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November 13, 2020

Your plans cannot defeat GOD’s Wisdom – Proverbs 21:30

Dear brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS I encourage you to renew your mind. I encourage you to stop focussing on yourself with the cares of how people see you and begin to see yourself as GOD your FATHER sees you. Why am I beginning this article in this manner? Because I want you all to know that we are in the best company ever. Huh? What do I mean that we are in the best company ever? Remember or did you know that JESUS in HIS human form was spoken about negatively and HE still is by some, those who are ignorant that is, these people are just foolish in their hearts because it is darkened by sin. Remember or did you know that JESUS was not believed by some of those that saw firsthand what HE did in the lives of others as well as heard HIM speak? And, remember or did you know that some plotted against HIM believing that they will show themselves victorious if they could only just get rid of HIM? Well, what these people did not realize is that JESUS was well aware of all their plots nothing mankind does surprise HIM, it is impossible to catch JESUS off guard or unaware. What the people did not realize that the FATHER well orchestrated all of their plots and that humankind could not put their hands on JESUS before the proper time or unless JESUS wanted them to touch him violently. Everything JESUS did and does is for HIS reasoning which works out for our good.

No person can give advice, wisdom, or understanding that will cause victory against the LORD our GOD. So, if mankind cannot succeed against the LORD JESUS why do we concede to defeat due to the pressures of life? Welcome pressure because it is the pressure that wine comes from the grapes so that we can have a refreshing glass of grape juice. The pressure of the grapes is meeting their purpose. We do not want pressure but it is when we are pressured that the making of us appears.

So, let people come against us verbally, let them plot against us because their negative words against us and their evil plots against us will come to nothing, what they say against us cannot stand because the LORD our GOD is with us.

Okay, now that I have encouraged you hopefully, learn this lesson regarding our plans. There is nothing wrong with making plans just make room for the shift should the Holy Spirit prefer that we go about those plans from a different avenue. Also, do not be so determined to cause the plans that we make by ignoring the direction that the Holy Spirit will offer to us as being far better. When we ignore the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are telling Him that we know better than He does. 

And when we do this it is our outward demonstration of what is within us, that spirit called the arrogance of pride. None of our accomplishments are totally down to us and those that have been a help to us, who we are to recognize above all is GOD in providing us with HIS help. So, if we are going to brag about our victories do not brag in the reliance on what knowledge we have, do not brag about what we have accomplished, and do not brag about how much wealth we have. When we have been brought forward in recognition of the success that we and or our team have accomplished never dismiss GOD’s glory in this. Brag about the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit in what they have done to make this possible, in doing so you are demonstrating the understanding of knowing HIM. You have the understanding that the LORD GOD with HIS Holy Spirit in JESUS acts on our behalf with loving kindness, justice, and righteousness and HE delights in giving to us HIS provisions of everything that we ask for and for those things that we do not ask for.

When we do what originates with GOD, no one can stop us. In essence, those who try it will come to nothing and they do not realize that they are coming against GOD not us. 

So, back to what has been written at the beginning of this article, the wisdom of people without the direction of the Holy Spirit is absurd, foolish, nonsense, and stupid as far as GOD is concerned. Recall this to our remembrance if we forget everything else written here; do not be caught by GOD in the stealing of HIS glory and HE traps us in our cleverness because the LORD our GOD knows that our own devices and thoughts are worthless.

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AMFBeM Newsletter

November 12, 2020

Wisdom cannot be purchased – Proverbs 17:16

The more I learn at the feet of JESUS the more I find a reason to chuckle at things I had done due to my lack of understanding and at the things that I see others do due to their lack of understanding as well. None of us are in this alone. We all share some of the same shortcomings as others. 

I like books that are in the genre of the so-called self-help section of book stores and libraries. These books can be a help to us but when we either borrow these types of books from the library or make a purchase to add to our library. Do so knowing that we do not have the ability to self-help ourselves, if we did we would not need JESUS.

Wisdom belongs to GOD and Wisdom is the offered gift given to us that the FATHER desires for all of HIS children to have. People who rely on self-help books to offer suggestions on how to apply this or that so that we can obtain the same results is a hit and miss call. Not everyone who has sunk thousands of dollars into the purchase of self-help books has succeeded in their endeavors. What works for one may not necessarily work for us.

We want the wisdom to gain insight for that which we desire yet there is no heart for Wisdom. There are two types of wisdom.

  1. Wisdom – worldly. Gained from experience, instruction, teaching, and reading.
  2. Wisdom – Spiritual. Gained from sitting at the feet of JESUS. Having the Holy Spirit residing within our heart, relying on His guidance, His leadership, His instructions, and His word. 

