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August 13, 2020

The Holy Spirit sends and fills-Acts 13:4, 52


After we have been separated and called, we will be sent to wherever the Spirit of the Living GOD desires that we are to be. And though we have been sent out by the Holy Spirit, we will experience some adversaries along the way. But let this not deter you. You have been equipped for the task, follow the Holy Spirit, listen to what He instructs you to do, and with holy boldness, execute. See and hear evil and continue to speak boldly in the name of JESUS; no devil will want to hang around those who are filled with the anointing of GOD. 

Share the testimony of what GOD has done and what GOD is doing. Build up hope/faith in the people, be honest with people, and let them know that though they will trip and fall as a babe does when trying to walk, do not grow discouraged. Admit to the FATHER what you did without being guilty or ashamed, you have already been forgiven of past, present, and future sins. Knowing this, you will be developing into a person after the heart of GOD as King David was.  

Perfection lives within us through CHRIST JESUS, but, there are times when our flesh will get the better of us. Look at it this way once we realize what we have done, such as picking up the remote control trying to answer it because we thought that it was the telephone. We do not beat ourselves up, do we? No, what we do is chuckle and speak out to ourselves, saying, look at what I did or what am I doing, it is all about our acknowledging where we are as God asked Adam where he was. It was not that GOD did not know where Adam was; it was that GOD wanted Adam to acknowledge where he wandered off.

Tell people who JESUS is, share with them about the significance of HIS dying in our place on that cross. Tell them about HIS burial and resurrection. Tell them about how HE ascended into heaven to sit on HIS throne on the right side of the FATHER.

Regardless of the conflicts that we will experience, know that we will experience far greater the blessings in GODs’ grace. This is what the disputes are, those who find themselves unworthy to receive the Truth/the Good News of CHRIST JESUS/the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS will undoubtedly envy us, and in their envy, they will contradict and speak against what we are speaking. But we are to continue sharing what we have in the boldness of the Holy Ghost. Do not speak from an attitude of anger or irritability because when we do this, the devil will have won. Be bold in the Holy Ghost and witness how those who desire to come to know JESUS will glorify the Word of the LORD.

You, my dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS, should be and must be baptized in the Holy Spirit so that you will be filled with joy. Having exceedingly joy and gladness because we have a great reward awaiting us in heaven. Do you know what this great reward is? No need to guess, I will tell you. Our great reward is that we will see JESUS, our heart will rejoice when our eyes finally will get to see HIM. For this, no one can take away our joy.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit, my dear love ones. Begin to speak out in other/foreign languages that you have not been educated in. In the beginning, it may sound like babblings, but even our babies make sounds of babblings when they are exercising their faith to speak. Eventually, the more we talk in our heavenly language the, more we will reverse that confusion of foreign languages brought about from GOD because of the wickedness in the heart of humankind at the Tower of Babel, Gen. 11:1-9.

Our being filled with the Holy Spirit will cause us to become bold in Him. We will not only speak the message of GOD, but we will live HIS message. The spirit of fear will be replaced with the Spirit of boldness/confidence/and courage.

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AMFBeM Newsletter

August 12, 2020


The Holy Spirit calls and gives to us our assignment-Acts 13:2

Did you take notice of this when you read the scripture? Okay, just in case you missed it this is what is written. “Now, separate to Me Barnabas and Saul/Paul to the work which I have called them”. 

This is why so many people are miserable where they are because they are ignorant of the fact that to do well where you are you must first be called to be there. When I was employed secularly, at fifteen my first place of employment was at a dry cleaner’s where I began to learn customer service. I fell on my face more times than I can count. For four years I was in training learning my craft in customer service and in time I did get better. At nineteen I became a secretary in the special police within the VA Hospital where I came in contact with many people and found that all that I had learned in the four years as a customer service clerk in a dry cleaner’s prepared me for another level of customer service that added on to what I had learned. At twenty-one, I entered another facet of customer service where I spoke on the phone for eight or more hours to the government and it is there that I received my doctorate in customer service. 

Today, in ministry everything that I was taught for thirty-five years in customer service prepared me for all the various people that I have, do, and will encounter. Customer service was where I belonged and though it may have been rocky in the beginning it’s ever so smooth now. Customer service is my calling, so to be called by the Holy Spirit into evangelism though at the time I had no idea what evangelism was regardless of my being mentored by two great evangelists. To be chosen by the Holy Spirit for this great gifting that made sense eventually because I have a heart for people, I want to see people come to JESUS and become better instead of remaining bitter. I want to encourage, inform, and inspire people in everything JESUS. And just as I did when I was that fifteen-year-old kid working in a dry cleaner’s, I woke up excited and ready to get to my place of employment, now, granted my motives back then was the money and the $135-140 a week which was a lot of money then and some carried over to my next payday was a great incentive. 

