Grace is as we are instructed GOD’s undeserved; unmerited favor.

In the OT, Grace is seen in the following:

Noah –

  • no faults;
  • a man of integrity;
  • the only good man of his generation/time; who had GOD’s approval;
  • walked with GOD. Gen. 6:8

Moses –

  • the LORD spoke to him face to face as friends do;
  • the LORD knows him by name;
  • the LORD showed Moses HIS way/ HIS plans so that he may continue to please the LORD;
  • Moses wanted to know the LORD more intimately;
  • Moses wanted to know the LORD’s will;
  • the LORD is pleased with him;
  • and the presence of the LORD goes with Moses and gives to him rest. Ex. 33:12

Grace is shown from the LORD GOD as a remnant/a residue that remains; He provides the way of escape; He provides a new life and new opportunities, and our eyes are lit up because of Him. Ezra 9:8

  • The LORD is our Protector and KING;
  • HE/Grace blesses us with kindness and honor;
  • HE/Grace grants us favor;
  • HE/Grace does not withhold any good thing;
  • HE/Grace does not hold back HIS blessings to those of us who trust in HIM. Ps. 84:11

The LORD shows favor and is gracious to those of us

  • who are modest;
  • submissive;
  • void of pride;
  • void of arrogance;
  • mild tempered;
  • gentle;
  • and not easily irritated. Prov. 3:34

Grace is a crown of glory. Prov. 4:9

Grace is kind to non-believers; sinners, He shows them pity. Is. 26:10

Grace provides

  • blessings on top of blessings; abundance; overflow. 4:7 & *see note below.

Grace is a Spirit and prayer;

  • the Spirit of Mercy and prayer;
  • the Spirit of blessings and mercy – which is given/poured into the descendants of King David; and causes us to look on CHRIST JESUS. Zech. 12:10

*Grace-As explained in the book of Zechariah 4:7.

All the difficulties and oppositions that lie in the way will be gotten over and removed, even those that seem insuperable [Overcome; conquer, get the better of, overflow, surcharge, invade. Surpass; beyond, exceed, excel] (Zech. 4:7): Who and what are you, great mountain? Before Zerubbabel, you will become a plain.

(1.) How the difficulty is represented; it is a great mountain, impassable and immovable, a heap of rubbish, like a great mountain, which must be taken away, or the work cannot go on. The enemies of the Jews are proud and hard as great mountains; but, when GOD has work to do, the mountains that stand in the way of it will dwindle into mole-hills.

 (2.) How these difficulties are despised: “Who are you, great mountain! that you should stand in GOD’s way and think to stop the progress of HIS work? Who or why do you appear to look so big, that in this manner you seem to be a threat, and to a degree feared? Before Zerubbabel, when he is GOD’s agent, you will become a plain. All the difficulties will vanish, and all the objections are gotten over. Every mountain and hill will be brought low when the way of the LORD is to be prepared,” Isa. 40:4. Faith will remove mountains and make them plains. CHRIST is our Zerubbabel; mountains of difficulty were in the way of HIS undertaking, but before HIM they were all leveled; nothing is too hard for HIS Grace to do.

The same hand that has begun this good work will perform it: HE will bring forth the head-stone (Zech. 4:7,9. The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house, be it spoken to his honor (perhaps with his own hands he laid the first stone), and though it has been long retarded {delayed} and is still much opposed, yet it will be finished at last; he will live to see it finished, no, HIS hands will finish it; herein he is a type of CHRIST, who is both the Author and the Finisher of our faith; and HIS is the Author of it is an assurance to us that HE will be the Finisher, for, as for GOD, HIS work is perfect; has HE begun and will HE not make an end? Zerubbabel will himself bring forth the head-stone with shouting’s, and loud acclamations of joy, among the spectators. The acclamations are not hoorayed, but Grace, Grace; that is the burden of the triumphant songs which the church sings.

(1.) As magnifying free Grace and giving to that all the glory of what is done. When the work is finished it must be thankfully acknowledged that it was not by any policy or power of our own that it was brought to perfection, but that it was Grace that did it—GOD’s good-will towards us and HIS good work in us and for us. Grace, Grace, must be shouted, not only to the Head-stone, but to the Foundation-stone, the Corner-stone, and indeed to every stone in GOD’s building; from first to last it is nothing of works, but all of Grace and all our crowns must be cast at the feet of free Grace. Not onto us, LORD! not onto us.

(2.) As depending upon free Grace, and desiring the continuance of it, for what is yet to be done. Grace, Grace, is the language of prayer as well as of praise; now that this building is finished, all happiness attend it!

Peace is within its walls, and, in order to that, Grace. Let the beauty of the LORD our GOD be upon it!

Take notice what comes from the Grace of GOD, in faith, and upon good grounds, be committed to the Grace of GOD, for GOD will not forsake the work of HIS own hands.

*Matthew Henry’s Commentary

 In the NT, Grace is seen in the following:

Grace causes us to grow strong; to be full of His Wisdom (which is the Holy Spirit), and knowledgeable that HIS blessings are on us. Lk. 2:40

Grace became flesh/human; HE lived among humans; they saw HIS glory; Grace is the only begotten SON of the FATHER who is JESUS CHRIST the ONE spoken of in the OT and made perfectly clear for us to comprehend knowing that HE is the ONE full of Grace and Truth.  It is only out of the fullness of HIS Grace that those of us who trust in HIM will receive blessing after blessing/gift after gift. It is only through JESUS CHRIST that HIS Grace and truth came. John 1:14, 16-17

The apostles had great power to testify about the resurrection of CHRIST JESUS because of GOD’s abundant Grace which was with them all.  Acts 4:33

The Grace of GOD should be seen in people and people should see that we are blessed by GOD’s Grace and HIS kindness.  Acts 11:23

