Praise GOD for HIS Glorious Gift of Grace

Ephesians 1:6, 2:5, 7-8; 3:2, 7-8; 4:7, 29; 6:24


Throughout my many years of living and walking in CHRIST, I have heard this when speaking with others. “I have to do better before coming to church and JESUS, you do not know all the bad things that I have done or I am doing”. Sounds familiar? And this is how I often reply to those that I am speaking with, “those are excuses, GOD knows exactly what you are doing, speaking, and thinking. We cannot become better through self-improvements; we need JESUS to improve us. This is why we attend worship service on Sundays, (I hope) to get better and not remain in a default lifestyle”. And many times, though they will hear what is being said they are not listening to what is being said.

What, When, Where, Who, Why

We cannot hide from GOD; did not Adam and Eve pull that move when they sinned against GOD in the Garden of Eden? When GOD came strolling through the garden singing or whistling a happy tune of praise no doubt, HE did not see Adam and Eve doing what they were designed and ordained to do. Of course, GOD saw where they were hiding out when HE asked the question, “where are you?” This was not a question of geographical location as to someone expecting to see you at a certain location only to find out that you are in another. GOD’s question came from this place; “what have you done, where did you think that you could go and I not see you, when did you decide in your heart not to have faith in ME, who did you listen to over ME, why did you do this, why did you believe the lie over the Truth? It is questions like these that begin with what, where, when, who, and why that should cause us to stop and think/self-reflect. GOD wanted them to see where they were because HE already knew where they were spiritually and that they were now spiritually disconnected/dead.

We all are spiritually dead

Though GOD knows us before our fathers planted his seed in our mothers, GOD knew us. Before we were conceived in our mother’s womb, GOD knew us. GOD designed us to be who we are, originally crafted to be HIS masterpiece. GOD is the One who while we were being formed in our mother’s womb fashioned and knitted together by HIM, Ps. 139:13. GOD has placed HIS imprint within us. This is why we are seeking HIM, this is why we feel empty even though we may have lots of associates, good places of employment, great families, no financial worries, nice homes, and such. We keep looking for that something to fill that emptiness but we either do not know who we are looking for or we are ignoring who we are looking for. So, we settle for what keeps us in bondage because the satisfaction we had from what in the beginning is not so satisfying any longer so we have to indulge in more to chase down that feeling of euphoria. Nothing on earth that we gain or seek out is more satisfying than JESUS. Though GOD forms, knits, and shapes us in our mother’s womb we still come forward with our father Adam’s spirit of sin. Because of his disobedience, we are all born under the curse of sin but we do not need to remain cursed by sin. We can all decide within our heart to come out of sin and openly and unashamedly confess with our mouth our allegiance to JESUS because now we know who HE is and we will say who HE is. When JESUS comes for you as HE did me and took me out of being a transgressor to being righteous in GOD through HIM/JESUS, HE took me out of the living dead lifestyle and breathed new life into my nostrils so that I can obtain a new life in JESUS. Now, I can say as JESUS did, I and the FATHER are One, HE lives in me and I live in HIM, John 10:30, 17:21. We are saved by Grace.

Why did JESUS do this

Oh, thank YOU FATHER for your great LOVE towards humans especially me! I believe that many people have or are asking the question, “why did JESUS die for me”? I believe that this answer is going to knock your socks off. It is simply because the FATHER loves humans. JESUS allowed all the torture HE endured emotionally, physically, and mentally for you. JESUS was never executed, murdered, or killed. JESUS gave HIS life for the ransom which had to be paid for every human, Matthew 20:28; JESUS laid down HIS life, 1 John 3:16, on that cross for all humans. GOD had JESUS to do this and JESUS was obedient to HIS mission so that everyone will see the demonstration of HIS extraordinary grace in the love that is shown. From the moment JESUS was born HE gave. Then JESUS miraculously rose from the dead so that we can rise from the dead as well, John 20:1-18.

We are all called to work

Our work can be done anywhere without our having to plan a road trip, hop into a jet plane, or ride on a train. Our work begins at home with our families to tell them first about the Grace of GOD and then we work our way outward in our communities, schools, places of employment, or whatever our daily routine is. Share the Grace of GOD. We are not empowered to spectate but to participate, we are all called to serve our LORD to demonstrate in our lives the living gospel, GOD’s special gift at work within us by HIS power. Do you know and understand what are the infinite riches of CHRIST JESUS?

We are all gifted

If you are a born-again CHRISTian then you are a son of the Almighty GOD through CHRIST JESUS and being the children of GOD means that we all have been given a special gift. The special gift that we have all received was hand-picked by CHRIST JESUS and given to us, so, let us not covet the gift of what another has. Learn to operate in your gift.

Our Spoken Words

I am guilty and so are you. Just because we do not practice this action daily does not mean that we cannot let one either slip out by mistake or let it fly either out of ignorance, habit, or sheer will. What am I getting at? Foul and harmful words. I do not use profanity daily but that does not mean that sometimes when I am not restraining myself in the presence of GOD that I do not let something foul fall out of my mouth. We have all been there, let us keep ourselves honest. But though I understand that sin is sin, there is no such thing as a sin of colors, big/large/huge or little/small/tiny sins. I have not figured out as yet which is worse than having a word of profanity slip out accidentally or speaking harmful words. If I had to decide at this very moment, I would say that speaking harmful words outweighs profanity. Our words shape our reality and world, Proverbs 16:28,18:21; Mark 11:23; 1 Corinthians 11:22; Colossians 2:8. We must be taught by the Holy Spirit how to speak in private and in public. We must be trained which words to allow come out of our mouth. If we do not ask the FATHER to retrain our language through CHRIST JESUS so that the Holy Spirit can get to work in us, we will continue to speak words of death. Our words will continue to be rotten and unhealthy. What we should want to speak are words of encouragement, words of healing, words of inspiration, words that will build others up not tear them down. We should want to help cause others to become stronger, not weaker. And with our gift of grace from CHRIST JESUS healing words are possible. I know this for myself because I was challenged many years ago about my mouth, regarding profanity. I know that GOD cleaned my mouth up but every once in a while one falls out. I still thank GOD because my mouth is nowhere near as awful as it once was but daily, I stand in the need of improvement. We all do. Oh, let me slip this in when we make mistakes and we will. Do not allow the enemy to shame you or keep you down, you are to get up, dust yourself off, admit that you made a mistake, and move forward.

GOD’s Perfect LOVE

Reminder: We have GOD’s grace (undeserved favor, blessings, gifts). We are beloved by the FATHER, by the SON/CHRIST JESUS, and by the Holy Spirit. The LOVE that comes from GOD Almighty does not depend on our never refraining from mistakes, HIS LOVE for us is not based on the fact that sometimes we are faithless (weak in faith) regarding certain things. HIS LOVE for us has nothing to do with the fact that our bodies/flesh have turned on us and we are experiencing aches/pains/disease/illness-sickness. GOD’s LOVE for us is imperishable/undying! HE does not stop Loving us, HE cannot stop Loving us, HE will not stop Loving us. If you are GOD’s child because you have been washed clean and purified in the Blood of JESUS, in your heart you believe in HIM, and out of your mouth, you have openly confessed JESUS. Then you are GOD’s beloved.



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