will find ourselves standing. We are no longer children of darkness, but we are children of light so remain sober of mind, take nothing which causes our mind to hallucinate or be loopy. Our armor is our breastplate which causes us to have faith, hope, love, and trust. 

Romans 13:12; 2 Cor. 6:7, 10:4; Ephesians 6:11, 13; 1 Thess. 5:8