Redemption-Matthew 20:28

Those of us who are in the five fold ministry; earthly royalty; earthly millionaires and billionaires; executives of industry and so on. Do you think yourselves to be better than JESUS who is 100% GOD and 100% man but thought it not below HIMSELF to serve? JESUS is the complete example of true humility; HE did not come to have the spot light placed upon HIMSELF but HIS FATHER. If anyone is worthy of pomp and circumstances it’s JESUS. HE did not require that people wait on HIM instead HE tended to the needs of others. HE was always on the lookout for who HE could help. It’s wonderful to be called into the fivefold ministry by the Living GOD and to be born or to marry into earthly royalty; it’s wonderful to be born a millionaire, billionaire or to work towards that goal and achieve it. It’s wonderful to work and have your efforts acknowledged to the point that you are now the head honcho of industry but that does not mean that you neglect the needs of the people. In fact we must take all that we have and help those who are in need and make sure that we equip them to continue to go further instead of returning back to where we found them. JESUS ministered to the people because the people needed to hear the truth of the Living GOD; then HE showed the people how to walk in victory; HE provided healing to their souls and flesh as well as feeding their spirit and flesh. JESUS bowed down to wash the feet of HIS disciples; twelve men HE provided on the job training to so that they could train others. JESUS became a servant so that HE could serve not to be served. It’s a great comfort to have servants in our lives; it leaves room for us to attend to very important needs without our private lives becoming chaotic. However, do we have servants so that we can sit back on our back sides and give orders or do we have servants so that we can get out into our world and serve those who are less fortunate than we are? Being able to write a grand check from our car or office means nothing when we don’t go to the places that require a touch from us. How much time do we spend in hospitals; rehab facilities; colonies where people have been cast off; the mean streets where many have taken up to dwell; shelters; soup kitchens and so much more? JESUS gave HIS life as a ransom for the world; now we can’t give our lives as a ransom because we are not qualified. However, we can be an example by offering of ourselves. It’s a heartache to me when those who have so much more especially in the ministry stand on their wealth and proclaim all that they have to the congregation as if the congregation has not meet the requirements to obtain the same type of wealth. If you are a leader of a mega assembly and you are financially wealthy then shame on you if you have members of your congregation who is struggling to pay the next utility bill; car note; insurance premium; mortgage/rent; food or prescription drugs. Shame on you because I am a true believer that what so ever the pastor is blessed with will trickle down to the congregation. The body of CHRIST should never go to anyone other than the church for whatever type of help is needed. We quote the scripture “I’m the lender not the borrower” yet the church will go to a financial institute to borrow money that is required to pay for what is needed. Then the church will have to pay a crazy interest rate; the congregation is wearing clothes from Gussini; Macy’s; or the Thrift store while you brag about your tailored clothes and other possessions. The people of this world need to see the real deal of JESUS and the only way they will see that is if you step your game up and do the work of JESUS as HE did it and far greater. Humble yourself and serve; see to it that all who are around you look like you do because you look as JESUS does. JESUS is a servant; what are you? As JESUS gave of HIMSELF; will you?

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