Righteousness – Psalms 5:8

Lead me, O LORD, in YOUR righteousness because of my enemies; make YOUR way straight before my face.

When we allow the LORD GOD to lead us in HIS righteousness, HIS way, HIS path; we can be sure that we will not be lead astray as we were when we were lead by the nose from satan. The righteousness of our Living GOD brings about justice and not the type of justice that comes from the laws of the land but the type of justice deemed applicable from the LORD GOD; for mankind. GOD’s righteousness is not blind; HE does not weigh with the balance of pro and con; and then enact punishment with HIS quick and terrible sword. No; our loving GOD actually does know it all. HE knows what terrible cons lay ahead, all the dangers, all the darkness. When we follow in the footsteps of righteousness we are led with a light of truth, there are no danger or warning signs to be aware of and there is always light. It maybe dim but none the less; you will be able to see and focus on the light instead of groping in the dark. We have enemies always encamped all around us; the majority of them are those that we call our friends. These friends often times introduce us to situations that get us into trouble due to peer pressure. Me, myself really don’t understand peer pressure and I thank GOD for that. I’m not a follower though I know how to follow; a leader has to have this quality. I’m a leader; and I have always tried; even before I accepted JESUS as my Savior; to lead others from doing things that would be harmful. There is a famous slogan that says; “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”. But what about; friends don’t introduce death to friends. If you have experienced or are in the throes of a lifestyle that you know is a downward spiral to nothingness; why would you want your friend to be apart of that? This is where righteousness comes in. Righteousness will always lead into what is moral and upright. This is the GOD that I serve; always leading me into morality which is the conduct of JESUS. You know that familiar saying that was on the lips of most people at one time. “What would JESUS do (WWJD)?” Well, maybe we need to continue asking ourselves this very same question and if we don’t know the answer; we should then research the Bible to obtain the answer. If or when we don’t find the answer; due to lack of knowledge in researching the Word of GOD. Do the next best thing for yourself; back away, run if you have to from that situation; but don’t get involved. Remember, GOD’s righteousness is the best righteousness and HIS righteousness will always be straight forward.





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