Now, we can house the Holy Spirit and still read self-help books but we must not give over our total reliance on those self-help books. I look at books as tools that I can use to get a wee bit of insight from those that I most likely will not have the opportunity to sit with and ask questions as to how to get where they are because none of us have a unique desire. I love to write but there are numerous writers, you may have a passion for cooking this is why you have numerous cookbooks in your kitchen and so on.

My network is as follows, the FATHER, CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. Then self-help books of those that I would like to meet and spend quality time speaking with but I will not give up just because I cannot get next to those who have become a success as I too will like to become.

So be not foolish when borrowing or buying a self-help book, do not even be foolish when paying for education although I am not promoting that we do not get a higher education. If this is what we desire do so because the education is for us and hopefully with the education we will be able to assist others.

What I am trying to steer us clear of is the belief that because we have obtained an education because we pay for the privilege of being coached. After obtaining a grand library of self-help books, or you depend on the words spoken by OW do not be fooled because it does the foolish one no good to buy wisdom. Common sense is not common and we must desire to have a heart for Wisdom so that we may have the ability to truly become wise. 

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AMFBeM Newsletter

November 11, 2020

Wisdom Lives/Rest – Proverbs 14:33

In various translations of the Bible, the word rest is found in our text scripture. But I will also like to use the word lives for this simple reason in the hopes that this will all be tied together.

To live somewhere we must be settled in our place of residency. To consistently or habitually live a life of ease.

To be at rest we must be free from mental disturbance, exertion, and physical work. To be at rest is to be quiet, undisturbed, peaceful, to be fixed/steadfast, lean on, rely on, remain, supported, and trust.

In order for the children of GOD to be at rest, the Holy Spirit must live within us so that we can operate in the understanding of His wisdom. We are not to be fixed, lean on, rely on, or trust our own understanding because our understanding is based on that which is of the world and changes. Nothing about GOD changes because HE is the same yesterday, today, and every tomorrow.

Wisdom resting in our hearts will give to us peace by keeping us far from mental disturbance and exertion. We have no need to be anxious about anything but in everything we learn to give it over to the FATHER through prayer. What can anyone of us change by being stressed out due to being worried about things that are not in our control or we do not know how to resolve a current situation? Nothing. 

When we operate in the understanding of Wisdom it is our proof that we do have the never leaving ever settled Holy Spirit living within us. Who is consistent in giving to us a life of habitual ease.

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November 10, 2020

True Humility is Wisdom – Proverbs 11:12

Just who do you think that you are that you have pleasure in belittling and bullying others? What good comes out of your speaking negatively about others?

This is scriptural this is not me but I am in full agreement, people who participate in these activities lack good sense. What you need to do is keep quiet if you have nothing good to speak about. 

Our neighbor is not just the one who lives next door, across the street, in the same address block as where we reside, or in our community and neighborhood. No, our neighbor is every person from every nation on this great planet. 

It is so very easy to locate those who are void of understanding. Listen to what is coming out of their mouth. Speaking reveals that we are either ignorant or intelligent. It is simple as that, nothing for us to wonder about because we hear the conversations that come from others but most of all we need to listen to the conversation out of our own mouths.

What is the character and integrity of humility? Freedom from arrogance and pride, being modest, being submissive to all authority, and to people in the sense of viewing them to be better than we are, Rom. 12:23, 1 Ptr. 2:13. We are to treat our brothers and sister in CHRIST JESUS as well as sinners the same. Our conduct may convince a sinner to come to JESUS or repel them from HIM.

This is a disease and result of sin, we should be busy working to better ourselves instead of being concerned about the business of others. Learn to mind your own business and keep your thoughts to yourself, stop sharing your negative report directly or indirectly if they are harmful. You are only guilty of this because you are idle, you cannot or do not have enough for you to do that will keep you busy. Busy people do not have time to know what is going on in the lives of others. Whether you take yourself into the houses of others in person or virtually or even if you write nasty notes so that your target will read them especially among the children who are not able to handle this type of pressure and this ends with them killing themselves just to cause this abusive behavior to stop. Belittling (bad-mouthing), bullying (noisy, overbearing, insolent, menace, insulting, provoking quarrels), and gossiping (talk too much, tattling, telling tales, idle chatter).

This is the remedy, the LORD GOD is good and righteous, HE will teach us by way of HIS Wisdom how to be humble through HIS guidance. Be submissive to one another which is being obedient (as they follow CHRIST JESUS), also be obedient to the law of the land and all authority, be clothed in humility. The LORD GOD will exalt all those who are humble and provides them with HIS is grace. 

