Though we think that experiencing a broken heart is about romantic love. It actually is the experience of having our spirit crushed or depressed by grief or despair.

Here is Good News for all of those who are sinners, the non-righteous. And Good News for all who are righteous in GOD through CHRIST JESUS. The LORD is near to anyone who has a broken-heart and HE will save anyone who has a crushed spirit. Our enemy, satan is forever coming after us, those who are non-believers in CHRIST JESUS are fair game to him but those of us who are blood washed he can’t touch. The enemy has and will continue to crush the spirit of the non-believer to the ground and as long as there is unbelief in you regarding CHRIST JESUS, the enemy will keep you in complete darkness and you are dead.

Now, The Good News of Salvation is this, this is about CHRIST JESUS. The Spirit of the LORD GOD is on HIM the LORD has anointed HIM to announce the Good News to the poor (in spirit) abased by guilt; broken-hearted by sin; deeply affected with grief and sorrow for having offended GOD. JESUS the CHRIST was sent to heal the broken-hearted, to announce freedom for everyone who is held captive by sin; to release everyone who is in darkness into HIS marvelous light; to proclaim that this is your year to receive the blessings, favor, and grace from the LORD that the day of vengeance has come of the LORD GOD and to bring to us comfort instead of mourning. We are to receive in our faith in CHRIST JESUS beauty in place of the ashes we once had and we are anointed with the oil of gladness. We are covered with joy instead of being weighed down by despair which causes us to actually feel the heavy weight of stress and we are called oaks of righteousness who have been planted by the LORD CHRIST JESUS for HIS sake.

When we believe by faith in CHRIST JESUS we too will have the Spirit of the LORD GOD within us, HIS Holy Spirit. We too will be able to proclaim the Good News to the poor as written above. We too will be sent to proclaim freedom to those who are held as prisoners in sin. Just as our eyes have been opened from being blind so will anyone we share CHRIST JESUS with who will believe from their heart in HIM. Anyone who believes by faith in CHRIST JESUS will no longer experience being crushed under the feet of satan and all his devices. For we have entered the favorable year of our LORD.

Psalm 34:18, 143:3; Isaiah 61:1-3; Luke 4:18-19




Anyone closely united or associated or resembles another is a band of brothers this includes females as well. In this blog, I will walk us through the beginning of sibling rivalry all the way through to how anyone regardless of where we are born on this planet will link us to be known as brothers. There are two types of brotherhood, one is the birth of a male sibling and the other is the ties which bind us in CHRIST JESUS or of the devil.

The rivalry of siblings began with Cain and Abel and it is with them that we begin to see how sin grows from the original one who was disobedient of the voice of the LORD GOD and ate from the tree which bore fruit that revealed to their conscience the knowledge of good and evil. In their occupation, there was no wrong but in giving of the offering this is where things take a horrific turn for the worse. Cain brought forward his offering but what is missing is faith and a heart for GOD. Cain operated in religion and tradition, he did what had to be done but his heart was far from GOD. We witness this daily, just because people religiously attend church service does not mean that their hearts are knitted to the Living GOD. We will see later in the blog how to recognize a brother. Cain lived a wicked life (Prov.15:8; Is. 1:13). Cain’s offering was that out of an acknowledgment of the Creator. In vegetation, there is no blood. Where is the meat? Cain did not bring out the best of the land, he brought forward what he himself would not consume or anyone else for that matter. Cain performed to look good in the sight of people. Cain was not a humble man, he had confidence in himself. If we study the Pharisees we can see a great resemblance between Cain and them. If Cain’s heart was bent towards GOD why was he so very jealous which led to anger which led to the murder of his brother? Cain hated GOD because of the distinction GOD showed between Abel and himself. And this continues today not only in the natural but in the spiritual as well. Sin never desires that we take a good look at our motives, we rather blame someone else for that which has happened to us negatively. The first sign to look out for is the person who is argumentative which reveals that the person does not possess humility but rather a spirit of anger. They only see themselves as the victim at the hand of others. And, because of this foolish heart, perversion only grows deeper speaking negatively towards the ones they believe wronged them is seen as no problem and speaking evil against what they witness others do which is right in the sight of GOD. People who consider themselves unworthy in GOD because they do not believe that GOD has time for them or will not forgive them are often indignant toward those who are dignified in the sight of GOD. The Pharisees and Cain have a lot in common. Cain is the son of the devil. Now, let’s take a look at Abel who is the son of righteousness because of his faith and lifestyle (Mt. 23:35, Ps. 11:7, 15:8). The countenance of GOD looked on Abel because he was a man who was humble and his heart was bent towards GOD. Abel was a man of prayer. GOD had respect for Abel because he was a holy man. Want to know the fruit look at the tree. If the fruit is good, the tree is good and if the fruit is bad, so also is the tree. GOD will never take notice of what we say and do in the manner as we do. GOD reads the heart of mankind. So what exactly made Abel’s offering to the LORD GOD more acceptable than his brothers? (1) His heart for GOD and HIS righteousness, (2) he lived to please the LORD GOD, (3) he brought forward an offering of atonement, blood sacrifice which is shed for the remission of sin. Thereby, acknowledging that he himself is a sinner and prayed that sin will be removed from him, he was sorrowful for the sin that flowed through his blood knowing that it brought about the anger of GOD. So he implored his favor from the Mediator (JESUS). Abel was careful to bring only the very best to GOD, not anything that he himself cared nothing about. Abel’s offering was done by faith and relationship not in tradition and religion. The sibling rivalry was so strong within Cain that he chose to murder his brother [1Jn.3:12]. But little did he or any of us know that before the discovery [by scientist] of DNA in the blood that our blood actually will speak to GOD and that GOD had already heard the voice of Abel’s blood speaking to HIM. Just because we have been silenced physically our blood continues to speak. And today, cold cases are solved because of the DNA which is left behind, it’s the blood and cells speaking. The one and final witness that will reveal how we died.

