GOD has a wonderful nature-Part 7

GOD is Omniscient [pronounced Omni-nish-ent]

GOD is the only ONE who has universal knowledge which means HE is aware before and during everything that we think, feel and speaks. HE alone has infinite knowledge, nothing catches HIM off guard or surprises HIM because HE hears and sees our thoughts, our actions, what lives within our heart and what we speak about. It is impossible to get anything over on HIM because we are incapable of escaping HIM.

Psalms 139:1-4 LORD, YOU have examined me and YOU know me. YOU know everything I do; from far away YOU understand all my thoughts. YOU see me, whether I am working or resting; YOU know all my actions. Even before I speak, YOU already know what I will say.

Matthew 9:4 JESUS is GOD so it is understandable as to why HE knows, why HE is able to see our thoughts and that evil, hatred, wrongdoing, to cause injury to others just for our own pleasure or revenge begins inside of our heart.

Hebrews 4:13 Nothing that has been created by GOD/CHRIST JESUS is hidden from HIS sight. We are all exposed, naked, uncovered, to HIS eyes and we all will have to speak to HIM about what we have done with our most precious life.

This blog will continue from day to day for several days. So, look with great expectation so that you may get to know just who GOD is and HIS wonderful character and integrity.


Author: AMFBeM

Teaching the Word of GOD in America through writing about the following. > The Blood of JESUS >The Cross of JESUS > The Death of JESUS > The Resurrection of JESUS > the Forgiveness, Grace, and Mercy of CHRIST JESUS.​ Dream: To reach billion and billions of souls through the Gospel of Grace for The LORD CHRIST JESUS. Motive: To Encourage, Inform & Inspire. Vision: Determined to trust The LORD by feeding on the faithfulness of CHRIST JESUS.

Dear reader thank you. GOD richly bless this reader and or follower. Nothing I accomplish is possible without YOUR help. In CHRIST JESUS name.

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