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Mark 5:25-36
A woman who suffered greatly for 12 long years with Fibroid Tumors, Cervical Cancer, Vaginal Bleeding. I don’t know what the true reason was. All I know is that she hemorrhaged for 12 years non-stop. Saw all the best physicians and grew worst. She had done all she knew to do, she spent out. When all she had was gone she tried JESUS.
There was a large crowd; she finally caught a glimpse of JESUS. She had great opposition facing her. She was considered un-clean. But all the while she kept her focus. She kept repeating to herself “if I can only touch the hem of HIS garment, I will be well”. I’m sure she entered the crowd as best she could on foot, and then there came a time when she had to crawl. How else do you touch a hem unless you’re on the ground?
Finally she caught HIS garment; it may have just been a brush. But if it was, it was a certain brushing of the hem. She may have had people walking on top of her, this was a difficult task, but she never lost her focus. “If only I can touch the hem of HIS garment, I will be made well”.
Suddenly the flow of blood dried up. There is a faith touch unlike any other touch. JESUS is in the midst of the crowd, people are pushing, you know being much undignified. Then JESUS ask the question “Who Touched Me”? When faith is in operation JESUS knows it.
Agree with me, “I command my faith to be in operation 24/7 so when I touch JESUS, HE will know that someone using faith has touched HIM with a touch of faith. It is a requirement that my faith make me well, that I live in perfect peace, and that the affliction that I have is healed.
Just as you have agreed with me I also agree with you.

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