We are to speak boldly in the LORD GOD about CHRIST JESUS because HE bears witness to the Word of HIS Grace. And it is because of this that the LORD GOD performed miracles/signs and wonders. We are to represent as worthy of notice to the Grace of GOD’s care for the work that we complete in HIM. Acts 14:3, 26

We must believe that we are saved in like manner as those before us through the Grace of the LORD CHRIST JESUS. Acts 15:11

We are to be a help/encouragement through the enablement of kindness given to us to those who believe in the Grace of GOD. Acts 18:27

Our life and what we have accomplished in our own power/strength should not be considered more important than being obedient to the Holy Spirit. We should or must have the desire to complete the task given to each of us and that is to testify of the risen CHRIST. And to declare the Good News about HIS Grace. We are to be commended that is we are to be noticed and represented by GOD and the Word of HIS Grace which is what only builds us up and provides to us an inheritance among the sanctified; set apart/for we are the sons of GOD.  Acts 20:24, 32

It is only through CHRIST JESUS that we receive Grace for obedience to the faith. We are the beloved who have been called to be saints/the sons of GOD. Rom. 1:5, 7

Understand that the sons of the Living GOD are freely justified/absolved/ acquitted/approved/defended/pardoned/put in right standing/ and vindicated through the Grace of CHRIST JESUS because we are redeemed by and through HIM. Rom. 3:24

We must get out of the mindset that we are to do anything or something to earn our way into GOD’s good graces or into heaven. That has all been taken care of through CHRIST JESUS. Unwarily, we are looking for wages from GOD in some form or another that assures us that we are going to heaven to be with HIM. CHRIST JESUS fully paid our debt there was nothing that we could have done before and most definitely there is nothing that we can do now to add to the debt that CHRIST JESUS paid in full on our behalf. The promise that was given to us is based on and received through our faith because our father of faith is Abraham. And, should we decide to live by the law of Moses we are to obey them in every way not breaking one of them or we will be guilty of breaking all six hundred and thirteen of them. If anyone is able to obey the law of Moses completely than you also will receive the promise. Rom. 4:4, 16

Our faith in CHRIST JESUS has brought us into the experience of GOD’s Grace, this is why we can approach our FATHER and stand in HIS favor. And just as we brag about things of the world, we should be willing to brag and boast in the confidence that we have in GOD’s glory. As children of Adam in the natural, we cannot escape the DNA that he has passed down to each and every one of his kids from generation to generation. Eternal death rules in the lives of non-believers and we witness the devastation that the actions of sin do in the lives of people. Our only escape and hope are found in CHRIST JESUS who through HIS abundant Grace has given to us a way of escape from eternal death and sins. The Grace that we have in HIM is in great prevalence / great quantity / very prevalent / and if we are still missing what the scripture is teaching us to get this understanding; the Grace of GOD through CHRIST JESUS is abundant, ample, full, furnishing full supplies / we are not barren / we are not lacking anything / and we are rich in HIS supplies.  Recognize lovers of the law of Moses, it was impossible for our ancestors to obey all six hundred and thirteen of those laws and it is far more impossible for this generation and the generations to come to obey them. The law was not written for us to live by in the manner in which we are to live according to the Grace that we have from the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Actually, the law was written to show us that we are rebellious and can’t keep them. For example, when we are told not do a thing or not to repeat a thing verbally, what is the thing that we do or say that we were forbidden to do or say? This is evidence that we can’t keep the law. And, if you missed that example, here is another one, the speed limit is posted twenty-five, but we drive thirty or above. In this are we obeying the law or breaking it? We actually are breaking the law but just as in the natural, we receive grace to go no faster than five miles over the speed limit GOD’s Grace is supplied to us in greater abundance. If we were to self-evaluate ourselves and be honest, we could see that in our daily living we are actually missing the mark and are deserving of eternal death even if we are not sinning with the activity of our body what is our thought pattern like? This is why we should relish in the eternal life that we have received from CHRIST JESUS causing us to be justified in and through HIM by HIS Grace.    Rom. 5:2,17, 20-21

The law of Moses and sin no longer has dominion, it no longer has power and is no longer master over anyone who lives in the assurance and rest of GOD’s Grace.  Rom. 6:14

We have heard that many may say lord, lord but don’t know the nature of CHRIST JESUS as their true LORD and their true Savior so though it may appear that there are many in actuality there are only a few who are true believers that possess the remnant / the residue of GOD’s grace in their lives. Those that we see who are working to prove that they belong to GOD do not know or understand who Grace is. Grace does not require us to perform but to rest. Rom. 11:5-6

Everything that we are and do in the name of CHRIST JESUS is not done in vain. Actually, whatever work that we are tasked to do for the GOD of Grace we are to understand that it’s not us but Grace within us which compels us to do for CHRIST JESUS. 1 Cor. 15:10

GOD’s Grace is reaching more people every second of the day and they are offering to HIS glory prayers and thanksgiving. 2 Cor. 4:15

Excel in the Grace of GOD. The Grace of our LORD CHRIST JESUS left all of HIS abundance in heaven to come to us so that HE will cause us to be abundant in HIS poverty. JESUS was and is no way impoverished as we know poverty to be in our minimum understanding. JESUS took on the resemblance of poverty which is human flesh. 2 Cor. 8:7, 9

It is GOD’s nature to give to us more than we ask for or need by HIS constant overflowing Grace. GOD’s Grace is exceeding in us. 2 Cor. 9:8, 14

GOD’s Grace is enough for us; it’s all that we really need, and we will witness that HIS power is at it’s greatest when we are at our weakest. 2 Cor. 12:9

Become familiar with this, GOD is the ONE who appointed/chose/ picked us out before we were even born and separated us to HIMself from our mother’s womb through HIS Grace. Gal. 1:15

We need to make up in our minds that we will refuse to reject the Grace of GOD, we will not mix it with the Law of Moses any longer because now we understand that choosing the Law of Moses over the Grace of GOD is our silent confession that JESUS CHRIST died for nothing and that it was pointless. Gal. 2:21

