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December 2, 2020

The LORD GOD gives Wisdom  – 1 Kings 5:12

In the previous and this current article, the Holy Spirit has been having me share about the Spirit of Wisdom that was given to King Solomon simply because he asked for help from the LORD GOD with a sincere heart. When we ask by faith with a heart of sincerity for those things that we are asking the FATHER for, then after asking we will need to be thankful whether we see the answer quickly or not. The FATHER gave King Solomon the Spirit of Wisdom without being repentant knowing that King Solomon would eventually veer off to the left.

We are to fix our attention, our eyes, our gaze, having the observation of care on the answer, the response, the reply from the FATHER. The promise from the LORD GOD is that HE is a giver, HE gave us the gift of JESUS CHRIST, HE gave to us the gift of Salvation, HE gave us healing and wholeness, HE gives to us HIS Holy Spirit, HE gives to us all the attributes of the Holy Spirit, HE gives to us the ability to live as the overcomers that we are in righteousness, HE gives to us victory because we are winners, and so much more. 

We are representatives of GOD in CHRIST JESUS so whatever we ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS, HE may give that to us. Now, why did I write the word “may”? Because, when we ask the FATHER for that which is desired we need to come to HIM with pure motives as to why we think we need or want something from HIM. Our request should not be about self but rather how we can be a servant to help others and we will find that in our desire to be a help to others, we will be doubled bless with the remnants. So be sure that whatever we ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS that it is from a pure heart and a faithful heart so that whatever we ask for will be given. 

Sometimes, we may have a need to be persistent in our request, this is not the time to lose faith and hope, allowing the enemies to speak to us in our mind that GOD does not want us to have that which we have asked for. No, sometimes just like in the natural we are persistent about those things that we need or want, we may have to be the same exact way about our request to HIM. I think that in those times when we should be persistent and we are not, this may be the perfect demonstration that we really did not need what we were asking for but rather we wanted what we asked for and that our motives for asking were not correct nor was our faith. Remember in the times when we are to be persistent, Mt. 7:7-8, Lk. 11:9-10:

A     S     K

S     E     N

K    E     O

       K     C


Keep praying, never give up, and do not lose heart because we never know how GOD will answer or who GOD will use to provide the answer to us. I love it when ungodly people and disrespectful people are used by GOD to deliver the answers to our prayers, especially those financial ones. Our repetitiveness of coming to the FATHER persistently does not mean that we do not believe that HE is not listening to us, does not see us, is not with us, or could care less about our situation. On the contrary, GOD keeps HIS representatives in the pupil of HIS eyes and we are in the palm of HIS hand, HE will never leave us nor will HE ever abandon us. HIS ears are tuned to each of our voices and what matters we care about that is worth caring about HE too cares about them, because HE does not desire to see us struggling in any area of our life. So, our repetitiveness is driven by our desperation, and our constantly coming to the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is a show of our reliance on HIM, Lk. 18:1-8. 

Did you know that when we have the Spirit of Wisdom and allow ourselves to be led, directed, and guided by Him that we are more apt to make peace with our enemies? I often tell my daughter that it is not our business how others treat us but rather it is our business how we treat others. As much as it is possible we must live at peace with everyone, Rom. 12:18. Our dependency to live at peace with others depends on us, how we speak to others, how we treat others, how we help others. Sometimes we may need to just make it up in our minds to form an agreement with ourselves that we are going to treat others better than they treat us.

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AMFBeM Newsletter

December 1, 2020

Solomon’s Wisdom – 1 Kings 4:29-34

Since the beginning of my being led to share about the Holy Spirit and a couple of His attributes which is Wisdom and understanding for the Holy Spirit is Wisdom. I have been eagerly awaiting to share with you the man who was written about who asked for Wisdom and received that. There have only been three men who had such wisdom that is recorded for us in the Bible.  

