We all are designed to continue moving upwards. Like cream, we rise to the top. Some of us may have experienced living an inferior existence but now we are living a superior existence and we know from experience that living superior is far better than living inferior. In our DNA from GOD, we are hard-wired to ascend from the horizons, to proceed rather than recede and to rise like stars. Therefore, we try ever so hard to get all that we can possibly get because it is the reflection of our achievements. Though as children of the Most High GOD we should have the best clothes, homes, and automobiles, after all, we serve a GOD who is not poor. Instead, we witness the children of the devil seemingly prosper for living in darkness and sin. Don’t be envious, they are paying an awful price and the bill will come due. We are to trust in the LORD with all our heart and lean not to our own understanding, we are to rest fully on CHRIST JESUS. Every need that we have is completely met in HIM and all we need do is ask. Walking closer in CHRIST JESUS causes us to ascend to levels in HIM that will blow our minds.

We know that our GOD is an all-knowing, GOD; Omniscient. And, we know that our GOD is an all present, GOD; Omnipresent. So, if we truly know this; have we ever asked this question? “Where can any human go away from the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of the Living GOD?” Do we not know and understand that no matter where we go HIS Holy Spirit is already there? Look dear hearts, those of us who are washed clean from sin because we believe in CHRIST JESUS are anxious to meet JESUS and the FATHER but did, we not know that we should be just as excited to meet the Holy Spirit? After all, He will be there in heaven. The unbeliever does not possess the Holy Spirit, yet, He is there where they are, the unbeliever can’t escape Him. The believer though they may not be baptized in the Holy Spirit yet, have a measure of the Holy Spirit because they are Born-Again can’t escape Him either. None of us can outrun Him, we can’t hide from Him, we just can’t get away from His presence either. The Holy Spirit is Omnipresent.

Eat well from JESUS the Bread of Life my loved ones so that we can and will live forever. JESUS is the bread that descended from heaven, but the bread HE is giving to us now is nothing like the bread that our ancestors partook of when JESUS fed them bread from heaven, we know that bread by the name of manna. If you complained or grumbled in the year twenty eighteen and in the previous years before that, cease today. Do not take complaining and grumbling into twenty nineteen and in the future years. CHRIST JESUS is aware of all that negativity and in those areas of our life, we must renew the mind. Complaining and grumbling is an outward expression of the thoughts we actively have in our lack of faith, giving up and finding the Word of GOD offensive. There are far too many Thomas’s who did not believe until he saw with his own eyes that JESUS is alive; once he saw and touched JESUS he no longer doubted. So, what is it, will we not believe and rest on everything CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit is teaching us until we see the believers ascend into heaven as JESUS did when HE was speaking to HIS disciples and they never saw HIM again? Unless, we are alive with the Holy Spirit which transforms us to be spiritual and I’m not meaning as those who claim that they love GOD or believe in GOD yet do not live for GOD, nor am I meaning, those that worship other gods. I mean fully that the believers, life in CHRIST JESUS have a Spiritual life because the Spirit gives us life. Our flesh never will be saved it is dirt and dirt it will return when we go to sleep/die the natural death. The natural power that we have as humans is of no use to us. No worries, just as JESUS died in HIS none sinful flesh and HIS FATHER woke HIM up and HE was raised from the dead. We too will we awaken and rise from the dead to ascend to live with the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS and the Holy Spirit forever. CHRIST JESUS has an honored position where HE is seated at the right hand of HIS FATHER. JESUS assured us all that though HE no longer will remain here on this earth as HE lived, ate, taught, healed and delivered some of our ancestors, HE was not going to leave us to be alone of HIS presence. CHRIST JESUS promised that HIS Holy Spirit will be here with us. So, as we ascend into the new year ascend in the ways of CHRIST JESUS.

Psalms 139:7-8; John 6:57-58, 61-63; acts 1:9, 2:32-33




We all desire to be given the credit for something done or said. It has been given to us by GOD because HE too desires that we give account to all that HE has done and said. Often when we ascribe it’s in written form the authorship of what is being acknowledged. We are presented in the ascribed form of being recipients of awards, degree’s, diploma’s, letters and trophies. Everyone who had been given the inspiration via the Holy Spirit to write down all that HE directed them to write in the scriptures ascribed what GOD had done in the lives of many people. From the beginning to the end, from the creation to the testimony of CHRIST JESUS in the book of Revelation the writer is ascribing all about the FATHER GOD and the SON JESUS who is GOD. Also, it is ascribed how people have been healed, delivered, raised from the dead and saved all throughout the scriptures. But in this writing, we will only credit GOD with the power and strength found in HIS very name.