Just as oil and water do not mix together but separate themselves so is the law of Moses and Grace; they will never mix well either. Trying to mix the law of Moses with Grace is actually separating ourselves from GOD’s Grace and causing us to be falling from HIS Grace and we cut ourselves off from CHRIST JESUS. Gal. 5:4

GOD’s Grace has made us acceptable in the Beloved who is CHRIST JESUS. It is in the blood of CHRIST JESUS that we are redeemed / we have been purchased and the debt is paid in full. We are free from our sins and we are completely forgiven of our past-present-and future sins. Eph. 1:6-7

We were once dead spiritually because of our sins and because we disobeyed the laws / we failed at keeping them/we violated the laws of Moses. However, in the love by which GOD so richly loves us HE made us become alive in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS by HIS precious blood, so it is by Grace that we are saved. There was nothing that we could have done and there is nothing that we can do to earn salvation or a place in heaven. Eph. 2:1, 5, 8

GOD has given us all the responsibility to share HIS Grace with anyone who will listen. Allow GOD’s Grace to speak through us so that we may share the unsearchable abundance in CHRIST Eph. 3:2, 8

Only speak words of Grace to the hearers, we must be mindful of the words that are coming from our mouth. Most often we will say traditional words that we believe sound good because those are the words that we have heard for situations. Those words are worldly and benefit no one. Eph. 4:29

The Good News is ever present with us now as it was then. It has continued from the beginning producing good fruit or results all over the world as it has been doing in our lives since the day that we heard the Grace and truth of GOD and who HE really is or HIS true nature. Col. 1:6

In prayer ask the FATHER to keep us worthy of our calling in HIM. I once wondered why this was placed in the NT scriptures but now, I understand, we’ve all seen ministers of the gospel who have been placed on pedestals and worshipped then brought down low to the ground because pride was discovered within them.  We must have a desire to remain humble and never allow GOD’s glory to be shared with us in the manner that it’s all about us. When we do this, it will be in this manner that the name of our LORD CHRIST JESUS will be honored among us. Then will CHRIST JESUS good will be honored GOD the FATHER. 2 Thess. 1:11-12

Remember this won’t you that our LORD pours out HIS abundant Grace on us and gives to us HIS faith and love which is ours because of our union in CHRIST JESUS. 1Tim. 1:14

We are saved and called with a holy calling not according to any works we are able to perform according to our own education, power or strength. But according to HIS Grace which was given to us through CHRIST JESUS before time began.  CHRIST JESUS saved us to become HIS own people. 2Tim. 1:9

We know to say this, but we miss out by not living it and that is that we are to be strong in the Grace of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. 2Tim. 2:1

GOD the FATHER has revealed to the world HIS Grace CHRIST JESUS for the salvation of all people. Titus 2:11

We have been justified by GOD’s Grace which has transformed us into heirs according to eternal life by which we are confident. Titus 3:7

As humans were made so did JESUS willingly become a little lower than the heavenly angels by taking on the likeness of mortal man in the flesh so that HE could suffer death on our behalf and be crowned with glory and honor.  It was through GOD’s Grace that JESUS tasted death for every human so that we would not have to. Heb. 2:9

Now that we have accepted, believe and have received CHRIST JESUS into our heart we can now come boldly to the throne of Grace and speak with our DADDY face to face.  We are recipients of HIS Grace and HIS mercy which helps us when we are in trouble. Heb. 4:6

When the Law of Moses was instituted, we had to obey them and our disobedience to them put us to death without any mercy because we were judged guilty by the evidence of two or more witnesses.  Now, because those who refuse the Grace of GOD through despising the SON of the Living GOD they too will be put to death and judged by the Holy Spirit because they disbelieved and treat the blood of JESUS our covenant as some cheap thing. Not realizing that it is HIS blood which purifies us from sin.  Heb. 10:28-29

We must not turn from the Grace of GOD back to possessing that root of bitterness which springs up from within us and causes nothing but trouble and defiles us.  Grace is what helps us to serve GOD out of reverence. Heb. 12:15, 28

GOD is our Grace provider and HE gives us HIS grace in abundance. However, don’t fool yourselves because HE will not waste HIS Grace, HE will stand against; oppose and disappoint those who are prideful but will provide HIS overflowing Grace on those of us who are humbled. Jms. 4:6

If you indulge in getting drunk or ingest anything that has control over your mind or alters the way you think you are not sober in your mind.  If you would rather believe lies because of your lack of understanding the truth all because the lies come across to you as more attractive, you are not sober in your thinking. And if you believe that what you are doing or what you have chosen to believe is not harmful then you do not have soberness of your mind and thoughts.  Our minds must always be ready for action and remaining alert due to our setting our hope completely on the Grace of CHRIST JESUS which has been offered or given to us.  We can’t be this way if our minds are clouded and we have placed our confidence in everything but CHRIST JESUS and HIS Grace. 1Ptr. 1:13

We all are to acknowledge that we all are inferior especially to one another so when we know this be humble. Remember, GOD opposes the proud but provides HIS abundant Grace to all who live in humility. So, allow the Grace of GOD to daily establish us, perfect us, settle us and strengthen us by HIS Grace. 1Ptr. 5:5, 10

Let us avail ourselves to growing or better yet, growing up in the Grace and knowledge of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. 2Ptr. 3:18

Only people who are addicted to the unlawful indulgence of lust which are but not limited to such as addiction to immoral sex; vile and wicked behavior will creep in unnoticed and turn the Grace of GOD into acts of lewdness and will deny the ONE and only Living GOD as well as HIS Beloved SON, CHRIST JESUS. People like this are marked for condemnation and are ungodly. Jude 4



The Lame


When or if we think of people being lame it’s usually focused on a person who has injured limbs be, they crippled or disabled. Another way that we look at what we consider lame is when people offer up excuses for what or why something was done or not. But I will like for us to stretch out a wee bit more and look at our self this will be a self-examination to check if our spirit is lame.