  1. Adam: who is the only man created by GOD HIMself and was given dominion over all things. He named everything that is named and nothing has been changed from his naming. We lost dominion when Adam sinned and gave away all that was given to him. Had he not sinned we would be enjoying today all the pleasures GOD intended for us without any sin, wickedness, evil, sickness, disease, or death. 
  2. Solomon: from his heart asked for Wisdom and was given, he is recorded as the wisest man to ever live but he too sinned. With his story, we find what the possibilities of being led by the Holy Spirit are like. However, though we should ask for the Spirit of Wisdom from our hearts, no human will ever be as wise as Solomon was because humankind cannot handle this gift that was once given to humanity from creation.  
  3. JESUS CHRIST: also was filled with the Spirit of Wisdom and HE alone was not born in sin and had no sin. Everything that JESUS did which has been recorded for our learning was done under the influence of the Holy Spirit in Wisdom. JESUS is the ONE that has provided the very best example of being led by the Holy Spirit without mucking everything up. 

As explained in a previous blog, King Solomon asked the FATHER for wisdom, and he asked from the heart, so GOD gave King Solomon a discerning heart of mind to discern, meaning that King Solomon could see clearly between people [their motives] and things as they truly were. He had the greatest ability to judge rightly because he could discover by his intellect, to distinguish with knowledge how to judge rightly. The Most-High GOD gave King Solomon a large heart that was filled with the Spirit of Wisdom and exceedingly great understanding. 

King Solomon’s wisdom has been recorded to have excelled the wisdom of all men, it could not be measured because his wisdom was likened to the sand on a seashore. Compared to the wisdom of King Solomon we all are complete fools, even the people that we consider to be wise are stupid. Comes across a wee-bit harsh but I can only share with you that which the Holy Spirit directs me to share. 

Even one of our biblical heroes Moses who was educated in all the culture and wisdom of the Egyptians and molded to be the next Pharoah can not be compared to the wisdom of King Solomon. Before I go any further please understand what Moses meant as he was speaking with JESUS and making excuses because he was slow of speech. Moses was groomed to be the next Pharaoh, he was a highly educated man, he was by far no slacker in the brain department. However, Moses did have what is called  Dysarthria [dys-ar-thria] which causes either a slur or slow speech. It causes those who have this to have difficulty in the ability to articulate/pronounce words properly. People may have this from birth or from some cause that affects the central nervous system located in the brain and spinal cord or it may be caused by facial paralysis. We all are familiar with Sylvester Stallone and because of his facial muscle paralysis which he received due to the forceps used at his birth, this has caused him to have a slow or slurred speech but it has not ceased him from being one of America’s top box office actors and a multi-millionaire. Moses was both a powerful speaker and a man of action who just happened to have a slow or slurred speech. I think that this is an encouraging and inspirational moment for some of you readers because you have allowed some of your shortcomings to hinder you from being all you desire to be. 

Now back to King Solomon, he is the one whose words we read in the book of Wisdom better known as the book of Proverbs. We have recorded for us thirty-one proverbs, one for each day of the month, and most people never take advantage of reading the chapter that coincides with the day of the week. If by wisdom we read the chapter that is for the current day and ask the Spirit of Wisdom to help us to discern which verses will help us throughout the day, we will find that we will be led to success on that day. Most people are not aware that King Solomon spoke the recorded proverbs for our learning but more than that there are two thousand six hundred and sixty-nine proverbs that he spoke that have not been included in the Bible for our learning. Over the past few decades, some people have been excited to read what has been told to be the Dead Sea Scrolls. I myself have never found what is so exciting about reading those scrolls when we have sixty-six scrolls that GOD has given to us to read which takes our life to read, study, speak with HIM about and apply to our lives. Dead means to be deprived of life and that is exactly what those scrolls are, no longer alive. Yet, the Bible that we have is alive and active and these are the scrolls in which we should be dedicating our life to read and study. 