As a parent of more than one child, we do have a favorite of them all but we should never show what is in our heart with favoritism because this too will cause great rivalry between the siblings. Rebekah the mother of Esau and Jacob chose to reveal that Jacob was her favorite son and because of this, she set in motion the thought from Esau to meditate in his heart to murder his brother Jacob. As we know Jacob was disguised to feel and smell like his brother who was a hunter. Jacob went into the tent of his father Isaac bringing him his favorite food to eat and after he was satisfied he bestowed upon Jacob the firstborn rites of blessings. We all need to be aware of those who practice deceit learn to recognize it before we are harmed by it.

Today the spirit of the Pharisees and Sadducees are still alive within the brothers. To recognize them we must see who they are and hear what is being said by them. These brothers accuse, gossip and expect everyone to live by the Law of Moses’s standard rather than the grace of GOD. Most times for those of us who attend weekly worship service people will approach another to speak about the affairs of others in the disguise of sharing by saying we need to pray for this person or that knowing full well that this will not occur. They are just church gossipers coming to hear the Word but what they hear either has not entered their heart or does not last long in their heart because they are not doers of the Word but hearers only [Lk. 8:4-8].

Love your brothers/sisters in CHRIST JESUS and those who are our natural siblings. Stop having anger and hatred toward them. We are to forgive those who have wronged us that means that if those who are our natural siblings as well as those who we consider to be our brothers in CHRIST wrong us we are to forgive them four hundred and ninety times per day if we are offended in any way. But if we choose to remain in their presence knowing that they are proned to injure us we must be ready to forgive. It’s acceptable for forgiving but nowhere is it taught that we must remain in the company of those who try to assassinate us emotionally, mentally or physically. Learn to love from afar.

Many people read that JESUS had brothers but don’t want to believe that HIS brothers actually came from HIS mother Mary who was a virgin when she gave birth to her firstborn son. Mary did not remain a virgin, she and her husband Joseph had children together boys and girls [Mt. 13:55-56 and Mrk. 6:3] but only the sons are actually named for us in scripture. These are the actual names of JESUS brothers by HIS mother and earthly adopted/step-father. James, Joses, Simon and Judas and none of them believed in HIM. That is until later.

It’s a hurtful thing when our parents and siblings don’t believe in us and often times it’s our parents and siblings who try to assassinate our dreams, goals, and vision by making fun of us or mocking those things we share with them and they told us that it will not happen. For example, I can recall watching a young boy jump rope outside of his home and his mother began yelling at him telling him to “put the rope down, boys don’t jump rope, you are not a girl.” Now what if this little boy had a dream of becoming a great boxer, don’t boxers jump rope? We must learn to encourage not make a mockery of what we see our brothers do or in what they say.

It’s not for us to understand what is shared by our brothers at all times but in the love that we should have for one another show each other from the heart that we honor one another. Never criticize or look down on our brothers because we despise them for their dreams, gifts, goals, and visions. We all have our very own it’s just that we must recognize them and put them into action. Most of us are critical of others because we have been assassinated by others. But what we have is not lost do what you desired to do but lost your confidence to go through with. Because we have been hurt don’t pass on the hurt that we know all too well, do nothing to cause our brothers to fall. Stop trying to push onto others what works for you in faith because others who love CHRIST JESUS or don’t (unfortunately) in their faith may not believe that what they like and do is a problem for them. What we must learn to do is honor our brothers by not exercising the freedom of that in which we like to do or eat in their company.

Also, we who are in the brotherhood of CHRIST, we all associate with those who are non-believers in CHRIST JESUS there is nothing wrong with this as long as we are influencing them rather then they influencing us. However, if our brothers in CHRIST are habitually living their old life of sin and nothing we say or do in love for them is penetrating their hearts. Cease socializing with them. CHRISTians are a set apart people from non-believers and we must speak and demonstrate the love of CHRIST that we have within our hearts. Always be aware and never allow anyone, CHRISTian or natural brother to push us into an immoral situation that we desire not to be a part of even if we are tempted. We have all been given the instructions to keep far away from any brother in CHRIST JESUS who lives their life as though they have not been bathed in the blood of JESUS, as though they are not forgiven and as though the finished works of CHRIST was unsuitable for their freedom from sin.

Gen. 4:3-5, 8-10, 27:35-45; Ezek. 33:30-31; Mt. 5:22, 18:21, 12:46-50; Jhn. 7:1-5; Rom. 12:10, 14:10, 13-15; 1 Cor. 5:11; 1 Thess. 4:6; 2 Thess. 3:6, 15




JESUS the CHRIST endured this for you; HE was crushed by being beaten and by being pounded. JESUS the CHRIST was pressed and squeezed and HIS flesh was broken open by the many stripes HE endured by the whip until the stripes on HIS precious body looked like one huge gaping hole.

