Redeem – 2 Samuel 7:23


“And who [is] like YOUR people, like Israel, the one nation on the earth whom GOD went to redeem for HIMSELF as a people, to make for HIMSELF a name–and to do for YOURSELF great and awesome deeds for YOUR land–before YOUR people whom YOU redeemed for YOURSELF from Egypt, the nations, and their gods?


When I first came to CHRIST JESUS 34 years ago; I began reading the Bible each night before I went to sleep. After a short while because I was quick to understand the KJV the Holy Spirit had me to personalize my reading. The meaning of GOD’s Holy Word became crystal clear to me. I would like to provoke you to do the same. Let’s take a look at the above scripture reference; that scripture is a continuation of a prayer from King David. But it is relevant today; King David asked the LORD GOD who is like HIS people? The answer is no one. When we come to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS; we become HIS, we are HIS children, we are HIS people, we are HIS chosen ones, we are the ones for whom HE will provide, teach, anoint, protect and more. In the eyes of GOD there are only two types of people; Jews and Gentiles. The LORD GOD has a special love for Jews but they reject HIM so HE went and gave the same promises to the Gentiles. Now when the Gentiles receive JESUS they become the children of Israel, Jews. The LORD GOD not only redeemed the Jews but HE redeemed the Gentiles as well; but it’s up to the Jews and the Gentiles to receive the redemption that HE has done for us. JESUS paid the highest cost possible to snatch us back from the hand of the enemy. HIS name goes out before Kingdoms and nations regardless if they want to hear HIS name and the power that is in HIS name or not. HE still does the unthinkable, the unshakable, and the unmovable, in the lives of HIS people. There is never a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year that goes wasted. Many hear the Word of the LORD GOD and will answer the call, they will open the doors of their hearts to allow CHRIST JESUS to enter and make it HIS dwelling place. Many are still accepting that they are redeemed. Jews are becoming Messianic Jews which means that they now believe that this same JESUS of Nazareth that the Prophets spoke of is truly the MESSIAH. And Gentiles are becoming Jews by faith in CHRIST JESUS. Who by the way is Jewish. CHRIST JESUS is still delivering people out of their Egypt, out from their nation of sin and their false gods.


Redeem – deliver, ransom, rescued, buy. 

Author: AMFBeM

Teaching the Word of GOD in America through writing about the following. > The Blood of JESUS >The Cross of JESUS > The Death of JESUS > The Resurrection of JESUS > the Forgiveness, Grace, and Mercy of CHRIST JESUS.​ Dream: To reach billion and billions of souls through the Gospel of Grace for The LORD CHRIST JESUS. Motive: To Encourage, Inform & Inspire. Vision: Determined to trust The LORD by feeding on the faithfulness of CHRIST JESUS.

Dear reader thank you. GOD richly bless this reader and or follower. Nothing I accomplish is possible without YOUR help. In CHRIST JESUS name.

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