The Grace of GOD provides heavenly felicity

The Grace of GOD provides heavenly felicity

Matthew 5:3-12

Most of us are familiar with the B-attitudes of the book of Matthew. Some of us may be able to recite some of them from memory. But how many of us understand this teaching that JESUS gave us on that mountain. I am going to do my best to explain these wonderful passages of scripture so that when we read them, they will be read with clarity. We will come to know just how GOD’s Grace is the Blessing that is required for us to enjoy HIS heavenly felicity.

  • Recognition of being spiritually helpless: Eph. 2:1, 5; Col. 2:13
  • Mourn: There are various reasons why humanity will go through a mourning period such as the loss of family or friend; employment; or home. Comfort can be provided for these. However, there is spiritual mourning that so many people are vexed with known as depression. Comfort is obtained through the deliverance received from the Deliverer CHRIST JESUS. Prescription medication or self-medicating is only a bandaid. But the worse type of mourning will be found here: Matt. 24:29-31 because those who witness this action will be those who have been left behind to find no comfort. And those who will be gathered will be those who believed and received JESUS as their LORD and their Savior.
  • Meek: Mild temperament; patient; humble; unselfish.
  • Hunger and thirst after righteousness. To be in right-standing with GOD through CHRIST JESUS and to find complete satisfaction in HIM.
  • Merciful: The willingness and characterization of being a help to others. Showing justice, fidelity, and pity.
  • Pure thoughts: Free from having in the heart’s mind immorality, free from being tarnished by how the world thinks and its actions.
  • Peacemakers: Those that make peace by reconciliation.
  • Persecuted for obeying GOD: To afflict with injury and or to harass with unjust punishment or penalties for a supposed offense; hatred exhibited due to a malignant heart.
  • Insulted: Abused.

Now, in the hope that I have clarified just what the text of scripture is teaching us. Maybe the next time these verses of scripture are read and or studied, we will ask the FATHER to help us in these areas where we fall short. Because if you notice the reward we all want to enjoy Enjoy the rewards while we are still mortal instead of waiting after the resurrection.


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