Today I wake up early and excited, as usual, to hang out with my DADDY, JESUS, and the Holy Ghost for a while and then come to my computer to type everything that the Holy Spirit desires for me to share with you. In the hope that those who will read these article and do not know JESUS will come to HIM, those who do know JESUS but not well, will want to get to know HIM better than they do having the borders of their faith robe lengthen, to help remove all the legalism and religiosity that you have been indoctrinated with so that you can live a life of rest and peace in JESUS and HIS Grace.

When we have been separated and called to do what we are anointed for be it secular or ministry we are entrusted to GOD’s care. If we have been anointed for ministry then we must do what we are anointed for and that is to bring the Good News/the Gospel of JESUS to the people. We were not called to mix politics and things that label us as activists and so forth. Some people have been called for that task just as there are people who have been called to be spouses, parents, comedians, journalists, and so on. Just because we can do those things that we do does not mean that we should and our exhibition of attitude and results will reveal the truth about our being in the wrong place doing the wrong thing.

When we surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit we will be given the power to work our gift, it is in this that we will recognize GOD’s kindness. What have you been appointed/chosen/set apart to be? Most likely the things you can see yourself doing is what you should be doing and where you need to be. Those dreams and visions you have are trying to tell you the direction you need to point yourself in. Do not allow people nor yourself to abort who you are.

We are not to appoint ourselves into a position, not be pushed into a position. Should we not follow the Holy Spirit to fulfill the calling on our lives we will not find honor in what we settled for. Recognize the call of GOD through the Holy Ghost and find that whether or not you are paid well, you would not give up your calling because it is your passion and you are entrusting yourself to be well taken care of by GOD through CHRIST JESUS.


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August 11, 2020


Anointed in the Holy Spirit-Acts 10:38

Take notice of who did the anointing, who not what but who the anointing is. [1] GOD the FATHER does the anointing, [2] and the anointing is the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a person, not something or an it but a person. He is the actual Spirit of the Living GOD and He comes with heavenly power.

Our Sovereign LORD GOD, the very essence which is the Spirit of the LORD GOD was not just on JESUS nor will He just be smeared or painted on us but rather our FATHER will fill us with HIS Spirit just as HE filled HIS SON, JESUS. Because we have been chosen and after we have been baptized in the Holy Spirit we will be endowed in power to go out and share the Good News of CHRIST JESUS. No, we do not have to preach this Gospel as those who are of the five-fold ministry do, but we can be living witnesses right where we are, in the home, the neighborhood, the community, our place of employment, and in the schools. 

Stay in your lane and only go where the Holy Spirit sends us to go and speak that which the Holy Spirit gives to speak. This is the message that the Holy Spirit will send us to deliver, [1] we are to bring the Good News of JESUS to those who do not know HIM, [2] the Word of GOD is an ointment, healing anyone who has a broken heart and we should apply the solvent as directed so that when we follow His directions those who have a broken heart will come to find that what broke their heart is being dissolved. [3] Share that they can be released from their captivity in sin through faith in CHRIST JESUS and that they will come out of those prisons and be free in CHRIST JESUS. In Lk. 4:18, JESUS HIMself said what HE said and because JESUS lives within every believer we should want all of what JESUS had in HIS humanity and be who HE said we are in HIM. 

In JESUS humanity HE required to have the Holy Spirit and the power therein, why would we not have the Holy Spirit of GOD/the FATHER as promised and given to JESUS within us as well? This gives us something to think about does it not?

It is impossible to not have a desire to do well in CHRIST JESUS. JESUS after being baptized in the Holy Spirit purposely went around doing well for the needs of people. We should do the same and I am including myself in this because so often we are so mindful of self, what we need to do that we never consider going out looking for ways to help others [doing well in the Holy Ghost]. And I am not beating anyone up including myself but even when we do not go out with a purpose to do well in the lives of people, we often see the needs of people but how often do we tend to those needs? If you live in a red-light district meaning that there are addictions of every sort right there in the community or neighborhood, most likely you have come to know those people either by sight or name. Have we gone over to chat with them just for a moment each time we see them or that person? Most likely not because we do not want to be bothered with their begging, filth, and stench. We need to get over ourselves and do as JESUS did because this is the true calling of our CHRISTian walk to get down and dirty in the dirt without getting dirty with those who are dirty. This should be our hope that what we share of the Good News of CHRIST JESUS without coming off preachy will penetrate their broken hearts so that they can receive their healing. Then we will want to speak with them about receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit after their heart transplant has been given to them by JESUS. Share with them how being baptized in the Holy Spirit will give to them His power so that they can be and live there overcoming and victorious life in the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS with the Holy Spirit. 

We are the only person people can see and hear, and who they should see and hear when they give to us their attention is the MESSIAH/the Anointed One/CHRIST JESUS within us. Reveal to those that do not know that JESUS is who HE said HE is and listen for the Holy Spirit to direct regarding what it is that JESUS has told Him to share with us and do just that and no more or less. 


