This is Grace

This is Grace

Proverbs 1:9, 4:1; Psalms 34; Prov. 4:9, 22:11, 33:30

What will be graceful ornaments on the heads of people? And a necklace about the neck?

  • Instructions of the father and the laws of the mother
  • The instructions of the father when we pay them some attention will give us understanding
  • Blessing the LORD at all times, HIS praise should continually be in our mouth
  • Boast in the LORD
  • Magnify the LORD, exalt HIS name
  • The angel of the LORD (CHRIST JESUS) encamps (set up HIS tent and remains) all around us and delivers those who have the utmost respect for HIM
  • Taste and see that the LORD is Good
  • Blessed is the person who trusts in HIM (JESUS)
  • The fear, of the LORD, is to have the utmost respect for HIM (JESUS)
  • Seek the LORD and lack no good thing
  • We are to be taught to fear the LORD respectfully not dreadfully

Wearing the ornament of grace upon our head is our crown of glory delivered to us. We are to have a love for purity from the core of our heart and to keep grace on our lips.

This is for all females: cease being deceitful through charm and getting by on your outer beauty which fades away. Live your life in the utmost respect of the LORD. In this, you will genuinely receive praise (compliments) because of your gentility and the works you do in the following.

  • Honor your parents
  • Respect your husband
  • Teach your children
  • Remain too busy to partake in the foolishness of what others are saying and doing

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