The name of JESUS is awesome, glorious and wonderful for HE is the LORD GOD. Every human should proclaim the name of JESUS we should write about the greatness of JESUS in our own lives. The greatness of JESUS need to be told in the times of today because many people believe that the scriptures are stories that we may share to our little children at bedtime or stories that are taught only in Sunday school or worst of all fables that are shared among people like the tortoise and the hare or the boy who cried wolf. Whatever was done to those that disbelieved in CHRIST JESUS happens today to those who refuse to believe. Whatever was done to those who believed in CHRIST JESUS in the Bible is also done today. The Word of GOD is very today in relevancy. The LORD JESUS is glorious, great, majestic, powerful, splendid, and victorious. JESUS is the LORD of Lords, the Prince of Peace and KING of Kings and all that is in heaven HE owns. CHRIST JESUS is the Supreme Ruler and we are to exalt and honor HIM.

Keep a journal and write down all that JESUS is doing in your life. Share with others about the excellence and strength of JESUS. This is a great way to remind ourselves of all that JESUS is doing in our lives by acknowledging HIM for HIS great power by proclaiming the victory in our life because of JESUS. Also, our journaling can be a help to others when they come to us to share times of trouble they are experiencing. No person is the only person who has experienced woes in their life. If someone is sharing with us something that comes across as familiar, but we may not know just what to say. We just may find the help the person needs in our journal. Keep it real, be transparent, and share the power and strength of CHRIST JESUS.

Deuteronomy 28:58, 32:3; 1 Chron. 29:11; Psalms 68:34





To become ashamed, we must first experience shame which is caused by our guilt of conscience for something that we have done or said. Our conscience becomes confused by our conviction of guilt for the wrong that we have done. Most often our conscience affects us the most when we have broken a law be it GOD’s law regarding morality or the law of the land. Our conscience was activated when Adam ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When our conscience is at peace then we know that we have not done or said anything that goes against GOD’s law or man’s law of the land. Often when we do not step forward our conscience begins to warn us that we will be found out and we will become exposed by the gross errors of our misconduct. Those who are no longer ashamed of their misconduct and no longer is affected by their conscience, GOD has given them over to a debased mind/heart to continue to do those things which are not fitting. Once people who are no longer ashamed of their lifestyle, they will become despicable, reduced in purity, quality, and value that they were meant to be from CHRIST JESUS. It is only because of sin we are not suitable, we have not adapted to the things of GOD JESUS, we are not being prepared for CHRIST JESUS because sin disqualifies us.

But once we come to the call that we hear, once we come to the knowledge of who CHRIST JESUS is and what HE has done and is doing. We no longer should be ashamed of HIM and who we are in HIM. In fact, we are to be, do and say the very opposite of all that we once did in our past lifestyle of sin and reveal the righteousness within us. No matter what people will have to say about us due to their lack of understanding because they are still wandering around in the darkness of sin. Never be ashamed of the gospel which we have heard because the gospel is what lead us to CHRIST JESUS. The gospel is full of the description of CHRIST JESUS and we are provided with the power of GOD who saved us. All we need do is believe in the Word of GOD because the Word is CHRIST JESUS. Continue to have complete confidence in the salvation that we have received because our salvation is complete, we are not missing anything, and nothing is lacking within us. The shame of sin no longer is sticking to us, so we have nothing in CHRIST JESUS to be ashamed of. When sin tries to re-enter know that we are Teflon, so sin cannot stick to us any longer. In fact, the righteousness that we are coated in is better than Teflon. So, be free from head to toe because you now know that you have no reason to be ashamed any longer because we are no longer sinners but the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

Romans 1:16




In the beginning, as children, we have loads of questions and we begin with “why”. It’s cute to the average adult for awhile then it becomes nerve-racking. But why is that? We want our children to thirst for knowledge, yet, we are never patient enough to teach. Thankfully, GOD is not this way. It is HIS desire that we come to HIM and ask HIM all the why’s that we have. It’s better that we obtain our information directly from HIM rather than through people because people are prone to answer with their perception of knowledge rather than in the complete truth of CHRIST JESUS. So, why is it that two plus two is only four, who said that it can’t be eight? GOD is the GOD of the impossible and if HE tells us that two plus two is eight than it is so, and we will see the result of HIS answer because GOD is not a man that HE will lie to us. GOD will explain in a four-k definition (just learned about 4-k definition from my son-in-law) just why the sky is blue if we would only ask HIM, after all, HE is the creator of the sky. So, we may know that to ask is to question and expect an answer but let’s go deeper, actually, let’s explore each letter of the word A.S.K.