What are proverbs? They are the greatest established principles or propositions that are admitted truths that have been spoken in obscurity. The proverbs that have been given to us show to us the contrast between those who are righteous in GOD and those who are wicked. They are instructions in that we are to search them out. Once we know by experience that which we have applied to our lives we also are to share this knowledge with others. Once we receive that which has been shared we should never take it at face value. Do your own research about a matter using that which has been shared then arrange that which you may be able to build on. What this means is that whatever truths that someone shares from their knowledge in wisdom and understanding we may be able to find out more that we can apply to our lives or find out that all we actually needed was that which we received. Here is an example, humans once lived out in the open earth, then they began to build tents that were flimsy, and then over time they became more durable. Then they moved into caves and from the caves, they built huts, from the huts they built a building and called this their house, and from those early houses built came what we now have that we call our home, apartments of various sizes, and houses of various sizes for the types of occupancies required. 

King Solomon was also an author of songs, the best lyricist and writer of notes known by humans. No one has or had anything on King Solomon who wrote one thousand and five songs. King Solomon’s songs are known as the best of songs. No matter how many songs we believe to be a classic because of the lyrics and music they will never be better than King Solomon’s songs. 

King Solomon’s wisdom was sought out by the most prominent men of that time who were kings from other nations from every part of the earth. We have recorded for us the only Queen who was from the country of Sheeba, she too sought after the wisdom of King Solomon who tested him with difficult questions that may have been impossible to answer or may have been known only by the Queen herself.  Operating in the Spirit of Wisdom will cause us to be heard of and sought out. This type of wisdom can only be gifted to humans by GOD HIMself because the gifts are placed within the heart, not the mind alone which is what our earthly knowledge and wisdom do. 

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November 30, 2020

Request Wisdom for an understanding heart – 1 Kings 3:1, 28

It is our sincere hope that everyone had a most enjoyable celebration of Thanks for Giving from GOD the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS the LORD and Savior as we gathered in person or virtually with our family and friends.

Today, as we begin to finalize on the Holy Spirit and His attributes, we will look at Him through the perspective and life of King Solomon. I chose to save King Solomon for last because there is just so much to learn from him that we can go back over previous articles and see through the life of King Solomon what went right and what went wrong.

After Solomon was anointed King, he did what we all need to do from the heart. Recognize our limitations and the need for godly wisdom and understanding. We all need to ask the FATHER in the name of JESUS for an understanding heart so that we may see people and things in their reality and so that we may judge wisely because we need to recognize good from evil.

When we ask the FATHER from the heart what it is that we desire we must be clear about what is the motivation for why we are asking for that which we are asking for. Most people do not receive what they are praying for because they are asking with the wrong intentions. Their motives are selfish and unrighteous as well as filled with fear and worry. If for some reason GOD allows what is being asked for to be given to us through an evil resource we will only take care of our hedonistic fleshy cravings. What motivates us to ask for long life, is it to further bring glory to GOD or to satisfy our own desires? Why do we want great wealth? Why do we want to see those that we do not get along with to be harmed either emotionally or physically or both? GOD will never consider answering the prayers of anyone who has these desires within their hearts. And, most often when people pray with the wrong motives they try to get that which they are asking GOD for with their self-willed ability. GOD will answer the prayers of those who desire to have an understanding and compassion of people and why they are the way they are and to look for ways to bring them to a way of justification through CHRIST JESUS not necessarily through, Bible beating them every chance we get but rather through our demonstrating CHRIST love towards people.

We must ask the FATHER to cleanse our hearts from all selfish desires such as financial riches [to satisfy yourself rather than helping those in great need], possessions, personal glory, and honor, endangerment to the lives of those who hate us, or for a long life just for the sake of living that life without being led by CHRIST JESUS. And then ask the FATHER to replace those evil and wicked desires for an understanding heart filled with HIS wisdom to make godly decisions and to dominate those things which GOD has placed into our hands. 

When we ask GOD for HIS wisdom to understand ask specifically what it is that we require HIS wisdom in knowledge and understanding of. Such as but not limited to all types of dreams, literature, and visions.  Our hope is that our hearts be encouraged and knitted with an unselfishness in love for all humankind. Our richness must be in the understanding of the joy we have in our salvation which is a true and intimate knowledge of GOD the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS our LORD and Savior. The treasures that we should desire are located in CHRIST JESUS which is the knowledge and wisdom of the purpose of GOD the FATHER.

