Why do we keep looking at our failures?

The simple reason why we fail is that naturally in our
flesh we are bent towards sin. Apostle Paul had this struggle and made it clear
that we are in a struggle between our flesh and our born again spirit within
us. Are we to be discouraged because this struggle is ever present with us? No!
This is exactly what satan would like to see us do; quit, give up hope; believe
that it’s not worth the effort or that it can’t be done. But we need not even
think this way. Any circumstance, no matter how bad it may seem; is being
allowed in our lives by GOD. Therefore it is going to work out well for us. There
are times when we are not honest about our actions. Rather than face the guilt
or consequences; we justify our actions; recite excuses as to why we said or
did a thing. We must view and understand sin is sin and we must hate sin just
as much as GOD does. The more time we spend in the presence of GOD we will find
ourselves walking more according to the spirit and less according to the flesh.
This however, does not mean that we will not sin. It just means that we will be
more apt to sin less. For example: I may not have committed a sin in my action
or when I speak but I have not conquered having sinful thoughts when I drive.
However, when I realize that my thoughts are sinful, I quickly repent asking
GOD to forgive me and begin to think on things that are good and ask GOD to
send labors that are anointed to these lost people so that the Holy Spirit can
usher them to JESUS. Many times we simple convince ourselves that we did not
sin; even though the Bible condemns our actions clearly. This will bring our
downfall and will only lead us further away from GOD. Even though we may admit
sin in our lives; we may not take the time to seek true forgiveness by
repenting and turning away from that sin. We half heartedly ask for forgiveness
and do the sin again and again because we want to. Un-confessed sin drives a
wedge between us and GOD. Perhaps we are overconfident about our CHRISTian walk;
feeling that we will never sin as so many others do. Beware! Temptation attacks
each of us in a personal way; at the weakest point of our lives. Do not tempt
yourself by needless exposure to evil. We should know our weakness and it’s up
to us to be careful about the places we go; the people we select to be around;
the television shows or movies we watch and the music we listen to. Here is
another example of mine: I love music with the exception of Go-Go (an Afro
American sound). I still listen to music from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s that
have nothing to do with gospel or CHRISTian music. However, because I know the
life that some CHRISTians that I spend time with use to be involved in; I
choose not to play that music in their presence because it may cause them to
think about the life they lived before coming to JESUS. Music is not my
weakness but it is for some of them. Certainly we should never feel because
JESUS has already paid for our sins; that we have a license to sin. Actually it’s
the opposite; we no longer have a need to sin. Presumptuousness or complacency
in sin is a very dangerous attitude and one that requires counsel and
correction. If we are going to endure the spiritual war; we will need to
believe GOD’s Word in faith. When we doubt; we have no foundation on which to
stand; we have no armor with which to fight. It will then be easy to fall and
be captured by our enemy the devil. Read the story of the temptation of JESUS
and how HE overcame the temptation with the Word of GOD. Follow HIS example by
reading and if you can memorize the scriptures to help you in the daily battle.
We must allow GOD to work in our life. We must spend some quiet time alone
searching GOD out; by reading HIS Word and talking with HIM; this means that it’s
a two sided conversation. A daily time alone with GOD is an absolute necessity
if we are ever to achieve the discipline and perseverance we need as a
CHRISTian. We must spend time with JESUS so that HE may feed our faith; spend
time with GOD and other CHRISTians that have JESUS on their minds and a
willingness to serve HIM. The CHRISTian life is a life filled with fun;
learning and growing. We cannot expect overnight perfection. Through our
lifelong process of growing up in JESUS; we will be stepping into success. GOD
knew and know that we will never be perfect as long as we are in this sinful
world; however, HE does give us grace to please HIM.

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