Who is your FATHER 2


pt. 2

Mt.  5:16, 45, 48 6:1, 4, 6, 8-9, 14-15, 18, 26, 32

In the natural children reflect character traits of their earthly father; they are just hard wired into their own personal character. It is that way in the spiritual also; we will reflect who our father is be HE good or be he evil. Today I’m continuing to address; who is our FATHER?


·   When our spiritual FATHER is the LORD GOD; we have an inner light that must be seen by others; this light will either draw people to praise the LORD GOD or the light will be too much for other to deal with and will cause them to repeal like roaches when a light is turned on and we see them scatter. In other words; our DAD is not to be kept a secret from others; too many of us tend to keep behind closed doors hiding JESUS as if we are ashamed of HIM. No, we are to allow our inner light to shine; to pierce through the darkness of this world. The light that our DADDY has placed within us shows our moral excellence and will cause praise to HIS name. You and I both face darkness through others; the thing is they are not aware of this fact.  However, it’s not our business how they treat us but it is our business how we treat them who are in the dark. As difficult as it maybe at times; we must love those who live in the dark. We must be focused to let our enemies bring out the very best in us and not the worse. You see they will not be satisfied until they can get our dandruff up and we must never give them what they want but do the will of our FATHER in heaven. Those that are filled with darkness will cause us to be stressed out; this is the time that we must concentrate on the scriptures that will remind us of the peace that reside within us. We have to remember that when the sun shines and the rain refreshes that it’s done for the righteous and the unrighteous. So regardless of how bad and nasty others will be; we must remain good and nice in the name of JESUS. Be as JESUS is and was toward us; HE is and was loving toward us when we were nothing to love. Remember that loving someone that is easy to love is no big deal. Grow up and be mature in your walk of faith in JESUS; be a reflection of HIM who is perfect and learn to be perfect in HIM. We are kingdom citizens and it’s time that we live as such. Live out our GOD created identity in HIM. Be generous and gracious as our FATHER is toward us daily.

·  In doing well; it is better to do it anonymously rather than to make a production out of it. GOD your FATHER sees all that we do and HE will reward us accordingly. When we make a show of what we do to help others; what we are actually asking people to do is to look at us and we want their praise. Everything that we do must be for our FATHER‘s glory and not our own. Remember also that when we pray we don’t need to be eloquent in speech to be seen by others; it’s so much better to talk to our DAD in secret in a place where we can be alone with DAD; just you and HIM. This is where relationship is formed. Those who make long, drawn out prayers show that they do not have a true relationship with the FAHTER in heaven. Being repetitive and too wordy when asked to pray in public is not our time to shine on center stage. DAD is so aware of the needs of others as well as ourselves; just say what you mean and mean what you say from a sincere heart; then be quiet. If you are a prayer warrior; you would know this. You will also realize that there is no special formular, program or technique for speaking and asking our DAD for what we want or need. Prayer to our DAD is so simple; it’s only conversation-plain talk. You know our DADDY is a forgiving DAD and this is what HE deals with on a daily basis from us. We are reckless and willful and yet HE forgives us everyday. So why can’t we forgive others who are reckless and willful towards us? We must forgive those who are this way towards us just as our FATHER in heaven forgives us for our sins. If we don’t learn to forgive others don’t be fooled in believing that DAD will forgive us. When we fast from anything for a certain length of time; whose business is that but yours and your DAD’s? Why must we broadcast that we have set time aside to concentrate on the FATHER; after all, this is what fasting is truly about. If you truly desire to get your DAD’s best then we better learn to keep our mouths closed and testify at the appropriate times when we are supposed to. Our FATHER is a provider to HIS children; HE will never allow any of us to go without food and clothing. Yet, we fret over missing a meal or not having the latest in fashion. Especially women; there is far too much concern about how many shoes and purses we have or don’t have. Or which outfit is in season or how many times we have been seen in an outfit. We have our priorities all messed up; don’t concentrate on the food that we eat then get rid of through waste but concentrate on the food; the manner which is the Word of GOD that HE provides us and that will sustain us. Our DAD realizes that we must have earthly food and HE will provide away for us to eat. And when it comes to our clothes; be happy that you have what you have; stop concentrating on the style and if it’s in fashion or not. The importance is that you have something to wear. If you are growing width wise do something about it so that you can continue to wear what you have. If you have gotten smaller than what you used to be; pin the clothes up on you; style it in a fashion that no one will notice. Be creative; be a trend setter; lead and stop following. When a bird looses a feather another one is grown; feathers are the clothes of a bird and yet we don’t see them losing their minds when they lose a feather. We don’t see them wondering where their next meal comes from. Believe it or not though GOD has provided nature to feed the birds; we in our arrogance and over indulgence feed the birds rather well with all that we waste when we throw away what we don’t want to eat. Look if GOD does not ignore the fields yet will dress the fields with beautiful flowers; what make us believe that HE would do any less for us?

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