Do you know that everything that we listen to and look at for a long time we begin to believe? Anything that we listen to or look at for a short time does not constitute our belief, however, the temptation will come the longer we listen to what others tell us or when we continue to think about that which we have heard. Then we begin to ogle that which we view as attractive and before we know it that which we have listened to and that which we look at will become our temptation. We are tempted by what we know whether we experience them or not because of the unrighteousness within. The temptation we act on is how the fall of mankind began and this is the repeated performance that satan continues in our life because he is aware that it works, so why should he change what is effective? Once we succumb to our temptations most of them we hide from those that we do not want to be made aware of what we are involved with. If our temptation was so awesome, why do we try to hide it from those that we know will not approve? That is until what we have succumbed to now succumbs us and when that happens it will be brought out in the open. Nearly most of all the things we gave attention to became a temptation and was introduced to us by others speaking to us and our looking on a thing for longer than we should. And we never want to take credit for the wrong we chose to do and we begin to blame others. This is the Adamic curse that each and every one of us is born with, this is the fall of mankind, our not believing what GOD has said but believing what satan has said. We are not aware that GOD has cursed satan, that he slithers upon the ground, that he is a dust eater, that GOD has informed him that he is an enemy, he is not a friend, and that he will have animosity towards the woman and the woman will have animosity for him in return because of her Seed. But notice that satan has a seed as well. Through the Seed of the woman, descendants will appear just as the seed of satan will have descendants. Who is the seed of the devil? All of us because we are born in sin, we do not have the faith of Abraham who is the father of faith in what he heard GOD speak to him. What the unrighteous do is this, we do the works of our father [satan] because we are illegitimate children and born out of fornication [even those of us who are born in wedlock] we are not illegitimate by being conceived in marriage by our parents, we are illegitimate spiritually because we have no direction and void of CHRIST JESUS. If truly our FATHER is the Almighty Living GOD we would be in love with CHRIST JESUS and respect HIM. We would openly and gladly welcome HIM and HIS Word. CHRIST JESUS is the very image and presence of GOD because HE came out of the invisible GOD to be visible. CHRIST was not self-appointed to come in all HIS grace and truth to set us free from the bondage of sin. CHRIST was sent forward to us. We misunderstand the Word of GOD because we try to understand HIS Word out of our logic. And because the unrighteous are unable to understand the grace and truth who is CHRIST JESUS they don’t want to listen to HIS message. Their ears are dull of hearing grace and truth and will accept a lie every time because they do not know a lie when they hear them and see them. I know many of you who are unrighteous don’t want to believe that your father is the devil and that you will do what he wants you to do. Lust and the gratification of the flesh are the very characteristics of the desires you have from him your father the devil [satan]. The devil is a murderer and he has been so since the very beginning he is absolutely void of the truth. Every time he opens his mouth and speaks to humankind it’s a lie because this is his nature. How does the devil speak to humans? In the mind is how he communicates with humans. It’s his playground. The devil is a liar and lying is natural to the unrighteous because the devil is the father of lies. CHRIST JESUS is grace and truth and all HE does is speak the truth but the unrighteous don’t want to hear HIM. And even when they hear HIM they doubt HIM, they don’t have trust in HIM as they should. No matter how many times they try to find in the Word of GOD about the wrongdoings of JESUS they will never find them because in HIM is no wrongdoing, wrong thinking or wrong speaking. HE will never be found guilty of sin no matter what they decide to listen to, believe and repeat in their speaking. Those of us who have decided to listen to and believe are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. We are a child of the living GOD because we desire to hear the words of GOD. So what is the reason that the unrighteous do not listen to the truth of CHRIST JESUS? It’s because they do not belong to the Almighty GOD, they are not in harmony with HIM and they are not of the Everlasting GOD. Before the unrighteous come to CHRIST JESUS we are masters of deception and recklessness, the unrighteous are unable to determine all that is right, the unrighteous are filled with doubt and hesitation to the truth and are wicked all because they are sons of the devil. The unrighteous are the enemies of that which is upright and good in their sight and hearing. They are unable to cease from perversion and they make that which is right crooked, always plotting against the truth and grace without even knowing it. Sinners are of the devil and that is who we are until we choose to believe in GOD and HIS Word, HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. The devil is a sinner from the beginning. It is for this purpose that JESUS came, HE was clearly visible, HE came to destroy the works of the devil and successfully HE did so. But it is because the unrighteous do not believe that HE did and so the power of sin continues to reign in the mortal bodies of sinners not those who are made righteous to GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Who is the Seed of the woman? From the once virgin Mary, this is who she when she conceived by the Holy Spirit, this is who she was, one who never experienced sexual intercourse until after the birth of her Son JESUS. This blessed woman gave birth to the Savior of the world. The name given to HIM is GOD with us. Joseph the step-father, after the eighth day from the birth of IMMANUEL, HE was circumcised and named by HIS step-father through obedience of what was told to him by the angel of the LORD, HE is to be called JESUS. JESUS is the Seed of the woman. JESUS CHRIST who is the GOD of peace bruised/crushed the head of satan under HIS feet. And so it is, that satan is enraged with Mary and he went to war with her Offspring JESUS and lost. So he has turned his attention to those who are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS because we have HIS testimony.

