Why are not those who proclaim to be the children of GOD find it difficult to rejoice their FATHER on a daily basis? Is it because most of us are not filled with unspeakable joy? Is it because we believe that we are joyful when we are not having a troublesome moment at the time?  Why is it we can rejoice when we attend worship service? Well, if we knew what it truly means to rejoice our FATHER we would know that our rejoicing HIM is not based on our emotion and circumstances for the moment. We will understand that when we rejoice in the FATHER we are actually worshipping HIM. But first, we must ask for this spirit of  joy that the Word of GOD speaks about so that we can experience the joy that HE desires for HIS kids and we must live in the spirit of gladness. Our being able to rejoice our FATHER is based on us knowing that we have authority in JESUS.

Once we come to the FATHER through JESUS our hearts are immediately changed and we are holy in heart and spirit. We will become observant of GOD’s grace and mercy for us. And as we grow and become mature in JESUS we will desire to apply the Word of GOD to our lives that JESUS has commanded us to live. It is through the righteousness of JESUS that we are justified.  So, once we live in this authority that I’ve made you aware of or reminded you of, we will rejoice in the FATHER because HE deserves to be rejoiced  for what HIS Word has promised and we experience in our lives. Our rejoicing the FATHER  is appropriate, it get’s HIS attention, it’s attractive to HIM, and becoming. So if you are truly honest and justified within your heart, rejoicing the FATHER is effortless. But don’t be boxed into thinking that we must rejoice GOD in a particular form or fashion. To the quiet individual, you may not exult loudly, it may be quiet or in a dance, just trust the Holy Spirit to conduct you. For the more vocal individual, you are more likely to be very animated in rejoicing the FATHER. Don’t criticize another for rejoicing the FATHER differently than you. When I rejoice, my FATHER, I begin to think about all HE’s done in my life, I will read HIS Word especially those scriptures that informs us about rejoicing. I open my mouth and begin to rejoice, it begins more times than not as a whisper than before I’m done I become loud. For me, I go from 0 to 60 slowly but I get there. GOD does not reject our rejoicing of HIM because we are not very animated people. Look, HE is the One who made us so we must realize that because we are uniquely and wonderfully made in HIS image that HE is aware of our personalities.

Our position is to actively look for right standing with GOD. We all know how to shout with exhilaration when something spectacular happens in our life. We even know how to shout with exhilaration when our favorite sports team does something great or strange. So it has to be effortless to shout  in rejoicing the FATHER because HE has given us an honest and justified  heart.

Another reason to rejoice in the FATHER is because we desire to have the very same character and integrity that JESUS has. Our spirit should have the morality that is taught in the bible as well as our integrity. This is what causes us to be in right standing with GOD. We are not plagued by the cares of this world, our bills, our employment, our family and whatever we have to deal with. Why? Because we have turned all that over to JESUS to handle. So it’s possible for us to rejoice because we are living in a mindset of remembering who our FATHER is and just what JESUS has done and is doing in our lives.

We take shelter in the safety of JESUS because we realize that HE is the One who provides us with protection, HE is the One who delivers us from dangers and stress. So how can we withhold rejoicing which is praise because HE deserves the glory from our lips?

When we remember the history of all that GOD has done, when we remember in our lives what HE has done, we will be filled with an uncontrollable shout in praise that wells up within us and has to come out.

The fact that we are glad in CHRIST JESUS is not based on our circumstances, it’s not based on the turmoil within our lives. The spouse is getting on your nerves, the kids are not where you think they should be, especially if your kids are adults or maybe your kids are still at home and they are stressing you out to the max. You may be having issues with your in-laws or your own parents. No, we are glad in CHRIST JESUS, this is why we can rejoice in the LORD because we are actively seeking out a right standing within HIM. So shout for joy! Sing to HIM!

Take your pleasure from JESUS don’t rely on the pleasure of people, places, and things. When we take pleasure in JESUS it won’t matter what people do to us that is negative, sure we will not like what they are doing but when we focus on rejoicing in JESUS when we are feeling hurt, stressed, overwhelmed by the actions of people. Especially in front of them, it makes them think that something is off, that we are crazy. But in actuality, because we can rejoice in the LORD in our most difficult times this is when we get the attention of JESUS. So rejoice in the LORD and again I say rejoice!

Psalms 33:1, 32:11, 97:12, 64:10, 68:3, 30:4; Philippians 4:4; Romans 12:2


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