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Many of you may have wondered where I had gotten to due to my long silence. I have kept silent for a reason, the first being my annual vacation which I try to take during the month of November through December returning to write in January of the new year.

This year, however, I kept silent for the purpose of listening to the hearts of those who profess to be CHRISTIANS yet speaking judgment. I’ve also been watching how people are reacting to this pandemic and witnessed how fear has caused an epidemic in the hearts and minds of not only the non-believers in CHRIST JESUS but in the believers in CHRIST JESUS as well.

I did not want to speak before JESUS via the Holy Spirit had given me what to say. On Friday, May 9, 2020, the Holy Spirit finally began to download/upload what it is that I am to share with the world (known and unknown readers of the AMFBeM blogs which are written with the purpose to (1) Encourage, (2) Inform, and (3) Inspire all who read about the knowledge of GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

So, let us begin with some key scriptures followed by what is for the believer in CHRIST JESUS.


Exodus 9:15

Many are agreeing with what is being said and listening to those that believe GOD is angry and judging the people in the world. 

If this is true, why is it that GOD being angry, judgmental, unforgiving, without grace, and unmerciful, why is it that HE has not before now stretched out HIS hand to strike each and every non-believer (sinner/antiCHRIST) who speak and live against HIM/JESUS in their heart, mind, and actions, down with pestilence? 

After all, HE did this pre-crucifixion; Ex.3:20, 7:5-what is different about Egypt, Sodom, and Gomorrah just to name a few from the countries in which we reside? Sin is still rampant in the hearts of non-believers in JESUS.

2 Chronicles 20:5-9

During this pandemic why have we allowed the doors of the church building to be closed and locked? 

This is not only keeping the believers in CHRIST out but it is also keeping non-believers in JESUS out who are looking for answers.

  • As believers in CHRIST JESUS we are to stand in assembly (the company of people/congregation in the same place for the same purpose).
  • Believers in CHRIST JESUS are the house of the LORD. Acts 17:24; 1 Cor. 3:16, 6:19, 2 Cor. 6:16.
  • Believers in CHRIST JESUS know that the LORD GOD is the GOD in heaven. Deut. 4:39 know today and consider this within the heart, that the LORD JESUS HIMself is GOD in heaven above and on the earth beneath; there is no other. Josh. 2:11 the LORD your GOD, HE is GOD in heaven above and on the earth beneath. 1 Ki. 8:23 LORD GOD there is no GOD in heaven above or on earth below like YOU, LORD GOD keeper of YOUR covenant and mercy. Mt. 6:9 Our FATHER in heaven, Holy is YOUR name.
  • That HE/JESUS alone rules over all the kingdoms of all the nations. Ps. 22:89 for the kingdom is the LORD’s, and HE rules over the nations. Ps. 47:2,8 the LORD Most High is awesome; HE is a Great KING over all the earth. Dan. 4:17, 25, 32 [MSG]; the angels announce this decree, the holy watchman brings this sentence, so that everyone living will know that the High GOD rules human kingdoms, JESUS arranges kingdom affairs however HE wishes and makes leaders out of losers. We will learn that the High GOD rules human kingdoms and that HE arranges all kingdom affairs. We will be given enough time to learn that the High GOD rules human kingdoms and puts whomever HE wishes in charge.
  • Believers in CHRIST JESUS know that in the hand of the LORD GOD is Power and Might (liberty/power/strength), (Ps. 20:6 with the saving strength of HIS right hand). 1 Chron. 29:12 riches and honor come from GOD, GOD reigns overall. In HIS hand is power and might; in YOUR hand is to make great and to give strength to all. 2 Chron. 25:8 GOD has the power to help and to overthrow. Ps. 62:11 Power belongs to GOD. Mt. 6:13 GOD, YOURS is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.
  • The LORD GOD is the GOD of the believer in CHRIST JESUS. Gen. 17:7 We have an everlasting covenant that was established between GOD and Abram because believers in CHRIST JESUS are the descendants of Abram/Abraham. Ex. 6:7 I asked above what was the difference between Egypt, Sodom, and Gomorrah, the answer is nothing because. Egypt can be viewed as a place, a person, or a thing which has sinners beneath burdens, and what exactly is a burden? It is a difficult and heavy load that is carried. It causes grief, it is wearisome and it is oppressive. When we believe in CHRIST JESUS and become the people of GOD we will be brought out of the place that has caused us grief. We will be brought away from our jailer who does nothing but causes grief. We no longer have to deal with being worried or stressed out. And oppression will be lifted from us. No more unreasonable impositions, no more unjust hardships, heaviness, and rigor.
  • Believers in CHRIST JESUS are the descendants of Abraham, a friend of GOD’s forever. Jms. 2:23 How do we become friends of GOD? By believing as Abraham believed which caused him to be righteous. To be righteous is to believe in CHRIST JESUS. To be unrighteous/sinner/antiCHRIST is to not believe in CHRIST JESUS. 2 Cor. 5:21 become the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS. Rom. 10:3 discontinue being ignorant of GOD’s righteousness by being self-righteous which causes sinful people to not submit to the righteousness of GOD.
  • True believers in CHRIST JESUS know that when disaster and pestilence come, we will continue to stand in the presence of GOD knowing that HE hears and saves us. 1 Ki. 8:33, 37-42, and 2 Chron. 6:28-30 backsliders turn back and face towards JESUS, confess HIS name among the people, go back to praying to make supplication (humble and desire) HE will hear you from your heart (HIS temple) because you already belong to HIM and HE has already forgiven you once we accepted HIS free gift of salvation from HIS precious SON, JESUS. There will be famine and pestilence. We are witnessing a global pandemic now because this pandemic has nothing to do with GOD. On the contrary, this pandemic has to do with sin which comes from the author of confusion and lies. Sin is a plague of the heart, it is an inner pandemic and much of what is happening in the world is the plague, the pandemic surfacing from within the sinful human condition outward. As true believers in CHRIST JESUS, we are not to fear this plague/pandemic which has caused an epidemic of fear. We pray for those who are of this world, pray for their salvation in CHRIST JESUS, and in the salvation comes healing, deliverance and so much more.