AMFBeM Newsletter

August 10, 2020

The Holy Spirit Comforts-Acts 9:31


What is missing in the body of CHRIST today which makes us look sickly, unknowledgeable, and weak? The peace of GOD through HIS Holy Spirit which comes from our being edified in HIM. That is the instruction and renewing of the mind that causes us to improve in the general knowledge of being moral and to increase our faith in holiness. 

The Holy Spirit is the One who helps us in this but we first must be baptized in Him and allow Him to guide us through the scriptures by studying the Word of GOD so that we may be commended of being worthy as He teaches us with wisdom and understanding of the grace of JESUS. 

Being truly edified in the Word of GOD does not present itself through us to be mixed with oil and water which is either legalism or the truth bent just enough to sound good that is acceptable to those who receive that which is being given. 

No. Edification causes us to hold firmly to the fullness of truth in love, and to grow up/mature in CHRIST who is the head. The head of the entire body is harmonious with the knitting together of the joints which are provided for our growing and properly functioning as individual parts in our complete maturity in love. Okay, here is the part that most of us struggle with, though we may not use what I am about to touch on frequently the mishaps does continue for most of us [me]. We cannot edify one another if we are constantly using foul language mixed with good words that are meant to help others for or in GOD. For most of us who desire to change our language from being course, it will take time to get there and like me, we will not even take notice that we are not using foul language as much as we once did, but others will take notice and bring it to our attention as it was done to me years ago.

Another example of our presenting ourselves to look sickly, unknowledgeable, and weak is the fact that most of us do not have reverential respect for our LORD. This is because when the Bible is read most of us take the word “fear” extremely literally. But here is my question to you, how can anyone love a person who desires for us to fear/to be in dread them? It cannot be done. For those scriptures that we read that have the word “fear” there, we must study to find out if the scripture is instructing us to have the utmost respect or to worship because this is what the literal word was supposed to be but got mistranslated from the Hebrew language. The body of CHRIST is individual believers in HIM who are holy and lack nothing because we have the utmost respect for HIM and we worship only HIM/JESUS.

So, if you have been following these news articles you have been informed that the Holy Spirit has been promised to every believer in CHRIST JESUS and I have provided you with some of the roles that He has withing Himself that we are partakers of. And much like before I am going to share with you another attribute/role that the Holy Spirit is. 

The Holy Spirit to the believer in CHRIST JESUS is our very own personal comforter because He is the Comforter. This is why we can live our day to day life because we have high esteem and great respect for GOD HIMself and for the things of GOD which others will take notice of without our being spooky about it. JESUS HIMself asked the FATHER on our behalf to provide us with the Holy Spirit because HE knew and understood that we cannot make it through this sinful world without Him.

Our Comforter brings to us and gives to us His comfort so that what we hear and see in this world will not provide us with anxiety, frustration, grief, sadness, stress, or worry. We do not have the need to imitate the world but rather the world should take notice of us the saints and inquire what makes us stand-out among the rest? Do you my dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS not understand that every sin in the world is a trap and stronghold [addictions, the in-correctional officer of the prisons, and the wardens] and every sin aimed at anyone is a fiery dart that when it hit its target causes those who are not edified in the comfort of the Holy Spirit to become anxious, depressed, frustrated, hopeless, grief-stricken, worried and anything else attached with negativity. 

When those in the world come and inquire from us wanting to know what makes us stand-out from others, we should provide them with the answer without sounding religious because honestly, this is such a turn- off. Just be honest and clear about the Grace/the Good News of CHRIST JESUS and if need be share your testimony about what JESUS has done for you.


AMFBeM Newsletter

August 7, 2020

The Holy Spirit does the choosing-Acts 9:15

In the context of this scripture, we find a righteous man being told by CHRIST JESUS to go to a man known for evil. The name of the man is Ananias, he was not aware of the fact that evil Saul had been chosen [by JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit] and become HIS vessel, received a heart transplant, and renamed by the LORD from Saul to Paul. 

Before I go on let us see why JESUS changed his name. This is my own opinion; the name Saul means to borrow whereas the name Paul means humble. I have often been told that the names that we place on our children must not be something without thought. Each time a person’s name is announced we are calling forward what the name means which is apart of the molding on a person’s character and integrity. My name means grace and throughout my life, that is exactly how I have been towards people before my conversion in JESUS and even the more after my conversion. I have shown kindness, and the disposition to be obliging towards others. 

Those who love the writings of Paul can see just how humble he had become after his conversion. Now, back to the text. 

This is what happens to us, we are chosen vessels by the Holy Spirit of JESUS and we have HIS name marked on us. HIS stamp of approval, HIS verifying seal. Once we are baptized in the Holy Spirit we are set apart from the world, we are given a work by which we have been chosen. 