The unrighteous need to hear and believe that JESUS side was pierced and that from HIM, HIS blood and water came out. JESUS was wounded not because HE is a sinner because there is no sin in HIM but because we are the sinners we are the criminals. JESUS was crushed/bruised because of our unrighteousness. JESUS was punished/disciplined so that we can become whole. And it is by the bruises, the deep cuts/lacerations on HIS back that crushed HIM so that all the stripes HE received left a huge gaping hole. And because of that, we are healed. It was pleasing to the LORD to crush HIM with illness to see if HE would present HIMSELF as our guilt offering. And because HE did we HIS legitimate offspring’s are seen by HIM and we are the ones who prolong HIS days. It is by the hand of the LORD that everything desired is accomplished sin from us. After three days CHRIST JESUS rose from the grave because of our justification in HIM. For no one else was or is able to die for us to evict sin.

Genesis 3:15 [Jhn. 8:40-47, Acts 13:10, 1 Jhn. 3:8, Is. 7:14, Lk. 1:31, Mt.1:21, Rom. 16:20, Rev. 12:7, 17]; Isaiah 53:5, 10 {Jhn. 19:34, Rom. 4:25; 1 Cor. 15:3}




Unnecessary labor that we bring on to ourselves or by others. The spirit of a burden is grievous, worrisome, depressive and oppressive. The repetition of that on which we ponder knowing that we have no control of it, the place that we have taken residence in, in our mind so much so that what we think has become a weight/burden. This used to be me, bowed low beneath the burden of worry which caused me to become depressed, oppressed and grievous. It was what I thought a never-ending roller coaster ride that I did not enjoy. This emotional and mental burden often caused me to think about killing myself and when we get there we have living within us the spirit of suicide. Yes, I often share my testimony of how the LORD my GOD delivered me from the spirit of anger, depression, oppression and self-loathing. But we are not born with a burden, we are given burdens by our parents, family members and those outside of the home. They are the ones who beat people down so much so that self-esteem is crushed beneath the weight of negative words which are hurled. People don’t understand and this is primarily because as children we are taught this famous lie that has lived for many generations given by the devil.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”.

Most of us have been abused physically and we healed even if a scar was left to be seen, it’s still healed. But inwardly those wounds are wide open, no one can see those wounds that become infected and are constantly bleeding and oozing pus. I am so thankful that GOD through CHRIST JESUS delivered me from the burdens that were placed on me and in me that the spirit that dwelled in me was evicted and the Holy Spirit took over my life completely. You see the Holy Spirit cannot live in the same house that a demonic spirit lives. It’s impossible. I know that some of you who are Born-Again CHRISTians is still plagued with burdens and I’m sharing with you that we have to get to that place of trusting in the Word of GOD so much so that we have grown sick and tired of being sick and tired. When we have the spirit of a burden in us we repel people from wanting to spend time with us even if it’s for 1 minute or more. But when the Holy Spirit is in charge of our character people are drawn to us and we are better approachable. JESUS never repelled HE drew. And we must have HIS character and integrity.

Our GOD is not dead or far away, HE sees, hears and knows the condition that we are in and HE desires to take us out of all things harmful and in the way of our living victoriously in HIM. HE is the great I AM, and only HE can bring us out from under the burdens we have. Only HE can free us from the bondage that we are in and it is possible for us to be Blood-Washed in JESUS and still remain in bondage. And we are this way because we are not being taught the full truth about Grace and Truth who is CHRIST JESUS. So many of us are still trying to live according to the Old Covenant because of the teaching we get weekly. But we can’t live freely with an oil and water teaching meaning we can’t live in the Law of Moses and the Grace of CHRIST. Grace is the unmerited favor that we can’t earn by doing. So, what is wrong with the Law of Moses? It’s righteous but it will never show us how to live obediently and it’s all about our self-effort to comply. No one in the Bible was ever able to obey the righteousness of the Ten Commandments the laws of GOD and the Law of Moses. However, in CHRIST JESUS, HE has taken away our self-effort to obey the laws and provided us with HIS Holy Spirit to give us the ability and power in HIM to overcome the burdens we have.

We are to live according to the blessing that was once spoken:

May the LORD, the GOD of your ancestors (our fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob) add to you a thousand times as many as you are and bless you, just as HE has promised you”!

How many of us are aware of this? Is having burdens a blessing?  How can we alone bear the weight and pressure and burden of our strife, struggle, contention, anger and complaining? We should seek to find for ourselves experienced, understanding and wise people filled with the Holy Spirit who is respected. Speak with them to get things off our chest.

Many of us do what is called a corporate fast when the congregation agrees to fast with the Pastor in accordance with something. But we must know whether or not this is the type of fast that we are to be partakers of. Check to see if GOD is asking for the type of fast that is requested of us. If the fast is a burden maybe it’s not what GOD desires. Here is what I found regarding a fast that will not be a burden to the body of CHRIST.

“Here is the sort of fast I [LORD GOD] want —releasing those unjustly bound, untying the thongs/straps of the yoke of bondage, letting the oppressed go free, destroying every yoke, sharing your food with the hungry, taking the homeless poor into your house {make sure you are actually hearing the voice of CHRIST on this one}, clothing the naked when you see them, don’t pretend that you don’t see the need of our kinsman/neighbor. Then your light will burst forth like the morning, your new skin will quickly grow over your wound; your righteousness will precede you, and the LORD’s glory will follow you”.