  • Ask – interrogate, inquire, petition, request, and expect oral or written words of reply.
  • Seek – aim, ask, discover, go in search of, inquire, look for, solicit.
  • Knock – beat, clash, collide, drive, strike; all with the use of something such as a bat, clacker, club. For example, hammering, hitting, constant blows.

So, now that we’ve explored what each letter in the word A.S.K. represent let’s see if we will from this day forward understand the scriptures below.

Once we ask the of the FATHER, we are to expect an answer, so never cease from asking until we can hear or see the reply. JESUS said that if we will ask, it will be given to us. And no, HE will never provide us with anything that is harmful to our spirit, soul, and flesh so don’t ask. The desires of our heart are not always pure. Asking for substances to feed an addiction will never be given to us from the LORD JESUS and asking for the spouse of another will never be given to us from HIM either. Just two examples I could think of. While we are waiting to hear the reply from the FATHER we should search for the answer in the Bible. Whatever we need to locate we will find because for every question there is the answer, this too is how we are able to hear HIS voice. Have any of you ever had anyone to relentlessly ask for something until we gave in? Bet, you never thought of it as beating, clubbing or hammering at you. We give in just to stop hearing the person continually drive that question at us repeatedly. For example: how many of us have given into our children just to get them away from us and give us rest? Great example huh?

Here is another great example of using the authority we’ve been given. At our place of employment, we may not have the authority to make a specific request. However, if we are sent by the one who does have authority and say that so and so is asking for this or that, it will be given to us or we will be given a reason as to why it’s unavailable and then we return with what or who has been sent for or the reason why we were not able to obtain what was expected. It’s the same when we go to the FATHER with a request, we are to ask of HIM but in order to receive what HE has promised to give to us, we must request it in the name of HIS SON JESUS. But remember regardless of our going to the FATHER and using HIS precious SON’s name if it is something that we are not to possess because it has not been promised to us in HIS Word, then it’s not for us and not from HIM. However, everything promised to us from the FATHER will be given to us when we ask using the authority of the name of JESUS. Some of us are still making the mistake of asking for something that is promised to us and that we have located the answer to, but we are asking inappropriately. We are asking JESUS instead of asking the FATHER or maybe we are asking for something that we were told that we should be doing and there is no need to ask.

So, now that we have a better understanding of how to A.S.K. make today the day that we will ask without ceasing until the manifestation arrives.

Luke 11:9; John 14:14, 16:23




From the beginning of our life, we have all participated in gathering together willingly or unwillingly. As babes and kids in our parents/guardians care we don’t have a willingness to assemble where we must go; we just go because we are told to go or because we have no say in the matter. We assemble at family and friend’s homes; at the sitters or day-care; in school and at work. The one place where we are encouraged to not miss out on is the place assembling together is most misunderstood. Let me make this clear, none of us attends church because people are the church and the church are the believers in CHRIST JESUS. We attend worship service where we all collectively are to meet in a location to worship CHRIST JESUS and be encouraged by one another. There are many reasons why people leave the place of worship in our local area. Maybe I will help us all understand the reasons why we desert attending worship service.

  1. We think that we are in church, but the church is not in us.
  2. We don’t understand that assembling in any place collectively to worship CHRIST JESUS is encouraged.
  3. We don’t understand that assembling in any place collectively to encourage one another is a plus to our spirit man.
  4. We think that we have left the church when in truth we have left the assembly of worship and encouragement.
  5. We are uncomfortable being assembled among believers in CHRIST JESUS because we don’t have a relationship with CHRIST JESUS.
  6. Everywhere we are as believers we must encourage others especially our siblings in CHRIST JESUS.
  7. We are lulled into becoming comfortable in being absent from meeting in our local place of worship and before we know it, we have deserted ourselves from assembling ourselves from the company of our siblings in CHRIST JESUS.
  8. We have purchased the lie that there is nothing but hypocrites or we cease attending the local assembly because someone has caused us to become irritated or hurt. Yet, we don’t cease from going to work when the same excuses exist where we are employed.
  9. We don’t feel love among those we have assembled with. Don’t rely on the love of people, rely on the love of the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. People will come around eventually once they have learned this as well.
  10. We are guilt-ridden about our lifestyle or we believe that we have the appropriate clothing to wear. Hog-wash! Come as you are and keep coming; learn and allow CHRIST JESUS to clean us from the inside out.
  11. We are waiting for others to encourage us; why don’t we encourage others first?