I have heard that so many of my siblings run away from their calling only to give in at some point in their lives. Every calling is not a public calling, some are called to be in the background doing the work by which we have been called to. Such as a godly spouse and parent, a volunteer, a writer, a public speaker, an exceptional employer, or employee, a student, and so on. Wherever we are or wherever we have been instructed by the Holy Spirit to be, we are chosen for the task at hand and we do everything for our LORD JESUS. Stop fighting. What is your passion, what are your dreams, goals, and visions, where do you see yourself and what are you doing? Be obedient and cooperate knowing that what and where we are not about us but about our being chosen by the Holy Spirit. 

We are to acknowledge the LORD our GOD first and foremost giving ourselves to HIM first thing to operate in us as HE desires and tune our ears to hear HIS voice throughout our day. If the Holy Spirit desires for us to speak to someone about JESUS than do so without fear because He will endow us with His power to accomplish that task. Otherwise daily just exhibit His style, His character, His integrity, His swag which is love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. This is the evidence that we are no longer that old person but transformed into a new person. When we hear the Holy Spirit say to us go then we are to go, do then we are to do. 

As chosen vessels, we are different from those in the world. And the reason for our being different is because of GOD’s loving favor on us which should not be wasted by hiding our light which HE has been lit in us. The things that we are doing is not to glorify us but to glorify the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.

Godly counsel is good but ask the Holy Spirit who should we speak with that will sharpen us and that we can sharpen as well, iron sharpens iron. Here is a tip for us the desires of our heart may frighten or make us nervous because we may not understand how to achieve those goals. Be cautious about sharing with those who are not doing what we will like to do. Most often people without vision are incapable of seeing us doing well in our desires. They will try to get us to abort what we desire to do out of lack of vision, jealousy, hopelessness, as well as other various things. Do not cast/throw your pearls before swine/pigs. Get with someone that is doing what we desire and have become successful at that. Or get with those that you know whether they understand or not have a great capability to cheer and encourage others. 

Know that before we were ever made and placed into our mother’s womb GOD had already placed in our DNA to set us apart. HE is the ONE who called us out through HIS grace [Holy Spirit] to reveal HIS SON, JESUS to us, and to accomplish that which has been placed deep within us.

Our GOD is mannerly, gentle, kind, understanding, and so on. Though HE has placed within us HIS desires, HE will not force us to do anything, what HE does is ask us to do HIS will. GOD gives us HIS loving-favor and power by the Holy Ghost to be a success in our endeavors that HE placed in us to accomplish. We are not in what GOD has placed us in to gain accolades from people. We do through obedience because we are grateful and love GOD because of CHRIST JESUS. Though acknowledgment will come from people this is not our goal. 

I use to travel all over America speaking the truth about JESUS and though I loved the traveling part, I was not a fan of public speaking. After years of public speaking, I had to ask the FATHER is there another way that I can do what I am called to do without public speaking and there was a resounding yes. Understand that I am a background person, this is where I am most comfortable. So, this is why I am the co-author along with the author the Holy Spirit of this newsletter to continue in telling the truth about JESUS because I have been chosen and I am true to my calling by faith. I am through the Holy Spirit encouraging, providing information, inspiring, and teaching faith and truth. Those of us who are in the faith of CHRIST JESUS should desire to have the borders/hem of our garments/train/robe stretched further out. Did you know that we are wearing a garment with a train? Our robe of righteousness has a train much like the train of a bride’s garment. GOD also is wearing a robe and the train of HIS robe fills the temple. Our robes will not fill the temple as our GOD because HE has unlimited authority that we will never obtain and should not desire to have. But our robes of righteousness do have a train and the longer and wider the train the longer and wider the hem which exhibits authority given to us by faith and the actions of obedience toward our faith; Is. 6:1, 61:10, Job 29:14.

Finally, we have been chosen vessels by the Holy Spirit now cooperate.


AMFBeM Newsletter

August 6, 2020


The Holy Spirit cannot be purchased-Acts 8:18-24

I am certain that we all have heard that there is nothing new under the sun. In this context of scripture, we find Simone wanting to purchase the Holy Spirit to pervert Him among the people. But I love how this was dealt with and it shows me that in today’s world as we who are filled with the Holy Spirit move about doing good among the people that there will be people who believe that if they can purchase what we have that they will be able to accomplish that which has been given to us freely by GOD in the name of JESUS as if what we do is some type of magic. It is not of GOD when people want what we have so that they can profit from it. But I want you to understand that the Holy Spirit is not someone that can be bought, He is not magical, He is not someone or something that operates with spirits (fallen angels/demons) or the science of production. The Holy Spirit is not counted among the departed spirits (fallen angels/demons) and nothing about Him has anything to do with enchantments or sorcery. The Holy Spirit does not operate according to superstitions and is nothing at all like or has anything to do with satan and his demons. Let us take a look back in history because Simon was not the first to live with GOD’s anointed and receive the overflow of blessings that had an impure heart due to greed. 