Those of us who are mature in the body of CHRIST should be a help to those who are being burdened by whatever. We must operate in self-denial to help our brothers and sisters in the body of CHRIST. We are allowing the babies and immature in the body of CHRIST to become overwhelmed all because we don’t take the time to be there for one another. We take the easy road and tell others that we will pray for them when most times prayer never occur. No, what we are to do is pray and then be of help. Talk is cheap but actions are valuable. And when we help our siblings through difficult times don’t talk about it or look for something in return from them. The LORD GOD is totally aware of what we do. Remember, when we begin to tell others what we’ve done for someone our reward has already been provided in our sharing what we’ve done. Let it be in secret and if what we have done for others get out, let it be done by the ones we help to relieve the burden from.

Be a disciple of CHRIST JESUS by obeying that which HE require of us in HIS Commandment which affects our moral conduct in HIM.

We are not supposed to practice the life of our former unchanged life. But being authentic about what I know, we do. So, if we are caught sinning by our siblings in CHRIST we can be helped and not judged. How do I know this? Because the one who will actually be a help to us is the one who is being directed by the Holy Spirit and that person will not put us to shame but will speak to us in love and be guided how to speak with us by the Holy Spirit and should we listen we will be prompted to change our minds [repent] and be restored never to have the desire to continue in that thing which we were in bondage to that burden.

Now, today, throw your burdens on the LORD JESUS and allow HIM to bear, support and uphold you. CHRIST JESUS will never permit HIS righteous to be moved by burdens once we release them to HIM. We will have no desire to fall, fail or slip back into those burdens that held us captive.

Place all your trust in CHRIST JESUS and know not just in the mind of knowledge but know this where it’s important and that is the mind of the heart. That in CHRIST JESUS we are linked and connected, we are coupled and paired together to be one in HIM. And because this is true the yoke of bondage in CHRIST JESUS is easy and HIS burden which never comes across as burdensome is light/weightless.


Galatians 6:1-2; Psalms 55:22; Matthew 11:30; Ex. 6:6-7; Deut. 1:11-13 [ref. Acts 6:3]; Is. 58:6-7 [ref. Lk. 4:18-19; Neh. 5:10-12; Jer. 34:9; Ez. 18:7; Mt. 25:35; Jms. 2:14]; Rom. 15:1; 1 Jhn. 5:3




I’m certain that most if not all of the readers of this blog have witnessed the deposit of a deceased person in the grave [the ground], or an entombment [crypt]. Another type of burial is those who have been committed to the water the dead bodies who are buried in the deep. And lastly the one that we all need to practice is to forgive and forget, to hide in oblivion, we should no longer experience the negative emotions that occurred due to an offense by another. And should, we remember the offense, the pain and the sting that we once experienced should no longer be present in our soul. We must bury the injury and once we bury anything that we hide [bury] it is concealed by covering.

Today, the only thing that I will write about is the burial of JESUS CHRIST and how we too are to be buried [the old sinful nature].

Many Christians are secret Disciples of CHRIST JESUS. This means that they secretly believe in HIM but live their lives as though they know nothing about HIM. There are many Christians who allow their fear of what others may think of them keep them from living in CHRIST freely. They skulk around in the dark much like Nicodemus who only came and sat with JESUS in the night to learn of HIM. None the less Joseph and Nicodemus took the body of JESUS, anointed, wrapped, and buried HIM in an unused tomb that was owned by Joseph. It was honed perfectly for the body of Joseph but not JESUS. Not only that, JESUS did not remain in that tomb.

Okay, this is what each and every brother and sister in the body of CHRIST must consider. We are dead to sin and alive to GOD and that old sinful nature must be buried never to arise again. When we willfully continue to sin and practice the habits of sin we are going back to the grave and pulling what is dead out of the grave. None of us should be doing this, yet, it’s commonly done. Why is this so? Because those of us who live in this manner are ignorant of the fact that we have been baptized [buried] into CHRIST JESUS. This baptism, this burial is in HIS death. And just as CHRIST JESUS rose from the dead through the glory and power of the FATHER we also must walk in the newness of our sinless nature. We must abandon our old nature just as we abandon our loved ones, our associates, and friends when they are interred into their grave be it in the ground, in the tomb or in the deep of the water. We must realize that we have become one with CHRIST JESUS, we are permanently united in HIM. We have stepped into the likeness of HIS death so most certainly we like HIM have been resurrected to life in HIM. Our old sinful nature which was void of the Holy Spirit was nailed to cross just as JESUS CHRIST was nailed to that cross. This is so that we no longer will continue to be slaves to the father of sin and sinful practices. Because when we have died with JESUS we are then freed from the power of sin and made alive in CHRIST JESUS.

