Air/oxygen, water, food, shelter, clothes, money, and employment. These are the basic needs of people anything more is a want and yet we are quick to say that we are in need.

What it is that we are in true need of is CHRIST JESUS, yet the cry for HIM is silent. And yet, the GOD that I serve is willing to supply HIS children with whatever we stand in need of according to HIS riches in glory by CHRIST JESUS. I’ve never read anywhere that informed me that if we stand in need we can satisfy our need by our own riches of our own self-effort. However, we work many hours on our primary job and then we work a few hours on our secondary job just to get something that we think we need. And that thing that we think we need will be dismissed after we tire of it after it’s lost its shine after it’s gone out of style, but we need it. There is nothing wrong with having anything we desire, we work and we should reward ourselves but we should never neglect our priorities for those things that we believe we need. We need to pay the utilities, we need to pay the mortgage/rent, we need to pay the health and life insurance policies, and we need to invest in our children’s finances such as college/university, the class trips and family vacations.

We need to stop worrying about needs that really do not matter and come to and lean on JESUS who is our Good Shepherd. HIS job that Christians and non-believers alike are trying to take away from HIM is that HE is the ONE who guides and shields us. When left to our own devices we are all over the place, this is why we don’t know the difference between a need and a want. When we allow JESUS who is the Good Shepherd to be who HE is to us for us to HIS children, we will not want for anything.

Philippians 4:19; Ps. 23:1


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