The joy of The LORD

Nehemiah 8:10

Imagine with me how wonderful knowing the LOVE of GOD to the extent Angels in heaven is filled with joy upon our return. They know HIS heart; HIS abounding LOVE and the fact that HE concentrates on providing that to us. When we return back to GOD; JESUS lives in us and we in HIM just like JESUS lives in The FATHER and The FATHER in HIM. That’s a lot to imagine but it’s all true. GOD’s joy is our strength and we can come to HIM without fear of dread and ask of HIM in JESUS name. One of my hurts for the body of CHRIST is that many do not live a life filled with joy. We live a life filled with anger, depression, fear and oppression just to name a few. We can’t focus on the promises of GOD; what HE has done for us and doing for us because we keep our eyes on what we see. We are overcome with remembrance of our wrong instead of remembering our being forgiven. Reading the Word of GOD daily
provides us with encouragement as to who we are and what is being done in our lives. Being baptized with The Holy Spirit cause us to say and do what our
flesh rebels against. Once we have The Spirit of The LORD living in us we must have that fruit of the spirit activated in us. GOD does not want to see us
miserable by life but filled with joy in life. If you are overcome by negativity which is not of or from GOD ask GOD in JESUS name to replace that crap with the
fruit of the spirit. When your day is not going very well or someone irritates you; find that your joy has remained full. Remember, the joy of The LORD is
your strength.

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