To The Nonbeliever, HE Is A Nobody

a nowhere man


Isaiah 53:3-4

When Holy Spirit gave me this title the first thing, I thought of was the classic song by the Beatles “Nowhere Man”. This song is fitting for nonbelievers because without JESUS we are the nowhere man.

Throughout this blog, I will refer to nonbelievers as the nowhere man. Believers, have you ever noticed that the moment you share the Good Tidings of CHRIST you are rejected? Well, you are in good company because many people then and now hate and reject the life of JESUS and HE was then and is now filled with sorrow/pain in HIS heart.  JESUS while living on earth also went through bouts of terrible suffering [tempted in every way as we are but HE did not sin]. JESUS was grieved that we are subjected to the oppression of satan in our health. JESUS wants everyone to come to HIM but HE will never force HIMself onto any person, everyone has the right to choose this day who they are going to serve be it evil [satanic] or good [CHRIST].

The nowhere man does not want to look at JESUS, HE is despised, and in their words and actions which come from the heart they see JESUS as nobody. The nowhere man cannot recognize and did not recognize that they were in the presence of their CREATOR, the world does not know HIM. JESUS went to HIS own meaning the Israelites and even they did not recognize HIM. In the same manner, though HE is not showing HIMself yet again in the flesh, HE continues to come before the nowhere man through us only to be rejected again. But how wrong they are through the deception of their father satan who consistently lie to them. And like mice to the piper nonbelievers listen and follow the tune that leads them to their death.

The nowhere man may know that JESUS died on the cross and rose from the dead and is in heaven. But they do not believe this because if they did they will repent/change their minds and live the remainder of their earthly life for HIM. The nowhere man needs to keep hearing what JESUS did for him, for some of them they must be told over and over again. Remember, faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of GOD. Do not give up allow your life to be an example of what a true believer in CHRIST JESUS looks and sounds like. Because if you are someone who the nowhere man sees regularly they will be watching and listening for you to look and sound as they do. And the moment you forget and allow your flesh to lead you, the nowhere man will scoff at you and tell others what they saw or heard which will cause you’re witnessing to become null and void. Remember, we are always being watched and heard, but when we are in the privacy of our home and we fill up on GOD’s Word we will not be so easily provoked to forget HIS Word and travel down flesh street to give anyone what for.

What helps me is that when I feel my flesh rising up I remember that JESUS created all humans in HIS image but this does not mean that because of this that we are HIS children. It just means that GOD whose name is JESUS Is Spirit and this is how HE created us to be spirit beings, not spiritual beings. Our spirit is that part of us that is invisible and immortal this is the true part of us that whether we remain dead in spirit or not the spirit part of us will return back to JESUS. Now, the soul which is our emotions, our intellect, and our will is the part that needs to be saved through the blood of JESUS. If the soul is found to be void of JESUS then the nowhere man will experience the second death noted in the Bible and the nowhere man will scream and desire JESUS from the pits of hell in the lake of fire. When the nowhere man believes and confesses that they live a spiritual life, what they are really saying is that they do not adhere to the form of doctrine which is in the Bible. They like to believe in the live and let live theory. They do not realize that they are being tossed about by every religious rule of doctrine that sounds good to their hearing.

True believers know that JESUS suffered and endured great pain for us all and that we all thought that HIS suffering was a punishment from GOD for something that HE did and said. But HIS suffering was not for HIM but for us! Every torment JESUS endured we are the ones who deserve that. Every false accusation hurled about HIM is what we should be faced with. Like people on death row who walk to the chamber of death, JESUS walked toting HIS cross bearing the weight of sin onto HIS severely wounded body which was beaten to the point of HIS being unrecognized. HIS countenance and body were hideous and I am certain that when some looked at HIM they tossed their cookies.

I do not know if any other person who was crucified on a cross before HIM ever had to bear their own stake but what I do know is that the Roman soldiers had to struggle to place the criminal on it and pound the nails into their bodies. No, JESUS was not the first or the last person to die on the cross but what makes JESUS’ death so gut-wrenching is the fact that JESUS Is innocent yet JESUS was not wrestled to the cross JESUS willingly laid HIMself down and stretched HIMself wide so that HE could endure the pain and suffering of those nails being pounded into HIS precious hands and feet. Then JESUS was lifted up and when the cross was settled into the earth JESUS took that torment of being jostled about. As JESUS labored to breathe HE endured even more torment from those that despised HIM and the torment of those disciples who ran away yet watched from afar. Only a handful of disciples remained and stood as close to the cross as allowed. JESUS spoke to HIS dear Mother and John and handed HIS dear Mother over to the care of John. And with HIS last breath instead of calling HIS FATHER, FATHER. JESUS acknowledges that HIS FATHER Is HIS GOD. JESUS asked HIS GOD “why have YOU forsaken ME”? This should seem familiar to most of us who cannot feel the presence of GOD and have not heard HIM speak in a while. But in those lonely times remember that GOD said that “HE will never leave or abandon us”. And so it was the same with JESUS, JESUS for the first time in HIS earthly life felt alone and abandon because HE did not feel the presence of HIS FATHER and HIS FATHER mumbled not one word to HIS SON. Yet, all the while The FATHER was near to JESUS. And even in HIS most weakened state, JESUS was weak emotionally, mentally, and physically. JESUS found just enough strength to utter the most important words any human can utter who knows for sure that he/she is on their way to being present with the LORD. “FATHER, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing”. Stephen when he was beaten to death took from the blueprint of JESUS and uttered those very same words.

Believers, keep living for JESUS in privacy and in public. Keep trying to convince the nowhere man that JESUS is the only access to heaven to be with The FATHER. Keep on keeping on. And, with your dying breath say to The FATHER, “FATHER, forgive them, the nowhere man because they do not know what it is that they are doing”.


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