This morning I awakened with a loud shout in my spirit to the LORD. Because I’m ever so grateful for HIS saving grace towards me.

I’m no longer found guilty of sin. The past, present and future sins are all forgiven.

Because of my trouble, which was my sin, my faith in CHRIST JESUS justified me. I now stand before you acquitted, not guilty and free. No longer can I be charged for past sins, which would be double jeopardy.

I am now filled with HIS righteousness, this is why sometimes I find myself waking up with a praise coming from my mouth. It’s because my spirit rejoices in the glory of my FATHER the true and living GOD. I relish in the knowledge that I’m found in CHRIST JESUS not because I’m cute or pretty, not because of my size, not because of my ability, not because of the church affiliation, being baptized or christen, not because I thought I was a good person or gave to charities, not even because of the color of my skin. But because I was lost in sin and JESUS found me, rescued me with the washing of HIS blood. And made me righteous in HIM instantly. All because of my faith in HIM.

People will deceive us with the chatter of we have to do this and we have to do that. When all we have to do is believe and obey GOD’s Word.

JESUS commanded us to love and to walk by faith, not by sight. When we practice living according to the way JESUS desires for us to live according to HIS Word from Acts – Jude we will find that we are fulfilling the greatness of HIS Word. We can do this because we have the fruit of righteousness within us because JESUS    is righteous and HE is within us and we are within HIM.

I can hear a wee bit of that song by the Isley Brothers “Shout” floating around in my soul.


Psalm 98:4; Acts 13:39; Rom. 5:1, 9; Gal. 2:16, 3:11


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