Ask the FATHER to deliver you from being arrogant and prideful which has resulted in belittling, bullying, and gossiping but do not leave it there because you need the FATHER to fill that area where this demonic activity was in control. So what should we ask the FATHER to fill that space up with? The fruit of the Holy Spirit. The fruit is – faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, joy, kindness, love, patience, peace, and self-control. One Spirit nine attributes.

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November 9, 2020

The Way of Wisdom – Proverbs 9:1-6

I love what Wisdom does. Each time I read scripture the Holy Spirit will reveal something to me that I have never seen before. In this first verse, we are shown that Wisdom builds a house and furnishes it. It is here that the Holy Spirit has reminded me that CHRIST JESUS said “In MY house are many mansion” Jhn. 14:2. I know that what HE was referring to is that once we come into heaven after HE comes for us in the last days we will not just be wandering around in heaven eternally, that we actually have homes to live in and those homes will be completely furnished as we like.

But for now, while we are still living here on earth, the Holy Spirit has prepared a meal and invited people to come. Uh, Oh, wait a minute! Did this not happen in the New Testament as well, come on let us take a peek and see; read Mt. 22:1-4, 8-10.

Wisdom will come into the place where many people are and invite them to come to the house and dine; here is another familiar ring, let us take a look at Prov. 1:20. 

All of my short-lived life I have heard people asking legitimate questions yet, accepting confusing fleshly logic as the correct answers they are looking for. And, then again those same questions will come about because those answers that they once accepted does not satisfy their hunger and thirst. Let us face facts here, we are all in a state of confusion without CHRIST JESUS and without HIS Wisdom who guides us into all truth. We are confused about life, we do not have a clue as to what is going on. All we continually do is speculate.

This is why the way of Wisdom is wonderful, we like going out to eat, we like to enjoy the company of known friends and meeting new friends when we tag along with our friends on the invitation they have when invited to their friends home for comradery and dining. Wisdom is a wonderful host and has a beautiful home all deck out for our pleasure. Wisdom is an outstanding cook and has more than enough for everyone to eat and become satisfied. And, for those who like to drink wine well Wisdom has taken care of that as well because the wine that Wisdom offers is non-alcoholic yet we do become tipsy or even drunk in the spirit because the wine that Wisdom serves is New Wine which must be poured into new wineskins which we are. 

Accepting Wisdom’s invitation to come and dine will be a life-changing experience that we may not have been expecting. We come for dinner and drinks because our lives are confusing and impoverished, poor in spirit, idle, exhausted due to being weary. But once we make the choice to accept Wisdom’s invitation and we do come in, we sit at the table and begin to eat the food that looks so very delectable we are unaware that what we are seeing in the natural is the spiritual food which will cause us to leave behind being confused and impoverished.

In the Old Testament, we can see that the Holy Spirit has always been at work in the lives of those who GOD had chosen. But today now is the time for us to listen to the invitation of the promised Holy Spirit because, in the last days which we are at the beginning of the birth pangs, we are in the Braxton Hick of labor, you women who have given birth know what I am writing about. On the last day, there will be provided a great feast and CHRIST JESUS is standing crying out, screaming, yelling so that everyone will hear. Are you thirsty, then come and drink CHRIST JESUS. Yes, HE can be the drink especially to those who are addicted to strong drink which will take complete care of your craving for old wine, beer, and strong alcohol. To those who are dehydrated come and drink this everlasting water which comes from the fountain and that fountain is JESUS. There is nothing better tasting than an ice-cold glass of water when we are dehydrated because it is refreshing. Well JESUS is much better than that and when we drink from HIM we will never experience dehydration ever again or drunkenness, as we experience from spirits which are demonically influential when we consume alcohol to drink, but now we will drink from the Holy Spirit, Is. 55:1.

The Holy Spirit in His Wise way will tell us about JESUS the CHRIST and we must make the choice to believe that JESUS is who HE is, Deut. 18:15. JESUS is a well of salvation, Is.12:3. The LORD JESUS is a provider of water in the dry places so the people HE has chosen will drink from HIM, Is. 43:20. So, who are HIS chosen? The ones who believe in HIM. Ah, glory to GOD in the highest because we cannot ever again experience being thirsty, JESUS pours HIS water out into anyone thirsty. Without HIM our ground is dry, the water represents the Holy Spirit and JESUS will pour out HIS promised Holy Spirit not only on us but our descendants as well those who we have prayed for that are here with us now and those who will come after we have fallen asleep in CHRIST JESUS. All because we have taken a stand and chosen by faith that “As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD”.  That excerpt of scripture right there is a declaration to everyone who will choose JESUS in our family clan near or far, known and unknown by us. JESUS is blessing us continually. 

