Stop allowing fear to ruin your life


Do not allow what people think or say to arouse discouragement, and fear within you. Calm yourself and be encouraged by GOD’s Word.

People want to see other people defeated because they themselves view themselves as being defeated. People hurt, abuse and attack at us when we tell or show them what we will like to accomplish. This is why it is important that we hear from the Holy Spirit who we are to connect with because those are the people who will be able to visualize the accomplishments before it is begun.

Nehemiah 4:2-4 When people attack it is a plot to throw us into confusion and off our course. This is why it is very important to have a relationship with our FATHER and listen to the instructions that HE will provide to us through HIS Holy Spirit which resides within us. When performing a task we may not witness how people will come and steal from us the things we require to accomplish our goals. We may not hear the whispers that are being said about us which are not in our favor. It is these things and many others that people who are operating from ignorance and jealousy will do just to see that others will not get ahead. But never allow anyone to see you sweat, those that are working with you will stand with you in prayer and our mission is not to ask that harm will come to those who oppose us but to forgive them and ask that they will cease in their efforts to destroy that which is to be done in the aid of helping others. Helping others can include but is not limited to sharing the beauty of the skills we have in providing beauty through art of all types, in feeding those who miss meals, in clothing those who have lack of clothing to help out with health care and so on.



If they can do it so can you


I am not one who is a huge fan of self-help books but I will not totally discount them either. My most treasured self-help book is the Bible. We all are gifted at something and most often we may not find out what our true talents are until we are introduced to a project and find out just how easy it comes to us. Or, find the challenge invigorating although we may experience frustration along the way. Do you know Nehemiah? Well if you do not allow me to introduce him to you.

Nehemiah was a Jew and his occupation was that of cupbearer. A cupbearer is one who is the attendant of a king or prince. who carries wine or other liquors to the guests at a feast; he is an officer of the kings household. Nehemiah had a tender heart for GOD and HIS laws. You may further read about Nehemiah in the book named after him in the Old Testament. But for now I just want to encourage those who find it difficult to continue or for that matter to, begin with a task.

All projects that we will like to begin or continue with are not easy just because some are. But that does not mean that we cannot accomplish our dreams, our goals, and our visions. Sometimes we experience difficulties or setbacks because we have grown too comfortable and no longer think that we still need to rely on GOD. Becoming discouraged or frustrated does not always mean that what we desire to do is wrong for us.

Take a wee look at the challenges and difficulties Nehemiah faced.

Nehemiah 4:1, 2:10, 19 Nehemiah faced anger, fury, and ridicule.

There are people who will purposefully prohibit us with delays because they do not want change especially if that change is positive and will help to bring about prosperity for those who lack that which the wealthy have. They will question that which we are setting out to accomplish with sarcasm openly to make us look foolish and to bring about doubt within ourselves.

Do not allow others to push you off course and if you have been pushed off then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and begin again. Get focused on what GOD desires for you specifically to accomplish. If you were meant to be a head-chef then you must not allow your employers to keep you down if you are employed in a restaurant, hospital, hotel or any other place where cooking food is done. People by nature have the actions of crabs, ever noticed how when crabs are in a barrel, box or pot how they pull others down trying to get ahead themselves? We have to stay focused, we must speak to GOD asking for help from the Holy Spirit and listen to do just what we have been instructed to do. And, we must learn to network with those who are where we are trying to go.






Yes we can-With help


From the second we have received the free gift offered to us all which is Salvation from FATHER GOD through HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. We were filled with HIS promised Holy Spirit. Thing is most often this is not taught. Regardless of how old we are we can be newborn babies or well seasoned/mature in CHRIST JESUS we have everything that we need in HIM to do all the things that HE said we can do and more. This is because we have the promised Helper living on the inside of us and He is the Holy Ghost/Spirit.