When we are not Born-Again believers in CHRIST JESUS, we are lame in our spirit because our spirit is laying within us dormant, it is crippled and disabled, unsound, impaired and void of strength. We are actually hobbling through our life rather than living the life of an overcomer with victory and being led by the Holy Spirit.

Just as the beggar who was once lame in his limbs was healed, we too are healed within when we take the free gift that CHRIST JESUS has for us. Non-believers walk by the church building as well as the church which is the body of CHRIST JESUS within our bodies HIS temple. But the faith that Peter and John had is more often not activated within us when we see those who are lame physically and spiritually. When we see anyone, who is standing outside the building of the church that is lame physically and or spiritually but will not come in, it is our duty to represent and show that person that we are the church, the body of CHRIST JESUS, not the building made with brick and mortar and offer to them what we have which is CHRIST within us. People who are lame physically could have been born this way or became this way due to an injury that was diagnosed medically as permanent or temporary. But everyone is born lame spiritually. And a person’s spirit will remain lame until they believe and receive the free gift of CHRIST JESUS. People who are lame are always in the position of looking for something to fill the void they have. And most often people try to fill their void with alcohol, drugs, sexual addiction, hurting others, overspending, building a wall surrounding their heart with being indifferent to others, also, people look for answers to fill their void through religions which are cultic and spurious. In the name of CHRIST JESUS of Nazareth, we should command that those who are lame rise up in CHRIST JESUS and to no longer rise up in self or those things that we believe that we need which is a lie all because we believed in the lie of that which is indulgent to us. When we offer CHRIST JESUS, we are offering a hand up to them and not so much a handout. Those who take the free gift will begin to praise GOD immediately and if not, outwardly definitely they will be jumping and leaping inwardly because for the first time they have been strengthened. But often when we witness to people, we just leave them and a baby without someone to care and love for them will become wild and unknowledgeable of who they are. So, not only invite the people into the church building but take them into the church building regardless of how they are dressed or smell. We need to get the babies in CHRIST JESUS to walk around in their newness of life. We are all walking testimonies and the more mature we become in CHRIST JESUS the more people will and is looking at us with amazement because they knew our onetime condition.

Our response should always be the understanding in the full promises that belong to us, which is the power of the name of JESUS that caused the transformation within the life of ourselves and anyone who believes. It is the power of the name of JESUS that gives us power. It is faith in the name of JESUS that makes us all well so others will be able to see. The fact is that our onetime life of being lame was due to our ignorance of CHRIST JESUS. And for some believers in CHRIST JESUS, the ignorance of GOD’s nature is still present.

Most of us are familiar with the scripture regarding Moses and the rock for providing water. But did you know that JESUS was present during this time? Well let’s take a look Ex.17:1-7; without CHRIST in our heart we are all wandering along in the “Wilderness of Sin” and while we are looking for support (the meaning of Rephidim) we are without water. And when we notice that we are lacking something that is missing we tend to find fault with others and blame them for our situation. It is not the non-believers in CHRIST that try the patience of our LORD it is the believers that do this on the daily. How you may be asking? By continually looking to people, places and things to supply for needs that we have. Also, with our complaining, griping, mumbling, asking for forgiveness each time we unwillingly/willingly sin, continually asking to be blessed, and not believing that the total works of JESUS were completely fulfilled concerning us on that cross. The LORD told Moses that HE will stand before him which means that JESUS was standing on the mountain, HIS presence was there with authority and power. Are you at Mt. Horeb the place of dried up ground? Do you recognize that JESUS is standing before you in HIS authority and power? The answer is a whopping no because I am a witness to hearing and seeing Born-Again CHRISTians strike the rock/mountain which is actually crucifying JESUS all over again; this is putting JESUS to the suffering that HE once went through for us again. [We will see the revelation of this later.] When Moses hit the rock, which is what he was supposed to do, water flowed, and the people drank. This is proof that CHRIST JESUS wants us to be refreshed. It is time that we come out of Meribah, the place of complaining and contention having foolish lips and being in struggles and strife. Now back to Acts 3. Understand this, the fullness of GOD’s grace for and on us, just like anything that is new to us it takes us a moment to completely understand what we are involved in or with. Most CHRISTians misunderstand what Peter had said when he said, “repent and be converted that your sins may be blotted out so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the LORD.” In today’s language what Peter said is this, “change your mind about being sinners, become sons of the Living GOD and your sins, condemnation and guilt will be erased, you will be refreshed because of the presence of the LORD living within you.” That comes across like the water flowing that we saw in Ex. 17. It is when we have come to the LORD that we become spiritually strengthened rather than remaining spiritually lame. Now to explain how we are striking the rock/mountain, again and again, all because we don’t fully know the nature of our FATHER and the nature of CHRIST JESUS as well as who we are in them. Go to Numb. 20:1-12; here we will take notice that after all had gone pleasingly well for the Israelites, they found another reason to blame, complain, gripe, and mumble. Same situation different place. Instead of blaming and complaining; instead of nursing, rehearsing and cursing your situation we need to fall on our face before the LORD and get HIS help. We will know that we have HIS help when HIS glory is upon us. Actually, we have HIS help because HIS glory is supposed to be within us. We need to get out of the lame habit of speaking to others who can’t or won’t help us and speak to the Rock, CHRIST JESUS. Stop causing JESUS to go through the suffering and the crucifixion again and again through what you believe, say and do. Stop, striking the Rock as Moses did, he was told to speak to the rock but in his anger and frustration being caught up in his emotions, he hit the rock/mountain which is the representation of JESUS going through the suffering and crucifixion again and again. Cease being a rebel. Know that though we mess up if we have been washed in the blood of JESUS and HE is within us and we are within HIM that our mishaps are not held against us. But this does not mean that we are to just do what we want to do in willful sinfulness. Just as JESUS gave the Israelites water in all their rebellion and after Moses did a very bad thing because he was in his emotions/his feelings/his flesh, JESUS still supplied the needs of the people not adequately but abundantly. Why do we not believe that HE is doing that for us as well? Some earthly fathers give greatly to their own kids even though their kids get on their nerves being so very lame. So, why is it so very difficult for us to believe that our heavenly FATHER gave us HIS very best gift and that is HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS who continually gives in the areas that we have a need in? Just as Moses and Aaron did not believe in faith neither do, we, in other words just as Moses and Aaron did not cling to and rely on the LORD, we display that in our faith as well.

