Stop thinking defeat. Stop looking at your circumstances. Stop living as though you are a victim. Don’t you know? Don’t you realize? Do you accept and believe that JESUS rose from the dead? Have you asked JESUS to come into your heart? Have you asked JESUS to take control of your life? Have you asked JESUS to deliver and save not only your spirit but your mind, thoughts, and emotions? Have you asked JESUS to deliver and save your body?

The JESUS whom I serve has risen from the grave. JESUS is no longer wrapped up and laying in the borrowed tomb. Hey let us take a look at the word borrowed, when we borrow anything, that thing that we borrow is to be returned to the rightful owner from whom we borrowed from. Has any of you who is reading this blog ever given any thought to the fact that the tomb was borrowed? JESUS only needed the tomb for a moment in time. I don’t know why the owner was never placed in the tomb once it was returned to him after the body of JESUS no longer had use of it. But I am excited that the decision to leave it in the same manner that JESUS left it for many generations to view.

We were once existing in this world without direction, without eyes to see, without ears to hear, with a dark and hardened heart. Our spirit was dead and we were animated, and controlled by our soul. I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again, we were literally a walking dead man.

But when the risen savior JESUS entered into the hearts of those who answered the call of the Holy Spirit to come to JESUS. When we accepted that JESUS is alive and has risen from the dead, JESUS and the FATHER took residency within us.

Our spirit came to life and we became excited, we even began to tell others that we are saved and that JESUS is alive and risen from the grave. But somewhere and it happened to me also we lost that excitement, we stopped telling people about the risen JESUS. Mostly because we are not availing ourselves to a ministry that is teaching us how to be as JESUS was while HE was here on the earth as the Son of Man. Another reason is that the Word of GOD is not being studied and applied to our life.

In order for us to experience all that the Son of Man, JESUS said and did we will have to by faith do as JESUS did, speak as JESUS spoke and know who you are in JESUS. JESUS is our righteous and risen savior, JESUS is our risen overcomer and we have been told by JESUS that we can do everything HE has done and far greater. Now what we need to do is ask for the Comforter who is the Holy Spirit that HE promised us. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is completely different from when the Holy Spirit would come do what He needed to do then leave or when He hovered over.

We are the righteousness in CHRIST JESUS no longer unrighteous, we are overcomers no longer overcome, we are victorious no longer victims and we can do all things in and through JESUS we are not incapable.

When we are baptized with the Holy Spirit as they were in the upper room we will then have the power to go forward as we have been commanded.  We don’t lack anything we gain in JESUS because HE is the GOD that goes before us. Wherever we go JESUS has already gone before us and we must believe this.

JESUS is the Prince of Life and we must share HIM with all who are willing to hear. No, we are not to become angry or indignant because there will be some who do not want to hear what we have to say. When this becomes obvious, walk away because their blood will not be on your hands. Never once will we find in the Word of GOD that everyone wanted to hear what JESUS had to say, or was rejoiceful for the signs that followed HIM. Some told HIM to get out of there to leave because they became fearful.

Continue to speak in JESUS name, continue to pray to the FATHER in JESUS name, and continue to touch the lost and the sick in JESUS name. Do with compassion all that JESUS said we can do because like JESUS we rise in HIM.

Matthew 20:19, 26:32, 28:7; Mark 16:7; Luke 24:34; Acts 3:15


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