John 6:35 confirms to us that anyone which means any person at all who believes that CHRIST JESUS is the Savior will never be hungry, why because Wisdom has prepared a meal for us to eat and what we eat on is JESUS because HE is the bread of our life. Also, we will never be thirsty because Wisdom has provided us with new wine which is being poured into our new wineskins so we can be assured that the wine will not cause us to burst. So, what is that new wine? That new wine is the Holy Spirit which comes from the FATHER by way of CHRIST JESUS.  This causes us to be sustained spiritually. 

So, let me wrap this up; to anyone thirsty, JESUS will provide and give to the thirsty living water from the fountain of life and it will not cost us anything. Remember, the way of Wisdom that a house has been established, a meal is prepared, an invitation went out to the public, and those who chose to come came. So now, what we must do we must invite others to come, share your experience with others, stop keeping it to yourselves come out of the closet. Heck, all the sinners are coming out of the closet why not the Bride of CHRIST. Share with the hungry and the thirsty so that they too may come and eat and drink. Be sure to let them know that there are no strings attached, there is no fee, hidden or otherwise. Then allow the Holy Spirit to use you to share the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS, He may use your voice or he may use you as an example in your lifestyle to live for HIM which will cause people to take notice and ask why you are the way you are or say that they notice you and this will be your opportunity to allow the Spirit of the Living GOD to speak through you so that they will know why you are the way you are. 

FATHER GOD show us YOUR Glory.

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November 6, 2020

Security is found in Wisdom – Proverbs 4:1

Calling out to all of my siblings in CHRIST JESUS! Yes, we are family and we have a loving, forgiving, kind, merciful FATHER that we want to learn from.  We all need to pay attention and listen closely to HIS instructions so that we may obtain the understanding that we need. 

  • Though we read that we are to fear the LORD our GOD. This does not mean that we are to be in dread of HIM, we are not to be scared of HIM, HE is not to be feared, and yet HE is.

When fear is shown in the scriptures about our fearing GOD it is written to express to us that we are to know that GOD is to be awed, wowed, given the utmost reverence [respect] and that HE is to be worshipped and HE is to be obeyed.

Unfortunately, in today’s climate where morality is declining and will continue to be so. In a CHRISTian home, we are to listen to the instructions of our earthly father, and we are not to reject the teachings of our mother. Do not rebel against them for they only desire the very best for their children. And, they should be instructing and teaching the ways of GOD through CHRIST JESUS.  For those who do not live in a CHRISTian home yet morality which is good in the sight of GOD is being taught listen to the instruction of your father and the teachings of your mother.

Notice how the father is to instruct, most often this is done verbally and the mother is to teach, most often this is done through demonstration. Why is this? Because males are pre-programmed [hard wired]  to advise us with information but it is women who are pre-programmed [hard wired] to nurture the instructions of teachings through modeling the lifestyle of what we are being taught by them both. Men and women can speak teaching until they are blue in the face but if examples of instructions are not being seen what we learn verbally will never take. We learn primarily by sight and this is why it is very important that mothers live a chase lifestyle. 

But, we do not see the person Wisdom so how may we gain the security that is provided when what comes across to us as instructions? Simple, read the instructions as being given to us by our FATHER. Then apply them to our lives and model them as demonstrated by JESUS with a change in our heart and lifestyle. It is through the application that we relate the Word to mothers who apply godliness before others as well as when she is not seen. Nurture the Word of GOD into our life it is then that we will begin to see the security in the Wisdom of GOD where we thought that we could never accomplish what HE desires in our life.

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November 5, 2020

Wisdom is a Person – Proverbs 1:20

I need to make something clear, in this scripture Wisdom is described to be feminine. I have struggled with this description because in all my years of study I have only found Wisdom to be CHRIST JESUS. I have yet to understand or to get an answer from the FATHER as to why Wisdom is described as feminine. [However, any reader who can successfully explain to me from their years of study as to why Wisdom is described as feminine rather than masculine without providing the answer in swelling vain words. I welcome your comment.]

I gain better insight from Matthew Henry 1662-1714 who was a minister of the gospel and a non-conformist. When I study I often refer to him for help. I gained an understanding that wisdom is pluralized because of these two characterizations. 

