Leading as JESUS led


Most everyone wants to lead but many of them do not know how to lead successfully. No matter how many seminars we attend and we will gather the information that will be useful to us. Nothing can demonstrate leadership skills as we ought to know them. And there is no greater leader who can teach us to lead as JESUS can. To be the type of leader that we all should want to be, we must first learn how to follow the examples left for us by JESUS. This is for ourselves and others.

  • Servant
  • Communication
  • Value people
  • Equip people

Mark 10:42-45; Without CHRIST JESUS people who are in the role of authority are as follows. Those who are recognized as one with a leadership title and are supposed to serve, communicate, vale and equip people. Instead, they rule with disrespect and holding those that are in subjection to them exercising authority and dominion over them. In CHRIST JESUS people who are in the role of authority are as follows. Recognized as one who has leadership qualities through servitude, open and respectful communication, value and equipping of people. It is far better to be known not only as one who is paid to be a leader but rather one who is an actual “Friend of the people”. Do not become drunk with power. Remember, you once were the worker-bee and though you have been promoted to that of leadership you must remember that we all report to someone and everyone must answer to SomeOne/JESUS.

Lk. 22:25; Mt. 20:26, 28; Mrk. 9:35; Lk. 9:48, 22:27; Jhn. 13:14; Philp. 2:7-8


You are not alone

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Most people when they are hurting, sad and feeling confused, they believe that they are alone, that no one understands. This is not true all people experience heart hurt, emotional hurt, sadness and most are left confused. Most should be left confused but not everyone should be left confused. The children of GOD should never be in a state of confusion and most certainly we should never believe that we are facing difficult times alone. GOD informed us that HE will never leave us nor will HE forsake (abandon, depart, desert, leave, quit) us.

Psalms 46:10; When we do not understand the clarity of anything learn to stand still, learn to let go of that which concerns us and know that GOD, HE is GOD. Ask HIM for guidance, search out the scriptures because that is where all of our answers lay and train your spiritual ears to hear and listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Isaiah 40:28-29; It is often said but I personally do not believe that everyone who says this believes this. “GOD is the Creator of heaven and earth”. I write this because if everyone who says this actually believes this, then why is it that they think that HE is not capable of handling our situations? I will ask the same questions that GOD asked of Job, where were you?

 Job 37:14; 38:3-41; Ps. 147:5; Ecc. 11:5; Rom. 11:33



suffering (1)

Live long enough and the experience of suffering will visit. I wrote visit not move in and take up residency. Who in their right mind wants to be the host or hostess of the following? Bearing with what is disagreeable, distressing, and or painful to not only the body but the mind as well. When we suffer it should be temporary, suffering to me is not something I enjoy but from suffering, we can learn to endure what we are experiencing though we may not like what we are feeling. Get control over what we are suffering from by knowing that GOD has an answer for that which we are going through. It will pass and we will see just how GOD’s faithfulness for us because of HIS Word has sustained us and we will taste HIS goodness as we undergo and witness HIS deliverance.

 1 Peter 3:13-17; Let’s face it when we have decided to take a stand for the sake of righteousness, it will be difficult because our family, associates, friends, co-workers, and schoolmates who are not with CHRIST JESUS will think that we are strange. Especially if they know us well, they will speak about how we used to be or make derogative remarks to try and push us back to being as they knew us to be. We will mature in CHRIST JESUS when we do not give in to their taunts, tricks, and schemes. Even when the pressure of being tempted is upon us do not become afraid and troubled that we are not strong enough to withstand the weak devices that their father satan and his cohorts demons instruct them to use on us. Remember, we are sanctified in our GOD and we are ready to give a defense should we be pushed to the limit or if we are asked with what hope we have. Express that we have anticipation as we wait with expectancy ever watching with confidence as GOD moves on our behalf with HIS gracious promises through CHRIST JESUS. Possess a down-to-earth demure, unassuming and unpretentious rather than operating in arrogance and pride. Our conduct may give them a reason to be ashamed of what they have done against us. We are to remain in the will of GOD rather than to promote our own fleshy will.

1 Peter 5:10; Children of the Living GOD and my heavenly siblings we are still walking this earth and we are the ones called to HIS everlasting glory in CHRIST JESUS. Remember it is not about how long we are to suffer from that dead god and his cohorts and children of hell. But rather it is about how we are becoming perfect, established, and strengthened in GOD our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS that will settle us.