So, how are we to know that CHRIST JESUS is alive? We know by these facts:

  1. We heard and have the Good News of salvation
  2. This Good News was welcomed and accepted so we stand by faith
  3. By faith, we are saved, reborn from above without human effort as we were born before
  4. We are spiritually transformed
  5. We are renewed in CHRIST JESUS
  6. We are set apart for the purpose of CHRIST

We are not half-hearted Christians who believe in CHRIST externally but not internally because the Good News and CHRIST were not allowed to penetrate into the heart of those who profess CHRIST but not possess CHRIST. They have no complete commitment in HIM. CHRIST died for the sins of all in this world. JESUS CHRIST was buried. CHRIST JESUS rose from the grave not in spirit but with HIS precious body three days from the day of HIS crucifixion. We have the witness statements of many beginning with Peter AKA Cephas; the next to see HIM were HIS twelve disciples minus one because Judas who betrayed HIM had committed suicide so, in essence, Judas did see CHRIST JESUS when HE preached to the dead. CHRIST JESUS was also seen by more than five hundred brothers and sisters at one time. Then CHRIST was seen by James and lastly by Saul AKA Paul.

So, now that we have the witness testimonies of over five hundred fifth-teen who have testified that they have seen the risen CHRIST JESUS we can believe and have hope. But even if we don’t believe that, we have the testimonies of millions who have seen the risen CHRIST, not as our former witnesses have provided us with testimony but because it is impossible for anyone to change their mind and to walk or run from sin without CHRIST. Many have witnessed the transformation of those who profess and possess CHRIST living within them. JESUS CHRIST was crucified and buried but what is most miraculous and that by which we have our hope is that CHRIST JESUS got up and walked out of the tomb of which HE was buried. So, my dear sisters and brothers discontinue the habitual lifestyle of sin, just as we changed our minds and turned our hearts to CHRIST JESUS initially continue to change the mind and crucify along with burying that nature in the power of CHRIST who is the only One who can provide us with true and complete life in HIM. Lastly, do not visit the burial site as many do who do not understand that their loved one is not there. Once they breathed their last breath the real individual departed that encasing of the flesh. Live freely in CHRIST who no longer is buried but is alive.

Jhn. 19:38-42; Rom. 6:1-8; 1 Cor. 15:3-8; Colossians 2:11-13; Ref. Ps. 16:10; Eph. 4:9-10; Mt. 27:52-53


Call, Called


Most people think that that they know who JESUS is. Yet, they don’t rest in HIM and that is because they don’t really know who HE is. When we know just who CHRIST JESUS is we will come to rest in HIM as the SON who has been given to us, our Wonderful, our Counselor, our Mighty GOD, our Everlasting FATHER, and our Prince of Peace. And though HE is so much more than this, this is the introduction of who HE is.

  1. Beloved SON – the begotten of the FATHER
  2. Wonderful – at the mention of HIS name we should be excited in admiration, astonished by who we are in HIM and who HE is to us, and surprised by the evidence of what HE is doing in our lives.
  3. Counselor – HE advises us in our conduct and integrity.
  4. Mighty GOD – very loving, very forgiving, very powerful, very strong, very bold, has great command, very loud, very great, very forcible, very great in intellect and acquirements, very large, very important and momentous, very greatly wise and thoughtful.
  5. Everlasting FATHER – enduring forever, perpetual/continues indefinitely, endless, un-intermitted, eternal, beginning and end, past, middle and future.
  6. Prince of Peace – sovereign, chief and independent ruler, the SON of the KING, prince of life, chief of all priest, prince of the sanctuary, prince of quiet and tranquility, prince of freedom from agitation and disturbance of the mind, prince of freedom and internal commotion, prince of freedom from arguments and suites, prince of freedom from fear, terror, anger, anxiety, prince of quietness of the mind, calm, heavenly rest, harmonious, be at peace due to or reconciliation.

The above is only a wee bit of how mighty our GOD is. My life is not long enough to express verbally or in writing just how awesome GOD truly is. Now let’s get on with the topic of this blog.

The LORD has called us in HIS righteousness and HE will continually hold our hand. HE will keep us and HE has already given to us HIS covenant for the people, we are to assist in the opening of blind eyes just as someone assisted us by telling us the goodness of CHRIST JESUS. We must help to bring people out of the prison of sin because in this prison house there is no light but this house is filled with darkness. The LORD our GOD is our Creator and HE is the ONE who formed us in our mother’s womb by knitting us together. So cease from being afraid CHRIST JESUS has redeemed us, we have been called by our name and we belong to HIM. CHRIST JESUS is our Savior. Each of us who have been called by name has been created for HIS glory. The LORD is the ONE who has called us from our mother’s womb and while yet still in her womb GOD mentioned our names, HE has created our mouths to be sharp swords of righteousness. We are kept hidden by HIS hand and are polished arrows in the case where HE keeps HIS arrows. JESUS is our Maker and husband, HIS name is LORD of Hosts, HE is our Redeemer, the HOLY ONE, HE is called the GOD of all the earth and the LORD has called us. We are the house of the LORD, not the buildings where we assemble once or twice a week. And from HIS house/our bodies, we are to pray. We keep asking GOD to step in for whatever reason but GOD has called us to be the repairer of the breach/that which is broken; to fill up the whole which has been left by hurt, anger, and pain. We are the ones to be used to restore people. We are the ones to restore the streets back to the people of GOD for habitation by taking them back from the evil one. This is the Good News of our salvation the Holy Spirit of the LORD GOD was in JESUS and the LORD anointed JESUS to preach the Good News to everyone poor in spirit/void of the Holy Spirit. JESUS was sent to us to heal our broken hearts, HE set us free from captivity and now we must live lives that are in freedom in HIM, HE opened up the prison gates and set the righteous free and HE opened up the prison gates so that those who were or are bound in sin and now believes in HIM will come forward and begin their life of freedom in HIM. CHRIST JESUS consoles us and provides us with beauty for those ashes we had, daily we receive the oil of joy to no longer be in mourning, we are wearing our garments of praise so that the spirit of heaviness will no longer have its way with us and we are called trees of righteousness and are planted by the LORD so that HE will be glorified in us. We are no longer forsaken, destitute, deprived, waste, ruined, neglected, destroyed, and alone. Because we are called by the LORD our GOD and HE delights in us. Know who you are in CHRIST JESUS call yourself as HE calls us which is HIS Holy people and HIS redeemed.