These are just a few that I can think of as to why we desert, forsake and leave the assembling of ourselves from worshipping in the local building designated for meeting and being and getting encouragement.

Hebrews 10:25




All of us have experienced admiration, amazement, and surprise in our life. Some of us have been confounded by fear because of what is unknown, and what we have negatively experienced, heard or seen. This blog is about all the witnesses who saw with their very own eyes how JESUS CHRIST looked after HE had been beaten, had HIS beard plucked out so I’m certain that HE had spaces because of the clumps of hair which had been pulled away from HIS precious face. They saw that HIS flesh was missing and hanging like ribbons. They saw that JESUS CHRIST was a total bloody mess.

JESUS CHRIST face was so badly marred that when HE passed by the crowd, HE was unrecognizable. I can relate to that being the survivor of domestic abuse. One time when I was hospitalized from fighting in my marriage my face was so disfigured with bruises and swelling that my visitors literally walked in the room and walked out because they did not recognize me, and I had to call out to them to return. The face and body of JESUS were marred more than any human had ever experienced before or after. HIS head streamed blood from the crown of thorns that was mashed onto HIS head. Those people were so astonished at what they beheld before them because they had never seen a human so disfigured because of torment received by the Roman soldiers. HIS disfigurement to this day has never been explained with justification much like when a woman tries to explain the pain, she endured at childbirth. We can recall that we experienced great pain, but we just can’t explain what we went through to bring our beloved child into the world as accurately as it happened. JESUS CHRIST was so disfigured that HE barely resembled a man at all. What an astonishment that must have been to see JESUS CHRIST no longer resembling what a human is in the flesh. We all have seen the pictures of the image of the model who was painted as our dear LORD and Savior and the artist just did not capture what JESUS looked like. I would prefer that if we are going to own a portrait of a model who is painted to be on the cross, the artist should paint the model totally naked, his face disfigured with bruises, swelling, cut up and clumps of hair missing from his beard. The crown of thorns must be dug into his head and his hair must be matted from all the blood. And because of all the wounds on and about his head and face, we should not want to look at him because it will cause us to become nauseated. His body should be missing flesh as well as having flesh hanging from his body. This is what JESUS CHRIST willingly went through for each and every one of us. JESUS CHRIST endured all of this and more just for you and just for me.

Isaiah 52:14




An author is one who causes or brings something forward. The greatest author that all humankind should know about is the Great Author CHRIST JESUS. CHRIST JESUS created, produced and brought into being everything. Things invisible and visible; things are known and unknown; things that have a name or will have a name. Daily we are witnesses to HIS ongoing creation that can and will only be destroyed by HIM at the right time. Another author is the author of confusion and disorder and his name is satan. And for authors who compose and write literature or music; I give you a standing ovation because I find it very difficult to write but I write these blogs with the ease of help from the Holy Spirit. Pray for me because it is my desire to become the author of a book.

All the confusion and destruction that we are witnesses to is not caused by the Almighty GOD. Yet, HE gets the blame. People blame GOD for weather disasters, deaths of our loved ones, illnesses and such. When in truth it’s not true; nowhere in the New Testament scripture will we find GOD causing destruction or moving about in anger or causing the death of people as we read of HIS doing in the Old Testament. GOD is and always have been a GOD of love and order even when we read how HE dealt with situations before HIS beloved SON CHRIST JESUS was born as the gift to mankind. When we read the New Testament, we discover that JESUS CHRIST taught about love and how we are to love, HE taught order, HE demonstrated to us how HE controls the elements when a storm began to rage and cause great fear among HIS disciples. CHRIST JESUS brings about order, not disorder and chaos. CHRIST JESUS is all about peace because HE is Peace. The FATHER and CHRIST JESUS do not want us to be disorderly nor be the victim of disorder brought on by satan through everything that we experience in this world that is negative and violent. The FATHER and CHRIST JESUS want us all to experience through HIM, HIS harmony and peace.


1Corinthians 14:33; Hebrews 12:2