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Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, and your friends!

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November 26, 2020

Counsel and Wisdom – Daniel 2:14, 20, 23

Most people never find out what the root of a problem is let alone the surface in order to deal with situations that arise. We must first inquire as to what it is that we must deal with by our providing better solutions, helping to make matters better, or just chucking the entire ordeal altogether. When we try to handle situations without knowing all the facts we go in blind and all we do is make matters worse. And what do we say because things did not work out the way we planned them to? I do not know why this or that did not happen this or that way or some other way we express confusion?

Before we delve into anything we should with counsel and wisdom inquire.  Some trials that we must face will take a day or two to resolve though we want them resolved immediately. But we must never let anyone see us sweat. Make it known that we may need a couple to a few days to get the resolution to the problem. This does not mean concretely that we need that much time, but always leave the room so that we will not move forward out from the emotional pressure of stress. After making our inquiries, discuss among others that we know with assurance are helpers rather than hinderers. It is not that hinderers, hinder for the sake of being hindrances but there are equipped people for every situation. Then collectively, pray to the LORD GOD, reveal the entire ordeal as we understand to HIM, ask for HIS guidance and wisdom to help in our understanding. We may be surprised to find out that our answer or answers will be revealed to us in our dreams. Most people of science like to give this credit to Rem sleeping but all answers to whatever we present to the LORD GOD comes from HIM and should HE decide to present to us the answer or answers that we need while we are at rest, it will be done at that moment when we are in our deepest rest when our heartbeat is the slowest and our breathing is most controlled. 

Do not panic if the answer does not come as swiftly as we like it. Take instruction from the persistent neighbor found in, Lk. 11:8 -10, 13. 

Before we have our answer, bless the LORD GOD, we are to never cease giving thanks to HIM. Acknowledge that our LORD GOD is the greatest, that HE is the most powerful, glorious, victorious, and majestic because everything that is in the heavens and in the earth is HIS dominion and kingdom. The LORD Most-High is to be exalted because HE is head over everything. We obtain riches from HIM because power and strength are found in HIS hands to make us prominent and strong. Only in GOD will we find HIS perfect wisdom and strength because it is only through HIM that we will find true counsel and understanding. Great is our majestic and strong LORD who has abundant strength, HIS understanding is boundless, inexhaustible, and infinite. Our Almighty GOD is a great counsel and strong in HIS exploits, HIS eyes are never off of those who belong to HIM, HE never turns away or closes HIS eyes.

Then, after we have obtained our answer from the LORD GOD, continue to give to HIM praise and thanks. HE is the ONE who has given us the wisdom that we need for this specific time and the strength to execute that which either needs to be done or said. HE will make known to us that which we have inquired of HIM. Our GOD will provide to us the desire of our heart, HE will not refuse what we have asked for. When we pray along with our CHRISTian siblings believing without a doubt in our heart we will receive from our FATHER what we have in abundance, HIS compassion, and mercy as we obtain HIS help to understand that in which we need clarity.

Now, remember, just because our GOD reveals to us the wisdom we need does not mean that we are wiser than any other. Our earthly wisdom does not make us any greater than any other person, this is why we are to rely on the Wisdom of GOD to counsel us in all things.  Beware of pride and do not take GOD’s glory from HIM if and when we are congratulated for anything. 

Lastly, GOD is the ONE who makes known that which we press in for. 

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November 25, 2020

Wisdom -vs- Pride – Ezekiel 28:17

If you have been reading the previous news articles regarding earthly wisdom, you will have noticed that this type of wisdom brings arrogance which is pride, and will bring those who operate in this manner to shame. I have tried to make this clear, earthly wisdom is a good thing to have but Spiritual Wisdom is far greater. So, how will we know when we are actually hearing the voice of pride speaking or when we are in the presence of pride? It is the belief of themselves to know it all. Let us take a look at what happens when we trust in our earthly wisdom rather than the Holy Spirit. 

