2 Samuel 22:3, 47 

In the beginning of this series we looked at what is meant when someone tells us that they got save. Then we looked further into what is meant by being saved. Now we will discover who salvation belongs to and how there is only one person that we can go to so that we can partake in this eternal life of blessing. 

In salvation we have strength, trust; power (horn); we are shielded; we are in a fortified place; a fortress. The LORD GOD causes us to become steady because HE is a firm foundation. Salvation is Good News. Salvation delivers us from being hypocritical. Salvation belongs to The LORD GOD alone. Salvation is compassionate and kind it provides us with blessings and we become righteous. We are lead and taught through salvation; also we are no longer in darkness. We are filled with joy and we find reasons to rejoice because we are restored; no longer in bondage to guilt because we have been delivered. Because our salvation comes from The LORD GOD we are defended by HIM and we are not moved by the circumstances that present themselves to us. Daily we are loaded with HIS benefits and we have escaped from death. In The LORD GOD we can’t experience limits because GOD is limitless. For those who do not believe in GOD they cannot experience The LORD GOD’s salvation. Because there is no other way and no other one who can provide what belongs to The LORD GOD. Salvation provides atonement which is the satisfaction brought to GOD through JESUS for the sin that HE took on to HIMSELF. GOD is no longer angry; we have been saved from HIS terrible anger. In our salvation we have received a true FATHER one who provides for HIS kids so that we do not have to go without. GOD promises to provide us with a long life. GOD does not hide HIS salvation and HE does not hear and not answer us when we call on HIM. According to HIS Word we can remind ourselves daily of who we are in CHRIST JESUS and who The LORD GOD is. Those who reject the salvation of The LORD GOD do not seek for HIS salvation or HIS righteous Word. GOD will cover us and HE is pleased with us because we belong to HIM. Having GOD as our salvation we no longer have to be afraid and our thirst is satisfied because we drink from the wells of salvation. We can stand and say that GOD is our GOD and our LORD. We no longer need to be ignorant because in salvation we have wisdom and knowledge. We all had an acceptable time when GOD found us and we accepted JESUS; in that time HE helped and preserved us and immediately we were placed into the covenant of Abraham. GOD’s salvation is everlasting; so stop questioning yourself whether or not you are still saved because you did or said something that you know is not GOD like. Know that we are clothed in the garments of salvation. We were the robe of righteousness. Our King came to us riding on a donkey. JESUS paid the bill for sin and whether we accept JESUS or not everyone will see the salvation of The LORD. Salvation came to your house and made you a son of Abraham. Stop listening and looking for salvation in someone else; salvation is only found in JESUS. The way of salvation is in JESUS through the Most High GOD. Salvation used to be just for the Jews now it’s for everyone. CHRIST JESUS is the power of GOD to salvation. Once we believe in our heart then we will confess with our mouth the salvation of JESUS. We are also sealed by The Holy Spirit because we believed. Understand that we did not choose GOD; GOD chose us. JESUS is the captain of our salvation and as we follow and obey HIM we are being perfected. JESUS came to earth once for sin the next time HE comes it will be for salvation. The Prophets of old; tried to prepare us all for the coming of JESUS and HIS salvation; unfortunately many have turned a deaf ear and closed their eyes to the truth. Here is the last reminder; salvation belongs to The LORD GOD who sits on the throne and to the Lamb who is JESUS CHRIST who sits at the right hand of the FATHER. The enemy has been evicted from heaven never to return and GOD does not listen to anything that he has to say. All he does is accuse us of our mistakes but GOD is a forgiving GOD and HE no longer see’s the sins or mistakes that we have made or are making or will make.

JESUS came to save the world but the world will not be saved because many have and will reject HIM. But if you are reading this; you can make a decision now to accept the salvation of The LORD GOD through JESUS CHRIST and experience all that GOD has to offer us.

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