The LORD has called our name green olive tree, lovely and of good fruit. We are called by the name of the LORD. As a part of our daily nutritional diet, we are to eat the Word of the LORD unlike our natural diet the LORD’s diet provides us with joy and rejoicing within our heart. Because we are called by HIS name the LORD GOD of hosts. We are saved and we live safely in JESUS who is called the LORD our RIGHTEOUSNESS. Ah, I’m getting so filled up with the need to express great pleasure in my GOD JESUS. CHRIST JESUS has restored our health HE has healed all of our wounds.

Look towards Jerusalem my dear one in CHRIST JESUS because it is called the City of Truth, the Mountain of the LORD of Host and the Mountain of the Holy One.

Beloved siblings through CHRIST JESUS we have received grace and we are called by CHRIST JESUS. All things work together for our good that is to those of us who love GOD and are called according to HIS purpose. Because HE knew us before the foundation of all HIS creations HE predestined HE conformed us to be in the image of HIS SON JESUS, that HE may be the first-born of many brothers. Beyond what has been said and written those HE decreed beforehand were called by HIM and those HE foreordained HE justified moreover the justified has been glorified in HIM. No longer are we outcast and unbeloved because in CHRIST JESUS we are called HIS people, sons of the living GOD.

We are sanctified in CHRIST JESUS, called to be HIS saints along with anyone who calls on the name of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. We have been given the grace of GOD by CHRIST to be enriched in everything by HIM in all manner of speaking and knowledge even the testimony of CHRIST which is confirmed within us so that we will not be lacking any gift as we eagerly wait for the full revelation of CHRIST who will confirm us to the very end that we are blameless in the day of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. GOD is faithful and HE called us into a relationship with HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS. Notice that I wrote relationship and not religion. It’s a hurtful thing when people desire signs and earthly wisdom over having faith in CHRIST. But regardless we are going to continue to share the crucifixion of JESUS, HIS burial, HIS rising from the dead and HIS ascension up above the clouds to be seated at the right hand of HIS and our FATHER. CHRIST is the power and wisdom of GOD. The wisdom of GOD is foolishness to everyone who believes to be educated or wise and the weakness of GOD is stronger than all mankind. That’s if we can wrap our minds around GOD being weak because by far there is no weakness within HIM, remember HE is the Mighty GOD and where there is Mightiness weakness cannot be found. Glory only in the LORD our GOD and see you’re calling in HIM for our calling has nothing to do with our flesh, nothing to do with our education, knowledge or wisdom, nothing to do with how strong we appear or how elevated in stature because of who we are or what we have. GOD has called us to peace. Live life as GOD has called us to live whatever GOD has given to us and however, GOD has called us live accordingly. Cease from being what we see others in the body of CHRIST are, stop self-elevating yourselves to appear important doing so without the proper equipping from the Holy Spirit will cause you more harm and danger than you expected. Remain in the calling of which you have been called if GOD desires to elevate you HE will.


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Oh, to be selected by the FATHER. The blood washed are actually handpicked by the FATHER through the salvation of HIS beloved SON CHRIST JESUS. Because it was predestined that we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit speak to us while we were groping around in the darkness of sin. And because we were taken in preference we were also given the ability to share CHRIST with others without fear.

We all are not chosen to stand behind a pulpit or to pastor a congregation of an assembly. However, we are chosen to invite and share our testimony with others who do not have a relationship with CHRIST JESUS so that HIS blood will begin to wash them and flow within their bodies. It should be our desire to cause the Holy Spirit to live within another person who is empty of life because He does not live within them. Today, the Holy Spirit no longer comes on the chosen ones of GOD and then leaves. No, today, the Holy Spirit resides in all of the chosen ones who believe in the CHRIST. This is so we may announce the goodness of our LORD and the salvation HE has gifted us with. As the comedian, Martin Lawrence said, “Run and tell that”.