Pride is a dangerous thing to have especially if we are controlled by it spiritually. Pride takes shape in the heart of humans and like all other types of sins, they are controlled by satan. We may be wise but pride overshadows because we believe ourselves to be all that and a bag of crisps. Pride corrupts.

Some people are fooled to believe that because their beauty may get them into a door among prominent people that they will remain. Then we have some who not only possess beauty but earthly wisdom as well and will develop a god complex. Believing that all control and power reside within our hands, that nothing can flow without a hitch unless we are involved. Prideful people will never consider that we are only fathomable humans. We are not nor will we ever be GOD who is unfathomable. Pride corrupts.

Pride goes before a fall, Prov. 16:18. Of all the angels in heaven, lucifer was the most beautiful, and look what his onetime beauty and wisdom cost him, Is. 14:12-15, Lk. 10:18.

We can be beautiful outwardly but better to be beautiful inwardly which comes from CHRIST and continues to flow outwardly. And, we can also be wise in our education and experiences but it is far better to possess the Spirit of Wisdom in the Holy Spirit. Having the Holy Spirit will keep us humble so that we will not veer off to think more highly of ourselves than we should. There is absolutely nothing that we can do in and of our own self, GOD gives us what it takes to do that which needs to be done. All of our adequacies come from GOD so when we have anything to brag about, brag about what CHRIST JESUS has done, is doing, and for what we are patiently waiting to see come to pass. 

So, in conclusion, if anything at all is to be taken away from this article, take this. True Wisdom is to have the utmost respect for who the LORD GOD is, who the LORD CHRIST JESUS is, and who the Holy Spirit is. We are to follow all of HIS examples and only hate that which HE hates. Such as hating every type of evil; arrogant boasting, lies which are the perverseness of the mouth, all ways which lead to destruction and evilness, and finally pride which in actuality is the sum total of arrogance, lies, and evil.

Be beautiful inwardly which reflects outwardly from the possession of humility that comes from the Spirit of Wisdom who is the Holy Spirit. 

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November 24, 2020

Wisdom does not bring shame – Jeremiah 8:9, 9:23

Information to some and a reminder to others that true Wisdom comes from above [GOD in heaven]. Earthly wisdom comes from below [this planet/world] which are experiences and knowledge.

The experiences of life and the education of knowledge is good to have but it is not to be relied on because earthly wisdom cannot see the ins and outs of what we desire, need, or want. Earthly wisdom is exhaustible whereas the Wisdom that we obtain from the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS is inexhaustible.

Those who think they are wise will eventually be found out by others to be complete fools from the advice that they provided. Unfortunately, all too often people who are void of knowledge are the ones who rely on the foolish and stupid advice given by others that they place all their faith in. For example; some years ago I used to hear below my window certain young boys aged fifteen through twenty-anything quote the information that they were hearing and listening to from a young rapper that they look up to. All and I do mean all the information that they spoke about they took to heart and all that I heard the young boys quote from the young rapper who obtains his wealth from such followers was completely ignorant, stupid, and wrong.

Such followers of anyone that other people consider being wise such as counselors, entertainers, leaders, role models, teachers, or anyone that people are known to hear. We must be careful when providing advice to those in need. Our advice must be sound, and sound advice fully comes from GOD through CHRIST JESUS and the Holy Spirit. 

Everyone who relies on earthly wisdom that is exhaustible is a fool. Unless they are filled with the Spirit of Wisdom where they can hear from the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS, then their advice must be considered and weighed carefully before placing it into action.  

Leaders must be careful about the advice we offer or share with those that come to hear the answers to the questions in their hearts. The advice which is offered from those who rely on their wisdom often will come to nothing and the person who accepted the advice runs and operates in the information received then returns to complain how what was applied did not work out. Unfortunately, the person who operated in his or her wisdom rarely is ashamed of the advice provided. They do not consider that the advice was detestable, disgusting, and vile. They do not realize that eventually, they will fall as a punishment due to recklessness. And, are perplexed when the advice which was given did not go as planned and will blame the listener for not following through with what may have been omitted or not carried out in the cookie-cutter style in which the advisor expected for the listener to do.