Take a look at Gehazi, the servant of Elisha; Elisha under the direction of the Holy Spirit was used to clean Naaman of leprosy. Naaman wanted to pay Elisha but Elisha refused. As Naaman went his way Gehazi went after him after he made sure that Naaman had gone some distance so that what he had plotted in his heart would not be witnessed by Elisha. People who are religious and have unclean hearts will do what they have pondered over for a time believing that what they are either doing or saying is for or from GOD. Most often, when people believe that they are not as important as those that they know, they will use the name of those that they believe have more weight to accomplish that which through evil motives desire. Everything that will be said is a lie. And, because those who do this are convincing, they receive what they go after. People like this most often will take their rewards asking that they do not tell the one whose name they used and will go hide what they openly stole so that they will not find out because they are aware that what they did on their own accord will be disapproved of. Elisha asked the question “where have you been” much like GOD asked the question of Adam “where are you”. The question was not asked because GOD did not know where Adam was because GOD is everywhere, knows all things and sees all things, so HE knew the location of where Adam was. And Elisha knew by the Holy Spirit where Gehazi had gone. The question that was asked by GOD to Adam and by Elisha to Gehazi is so that they could see where they were. Out of obedience to disobedience, out of fellowship, off the straight path and on to the crooked, off of what was once smooth to now what is rocky. All because of Gehazi’s sin, he was struck down with leprosy that Naaman once had and lost fellowship with Elisha. People need to get this into their heads, “do not be deceived, GOD is not mocked, whatsoever mankind sows that is what mankind will reap” the world says it this way, “what goes around comes around”.     

  1. The Holy Spirit is not for profit. 
  2. Beware of those who are close to us, know their heart.
  3. Beware of what is being meditated in the heart, is it a GOD idea, your idea, or the devil’s idea?
  4. Greed lurks within the hearts of mankind.
  5. Know where you are.

GOD’s mercy is not something that we can buy. GOD’s mercy has already been purchased for us in CHRIST JESUS and HIS death on that cross. Though JESUS had not yet come to earth and die in our place, the mercy of GOD still operated in mankind. So often people do not recognize the mercy of GOD and just as Gehazi missed it, so do people today. Those of us who go about doing good to and for people as we are being directed by the Holy Spirit should not do anything for profit if people desire to pay, ask them to give it to those who are in greater need. We obey the instructions and follow what the desire of JESUS is in the Holy Ghost. Freely we are receiving and freely we give out. We cannot lose sight of what the children of the living GOD must do when we have prayed for and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and that is to follow what JESUS asked of us and do what HE said that we can do in the power of the Holy Ghost. Heal the sick, bring back those who have died, heal those with skin diseases, and drive out demons.

This is a fact and I hope that you will see this for yourself. Had Gehazi only changed his mind regarding being deceitful and lived as GOD intended, he would have not succumbed to the punishment that he received. But he would not allow GOD to change his heart. Had Judas Iscariot had only asked GOD to change his heart, he would have not succumbed to self-righteousness and committed suicide. Where are you, do you meditate on GOD ideas, your ideas, or the devil’s ideas. Change your mind/repent and ask GOD for forgiveness if you are a non-believer. If you are my sibling in CHRIST and you are still meditating on your ideas or the devil’s ideas acknowledge that and change your mind and begin meditating on GOD ideas. Notice how I left out “ask for forgiveness” because we have already accepted and received GOD’s forgiveness. To keep asking for forgiveness demonstrates that we do not have an understanding of the completeness of GOD’s forgiveness through HIS SON, JESUS. Those who are believers in CHRIST JESUS have a circumcised heart and after asking for the baptism of the Holy Spirit this gift will be poured into you. Never make people believe that we are super special just because we have the gift and outpouring of the Holy Spirit living within us and that we are the only ones who can do that which the Holy Spirit guides us to do. If we can do it, they can do it. Who are they? Anyone who has accepted, believed, and trusted in this fact, that JESUS is the CHRIST/MESSIAH, and that HE is the Savior of the world. So, who are we to deny the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to any believer that desires to have Him, so that they too may be endued with His power to learn of Him and to do well among the people? We are created in the image of GOD and HE desires that we love as we live among our siblings doing good not only for one another but to those who do not know HIM and who desperately need HIM. We must follow as we are being guided and led by the Holy Spirit. We will not profane the Holy Spirit by requesting or accepting money to do what He has directed us to do. Because when we do that we are standing in GOD’s way and instead of bringing people closer to GOD we are pushing them further away after all the emotionalism has died down and they begin to think about what it cost them to receive from GOD. JESUS already paid the full cost and has the receipt.