Some of us do not declare the goodness of our LORD because we have been distracted with the cares of this world. I’m not trying to write that we should live with our heads up in the clouds all day as though we are lovesick, you remember how we are when we have met someone who loves us and we love in return. If we did this we would get nothing accomplished, however, we allow the news, employment, family matters and whatever else take us away from recalling to memory who we are in CHRIST and who CHRIST is within us. Many who are in the body of CHRIST are much like Martha the sister of Lazarus and Mary. Martha was busy with all the details of being a good hostess that she missed out on worshipping JESUS through resting. Not the type of resting where we do not take care of the task set before us at our place of employment, school, and home. But she did not know and understand the meaning of true resting in HIM to provide her with the ability to trust in HIM to work her life out for her. And, when we are distracted by the cares of this world be it those things that we enjoy partaking in or people we enjoy being with. We have missed out on that which we are to do at the beginning of our day and that is to worship and be thankful for the rest that was given to us while we were asleep, for our waking up, for the goodness of the LORD, and to share with the LORD the task at hand that require our attention so that we will not be overwhelmed and for the playing that we desire to do with others. We are distracted from asking the FATHER what is it that HE will like for us to do today and to avail ourselves over to HIM making ourselves available to HIM. Because when we are distracted we put on again the Adamic character that we once had before coming to CHRIST and begin to blame everyone for our stress and believe that the LORD has no compassion for our daily cares. Martha actually said to JESUS “LORD do you not care” and let’s be honest those who do not understand the love of CHRIST believe this though they may not say this. It is in our actions and emotions of being overwhelmed that we display that which Martha said to JESUS. So what is it that Mary did that JESUS said HE will not take away from her? Mary rested. She knew that JESUS is the answer to her life and her joy. Mary gave an ear to hear the voice of the LORD GOD. Mary trusted.

We the chosen are to pray about everything that concerns us be it business affairs to dating someone, marrying someone or anything else of importance to us. We are to pray about the place of worship that we are to be planted in also. Nothing is to be left to chance concerning the chosen of the Almighty GOD. No one knows the heart of mankind which are our desires, motives, and thoughts which are in the heart as the LORD our GOD does, this is why we must pray to ask HIM what we are to do. Never be pushed and rushed to make a decision share with the FATHER that we have been given a time frame if we have and that we need to hear HIS answer. If we don’t hear HIS answer the chance is maybe we should back away because what we want to do is not for HIS chosen. In these cases, we will feel a calm, a peace flowing within us if we must decline from doing a thing. Another indication we should be sensitive to is if we do go ahead with a venture because we have not heard an answer from the FATHER, our conscience must be calm and peace flowing within us. Once we begin to feel that nagging within us wondering if we are doing the right thing, this is our indication that we must back out of whatever we have decided to take on. Never be ashamed of confessing on the LORD our Savior. Do we understand that we have been deliberately chosen by GOD? We are chosen instruments of CHRIST JESUS to bear HIS name before people. Know with assurance that GOD shows no partiality among HIS chosen because everyone who belongs to HIM all over this planet will give and show HIM the utmost respect, and the only work that we work is that of righteousness which comes from relationship with GOD through CHRIST JESUS and in this we are seeking HIM daily and often. We do not practice a religion which comes from mankind. We who are in a relationship with CHRIST know the message of peace through CHRIST JESUS who is LORD of all. We the chosen have been baptized just as JESUS was baptized and we are to ask for the anointing of the Holy Spirit who will operate within us and provide us with the power to do and say that which we have been instructed. We have the ability to pray for anyone we encounter for their healing this is a good thing that we can do as well as to follow all that CHRIST has requested of us to do and say. We should be personal eyewitnesses of those things HE has done in our lives as well as others. When we attend a worship service at our local assembly are people being prayed for to receive their deliverance and healing? And do we see the effects of this? If so, this is an eyewitness account of what CHRIST is doing in the lives of others today and because HE does things for others we are assured that HE will do the same for us. When JESUS CHRIST was crucified on our behalf it was not because mankind put HIM to death because no one has the ability to kill GOD, however, HE gave up HIS life willingly for all mankind and on the third day the FATHER raised CHRIST up from the dead to life and many saw HIM, HE was not hidden, HE walked in the open for everyone who is chosen to see and they dined with HIM. The commandment that HE left with the apostles is for us who are chosen also and that is to share with people through solemn testimony that CHRIST is the One who has been appointed and ordained by the living GOD to judge both the living and the dead. In the name of JESUS whoever will believe in HIM, you will receive remission/be released of your sins. Ooh-wee, we have been chosen by the living GOD who is our FATHER in CHRIST JESUS to know HIS will and to see CHRIST as well as hear HIS voice directly from HIS mouth not to rely on others to tell us what the LORD has said. HE speaks to all HIS chosen because we are heirs of the promises.

Cease from being concerned with what others may say or think of you. The living GOD has chosen what appears to be foolish to put to shame those who perceive themselves to be wise. It is the living GOD who chooses the weak to place shame on those who believe they are strong. People who are known to be mean-spirited, those who have been counted as worthless, low in rank, have no dignity and any other way that people devalue people. People may see others this way but once we come to CHRIST we are used by HIM to bring nothing to what others value.

The chosen are beloved by the FATHER through CHRIST when we were poor in faith and now our faith has become rich and now we are also heirs of the promised kingdom because we love HIM.

We have come to CHRIST who is our living true and tried stone who so many have and are still rejecting. But just as CHRIST is chosen so are we and not only that but we are being built up in HIM. Ah, glory we the chosen are a generation who are of the royal priesthood, we are a holy nation, we are HIS own special people and we must tell others of HIS ability and desire to take us out of the darkness of sin to bring us into HIS marvelous light and we will worship HIM. We are GOD’s people who have obtained HIS forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy.

CHRIST JESUS is the chosen Lamb of GOD and HE has overcome all evil and their god satan. Only CHRIST JESUS is the LORD of lords, HE is the KING of kings and because we are with HIM rather than continually being against HIM we are HIS faithful chosen.

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