But GOD is simply awesome because HE will take what is foolish which will be used for HIS purpose. And, HE will confound those people who consider themselves wise or know full well that people hang on their very words and refuse to take responsibility for the direction they set forth to such people. The LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit will reveal the ignorance of those who rely on their wisdom. These people believe that they are strong because they have gained much wealth from the ignorance of those seeking answers but GOD will reveal the ignorance and shame of those who consider themselves wise or who are pseudo-role models. And, those who come to trust in CHRIST JESUS and acquire from HIS Holy Spirit the daily wisdom needed will no longer be frail of knowledge and weak. 

Mankind needs to listen very carefully to those who think themselves to be wise or for that matter may not consider themselves wise but know full well that they have the ears of those who follow and who hang on their every word. These people are rejecters of the Word of the LORD. They rely on sight and experiences rather than the unseen which is eternal. 

Here is the reality of earthly limitations of wisdom:

  • The competitiveness that we put forward in the hopes of being first to gain recognition is not always given to those who are first. 
  • Every battle that we find ourselves in is not always won by those who appeared to be stronger. 
  • Reliance on earthly intelligence and wisdom does not promote health and does not cause everyone to be rich or popular.
  • We all operate seasonally and misfortune happens to us all. 

I find nothing at all wrong with having an education and operating from the intelligence that we have but what I do suggest is that we do not rely on our understanding but to rely on GOD’s Wisdom because HE will direct our paths and HE never bring discouragement or shame. Keep learning through experience and formal education of classes, of reading books, and speaking with people this type of wisdom does have its place. 

However, what do we do when we have not been educated in a particular field in which we find ourselves? How do we approach and speak with people to get from them what we need when we have no idea what the language is that people who spend all their time in these situations communicate? This is when we no longer rely on our wisdom but we go to the FATHER and ask HIM to show us where to go, who to speak with, and how to speak with those that we need to get that which we either need or want. 

I cannot stress enough to you dear readers that our wisdom is not to be relied upon, we must take a stance to no longer be fooled by the earthly knowledge and wisdom we have gained throughout our years, or in the knowledge and wisdom of those that speak with others. After all, iron does sharpen iron. Regardless of what we think we are not alone and in full control.

Discontinue imagining that we are wiser than anyone because others will prove us wrong. Though our wisdom has gained us great wealth in our chosen profession, we can develop a heart of arrogance and pride because of it. When this occurs it will be because we allowed our mind to ponder the thoughts of not needing GOD.  We do not by faith acknowledged the fact that it was GOD who allowed us to obtain that which we have and enjoy. Everyone who may say thanks to GOD for what they have does not necessarily believe HE had anything to do with it.  But the day will come, maybe not in our lifetime but it will come because of our arrogance and pride and our not acknowledging GOD that all that has been obtained will be lost throughout the generations of our descendants who do not respect the hard work that was put in to obtain what we have.

The LORD GOD HIMself has warned us not to glory in our self wisdom and the strong must not glory in his or her strength. Nor are we to rely on our riches/wealth. Our strength and wisdom will not cause us to win every battle nor is safety to be found. Our knowledge and wisdom cannot be trusted for there are others who are more cunning, educated, and keen. 

However, the LORD HIMself will watch over anyone of us who actively honors HIM and will actively trust in HIM and HIS loving-kindness. HE is the ONE who will protect us from premature death and starvation. We must place all of our dependency on the LORD JESUS to help us in every way as our hearts continue to be rejoiceful all because we trust in GOD through CHRIST JESUS who is the Only True GOD. HE is kind and HE does bless us because of our dependency on HIM. There is no shame.