Acts 3:2, 5-10, 16-20


Our Lives Demonstrate That We Are GOD’s Sons

Hello, it’s me here again to share with the faithless as well as with the faithful about CHRIST JESUS my LORD and my Savior. As I write I know that it’s my FATHER who writes through me because of HIS Holy Spirit living on the inside of me. Without Him, I could not write the blogs that have been written and shared thus far. I like many others are HIS representatives and being HIS evangelist, I write again to you on behalf of CHRIST JESUS to be reunited with the FATHER. There is only one way to the FATHER and that is through CHRIST JESUS who is our perfect doorway. No one will see the FATHER by climbing through the windows, jumping down from the roof, breaking and entering or using the back door. We all must walk through the front door. Every minister of Almighty GOD that is every person of faith in CHRIST JESUS should be telling others of CHRIST JESUS either verbally or literally. Consider yourselves to be co-workers in CHRIST JESUS and come out of the closet regarding your faith. This is not the time to be secret agents for CHRIST we must be heard and seen. Stop being ashamed of what others may think about your faith in CHRIST JESUS. Just as it was the right time for you, so it is for others. HE heard you and HE will hear the hearts and words of the request of others to invite HIM into their hearts. The day that we believed in our salvation because we received HIS gift of salvation is the day that HE helped us. And it will be no different for those who do not yet believe. No human is too bad/sinful that CHRIST JESUS will turn HIS back on us. HE is aware of everything that we have done and said,  even our very thoughts so we might as well give up and into HIM. This is the very hour, the very day that you, yes you must come to CHRIST JESUS and come out of bondage, darkness, imprisonment, and sin. Now, right now is your acceptable time, not tomorrow or later in life. Tomorrow may come but tomorrow may not come for you. Later may come but later may not come for you. Make this the day of your salvation, make this the day that you believe and receive GOD’s most precious gift, HIS SON. Make this the day that everything that you are guilty of that you will now be acquitted, not found guilty, and faultless. Today, this very minute could be your day and time of becoming restored because of your belief in CHRIST JESUS. Will this be the day that you received GOD’s favor/blessings? HE will answer when you call out of a heart of sincere belief in HIS SON. And in your day of salvation, you will receive HIS help. From that point on GOD will protect you because you will be appointed HIS promise, HIS chosen people. And just like the rest of us, you will be a partaker in the restoration of the land/community where we reside. And we will be at rest in the place which is considered desolate/good for nothing; the ghetto; the place where public housing is and so on. People will say of you just as it was said about JESUS; can any good thing come out of Nazareth? Well, can any good thing come out of where you are?

2 Corinthians 5:20, 6:1-3; Is. 49:8;


Our life should be a dedication to GOD


This blog is for all to read but it’s primarily for my brother’s and sister’s who have been washed in the blood of CHRIST JESUS and grafted into HIS Vine.

We are to be encouraged by one another and be accountable sharing with each other without being judgmental of how we are desiring to dedicate our bodies to the FATHER, and we need HIS help by the Holy Spirit to be who HE said we can be in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. This is the reasonable sacrifice that we offer up to the FATHER daily. We live in a sinful world and spend most of our quality time with sinful people. However, just because we live in a sinful world and spend most of our time around none believers in CHRIST JESUS does not mean that we are to remain with the same character and integrity as we once had which resembled who we must be around at work, school or wherever we are to be daily. We please and worship GOD when we take on the character and image of CHRIST JESUS. I have passed by some sinners who actually smell as though they are residents of hell now because of the sulfur scent that comes from them. Not all none believers emit that scent. It’s a sickening scent and we should not want to remain in the presence of people that have that scent coming from them. And some not all but some CHRISTians actually have the scent of heaven emitting from them, I hope that if not daily though I hope to have it daily that from time to time I emit the scent of heaven from my being. I desire to be a sweet aroma to the nostrils of my DADDY and BIG BROTHER JESUS. A few years ago, I witnessed a pastor instruct the congregation to prepare for a burnt offering to bring in the New Year. Among other things that I heard her teach and behave I would speak with my sister’s in CHRIST about what we’ve witnessed. I had to make it plain that what she was teaching was no longer required and that it is the Law rather than Grace. Some of what I shared was agreeable and some of what I shared was disagreeable to my sisters. It showed me that though they are great women of GOD that they still mix law with grace. One day it came down to a showdown between the pastor and myself when she told me that I was not allowed to teach the grace of GOD and to harp on salvation. I have to explain, this knocked the wind out of my sails, but I recovered quickly and said, “so you plan to lead your congregation to hell and keep them blind to the full knowledge of CHRIST JESUS”? She did not much like that, and I asked her to never again ask me to visit her ministry or to be a guest speaker. Today, her ministry no longer exist. We need to teach that CHRIST JESUS forgives all not just some but all sin. JESUS CHRIST died for the entire world and HE rose from the dead. We need to teach that though JESUS CHRIST lived under the law and was the only One who kept each and every commandment and law that HIS teaching surpassed the law. We need to know when HE spoke law and when HE spoke grace, grace being the instrument that we are to live by today in order for us to be obedient to the commandments and law without having to memorize them or work them through performance. As well as to not become guilt driven because we did not do what is right in the sight of GOD. None of us were born when JESUS CHRIST died on that cross and none of us were alive when HE rose from the grave, yet, HE forgave us of all our sins. And because our sins have been forgiven and we believe this by faith in CHRIST JESUS to be the One and Only perfect sacrifice we no longer have a need to perform to be approved by the FATHER. Unlike our ancestors, before the death of JESUS CHRIST, they had to annually make a sacrifice to GOD for their sin. But have you ever thought about what if they sinned as they were leaving the High Priest after giving their sacrifice? It’s not a what if because they did, if not in action surely in thought, they would have to wait an entire year before offering another sacrifice. Our sacrifice was perfect in CHRIST JESUS and there is no need for HIM to lay HIMself down again on the cross and be nailed to it and die then rise again. No, it was done once and for all, never to be repeated. In CHRIST JESUS we obtained a new life for our living a life of having a personal relationship with the FATHER without an earthly mediator who was a sinner or is a sinner. Our Mediator is CHRIST JESUS our great HIGH PRIEST who was never created in sin, never born in sin, never committed sin. Because sin was not and is not in HIM.