Keep in mind that the heart of mankind is deceitful and incurable. This is why we need a heart transplant because without CHRIST JESUS performing cardiovascular surgery in us we are doomed to die in all those secret hidden sinful motives that we have. Also, our new heart will cause us to break away from sins and we will exhibit true repentance/the changing of our mindset by doing what is right rather than continuing in the practice of doing wrong. We will no longer show the wickedness that once held us, prisoners and we will begin to be merciful and GOD will cause us to prosper in peace and healing. Do not allow what GOD is doing through us by HIS Holy Spirit to bring about within us pride. Remember pride got Lucifer/satan evicted out of heaven along with his followers those fallen angels/demons. Pride will cause you to not only fall from GOD’s grace but you will push others further away so that they will not get to experience the fullness of HIS grace. This will cause a root of resentment directed at GOD when GOD is not guilty but mankind is with his deception and greed, lying about what the Holy Spirit is not doing and what is required that has nothing to do with JESUS. This is defilement.


AMFBeM Newsletter

August 5, 2020


Pray for others to receive the Holy Spirit-Acts 8:15

Any of us who are born-again believers and know of others who are our siblings in CHRIST should ask with conviction if they are baptized in the Holy Spirit. Why? Because the Holy Spirit removes religiosity which is foolishness, becomes our teacher, and endues us with power to receive the fullness of truth. GOD does not care about which sect of religion we have become members of just so that the local assembly is expounding on the Gospel of JESUS. Religion will focus on the various characters of the Bible rather than pointing out where JESUS is with these characters. Religion will point out our short-comings rather than the love that the FATHER, SON, and Holy Ghost have for us and that we are forgiven while pointing out how we can grow from our mistakes. Religion is focused on their man-made laws rather than on the Grace of JESUS. Religion cares about the perception of the people rather than how GOD/JESUS is with you based on HIS Word of Grace.

Most people who read and or study the Bible have great respect for Paul. But were you aware that Paul asked those who are our siblings in CHRIST whether or not they had been baptized in the Holy Ghost? “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed in JESUS to be the CHRIST [Anointed ONE/MESSIAH]? Their reply to the question is what most replies should be. “No”. Most CHRISTians because some believe that they do have the Holy Spirit because they are saved and that is not a complete error. Will often say yes because without our listening to the Holy Spirit speak to us about JESUS when we heard people witnessing to us, or our attending some form of religious service be it weekly worship, Bible study, a true CHRISTian wedding/elopement, or funeral [burial of the dead], television ministry, radio ministry or social media. None of us would have believed because faith comes by our hearing and our listening to the Word of GOD. But if our dear siblings those who do not have the fullness of GOD living within them, truly have the fullness of GOD which is HIS Holy Spirit who endues us with the power from on high, why are so many weak, defeated, and double-minded? Holy Spirit-filled children of the living GOD are not exhibiting the characteristics of being defeated, double-minded, or weakness from one day to the next. We are overcomers through CHRIST JESUS, we are victorious regardless of what is going on around us, we are winners in the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of all situations.

In our focus scripture for today, we see that Peter and John went and prayed for believers to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. So, what should this tell you loved ones? It should be made clear that the Holy Spirit does not move into our hearts the same day or time that JESUS enters in. So, if this is true and it is. After we have been filled with JESUS we should ask immediately to be filled with HIS Holy Spirit and believe by faith that we have Him just as we have the FATHER and JESUS living on the inside of us and we are living within HIM. Just as our asking for JESUS which is an invitation we must also ask the Holy Spirit by invitation to live in our hearts as well. When we have witnessed that our siblings in CHRIST are often living defeatedly we must ask them about having the Holy Spirit living within them. Share with them who He is and what He does within us. Then if they are willing, pray with them to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. More often then not they will experience a difference deep within immediately. And, do not confuse experience with feelings, feelings are earthly/worldly and emotional. Experience is based on facts of what took place. Experience is also based on the faith of what we know to be true before we see the results. “Walk by faith and not by sight”, “GOD calls those things which do not exist as though they did”, “Let there be light” or “Let there be”.

We are all made in the image of GOD so why not possess all of who HE is, take hold of all HIS promises to us, receive all the gifts that HE has for us, and live according to our faith in HIM/JESUS. Pray to receive the Holy Spirit if you have not. Pray for others to receive the Holy Spirit if they have not. Now, notice the evidence of the Holy Spirit living on the inside of you and our siblings. 


AMFBeM Newsletter

August 4, 2020

The Holy Spirit makes it possible to see into heaven-Acts 7:55



Wow, this verse of scripture is teaching us how Stephen a brother that is seldom spoken of, who was baptized in the Holy Spirit and had his faith-full and strong in the fact that JESUS is the MESSIAH. And as he was dying after being stoned for remaining steadfast and unmovable in his faith toward CHRIST JESUS got to see into heaven. 

