th      Stress:

  • To many responsibilities
  • Did not plan well
  • Not very knowledgeable of a situation
  • Do not give yourself enough time
  • Not enough money

How does one get help?

Ask yourself; what do I have to work with?thCA9LBTWX

You may think that what you have is not enough; that it’s nothing. All you can focus on is your limitations.

We need to take those illogical and ridiculous things in our lives and allow them to work for us and not against us. It’s the times that we feel overwhelmed that GOD is actually trying to get our attention. HE desires that we stop trying to work things out in our own efforts and strengths and call on HIM for help. thCAOMBY5V

GOD is a multiplier. Whatever it is that we have; that is all GOD will need to get you your answer.

The one major stressors in our life; is finances. I’ve come to realize that in our life; beginning at the age of 1 hour old for some. Nearly a million dollars goes through our hands by the time we reach age 30 or 40.

That’s right; go through our hands like water. Why is this? Because, no one is teaching us the principle of finances and how to be lord over our finances instead of our finances being lord over us. When I was a young mother; I used to tell my daughter and godson to stop going to the corner convenience store because the only person being convenienced was the store owner. They were making the owners wealthier and they were becoming poorer. Unfortunately I could never get my lesson across to them as they grew up to become unwise spenders. We must understand that with finances there is a major rule that will be adhered to. FICA and State will be the first to get theirs and what they take off the top is unfair. This is why we do taxes so that we can receive refunds. The refunds are the excesses of what the government took from us. Then we have what some disagree with because this is what they can control and that is the Tithe. 10% of the gross of the first fruit of our wealth was initialized as far back as Adam and Eve and in the New Testament Luke and Hebrews we can see the blessings of that. However, we balk at whether or not tithing is law or grace. How much time is spent in thinking about the money that is spent in the purchase of what you want just because you want them such as?thCAU4PEU9

  • Alcohol
  • Clothes
  • Drugs
  • Entertainment
  • Gambling
  • Illicit activities
  • Wireless devices

And don’t think that because you don’t see your particular vice here that it’s forgotten; if you take a good study of the above words; you will find that your vice is included. How much stress are you in due to your finances; how much do you owe your creditors? A due date is just that the last date that money is actually due. Here is a little secret most people are unaware of; there are thirty to thirty-one days in a month and usually every fifteen days you owe your creditor. Depending on how often you get paid which is usually twice a month you can stay ahead of the game. Let me show you what I did to become lord over my money.

  • Evaluate by receipt (this means get a receipt for every purchase) everything you purchase (and I do mean everything)
  • Lay out all of your debts; utility bills; mortgage, rent, car note, insurance, credit cards, etc.
  • Understand the difference between what you need and what you want.
  • Stop spending your money on all those things that you want.
  • Begin to pay your creditors in full by playing a game.

If you have more than one credit card take the one which has the most charges, cut it up and don’t ask for a new one. Divide those charges by 4, 3 or 2 and begin to pay that total off and pay the minimum on the lesser ones. Once this card is paid off do the same with the next one until you are down to just one major credit card. Do the same with your bills before you know it; you will be out of major debt. Once you are all caught up on your utility bills get on that economy plan; believe me it helps.thCANGDHTF

I never had major credit cards but everything else I used this technique and in just a few months I was out of debt and ahead of the game. I’ve never had financial stress again. Actually, I’ve been in positions to be a financial help to others. Am I a financial wiz? Absolutely not; I just read 2 Kings 4:1-7 and got the revelation from the Holy Spirit and a host of other scriptures that helped me with my finances. It happened for me and I know it will happen for you. Become lord over your finances; learn to save your money wisely; save up your money to take exotic trips around the world one country at a time beginning with America or whatever country you live in. Most people who live in a major tourist state or city have no idea what is in their own residential area. Take a tour of where you live first then branch out. Be entertained at least once a month by attending the theatre, a concert, a movie, etc. You deserve it and after all you do work and should enjoy the money that you have earned. But just as most people spend much too much there are some who are misers; this is not what I’m directing you to become. With everything there is a balance.





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