We are not to remain as the people of the world people should see a positive change in our life. People should be attracted to what it is that we have which is CHRIST JESUS but for some, they will be repelled because they just don’t want anything to do with HIM. Let us not be like those who are religious, they may faithfully attend church service, but the proof is that the Church is not in them because it is evident that the seeds which were sown fell on weeds or thorny plants. They are more concerned about what is going on in this world rather than living for CHRIST JESUS. When we are overcome by anxiety, stress, and worries we are unproductive fruit in the Spirit. These are the things which choke the Word of GOD right out of us and we allow it to be so. CHRIST JESUS set us free by giving HIMself over for our sins, HE was obedient to the FATHER. So, why are we so in love with the world because the world surely does not love us let alone in love with us? Everything that the world has to offer is temporary and when we choose the world over CHRIST JESUS we are void of love from the FATHER.  A sin that I admittingly struggle with is this: my thoughts. Though I know to cast down negative and sinful thoughts I don’t always do so. Here is how we are to overcome negative and sinful thoughts cast them out by speaking the Word of GOD. Go ahead give yourself this test, think whatever you like, now count verbally. What happened to those thoughts? Where did they go? Our minds were not created to speak thoughts while our mouth is speaking. So, instead of thinking evil and sinful thoughts or having a back and forth conversation with the devil about what you did and who he says that you are. Speak the Word of GOD, remind yourself of who GOD is and who you are to HIM. It does not require us to speak loudly so that another person can hear, it just requires us to speak loud enough that you can hear yourself. No one is transformed outwardly in, rather we are transformed inwardly out. The change that we experience comes from the inside, not the outside. Remember that song by Pattie LaBelle “I’ve got a new attitude”? This is what we are to possess in CHRIST JESUS a new attitude by the renewing of our thoughts. Our attitude is not done by the works we perform, it’s nice to volunteer and do nice things but what is the motive behind them? If it’s not done purely out of love, grace, and mercy it’s fruitless. We are to never perform believing that it will give us entry into heaven or brownie points with GOD. CHRIST JESUS saved us not because of anything that we have done but because we were sinners far away from our CREATOR, from our heavenly GOD who is Almighty. We are saved because of GOD’s mercy towards us. We believe in CHRIST JESUS then we are washed in HIS blood and we are renewed by the Holy Spirit. Lastly, our sacrifice to GOD is to live our lives free from sexual immorality which is a sin. This is what sexual immorality is: lewdness; lust; adultery; bestiality; fornication; homosexuality or any other sexual act that I may not be aware of. The man and woman who are married to one another are omitted from sexual immorality because their marriage bed is undefiled, Heb.13:4. The will of GOD is that we are sanctified and abstain, this is our dedication and devotion to GOD.

Romans 12:1-2; Phil. 4:18; Heb. 10:18, 20;  Matt. 13:22; Gal. 1:4; 1 John 2:15; Eph. 4:23; Titus 3:5; 1 Thess. 4:3-8