Psalms 91:36       

Believers in CHRIST JESUS know that GOD/JESUS is a deliverer from the following. 

  • [1] traps set by the hunters {satan and his demons} Ps. 124:1,7 if it had not been for the LORD JESUS who is on your side, our soul would not have a way of escape. The trap is broken and we have a way of escape. We can escape dangerous, hazardous, contagious, infectious epidemic diseases that cause devastation. Understand that pestilence walks in darkness.

Jeremiah 34:17

Why are we not proclaiming liberty to our siblings in CHRIST JESUS as well as our neighbors?

  • Lk. 4:18 because CHRIST JESUS lives within our heart we have all that HE had when HE walked this earth. Like HIM we have the Spirit of the LORD within us not upon us. The Holy Spirit must live within as promised not come and go as He did pre-crucifixion. We are anointed to speak the gospel of CHRIST JESUS to those who do not have the gospel in their hearts, this is what makes them poor. We carry the healing Word of GOD to heal anyone who is brokenhearted. We must share the freedom of liberty rather than sharing what causes captivity of being imprisoned. The Word of GOD will open the eyes of the blind. And the Word of GOD will deliver us from oppression so that we may live in the freedom of GOD/CHRIST JESUS. Rom. 8:21 [AMP] nature will be set free from the bondage of decay and corruption into the glorious freedom of GOD’s children not GOD’s human creation, there is a difference. We all are the creation of GOD but we all are not the children of GOD. That privilege belongs to those of us who are washed clean in the blood of CHRIST JESUS because we believe in HIM, we trust in HIM, we rely on HIM. 2 Cor. 3:17 the LORD GOD is the Spirit and wherever and whoever has the Spirit of the LORD GOD is free in HIS liberty. Gal. 2:4 keep your eyes and ears open because there are some who pretend to be free but will try to drag us back into bondage and captivity. Gal. 5:1, 13 remain anchored in the liberty that was obtained through CHRIST JESUS who alone has made us free. Do not allow anyone or anything to entangle you again into bondage. Understand that we are free but never take our freedom for granted by grieving the Holy Spirit due to the lack of self-control in the flesh. Be a forgiving, loving, and merciful servant to those who are in the body of CHRIST. Jms. 1:25 we reveal just how blessed we are when we live in the liberty of our freedom in CHRIST JESUS, not by speaking but in demonstration through our life. Be a doer of the Word of GOD more than a speaker, as the saying goes; “I can show you better than I can tell you”.

And finally, know that what is being witnessed is what is found in the scriptures, no one should be caught off guard. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

  1. Nations against Nations: Gen. 14:9; 2 Chron. 15:6; Is. 19:2; Hag. 2:22; Zech. 14:33; Mt. 24:7
  2. Kingdoms against Kingdoms: Deut. 28:5; Mt. 24:7
  3. Famines, Pestilence, Earthquakes: Gen. 12:10; Ex. 5:3; 1 Ki. 19:11; t. 24:7
  4. In the last days which has been in occurrence for millennial after millennial Acts 2:17-21

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