The reason so many of us hesitate to do those things that CHRIST JESUS said that we can do are for the obvious reasons:

  1. We are unaware
  2. We do not study the Word of GOD for ourselves
  3. Some of us are not taught from the pulpit that we can do what the Word of GOD said that we can do. This is why we are always asking for others to pray for us or praying to GOD to do something that HE clearly said that we can do ourselves with the help from HIS Holy Ghost/Spirit.
  4. Another reason is that we believe that only certain or special people are equipped/gifted to lay hands on and pray; or, pray and receive results.

No, all of us, if we will only step out in our faith in CHRIST JESUS, can do all the things that CHRIST JESUS said that we can do through HIM with the help from HIS Holy Ghost/Spirit. And, just as JESUS CHRIST prayed, healed, delivered many from whatever they were going through at that particular time because of HIS faith in FATHER GOD. We too must operate in faith to get the job done, the person who we are praying for does not require to have faith just as the majority of those JESUS helped did not have faith in what HE was doing. Their dilemma does not require their faith to be in operation, their dilemma requires that our faith is in operation. And, finally, do not pay attention when the person does not see or feel the result of our prayer in faith in GOD through CHRIST JESUS immediately. Just tell them to wait a moment, they will see or feel the result of what we by faith prayed for and in this, we just may win a soul by either the one who received the answer to our prayer on from the onlookers. Be encouraged GOD will never leave us flapping in the wind, HE is a responder of our faith in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS.

1 John 2:20 We who are washed in the blood of JESUS by faith in HIM have in our possession a sacred appointment [Decree; established order or constitution; as it is our duty to submit to the divine appointments. Direction; order; command.], we possess an unction [diving sanctifying grace]. In other words, we have received that same anointing from JESUS which HE operated in when HE walked this same earth. The anointing is HIS Holy Spirit as promised.

His anointing lives in us, it is not like it was in the Old Testament when certain men and women who were chosen by GOD did and spoke as they did when the Holy Spirit was with them or on them temporarily. No, the Holy Spirit now lives on the inside of us permanently. Our FATHER has anointed us and has caused us to be citizens which means as citizens of heaven we have all the rights in heaven as we have all the rights from whichever country we are a native or naturalized citizen of. We have HIS gifts because we are in a firm union with CHRIST JESUS by relationship.

Unlike our relatives, associates or friends, who do not believe in CHRIST JESUS we have been anointed with the oil of gladness and joy.

When we have a great desire to seek the LORD, HE will cause us to understand completely because the Holy Spirit is the revealer of all things, He hides nothing from us. The Holy Spirit is our Truth-Giving Spirit, notice that He is a giver, not a with-holder. His job is to lead us into all truth, not partial truth. The Holy Spirit will never speak to us out of turn, no, He must because He cannot help Himself repeat everything that He hears and spill all the beans to us. He will not only tell of things that we stand in need of right now, but He will also tell us of the things we need to know in the future, not as mystics try to do. There is nothing mystical about the operation of the Holy Spirit. And, finally because we operate in the Spirit we find ourselves discerning,  examining, inquiring, investigating, and questioning, all things. Because we have the mind of CHRIST.

1 Jhn. 1:27; 2 Cor. 1:21; Heb. 1:9; Prov. 28:5; 1 Jhn. 16:13; 2 Cor. 2:15-16




There are many people written in the Bible that we can relate to. We either have the character and integrity as someone we have read about. Or, we know someone who reminds us of someone we are reading about. There are so many situations that will remind us all of what we have gone through, where we are at this very moment and where we will like to be. I know that the people who are listed in the Bible are there to actually help us and cause us to take notice that if GOD blessed, called and chose them that most certainly HE has blessed, called and chosen me.

GOD is not the One who is lost rather we are and HE goes out searching for us all, calling out to us and some of us will answer HIS call while others will not. Those of us that will answer HIS call need to know that a celebration in heaven commences each time one of GOD’s human creations are found and come to HIM.

GOD desires that we look past our weaknesses so that we will become strong in HIM. Allow GOD to supersede our limitations and disqualifications. In other words, allow GOD to awaken your spirit man so that you will become more than just a mere human. Allow GOD to redeem, redefine and realigned us as HE had done for those that we read about in HIS Word.

