The Characterization of a CHRISTian


People are looking for authentic CHRISTians all over the world. They have heard about us, they have read about us but it seems as though we have become extinct. But we have not, we are here and we are as bold as lions and as gentle as doves.

It is rather easy to spot an authentic CHRISTian we are the ones who have a lifestyle of the following. Romans 12:9-13

  • We love sincerely from the inside out; people should be able to witness the sincere kindness, knowledge of CHRIST JESUS, love and purity, that we have for people due to the Holy Spirit being present within our life. Our purpose is to promote from a clean heart and a good conscience love and trust.
  • We hate all that is evil, not the people but the actions
  • We cling to anything that is good
  • We are devoted to the people of GOD; CHRIST JESUS clearly has given to HIS people a commandment which we must follow. We are to love one another in the same manner that HE loves us. We do not require to be reminded because we truly cannot help ourselves, we simply love unconditionally. We develop and exercise our brotherly love continually.
  • We are respectful towards one another; we pay all of our debts on time, we honor all positions of authority, (regardless of age). We are not selfish in our ambition or conceited or prideful. We are humble thinking of others better than we do ourselves. We honor even those that we do not agree with because everyone has a right to believe and think in a manner that is best for themselves. We will never bully our faith onto them.
  • We are not lazy
  • We rejoice because we are filled with joy and in times of conflict and trouble we are patient because we have hope and strong prayer life. We are filled with joy because our name is found in the Lamb’s book of life. When we pray we know that GOD will provide us with HIS help this is why we never give up. We are overcomers because we remain with endurance, we are patient and steadfast.
  • We are not stingy, we share what we have with the people of GOD when they are in need this is what being hospitable is about. Praying is encouraged and is wonderful but we also put our faith into action. We know that the LORD is our helper and we are not afraid of anything other people deem correct to do against us. Should, we invite people into our homes we will not complain about how they are in our homes. For every person, we show hospitality to we are actually showing the same to CHRIST JESUS.

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