Ah, the subject of knowing that I am a conqueror excites me because for so long in my life I was a victim of sin and the life of this world. No, I did not indulge in many of the actions that most people indulge in, however, none the less as people often refer to me. I was a good girl going to hell because doing that time I only knew of JESUS as the baby in the manger and JESUS on the cross. Not knowing the entire testimony until I was seventeen and heard and saw the truth in CHRIST for myself. Though I became a conqueror I was not aware of this fact as most of my CHRISTian siblings. This is an aspect of what is within us that we must learn from the Word of GOD. We will learn that we have gained victory through CHRIST JESUS. HE subdued and brought into subjection and now possess all authority over everything with HIS influence. And because of what HE did for us we are conquerors in CHRIST JESUS over everything and we don’t have to use force but as JESUS left us an example we are to influence also.

Beloved, we who are believers in CHRIST JESUS and washed in HIS blood are not only loved by HIM and the FATHER we are greatly loved and dear to HIS heart. This is what it means to be beloved we are super conquerors through HIS love. CHRIST JESUS conquered death which has an awful sting because sin draws all of its power from the law, but we should thank our GOD who saved us and gives us the victory through CHRIST JESUS. Many people will say that they love GOD and that’s nice that HE is in the mind of people from time to time but the truth of the matter is it’s impossible to love someone that we don’t know. To love GOD is to obey HIS Word what HE has given to us is not a burden because we are born of GOD which means that we are overcomers of this world, of sin, and of death. So my dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS and those who have not made a decision to believe in CHRIST JESUS who is grace, mercy and truth and the only One who gives us access to the FATHER. JESUS informed us that when we are united in HIM we will have true peace. Yes, we will experience some trouble, after all, we do live in a sinful world but that does not mean that those who belong to HIM are sinners and must adhere to the law of sin as we once did. So, be brave in CHRIST JESUS because HE has already conquered the world.

Romans 8:37; 1 Cor. 15:57; 1 Jhn. 5:4; Jhn. 16:33


Author: AMFBeM

Teaching the Word of GOD in America through writing about the following. > The Blood of JESUS >The Cross of JESUS > The Death of JESUS > The Resurrection of JESUS > the Forgiveness, Grace, and Mercy of CHRIST JESUS.​ Dream: To reach billion and billions of souls through the Gospel of Grace for The LORD CHRIST JESUS. Motive: To Encourage, Inform & Inspire. Vision: Determined to trust The LORD by feeding on the faithfulness of CHRIST JESUS.

Dear reader thank you. GOD richly bless this reader and or follower. Nothing I accomplish is possible without YOUR help. In CHRIST JESUS name.

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