We are Conquerors in and through CHRIST JESUS


Humanly speaking we are weak. This is why it is a requirement that we have the Holy Spirit of GOD through CHRIST JESUS living and operating within us. He is the One who gives us power and strength to do the impossible and to say that which needs to be said. The Holy Spirit is our helper. When we speak without the help of the Holy Spirit, we say ridiculous things like “all that the LORD has spoken we will do; Ex. 19:8” or “we are able, or we can; Mt. 20:22”. We are not able or can do anything without the help of the Holy Spirit. What we are able and can do is manufacture a mess somewhere down the road of life for either ourselves, others or both. We love to say, “GOD knows my heart” and though this is very true the problem is that we don’t know our own heart. Our heart is manipulative and wicked. And it is proven by the thoughts that we have and the actions that correspond to our thoughts. GOD is the ONE who knows the mind of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit is the One who intercedes on our behalf. When we pray, we should pray through the Holy Spirit because HE never repeats Himself or says things that should not be said. We are always saying ridiculous things in prayer because I hear what people say in group prayers. For example, it is clear that some of us do not know the will of GOD because we will say “if it is your will” first of all we should know from the scriptures GOD’s will and when we know HIS will then we will not say that. But what we can acknowledge that we don’t want to do or say something that GOD has directed us to say or do because we are uncomfortable about that. Then it’s okay to say, “let you will be done”. Are you secure in the knowledge that GOD the FATHER loves you? If so great because HE actually does and everything going on in our life is or will work out for our good because we too love GOD, the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS who is our LORD and Savior or just our Savior. Why did I write it that way? Because in all honesty, we will receive CHRIST JESUS as our Savior long before we will receive HIM as our LORD which means we have surrendered and given HIM complete and total control over us. Admittingly, we know that GOD has saved us and has called us to be HIS own holy people. Not because we were all that great or because of what we were doing or are doing thinking that this will get us into heaven. It is only by HIS grace, love, and mercy towards us that HE did what HE did for our salvation. Before the world was created and began GOD had purposed that CHRIST JESUS will show us GOD’s kindness and mercy. GOD had already chosen HIS people and appointed them by separating us so that we will be formed in the very likeness of HIS SON. We are the approved and the called and HIS congregation swells daily, we have been justified in CHRIST JESUS and because of what CHRIST JESUS has done and in our receipt of HIM through believing in HIM we are glorified. Stop looking at ourselves as being black, brown, red, white or yellow this is not who we are, this is not our race. Our race is that we are a holy nation and a royal priesthood. We have been chosen by GOD we are HIS generation, we are HIS special people because we belong to HIM. So, now that we are aware of this fact, we should be able through HIM to proclaim to everyone orally or in our lifestyle the wonderful actions of our GOD. Share with people through your testimony how you were saved and taken out of the darkness and placed in the marvelous light of CHRIST. And those who are in the light of CHRIST find it necessary to bless those who do and say evil things about them, it’s a strange yet marvelous way that we show that we belong to CHRIST JESUS we share in the blessings of GOD to others because we know that we are blessed to be a blessing. Nothing can separate us from GOD’s everlasting love through CHRIST JESUS. Don’t you know that GOD is for us so why worry about those who are against us? We should know that we have been made righteous through CHRIST JESUS and not by obeying the law of which we never did anyway. The foundation of our faith is solely in CHRIST JESUS not the Ten Commandments or the Laws of Moses. The LORD our GOD is with us! And because the FATHER handed HIS only begotten SON over to death for us don’t, we know that HE will not withhold anything from us? It was because of our sins that JESUS chose to die for us but HE did not remain dead, we don’t have a dead Savior, JESUS is very much alive and because HE lives we have received GOD’s approval. It does not matter that we are being accused by our past life without CHRIST JESUS, know that because of the washing of the blood we are not guilty because GOD HIMself said so. So, let the ignorance of others try to condemn us, don’t allow that to bother you, CHRIST JESUS is alive sitting at the right hand of the FATHER interceding on our behalf. That’s right, CHRIST JESUS is sitting on the right-hand side of the FATHER because HE has the position of honor. CHRIST JESUS is not slack in doing the impossible for us and that is to save us from our worst self, only believe in HIM and until the day of HIS return when HE will gather all of us who belong to HIM, HE will be in the position of praying for us all.

We are so loved that we have been given complete and total victory, yes, we are conquerors through CHRIST JESUS. To all of my siblings in CHRIST JESUS you are dearly beloved and because of this nothing in heaven, on earth nor beneath the earth which is hell can separate us from the love given to us by GOD through HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. Take a look at what is said so that we will have a complete understanding that we can’t be separated from GOD’s love.

  • Death nor life
  • Heavenly angels nor evicted angels who are known as demons that rule the airwaves with the power that we give to them
  • The present, past nor future
  • The world above (heaven) nor the world below (hell)
  • Nothing that has been created because it is a mere creation

None of those things can or will be able to separate us from the love of GOD our FATHER and HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS unless we allow them to. Get it, got it, good.

Romans 8:26-35, 37-39; Matt. 20:22; 2 Tim. 1:9; 1 Pet. 2:9, 3:9; Gal. 2:16; Num. 14:9; Rom. 4:29; Mrk. 16:19; Heb. 7:25; 1 Cor. 15:57


True life is in the Spirit


We are totally free from indwelling sin when we have the Holy Spirit living within us. It is not possible for the Holy Spirit to live in a temple of sin. And it is GOD’s precious Holy Spirit that makes us HIS son’s. One of my favorite words is “now”. Now is the present time not the past or the future. One of our problems as believers is that we look for what will happen in the sweet by and by which is our way of believing that all that we know of GOD’s will through reading the scriptures may happen for us in the future once we get to heaven. No, we are learning about the nature of GOD now through CHRIST JESUS. When we came to CHRIST JESUS and invited HIM into our heart it was in that now that all sin was executed and thrown out of our life. And though we have a measure of the Holy Spirit living within us there is a greater portion of the Spirit of GOD when we invite the Holy Spirit to come and live within us and this is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When we are baptized in the Holy Spirit of GOD, we are totally filled with Him and have that fire and power through GOD’s most wonderful strength through HIS anointed SON, CHRIST JESUS. We need to stop dwelling on our past because that person has died along with all the guilt that we had to deal with. We are no longer guilty of our past because in our now there is no sin and because there is no sin in our now than we are no longer condemned by the actions of sin. We can no longer be judged by our one-time unbelief in CHRIST JESUS or the actions which were the fruit and consequences of sin. GOD has already judged us to be righteous in HIM through CHRIST JESUS. So, it is very possible for us to make the choice to not walk according to the lust of our flesh. We don’t have to cuss someone out for doing anything that we consider a big negative deal. We don’t have to have those negative thoughts against someone at work, in our home, community or church. We can choose to live in the will of GOD. And, we may need to concentrate on one area of our life for that thing that we are aware of that goes against the will of GOD. Or, we can just surrender our entire being to the FATHER in CHRIST JESUS and rest on the fact of knowing that HE got us. Stop trying to be the best CHRISTian and just be from day to day from now to now. Find out about the grace of GOD and rest in that.

We are to walk in the Spirit rather than our flesh, we use to walk according to the will of our flesh and allowed our emotions to dictate to us. Now, we are to walk in the Holy Spirit who will guide, lead, teach and train our emotions so that our flesh will follow accordingly. Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and teach us causes us to discontinue walking according to the will of our flesh. Come to know who the Holy Spirit is and what His position is and we will live our natural life supernaturally which causes us to be directed by the Holy Spirit and the fulfillment of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. The flesh is sinful and corrupt this is why we must be led and taught by the Holy Spirit. Know that our flesh is not saved but our soul is but without the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us we will continue to live by the will of our emotions which leads our flesh. Now, we will be living according to the teaching of the Holy Ghost who can only speak of CHRIST JESUS who is the author and finisher of our faith. We used to give in to our own desires now we give in to the desires of CHRIST JESUS by the comfort of HIS Spirit.    