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November 20, 2020

Warped Self-knowledge and Self-wisdom – Isaiah 47:10

Most everyone has heard one of these old sayings “what does not come out in the wash will come out in the rinse”; “what is done in the dark will come to light”. Did you know that these old sayings are actually the washed down version of today’s scripture verse? And, the last cop-out excuse that I can think of is pretty much relative to our scripture verse as well.  “Everybody is doing it”. As I began to become bolder I finally spoke up about “everybody” because I never liked being thrown in with “everybody”. So, I began saying “well, I do not know who everybody is but I sure would like to meet him or her” or “my name is not everybody, my name is Shawn”. 

When we are children and we are being chastised we may use, “well everybody is doing it and our parents will come back with, well if everybody jumped off the bridge would you”? Eventually, this taught me to stop using everybody as an excuse and as I began to mature in CHRIST JESUS I threw out excuses because I found out that people who rely on excuses are generally liars. Excuses should not be an everyday occurrence in our lives and excuses are permittable in some not most cases in the order for them to justify and vindicate us. Such as; oversleeping due to a power failure, family emergencies, unusual traffic due to a mishap. Of the three excuses, I used to demonstrate where I am trying to go with this, oversleeping is the only one that carries with it consequences if a pattern of oversleeping has developed. Unusual traffic jams simply mean that the route you may be accustomed to taking which is normally free of traffic jams has one today due to an accident or road work that could have been avoided had we listened to the traffic report. 

Okay, moving on because you are intelligent and you get it. In today’s text of scripture, we are going to see what happens when people refuse CHRIST JESUS and die in their sin. 

The nations have heard and are hearing about CHRIST JESUS as the Forgiver of sins and the Savior. We are and have been speaking about this with family, friends, co-workers, fellow students, and strangers. But what happens to the ones who continue to rebel in their sins, what happens when what they thought they were doing was secret becomes exposed? 

Should the rebel who dies still being a sinner of their sins, their sins will be exposed. The god and master of sin, satan will be sure that his victims are found in the filth of their sins. As long as a sinner breathes and the longer they remain in sin they will lose their delicate and tender countenance as sin continues to increase within them. They begin to look haggard, old, and warn, much like the portrait life of Dorin Gray. Sinners have traded in their wedding garments for the milestone which was placed around their neck chasing and grinding that which gives them pseudo-pleasure. Now, in death, they have been uncovered, their secrets not only went with them to the grave [hell/the lake of fire] but they have made a show of shame to those who knew or thought that they knew. Some secrets expose themselves becoming evident while others may be able to remain hidden. Sin will drown all of its victims, sin uncovers all its victims eventually, and sin will expose their shame. 

Because of those who are rebellious, they have disregarded the fact that CHRIST JESUS the LORD of Hosts has intervened on their behalf, HE took vengeance for us all because HE alone is our Redeemer. CHRIST JESUS is the Holy ONE.

Sin takes its victims deeper and deeper into darkness and we believe the lies that GOD is angry. It is impossible to be angry and forgiving at once. But it is possible to be forgiving and loving at once which caused GOD to send HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS to us so that we can be saved from sin [not believing in CHRIST JESUS], sins [active lifestyle], death, and destruction [hell/the lake of fire]. Sin profanes the inheritance that is made available to the righteous and it is not that GOD does not have mercy on humankind but rather it is satan who is unmerciful and is causing sinners to be blind to the Truth. The yoke of bondage is constantly becoming heavier around the neck of sinners. And, for the most part, the fun of sinning becomes tiresome for some but they just see no way out, so they continue with what they know. Before the trappings of certain sins took over warnings were made available. You have eyes but did not see, you have ears but did not hear, you have a mouth but did not with conviction say “No”, and, you were given away of escape but did not take it. Some people have shared with me that the environment of where they were born is where they must die and what they see and hear has already been designed for them. What a trick of the enemy this load of malarkey is.

Everything that we accept into the heart is our truth, believing that we are no better than the family we are born in is not accurate. We do not have to be an addict, thief, murderer, rapist, drug-dealer, and so on just because this is the family curse. We are not the product of our environment just because the environment happens to be the place where we were born and are growing up or have grown up. Refuse to take notice and becoming lulled into insecure pleasures of life, consider the outcome. You may or may not escape once in. 

