Mercy-Matthew 5:7

The LORD GOD is so very wonderful for HE is merciful towards HIS creation. All mankind enjoys the mercy of the Living and True GOD because had they not; they would be killed in the same manner in which the LORD GOD dealt with sin in the Old Testament of the Bible. With JESUS came mercy; HE provided compassion; HE provided us with a pardon when HE died on the cross; HE has always shown kindness and favor when HE lived here on the earth and HE still does. The non-believer and the believer in JESUS experience the blessing of mercy. And because of JESUS mercy towards mankind we too are expected to be merciful to our brothers and sisters in CHRIST but far greater to mankind in general. We are not to look the other way when we see someone in need outwardly. We are to extend of ourselves and help those who require help without being judgmental. We are to sympathize with those that need help and that means more than saying a prayer or a good GOD bless you. We are to be cheerful; loving; tender and affectionate in mercy. We must realize that mankind is ignorant to the nature of GOD and that the only time mankind will see GOD on earth is through HIS children. As we show mercy to those in need we are being a delight to our FATHER. And in like manner we too obtain mercy. Remember, whatever you sow that too is what you will reap.

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