Prov. 16:7; Ja. 1:12; Is. 8:12; Ps. 119:46; Ti. 3:7; 1 Tim. 1:5; 1 Pet. 3:21; 1 Cor. 1:9; 1 Thess. 2:12


We are in good company



JESUS has been rejected from the beginning but we may not recognize HIS being rejected until we read about HIM in the four gospels. That is because people cannot see HIM in Genesis through Malachi. But if we study the book of John we will learn that the FATHER and the SON worked together in those writings and often JESUS is there in those precious pages if only we get to know HIM intimately so that we can recognize HIM there.

Once we take our stand to live our lives obediently to what CHRIST JESUS has instructed to be in HIM people will reject us from our family to our associates. This is nothing new. We must decide to take a firm stand in who we will obey, will we obey the authority of our governmental laws or the laws of our place of employment or will we obey the authority of our GOD? No, I am not suggesting that we should break any laws which will cause us to stand before a judge or be locked away in a jail cell or prison or at the very least receive a ticket for our disobedience to the governmental laws. Instead, I am cheering you on if you take part in a Bible study or prayer circle on your lunch break in a conference room which will accept anyone who will like to participate. And to have the very same at your schools because no one can prohibit our worshipping our GOD during the times when we are on our break as long as we are not pushing our beliefs on those who do not want to hear what it is we have to say about CHRIST JESUS. If we own our own business we have a right to write for everyone to see what our beliefs and ethics for which every employee will demonstrate. Just as the large corporations have what their beliefs and ethics are and as their employees, we must demonstrate to them whether or not we agree with them. I encourage all of my siblings in CHRIST JESUS who has a business and have decided not to go against your faith in CHRIST JESUS because the customers were dissatisfied with their being rejected because you will not provide a certain service to them. I applaud those of you who have had to close your business because you had lost income because of your faith in CHRIST JESUS. Endure the name-calling, the labeling, the misrepresentation, and the fines.  Many CHRISTian businesses may have to close their doors and windows because of our faith in CHRIST JESUS. Know this that GOD is working on your behalf the enemy may think that he has won but we will rise from the rubble and stand again on the Word of GOD. HE will give us the directions to go and believe me doors and windows will not be shut again.

Matthew 5:44-45

  • Love your enemies. Practice loving those who come against us, treat them well, be kind regardless of how ignorant they come against us with their detest and hatred. Bless them do not turn and curse [speak evil about, at, or with] them as they do toward us.
  • Forgive them because they are blind and deaf to the truth, they do not know what they are doing. They just do not understand. When they abuse us with their language, we will bless them. When we are punished unjustly, hit with penalties, harassed, and hurt by their hatred, bless them.
  • Remember our GOD provides sun and rain on us as well as them. HE blesses them also, but we have a deeper and richer blessing that comes from HIM which will never be taken away by HIM.

Lk. 6:27; Rm. 12:14, 20; Lk. 23:34; Acts 7:60; 1 Cor. 4:12; 1 Ptr. 2:23; Acts 14:17


Everyone has a right to know about JESUS


It is not up to us to pick and choose who we should share JESUS with. This is the manner in which most people may share JESUS with others. We take a look at them and think that if we share JESUS with that person they may not reject what we have to say or we are attracted to how they look. We are standoffish to those who are loud, over rebellious in their actions and words, or filthy. Truth be told although we come across as standoffish to those that we think are most in need of hearing about the forgiveness, the grace, the love, and the mercy of CHRIST JESUS, those that we are attracted to as well as those who we are not attracted to has a right to know about JESUS. Instead of our picking and choosing who we will share JESUS with, listen to the Holy Spirit because He knows who you will be able to speak with. Yes, as we begin to approach the person we may feel nervous but go through with it anyway. But do not speak to them in a manner that they cannot relate to you, just be yourself and share JESUS. If you listen to the Holy Spirit you will notice that He will show you many opportunities to speak to others for a brief moment. Do not come across as pushy but let them ask you if they can speak with you further.

Matthew 28:18-20 JESUS said, “go and announce or publish the Good News”. It is selfish for us to be the possessors of GOD’s Good News concerning HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS and not share with others.

This entire planet will one day see the Salvation of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. How will you like to be responsible for not sharing CHRIST JESUS with others? You are not a failure for sharing the Good News and being rejected because everyone has a right to accept or reject HIM.

Speak about repenting which is a changing of the heart and mind. The changing of the heart and mind is what will lead them to CHRIST JESUS. Repenting is not a religious form of life as many have made it out to be. Also, share about how JESUS CHRIST paid in full the cost for the penalty of our sin.

Continue in the faith of CHRIST JESUS, not in the faith of you.

We must not only teach through our speaking but we are to also teach in the demonstration of our lifestyle in our faith in CHRIST JESUS. This is most evident among our family, friends, and associates.