  • The infinite wisdom of GOD
  • The manifold wisdom of GOD

GOD speaks to humanity with human understanding which is our carnal wisdom of light and law of nature; powers and faculties of reason; and the office of conscience. Most of us believe that GOD speaks to us in a still, quiet, and small voice and though this is true, this is not the case always. There are times when GOD through wisdom will cry out with a loud voice and pleas with us, I know because I heard HIM yelling with caution for me to not carry out a desire that I had many years ago. Though HE cautioned me not to go through with what I wanted to do, I must confess to you that I did what I wanted to do anyway and it caused me years of heartache.

Okay, I wrote previously that the word wisdom is pluralized and I wrote above one of the reasons why it is so. The other reason is civil governmental wisdom which is GOD’s ordinance; HIS permanent rule of action, the observance of HIS commandment. 

So, now that we are armed with that information we come back to the question as to why Wisdom is referred to as feminine rather than masculine. The only logical reason to me for it may be different for you is this. Like a woman, a lady who lives her life in good morality she may speak aloud, pleading with cries/shouts in the hopes that people will give ear to listen to her warnings. People are more proned to stop and listen to a lady who is known for her respectful character and integrity and take heed before stopping to listen to an immoral woman who is loud consistently being unladylike. Read Provbs. 8:1-36 and 9:1-6 to gain insight as to what and how a woman [Lady] should be through the personification of Wisdom. 

Now, let me tie this up with a big bow. But before I place the lid on this gift package let me ask you this question if you thought that I had forgotten the subject of this article. Did you know that Wisdom is a person? If Wisdom is not a person, why are we told that Wisdom speaks? How can a non-person speak? The proper use of speaking is to talk of our expressed opinions, to express our thoughts by the use of words, to ask questions, to answer, to articulate [a lost art]. Did you know that the other name that Wisdom is known most frequently is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is given to the children of GOD when we ask for the Holy Spirit-Lk. 11:13. We receive the promise of the Holy Spirit through faith-Gal. 3:14. Also, when we ask for Wisdom and we must do so daily because our wisdom is nothing like Wisdom that comes from GOD. Our wisdom is earthly, unspiritual, and can even be demonic, Jms. 3:13-16. GOD’s Wisdom will be given to us liberally-Jms. 1:5. Because Wisdom belongs to GOD-Jms. 3:17-18.

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November 4, 2020

In HIS Wisdom – Psalms 136:5

The CREATOR who is ELOHIM the Almighty GOD is the ONE who in HIS Wisdom spoke heaven into existence. 

GOD in HIS Wisdom does great and marvelous things that we with our peashooter of a brain find hard to understand and HE does and accomplish them without number, meaning HE has done so much that we cannot name them all. 

GOD alone does wonderful things even HIS love and mercy endures forever/eternally. HE is worthy of being blessed with our lips and our lives.

I encourage you to read the entire chapter of Ps. 136 just to see some of what GOD has done in HIS Wisdom. Do not fool yourself, this is not a complete record.

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November 3, 2020

Gain a heart of Wisdom – Psalms 90:12

Did you know that we are to be taught how to live well in the Holy Spirit? Okay, well did you know that we must learn from Wisdom that we are to learn how to live not only wise but well? In the sense of the adverb, this describes that we are to be good and proper mannerly, justly, rightly, our actions and conduct must be satisfactory at best-showing friendliness, and kindness to all.

Our days are numbered and we have no clue how many hours, minutes, seconds, days, weeks, months, or years that we have to live. Maybe this is why when we come to CHRIST JESUS we are saddened because we see just how much of our life we wasted in sins. But just as in the time of Lot, he and his family were told not to look back or not to look back missing/mourning where we once were, or what and who we left behind.

Our heart which is the soil is the place that must be prepared with plowing, tilling, fertilizing, and dressed whatever that means in the world of gardening and farming before the sowing and reaping a harvest. In order for our improving guess what we must do, we must schedule time in the Word of GOD and study. We do this so that we can advance in our growth, to be improved and refined which is done by our being corrected from the faults we are subject to having. When GOD removes what is not like HIM, HE does not leave that area void HE will fill that area with HIS good qualities and enlarge our power in HIS Wisdom.

Just as we are willing to cultivate our desires for anything that we want the Holy Spirit in His Wisdom will give us the desire to have our heart cultivated by Him. As we study GOD’s Word we will begin to cherish and foster who GOD is, who CHRIST JESUS is, who the Holy Spirit is, and who we are in CHRIST JESUS. We will begin to promote our increase in the excellence of love, and we will make better how we are with all people. We will no longer be self-absorbed. 

Unlike in the book of Psalms, we do not need to know the number of our days, we just need to gain a heart for Wisdom and live according to what He is teaching us to be and do.  

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