JESUS prays for all Born-Again Believers in HIM


I have never been able to convince those that I have spoken to that what we have been taught as the LORD’s prayer actually is not so but rather HIS blueprint, HIS direction in how we ought to pray. If we will read the actual LORD’s prayer found in the book of John we will see how when JESUS prayed it lined up to HIS blueprint that HE instructed for us.

JESUS demonstrated HIS relationship with HIS FATHER within HIS community. How many of us can say that we do the same? So many people want to leave their country to preach to other countries when they struggle to say hello to their next-door neighbors. They do not get along with family members, school-mates and co-workers. Within our community we all have a local assemble where we go to worship GOD at least one day of the week, during weddings, baptisms/(christenings, baby dedication), funerals, mothers day, easter, and or CHRISTmas. In our local worship center we should come together to encourage, inspire and be an influence to one another but in most cases this is the place where we whisper negative conversations behind the back of others, cause those who may want to come into this place not to come because of how they see the actions being demonstrated outside of the building, in the neighborhood or because they do not have the appropriate clothing mankind has deemed must be worn or else they either will not be allowed in or they will seat them someplace where they will not be noticed. The local assembly should be a place where everyone actually is welcomed and the freedom to learn, share their struggles without being unjustifiable judged which is what humans do because we do not know how to rightly judge as GOD does, this is why judging should be left up to HIM alone. The local assembly should be the placed where we can all grow closer to GOD rather than care what the preachers are wearing or the congregants for that matter.

So many people leave coming to their local assembly because of being hurt by others in the “church”. Yet, when they are hurt at home, school or work they continue to return. Mainly because of what drives them to return, home (no other place to go and everything they own is in there); school (because this is where they better be or they will get into bigger trouble at home or if it college or university, you have already paid for your semester why not see it through to the end before dropping out) and work (the paycheck). Hopefully, this makes it clear where priorities are laid.

JESUS did not die on the cross for some that HE loved, JESUS died on the cross for all because HE loves all. None of us were living during the time JESUS walked this earth so most assuredly we were not alive during HIS crucifixion, resurrection and, ascention. Yet, before HE stepped out of heaven to take on the likeness of humankind HE knew us all very well. So, it stands to reason that those of us who know that we are forgiven why is it so difficult to forgive. And it stands to reason that we know that GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten SON so that we may obtain everlasting life through HIM. So, why is it so difficult for us to love as well? JESUS never waited for us to get ourselves together, a task that will never be done correctly without HIM before HE loved us. HE loved us in spite of the fact that there was absolutely nothing about us worth loving.

We the Born-Again Believers in CHRIST JESUS are the actual church, not a building made of stone and mortar. The church is made of flesh and bone and it is up to us to make one another feel safe, we are to share our victories as well as our struggles with one another. We are in a family together we are not lone rangers.

John 17:20-26


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