And lastly, understand this today, please. We are not ever alone, we must remember that GOD is with us not just in the times we consider to be good. But, HE is with us in the times we consider to be difficult for us as well. The LORD your GOD is standing with you.

Matthew 25:31-40; Psalm 89:14; Is. 52:10; Lk. 24:47; Col. 1:23; Acts 18:10, 23:11


Not your will but GOD’s will


1 Johns 2:28 the blood-washed are the children of GOD and unlike our earthly parents who desire that we grow up and leave home. GOD desires that we live in HIM and remain there. There is a reason as to why our heavenly FATHER desires that once we return to HIM that we take up our home in HIM. And that is because HE knows that we are more familiar with what is going on in the world than we do with what is going on in heaven. HE knows that the temptation of the world is strong and ever pulling on our heartstrings. But GOD is much stronger and HE too is pulling on our heartstrings and HE is victorious in this battle of wills.

Yes, there are times when we give in to our own wills of the flesh which is worldly but we find ourselves running right back to HIM for safety and HIS shelter. This happens because GOD will never force/push us to do anything that we do not want to do. Once we become familiar with the will of our FATHER we will notice or someone will cause us to notice by telling us how much we have changed. Our devotion to those things that we once thought that we could not do without becomes perfectly clear to us that we did not need them but wanted them.

Just like when we pray to the FATHER most often our request has nothing at all to do with HIS will but rather our own. So, when we do not receive the answer we get irritated, begin to distrust, or anxious and provide for ourselves what we asked for from HIM. Big mistake. Like any good earthly father who provides for his children those things that are needed first and then later will provide us with those things that we want. GOD our FATHER also provides us with those things that we need first and then if those things that we want will not take us away from HIM, then HE will provide those things to us as well.

1 John 3:21-22 one of the curses that we obtained was a conscience. Our conscience will tell us when we are doing or saying something that we should not say or do. Our conscience is very legalistic and legalism is condemning. Once we experience condemnation we shrink away from our FATHER. Because we believe that we are guilty of a crime. When we return we begin to beg for HIS forgiveness. This is a no-no and reveals to us that we do not understand the finished works of CHRIST JESUS, we are already forgiven of past, present and future actions of sins. What we should do when we return is to just acknowledge to GOD that we did or said what we did or said because we wanted to or via mistake. Stop making excuses for the will of the flesh. Now, simply ask the FATHER what it is that is desired which we know is according to HIS will and know with assurance that HE will provide that to us. What is the commandment that we are to obey? To love all people and in doing this we will have obeyed the law of Moses without trying to recall what they are or perform ceremonies in order to please GOD and be found acceptable in HIM. Follow the love recipe that CHRIST JESUS commanded of us and we will not go wrong.

1 John 5:14 be confident that everything that we ask for which is pleasing to GOD is heard by HIM and that HE has approved of our request to provide us with what we asked for because it is HIS will.


GOD’s ambassador


In the Old Testament Levites were the Priest of GOD. Today in the New Testament the Priest of GOD are all of HIS children. We should never take our responsibility for granted. In the OT we are informed to preserve the knowledge of GOD through safeguarding it and keeping it pure. We should not only inquire but require instruction among each other. We are the true messengers of the Good News/Gospel of CHRIST JESUS.

2 Corinthians 5:20 the apostle Paul wrote that we are the ambassadors/representatives of CHRIST JESUS and it is through us that GOD speaks to those who are void of the knowledge of the finished works CHRIST JESUS has already completed perfectly. The finished works are acceptable to the FATHER. There is nothing more to be required of HIM to do, HE is not coming back to earth to repeat anything that HE has already said and done and HE is not coming back to earth to change all that HE has said and done. People need to be reconciled/reunited back to GOD.

Ephesians 6:20 the apostle Paul did not allow his circumstances such as being a prisoner and shackled keep him from speaking what needed to be said regarding CHRIST JESUS. He spoke only that which the Holy Spirit gave him to speak because all that the Holy Spirit reveals is truthful and perfect. Much like the apostle Paul we too should be bold, and courageous in what GOD has given to us to share with others. All of us do not need to be ordained into the clerical ministry because all of us were not designed to be so. We are however all ambassadors/ministers/representatives and we must find our niche as to how to relate to others about CHRIST JESUS. Our audience is vast and we can share CHRIST JESUS on the street, in school, in our employment, on public transportation and any other place people are. Just because you are not ordained by GOD first then your pastor to be apart of the fivefold ministry does not count those who are not out. Just say only what the Holy Spirit has given to you to say and you will be just fine.

Mal. 2:7