Who is the Holy Spirit?

I’ve not completely touched on who the Holy Spirit is. However, I’ve provided enough of HIS character to let us all know that HE’s not an it. The Holy Spirit is a person and a wonderful person is HE. So the next time you decide to think about our creative GOD remember HIM according to 1 John 5:7-8.



Who is the Holy Spirit


1/3 of the Trinity


The Inhabitor


HE is no respecter of people


The Lie Detector


HE is the Prophesier


The Miracle Provider

HE’s Bold


The Multiplier


Purity, Knowledge, Long Sufferer, Kindness and Love


The Occupant / Resident

Righteousness, Peace and Joy


The Owner


The Burden Destroyer


The Power


The Cautioner / Warns


The Promise


The Cleaner and Purifier


The Redeemer


The Comforter


The Regenerator and Renewer

The Commissioner


The Revealer


The Companion


The Sealant


The Counselor


The Separator and Sanctifier

The Deliverer


The Speaker


The Encourager


The Teacher


The Gift


The Testifier


The Healer


The Thirst Quencher

The Helper


The very Spirit of GOD

The Hope





Author: AMFBeM

Teaching the Word of GOD in America through writing about the following. > The Blood of JESUS >The Cross of JESUS > The Death of JESUS > The Resurrection of JESUS > the Forgiveness, Grace, and Mercy of CHRIST JESUS.​ Dream: To reach billion and billions of souls through the Gospel of Grace for The LORD CHRIST JESUS. Motive: To Encourage, Inform & Inspire. Vision: Determined to trust The LORD by feeding on the faithfulness of CHRIST JESUS.

Dear reader thank you. GOD richly bless this reader and or follower. Nothing I accomplish is possible without YOUR help. In CHRIST JESUS name.

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