In my early years of being trained, I can recall being taught GOD is the same yesterday, today, and forever because HE did something in the lives of one as we read all the various accounts from the Old and New Testaments, HE will do the same for us. I am constantly reminded of this daily and that principle was taught to me seventeen years after my re-birth in CHRIST JESUS and seven years after I was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Much like Stephen as he was blessed because of his spiritual maturity in the anticipation to see and be with the FATHER so should we be. Much like Stephen, our hearts should be pure, having a godly character and integrity along with the courage to obey what GOD desires of us regarding our morality. So many people in America especially are quick to say that they are Christians yet, nothing about them reflects the character, integrity, or morality which comes from a pure heart that is given to us from CHRIST JESUS. Those of us who are pure in heart are the ones who will be with The FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, the Holy Spirit, and the citizens of heaven for eternity. Here is a promised truth, those who profess to be Christians and those who possess being CHRISTians will die but the promise is this that some will not die before seeing into the Kingdom of GOD. What does this mean? I believe that those who profess, yet do not belong to JESUS will die and never get to see the Kingdom of GOD as they slip away not only in the first death but the second which is far more brutal because it is eternal. But those of us who possess JESUS as we are slipping away in the first death we will get to see into the Kingdom of GOD/heaven and though our flesh has succumbed to death we are merely asleep waiting to be awakened when called in the resurrection that is sure to come. Wow, what a glorious image that is, to have our final sight be that of the Kingdom of GOD before going off to sleep in CHRIST JESUS.

Now, what exactly did Stephen see that we too will get to see before going to sleep in CHRIST JESUS? Stephen saw GOD’s glory which is the brilliance of the LORD that appears like a consuming fire. And what does a consuming fire do? It absorbs, engrosses, immerse, and involves with a burning passion that inspires as well as burns away anything and everything not like JESUS. This brilliance that shines from the inside out also causes us to have a burning eagerness for JESUS which kindles us to be ignited in our sharing of CHRIST JESUS and HIS Message. Also, Stephen saw JESUS standing at the right hand of the FATHER just as we are told in the scriptures. Wow, how cool is that!?

Now, we should know by faith in CHRIST JESUS that we are going to be resurrected into the air with JESUS when HE comes back for us because that is the promise that HE made. So, as we live our lives in victory because we are overcomers through CHRIST JESUS we should also not only keep a watch out for HIS return but we should also look to see if we can see into GOD’s Kingdom which happens during our expected time of expiration or our unexpected time which during this pandemic not to place fear in your hearts but as the scripture informs us we do not know what will happen tomorrow because our life is like a vapor that appears for a time then disappears. Or, do not boast about tomorrow because we do not know what tomorrow will bring. And finally, we have no idea what sort of life we may or may not have tomorrow. The worlds say it this way; tomorrow is not promised to us.

So, I hope that before you leave this earthly realm that you get to see inside of heaven, GOD’s Kingdom because I know that I will. After all, I am fully assured of this promise. This is my story and I am sticking to it.



AMFBeM Newsletter

August 3, 2020


Resisting the Holy Spirit-Acts 7:51

Today when people are referred to as being stiffed-necked a word that is no longer used, however, we do use words quite frequently as shown here; arrogant, high and mighty, highfalutin (possible showing of our age/area in which we grew up), important, presumptuous, pretentious, self-asserting, stubborn, superior, rebellious, and uppity (possible showing of age/area in which we grew up). The LORD said to Moses that the Israelites were a stiff-necked people, that they were strong-willed. Today, people have not changed, in fact, with each generation people have become more stiff-necked. Stiff-necked people are always listening to what is being said, yet, they do not understand anything that they give their ears to. Stiff-necked people will look and still miss the significance, the meaning, and the total scope of what they are viewing. The main reasons as to why this is are the following; stiff-necked people have hardened and insensitive hearts towards JESUS, their ears are dull to hearing the truth and their eyes are dim/low-vision/legally blind to see the truth.

Anyone and everyone whose heart has not been circumcised with the receipt of a heart transplant from the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is stiff-necked, sin-filled, and prideful. Without our believing in who CHRIST JESUS is and what HE has done for us, it is impossible to have cut out of us the rebellion that is within us all. 

So, how does being stubborn hearted affect us regarding the Holy Spirit? We resist Him. We do not give ear to His voice because the voice of the Living GOD is heard through HIS Word.

Stiff-necked people are hostile towards the message of CHRIST JESUS this is why they reject HIM and HIS message. Each time we speak or write to people in the hopes that they will come to JESUS and HIS message only to have them walk away from believing in the truth, they are not resisting us but the Holy Spirit. The words we speak or write should not be our own but what the Holy Spirit gives to us to either say or write. JESUS said to those who saw with their own eyes and heard with their own ears what HE spoke and what HE did and yet they refused to follow HIM and gain life. Resisting the Holy Spirit is a willing action of not wanting to come to JESUS or not wanting to obey JESUS. Most often the Holy Spirit is wanting to do a work within us and not only will non-believers resist Him but so will believers. We do this by dismissing what we are hearing through our not listening to what we are hearing deep within us. I have grown so tired of seeing people trying to mix the law of Moses with the Grace of JESUS as trying to mix oil and water, it cannot be done, they will always separate. In rejection of the truth is rejection and resistance towards the Holy Spirit. In the book of Revelation, JESUS spoke to seven churches and today the spirit of these seven churches remains within people. However, JESUS desires that people will get an ear to hear and listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying. Cease rejecting what the Holy Spirit is revealing through ignoring Him, through disobedience, refusal to hear and listen because we do not like what He is saying. This is because we find what He is saying unattractive and offensive and because we want to do what we want to do. Everything that the Holy Spirit speaks and reveals to us is the truth straight from heaven.