Romans 8:1, Gal. 5:16




ABBA is the Aramaic translation of FATHER. Only males can beget children, they are the only ones who can be the generator. Abba (earthly fathers) become the ancestor of his offspring, the progenitor. The title of honor and respect. The title itself is not holy but it is a title that denotes that the child has an intimate relationship with the man that is biologically tied to him/her. This title has been known to be used by children who are adopted, has a step-father or father-figure. GOD/ABBA, unlike earthly fathers, is not One who will deny us or brag about us, yet, has not had any input into our lives. GOD/ABBA is better than the best father we have in our lives. For those of you who do not or did not experience a positive life or a life at all with a father, you may find it difficult to see GOD as ABBA/FATHER, let alone your DADDY. All humans have a father, but all humans don’t have a daddy. A father is the one who planted the seed that caused us to be. A daddy is a provider and teacher. The one who takes his arrow (his kid, kids) and point them in the direction they are to go in life and with his bow shoot them in that direction. He is the one who sets the atmosphere in the home of leadership. To all mankind GOD/ABBA is our FATHER but only because HE is the ONE who created man. When people say that GOD is their FATHER it is correct but we must look at how HE is their FATHER when they do not have the SON/JESUS abiding on the inside of them. Take a look at the Israelites that were set free from the bondage of slavery in Egypt, they were the children of the Living GOD but they were not saved. Before they reached Mt. Sinai and the Ten Commandments was written, grace was with them. After, all that went down at Mt. Sinai they had to prove themselves through works by the conditions of the Law of Moses. I shudder to think how many died in righteousness and how many died lost. Well, it’s like this today, those who do not have grace abiding within them they are not the sons of the Living GOD in the sense that JESUS came to cause. Anyone who has CHRIST JESUS abiding within, and they are living in CHRIST JESUS is not only a child of creation who is the descendant of Adam, but we are better because we have been adopted by the washing of the blood of JESUS and grafted into the family of JESUS to be the sons of the Living GOD. And because we have sonship we can come boldly before the Almighty GOD and call HIM DADDY.

Often in the scriptures, we can find JESUS telling HIS disciples about HIS ABBA/FATHER. Whether it was in public or when HE was in agony about something that HIS flesh did not want to go through but because of HIS obedience to HIS ABBA/FATHER, HE did just what HE was sent here to do. Those without JESUS abiding within can’t understand the deity of CHRIST. We know that HE is one hundred percent Man and one hundred percent GOD and some of the most mature CHRISTians when reading the Word of GOD have a difficult time separating the Man from GOD in the scriptures. When JESUS was praying in the garden asking HIS ABBA/FATHER to choose another method to complete the mission this was his humanity speaking. In most cases when we are facing extremely difficult times in our lives we forget to run directly to our ABBA/FATHER and cry out to HIM letting HIM know what is going on and that we need HIS help to either get through this trial or to get out. Our telling ABBA what is going on is not as though HE is unaware, HE sees all and HE knows all. In the difficult times in our life, we forget that our ABBA/FATHER can do anything because nothing is impossible for HIM, HE can do anything that is good and what is best for our favor. We must believe that it is not HIM that sent the turmoil that we are going through saying that it is the will of GOD. No, ABBA/DADDY does not send confusion and turmoil into our life because HE is not the author of confusion. We need to understand that some of the hell that we are going through was because we walked or ran into it with eyes wide shut. Though we are in hell all we need do is call out to ABBA and HE will lead us out. JESUS already faced hell for us so why are we going through it? I sometimes ask people “what in the hell do they want?” Not using this to be profane because generally it is used as such. We are facing hell because we are following our own will rather than the will of the ABBA/FATHER.

So, the question is, who is your ABBA, abba? Notice the lower case abba, I refuse to capitalize the father that those without CHRIST in their lives worship knowingly or unknowingly. Fact, you minus CHRIST equals your abba/father being satan. Are you in fear are you in bondage to someone or something that you unknowingly have victory over? Then maybe your abba/daddy is satan because if your ABBA/DADDY is the Creator, Ruler, and KING over everything then you do not have a spirit that causes you to be in fear or bondage. The Spirit that ABBA/FATHER has given to us is the Spirit that comes with love and power to have a calm and well-balanced mind with discipline and self-control. Your abba/daddy gives you the spirit of opposition to what our ABBA/FATHER gives to us. We have been adopted praise GOD to be sons rather than mere children through CHRIST JESUS and is given the Spirit that causes us to call out ABBA/my FATHER/my DADDY. Remember, when we were, wee tots, and someone or something hurt us to the point that we were crying, who did we call out to? I know, mother (lol) but some of us called out to both. Also, because we have been adopted, we are given a name that can never, ever be cut away or off from us. WoW, this is so amazing!

Now that we are the sons of the Living GOD and HE is now known to us as ABBA/my FATHER/my DADDY/my DA/my POP/my POPPY or whatever affectionate name you call your earthly daddy that no other man has of honor to him. We have from HIM the Spirit of HIS SON JESUS. What!? Wait a minute, we have the Spirit of CHRIST JESUS, I thought that we have the Holy Spirit! I know this is how I reacted some years ago when I was given the revelation knowledge that the Holy Spirit is the same Spirit that JESUS released from the cross. “FATHER into YOUR hands I commit MY Spirit” Lk. 23:46. WoW, kinda awesome, huh!? This is why HE told HIS disciples that HE was not leaving them comfortless because HE was going to send HIS Holy Spirit not encased within HIS flesh any longer and not just hovering over as it was in times past but He will now reside within our heart. And He will be the cause of why we acknowledge and call out to ABBA/our FATHER/our DADDY to no longer just refer to HIM as GOD but because of the intimate relationship, because we have become so comfortable in HIS presence, we now call HIM ABBA/DADDY/FATHER. And, we can sit up on HIS lap to rest and love on HIM.

Mark 14:36; Romans 8:15; Galatians 4:6