Evaluating My Relationship With My FATHER

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Love GOD, your GOD, with your whole heart: love HIM with all that’s in you, love HIM with all you’ve got!

[Deut. 6:5 MSG]

This month I have decided to evaluate my relationship with my FATHER. What an eye-opening experience it has been for me so far and the month is only two days young.

Today, I was shown that I had allowed unawaredly my ministry to take the place of my FATHER. Wow, I was shocked by this revelation. However, I am glad that I was shown the error of my way through Holy Spirit.

I hate all forms of idol worshipping and all of us either used to be idol worshippers or currently are idol worshippers. The thing about CHRISTian idol worshippers is that we honestly are not aware that we are idol worshipping because we know that this is a no-no from GOD our FATHER.

So, what does idol worshipping look like in my life? Once I begin to hear the thoughts in my mind I open my eyes and begin to say “Good morning FATHER, good morning JESUS, good morning Holy Spirit” I may or may not at times begin a conversation with my FATHER. It all depends on what I have allowed myself to think of what I am to do today in ministry. Major mistake.

I have allowed my thoughts to prioritize my day rather than putting my FATHER above the concerns of my day. After my daily ritual of hygiene care, I walk into the kitchen for coffee my addictive drug of choice. Then I walk to my desk and sit at my computer so that I may access a focus scripture from the electronic application of my choice so that I may send the scripture to those that I have a prayer of agreement with.

After that, I will read but not actually study and meditate on the focus scripture. I do hear Holy Spirit speaking with me providing me with the words that I am to pray. But this is GOD’s Grace and Mercy in action here. Because I am thinking that I am spending the quality time needed to continue building a relationship with my FATHER when in actuality I am not.

Then I do the work of evangelism either electronically, on the telephone, or in person. All of which take up a good portion of my day. However, I have yet to spend quality time alone with my FATHER. Major mistake.

One of the attributes that FATHER made me with is tunnel vision. Once I am focused I do not like to have my focus broken. Those of you who are made this way understand what it is to have tunnel vision.

So, today I made it appoint that because I will be focusing on my relationship with The FATHER, JESUS, and Holy Ghost I must put myself in the application of putting my FATHER back in my first morning time because this is when I am at my best.

Oh, and what a great time I had locating the scriptures that revealed who “I AM” is. I began in the New Testament but have not finished pulling all the nuggets from The Word of GOD. It is my plan tomorrow to complete my time in the New Testament before going to the Old Testament and pulling out more scripture nuggets regarding “I AM”.

After I have completed pulling out all those scriptures, next I will press in and re-acquaint myself with the Holy Trinity who is ONE. “I AM”

There are thirty-one days in this month and if I apply myself each day to spend quality time with my FATHER it will become habitual again. I am looking forward to that.

Okay, I exposed myself to you. Do you need to re-evaluate your relationship with FATHER, JESUS, and Holy Spirit? Most likely the answer is yes. Here are some of the most relatable reasons why we may have taken our focus off GOD unknowingly for some.

Communicating with FATHER

It dawned on me that I speak pretty frequently with FATHER but I never stop to listen to HIS response. My mind has all these thoughts in motion that seem like a never-ending speeding whirlwind. How many of you can relate to that? Many I am sure.

We do not speak with other people and do not allow them to speak back with us, w-e-l-l, most of us do not. So, why do we get caught up in having a monologue with The FATHER rather than a dialogue? The answer is simple, none of us have seen The FATHER, JESUS, or Holy Spirit. And because we are not tuned in to the correct communication channel with FATHER we miss out on what HE has to share with us.

Did many of you know that JESUS loves a good clean joke? Well, HE does and it is out of this world to hear HIM laugh when we tell HIM one. JESUS Is GOD our FATHER and Holy Spirit in the flesh. JESUS knows how to relate to every one of us individually. A billion people may be speaking at JESUS all at once but if we are the ones speaking with HIM that makes all the difference in the world because we are actually in communication with HIM.

Consider this, when we speak on the phone, we cannot see the person we are speaking with, yet, we know and wait for a reply. Think of JESUS that way, pretend that you are on a phone call with HIM. This may be the way for many of us to begin our intimate relationship with JESUS spending that quality time that we must have with HIM.

What took your focus off GOD?

  • Is it your family, your place of employment, your entrepreneurial tasks, your branding, your associates, or your friends?
  • Is it your social life, dating, sports [watching and or attending]
  • Are you addicted to television or radio?
  • Is it your ministry?
  • Are you indulging in shameful acts that have taken you over?

These are just some of the things that may have taken your focus off spending quality time with your FATHER, JESUS, and Holy Spirit.

We can have a relationship with shopping, cars, homes, and whatever else that can be thought of. And there is nothing wrong with having a relationship with the people and things that we like just as long as we do not prioritize them above our relationship with GOD which is a sin. Be aware that you are not or have not placed your relationship with other people and things above having an intimate relationship with GOD.

How To Be In An Intimate Relationship With GOD

I often use this analogy when speaking with males and females regarding their relationship with GOD.

Males – use the exact same energy that you use to pursue a female.

Females – use the exact same energy that you use to think of ways to keep the male who is interested in you to keep coming back after you.

It is just that simple.

However, we must keep in mind that when we think that we have or when we are secure in our relationship with our partner, we tend to take the person for granted. This is where you and I are right now with GOD. We are guilty of taking GOD for granted.

There is no better time than today to begin your intimate relationship with FATHER. Evaluate when your best time of the day is to spend quiet quality time with your FATHER, JESUS, and Holy Spirit.

It may be first thing in the morning, while you are bathing, while you are driving to work, or on public transportation. It may be during the noonday or during the evening before bed. Only you know when you are at your best and when you are at your best that is the time you offer yourself and your time to your FATHER.

 Once you know your best and most energetic time, turn off every device that may disturb your intimate time. You do it for everyone or everything else why not for The FATHER?

Here Are Some Ways By Which We Can Spend Intimate Time

Read The Word of GOD – when a scripture catches your attention you should see yourself, whether you are weak or mature in that verse of scripture. If you are weak speak with your FATHER, ask HIM for HIS help. HE delights in our coming to HIM to speak about everything in our day.

Listen to The Word of GOD – pop in your earbuds and listen to The Word. If you can, take notes regarding a scripture that got your attention so that you can later go back and spend quality time with your FATHER.

Watch Televangelism – who is your favorite minister of the full gospel of JESUS CHRIST? Pull him or her up on Facebook, Youtube, or many of the CHRISTian applications on your smart television, phone, or pad. Take notes and spend quality time with your FATHER regarding the message you viewed on your electronic device.

I have shown you three ways in which you can begin to spend time with your FATHER. Now it is up to you to make the time to spend with HIM.

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