Today, approach GOD’s Word with a submissive heart to HIS authority, a heart that is looking for the mind of the Holy Spirit, and a desire to be transformed into the character and integrity that is CHRIST JESUS with the help of HIS Holy Spirit.


AMFBeM Newsletter

July 31, 2020


The Holy Spirit and His Wisdom-Acts 6:3

Everyone who is in leadership, not necessarily those of us who are leaders in ministry. But anyone who is employed having your own business, those who have high executive positions, those who are middle management, those who are the head of their household, those who have within their DNA the alpha personalities, and to anyone else that I may have overlooked. If you are a natural-born leader or one who leads by being put into place due to promotion or necessity and you are void of GOD’s Wisdom those who follow you have been made miserable. Yet, those who are natural-born leaders or one who leads and hears the voice of the Spirit of Wisdom who is the Holy Spirit you will lead according to the direction, guidance, and leadership of His will. Looking for, asking of, and following the direction of the Holy Ghost and His wisdom and getting understanding will never cause us to fail.

Just as those who are not in constant leadership and those who un-admittedly are natural-born followers of what others do and say, must look for people who have good reputations. Dear brethren [female or male] if you are a follower but have not recognized that this is who you are, or if you are an assigned leader or an alpha leader hopefully you have been baptized in the Holy Spirit. For anyone who is a follower rather than leaders and for leaders who lead rather than follow it is imperative for you all to look for people who have good reputations and hopefully full with the abundance overflowing within the Holy Spirit. People void of the Holy Spirit are void of the Spirit of Wisdom because wisdom comes from above, wisdom belongs to FATHER GOD. Pseudo wisdom/earthly comes from experience and learning, this type of wisdom has to be readjusted depending on who we speak with, and what we are trying to accomplish. The Spirit of Wisdom who is the Holy Spirit will not provide anxiety, stress, or worry for the things that must be done in our lives regardless of our careers, profession, studies, employment, volunteering, or home life. Leaders when looking for anyone to assist us in matters that we either need to learn, obtain clarity, or focus on look for people who are around us first, looking and listening for the type of reputation of those we may want to or need to spend quality time around. Those who possess good reputations are people who abstain from foolish things, they have good characters and integrity. So, when those who have a good reputation are filled with the Holy Spirit and operate in His Wisdom they have clarity of understanding and are exceptional and well respected.  Not because of their abilities but rather the abilities of the Spirit of Wisdom. Leaders and followers alike should not spend quality time with anyone who does not possess a good reputation or void of having thoughts that are not well among the people who know them. People who lack a good reputation always will fall into the devil’s trap.

What should we all look for in people to be of our assistance, helping us to become better people in CHRIST JESUS full of the Holy Ghost? Look for the following: (1) People who are worthy of respect because we or other people have heard of their good reputation, people speak well of them. (2) There is honor attached to people who have a good reputation. (3) They have good financial credit which means that they adhere to keep the promise of paying for all debts owed on-time or before time, they are people who respect the time and are timely. (4) The report of their character is good. (5) People with good reputations are not two-faced, do not have hidden negative motives, they are transparent of not only who they are but how they can be of help to those that ask or better yet, seeing what needs attention and will move forward to get that thing done without being asked by others. (6) People of good reputations, full of the Holy Spirit the Spirit of Wisdom do not struggle with intoxicating addictions [anything and all things which causes an overflow of our natural happy hormones which GOD has given to us all. We have and they are called dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin which are our neurotransmitters which cause us to be calm and happy located in the brain].

People need people to help us in our way of life, to help us in our endeavors, and to express and share positivity with. This is only one of the reasons why GOD said “it is not good for mankind to be alone”. People need people but that does not mean that we are to surround ourselves with people whose reputation among other people is shot/degrading. When a multitude of people have nothing good to say about a person’s character and integrity those are the people that we are to still love but love them from afar. When looking for people who possess good reputations we are to look for people who have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of themselves first but even if they have good reputations yet void of the Holy Ghost understand the following:

  •  like begets like/like fathers like
  • birds of a feather flock together/pigeons stay with pigeons
  • iron sharpens iron/people with good reputations challenge one another, coach one another, encourage one another, question one another, and helpful in showing another the error that they are making and will assist in getting the person back on the right road without judgment but through love.

As I close out this article remember this, we want to have a good reputation before people, and we need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Wisdom.