GOD made you the way you are for a reason, not your sinful nature but your character. If you have a great sense of humor, you will not lose it just because you decided to walk with GOD. In essence, GOD will use your humor for HIS glory. GOD will mold us into the person that HE desires to use, this is called HIS equipping and HIS empowering which will cause us to go through countless open doors that only HE can open in front of us and close behind us.

Genesis 27:35-35 supplanters/deceitful literally means one who grabs hold of /or takes the heel.


Who is JESUS


Do you really know who HE is or do you know about HIM? There is a difference, to know HIM is to have an intimate relationship with HIM and to know about HIM comes from second or third-hand knowledge meaning that you heard of HIM from others.

Those of us that actually know the answer to the question of who JESUS is realized that our faith stems from our believing, relying on, trusting and knowing the fact of who HE is. When we cannot identify who JESUS is, JESUS cannot identify who we are. We must allow JESUS to change who we are or rather who we thought we were to who we actually are in HIM. This is all about changing the mind which can only be changed when our heart has been changed.

Do you know why GOD made you? Who does GOD mean to you? The answer to these thought-provoking questions will reveal the depths of your heart.

Do you want a real revelation? I hope so because GOD desires to show us all our value in HIM and who we can be in HIM.

We show ourselves to be victims when we constantly say who we are not or what we do not have. We need to acknowledge that we are victorious and that we are who GOD says that we are and we can do all things in GOD through CHRIST JESUS. You are more than a conqueror and we should just sit back and enjoy the ride as GOD molds us to be what HE wants us to be. Begin today to take on the fullness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

Matthew 16:18


How are you identified


In my wonderful native country that I love America, most people believe that they are Christians just because they are born here. Not true. Who you are is American and being an American we have privileges that those who are not Americans desire. Just as being a true CHRISTian provides us with privileges that Christians think that they have. Maybe you wonder why I am always writing CHRISTian vs Christian, it is because I am emphasizing the true CHRISTian those of us who are actually washed in the blood of JESUS is possessed by CHRIST JESUS vs those who profess CHRIST JESUS, yet have no relationship in HIM and their lives do not reflect HIS Word, character or integrity, they are religious.

Religious people demand that people live the life of the commandments that even the Jews failed miserably at doing. Whereas, those of us who are in a relationship with CHRIST JESUS learn to live freely according to HIS commandment of love when we freely give ourselves over to HIM and allow HIM to teach us, then, when we mature in HIS Word we do live according to the moral commandments. What are the moral commandments you may be thinking? They are the Ten Commandments which can only be obeyed when we have love, living within, which will spill out of us onto those that we know and do not know. But most of all we love GOD the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS the SON. Our identity in CHRIST JESUS is HIS gift to us because we will possess HIS identity, sufficiency, and HIS qualifications.

Exodus 20:7 “Never use the name of the LORD your GOD carelessly. [GW]. That is, lightly or frivolously, in false affirmations or profanely. How many of you reading this blog is guilty of this action? No worries, acknowledge this to the FATHER and yourself, now move on and live your life in HIS forgiveness.

Matt. 5:33-37 just tell the honest truth and mean yes or no when you say it.



GOD is…



Everywhere, HE sees every little thing that we do and for those of you who think that it is only the little things HE also sees the big things. Now that covers all things. Yes, it also includes those things that are in our thoughts, and in our heart. Do you know the identity of the I AM? Do you know the identity of the I am? Comes across as redundant huh? But it is not because I AM is GOD and I am is you.

I will not write to you as to who the I AM is because you are the one who will have to identify HIM to yourself. However, many of you identify yourself as; I am anxious, awesome, beautiful, blessed, broken, capable, depressed, disrespected, healed, hopeful, hopeless, pretty, recovering [from whatever], respectful, sick, sinful (sinner saved by grace), thoughtful, ugly, and the list can go on and on.

How do you think that GOD assesses you? Your answer may be linked to your relationship with HIM. Are you defined by who GOD desires to develop you to be?

Exodus 3:14  “I AM Who I AM.” [nkjv].  I Will Be Who I Will Be [amp].