Sin does not disappoint when it lures its victims but it will disappoint once it has its victims firmly in its grips. Sinners are not unique and they most definitely are not secure, they will either lose what they have or never gain anything worth having. 

Unfortunately, we all are filled with pride, and pride is almost always cultivated from the early years of our development. I wonder, if we realized that the spirit of pride is actually witchcraft would we cultivate the spirit of humility instead? The lifestyle of pride is the abundance of evil spells. 

The sin of pride has made the sinner believe in their wickedness because if or when they are trying to hide their sins they believe no one sees them but those who are into what they are into. Today, the spirit of pride makes a spectacle of itself. Sinners have not considered that because they may be able to hide their sins from people sinners will never be able to hide their sins from the LORD GOD Most-High who sees and knows everything. No place is too dark where sinners do their deeds, sinner man you can be seen, and your deeds are fully known by GOD. Beware of the false gods that you worship, the idols which are hidden on the alter of the sinner’s heart. You are fooling yourself if you think that you have a genuine and great love for the LORD GOD who is jealous and will not share HIS glory with anyone or anything. 

No longer believe the lies that we are alone because this is only the self-knowledge and self-wisdom that we have which is warped, twisted, perverted, and turned away from the true direction.

Though the sins of mankind are great and terrible we can be completely washed clean from them. We can be moved far away from sins and we can become anew in CHRIST JESUS. Never believe the lie that what we have done or are doing is too great for GOD not to forgive us because HE sent just for you HIS SON, JESUS the CHRIST to take your full punishment, which included death. Sinners can be forgiven, you can be greatly loved, you can be totally accepted into the Kingdom of GOD. The LORD will not leave us as long as there is breath in our bodies because HE is calling out to those who are lost in sin. HE wants us all to be with HIM in the appointed time when CHRIST JESUS makes HIS return to gather up to HIM, HIS bride the church which is living epistles. 

Can you find what is wrong in this picture? AMFBeM

Please read these references: Ps. 103:12; Is. 1:18, 53:5; Mt. 27:15-66; Mrk. 15:6-47; Jhn. 3:3, 7, 36, 17:3; Rom. 5:21, 6:23; Eph. 2:10; Tit. 1:2, 3:7; 1 Ptr. 1:3, 23; 1 Jhn 2:25, 5:11; Jude 21; Rev. 1:

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AMFBeM Newsletter

November 19, 2020

Stability and Strength – Isaiah 33:6

Most everyone desires to have stability within their lives. The population for those that desire to have instability is lower than most people realize. With stability is strength. The problem with gaining stability, however, is placed in the wrong things. 

Some of us will attend college or a university in the hopes that after graduation we will land the job we have been educated to do extremely well. But all too often our young college and university graduates find that locating employment in their craft is far too fickle and most often will have to settle for whatever employment they can get until that dream job becomes attainable.

Some of us will want to become husbands or wives and begin developing our family which may or may not include children believing that in this union there will be security and you are partly correct but there has to be an added element that most husbands and wives neglect.

Some of us will believe that having a particular house or car will demonstrate to others just how stable we are financially when in reality we can barely pay the mortgage/rent, car note, and insurance for both.

And, then let me not leave out those who have great positions in white-collar employment, those cushy jobs (I know, I was once a white-collar employee), or those who believe that being a blue-collar worker is better because no one considers doing this until it is the last resort. It is one of those ideas that people believe that this is the best that they can have not realizing that these positions pay just as well if not better than white-collar positions since it is labor that makes it possible for things to work or places for us to be employed and let me not forget about the roads taken to get from one place or another, it is brawn over brains. 

Everything that I used as an example is excellent, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having anything listed above, and we should want only the very best for ourselves and our family.

However, the main ingredient of being stable is possessing wisdom and knowledge of the FATHER, in CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. Realizing that the LORD GOD is our safety. CHRIST JESUS is our security.

CHRIST JESUS is or salvation and the possessor of knowledge and wisdom which is a wealth of treasure. Salvation is our continuous strength.

And, having the utmost respect for the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit is HIS treasure from us.

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