The word awesome inspires awe which in its former use was dreadful fear, especially when used with GOD. Today because of the New Covenant/Testament we have no reason to be in dreadful fear of the Living GOD, but we should be in fear with respect. For example; when we don’t fear fire, we have no respect for what it can do. Fire can either keep us warm, cook our food or destroy us. The Living GOD no longer destroy mankind because of sin because HE gave us a gift in the form of HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. And because of what JESUS did for us we no longer are destroyed by HIM, but we choose to be destroyed by not believing in HIM and receiving HIS gift of salvation which is free to us but cost the FATHER dearly. We are to admire the works of CHRIST JESUS; become amazed at the daily expectation of what HE is doing in our lives and express amazement of not only who HE is to us but what we are in HIM. When reading the Word of GOD, we should be filled with the wonderment of how the heart of the people who knew not the Living GOD and for those who do can be seen in our today? We have so many illustrations that surely, we can find at least one example that fit our profile if we will only look.

The LORD GOD is the One Holy GOD and we should praise HIS awesome name rather than blaspheme, curse or use it for profanity.

We are not alone because CHRIST JESUS has informed us that HE will never leave us, nor will HE forsake us which means that HE will never leave us. CHRIST JESUS is the Mighty Awesome One. JESUS is not against us rather HE is on our side.

The LORD JESUS is the great and awesome GOD; HE keeps HIS covenant promises even when we break our promise to HIM. HE reveals HIS mercy towards us and HE does not do so based on the condition that if we do, HE will do. CHRIST JESUS loves us even when we did not or do not love HIM.

This is only a small fraction as to why HE is the Almighty Awesome One.

Psalm 99:3; Jeremiah 20:11; Daniel 9:4; Ex. 20:6




How do we know for sure if we are in a backslidden state? Have you fallen off your relationship with CHRIST JESUS to live as our flesh dictates by returning to what it knows? Have you abandoned the principles of your faith in CHRIST JESUS? Do you find yourself gradually turning from attending your local assembly to be around the other saints for something that you deem takes priority; of studying the Word of GOD; praying and being thankful and worshipful to CHRIST JESUS? Are you actively and willfully sinning and unknowingly worshipping through idolatry because anyone or anything that is put before CHRIST JESUS is idolatry?

If we can answer yes to any one of the above questions, we are welcome to come back to CHRIST JESUS our LORD and Savior. We are encouraged to stop being rebellious. CHRIST JESUS already forgave us on that cross for our unfaithfulness. We did not surprise HIM we surprise ourselves to find ourselves back into that thing or with people that we are familiar with who have nothing in common with the true light of the Almighty GOD. Come back, CHRIST JESUS is the LORD our GOD. HE has never left us we are the ones who leave HIM. When we gradually leave JESUS, HE is patiently waiting for our return and HE will not chastise us but heal the wounds we received from the darkness of this world. We are not outcast we belong to CHRIST JESUS and slowly we feel uncomfortable being around people that we know we should not be around and slowly we ignore those alarms being set off inwardly. We can’t shake thinking of CHRIST JESUS even though we have returned to what our flesh love. The world does not care for us as we care for them because we have the same love for people as CHRIST has for people. CHRIST JESUS is a healer of our city the place and homes of HIS beloved children and HE is also a restorer. Not the city of the world. CHRIST JESUS will heal HIS people not the people who are of the world. CHRIST JESUS gives HIS people peace and security. Not the people of the world. Return to the LORD because the world tears to pieces its inhabitants but JESUS is a healer and HE will bandage our wounds. CHRIST JESUS has said to us that HE will cure us of our unfaithfulness and we need to believe and rest in HIM for this. CHRIST JESUS loves us freely HE is not angry with us as so many people will like for us to believe.    

Jeremiah 3:22, 30:17, 33:6; Hos. 6:1, 14:4




The administration of the sacrament of baptism or christening. Baptism is the total emersion which symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of CHRIST JESUS. When christening it is simply sprinkling water into the face and providing a name to the child publicly.

We first learn about baptism from John the Baptist who is the cousin of JESUS. He baptized many into the changing of their ways and thoughts, this is what repentance truly is. But he also made those who were being baptized aware that HIS cousin JESUS is the only One who can baptize people with HIS Holy Spirit which comes with fire; this is the far better baptism because it’s the true baptism. CHRIST JESUS is the One who owns all authority in heaven and earth. So, if we are true disciples of CHRIST JESUS we can go out and make more disciples who will follow and live for HIM. And if there be any body of water nearby or we can take the person or people to a body of water and baptize them as CHRIST JESUS has instructed disciples to do in the name of the FATHER, of the SON and of the Holy Spirit. We are to continue to share the information that we have on how to observe all things that CHRIST JESUS has commanded us as well as encourage one another that CHRIST JESUS is always with us, this seems to be overlooked among the disciples of today. The LORD JESUS has and will wash away our filth, HE will purge us from the blood of sin and give us a blood transfusion of HIS righteousness, we’ve already been judged by the Spirit of Judgment having all sin burned out of us.

John the Baptist taught about the baptism of repentance which is to change how we think and how we act. That was how in the Old Testament people would show that they were believers, they were not saved but they had the faith of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses. So, those who died before the death, burial, and resurrection of JESUS they joined Abraham and all the many believers in the bosom of Abraham where they were kept safe from torment until CHRIST JESUS came and set the captives free. Today, that empty gulf remains there as a witness of what was once. The New Testament only came into being after the death of JESUS and it is through HIS death that people are saved in HIM. John the Baptist baptized with water, but CHRIST JESUS baptizes with HIS Holy Spirit. So, whoever believes in CHRIST JESUS within the heart before being baptized is already saved but anyone who is baptized without believing in CHRIST JESUS within the heart is still condemned.

The promise that the FATHER made, and that CHRIST JESUS told to HIS disciples is that HIS disciples will be baptized with the Holy Spirit it was true and evident then and it is true and evident now. One example of the Holy Spirit residing with us is that we will possess divided tongues which will rest in us. Not rest as we may think of rest, but divided tongues provide us the ability to speak with the rest of our cause on the truth of scripture as only the Holy Spirit can.  It is a great thing when we actively and willingly turn towards GOD and daily change the way we act and think. Just as it is a great thing that believers in CHRIST JESUS are baptized in water and better to be baptized in the Holy Ghost. We must realize that just as salvation is given to us freely as a gift so is receiving the Holy Spirit given to us freely as a gift. The Holy Spirit is who provides us with the power to accomplish in boldness all things that we can do in CHRIST JESUS. Outward baptism for the believer is the outward showing that we are baptized in CHRIST JESUS, in HIS death, and in HIS resurrection. Remember, I explained that baptism is a total emersion in a body of water not a sprinkling in the face.

It does not matter what our nationality is, what color our skin is, it does not matter if we are male or female and because unfortunately slavery still exists it will not matter if you are a slave or free if we believe in CHRIST JESUS then we will want to also receive HIS Holy Spirit and be baptized in CHRIST JESUS this will cause us to drink freely from the Holy Spirit.

All of us who have been and will be baptized into CHRIST JESUS will also be completely dressed in HIM as well.

This is a good example I often like to use when speaking about the Holy Ghost. Think of insurance for our automobile and or home. Do we benefit from full coverage with our car or do we benefit from just having liability or collision insurance? Do we benefit with what we perceive is necessary when we purchase home insurance or do we benefit from having the type of insurance by knowing the value of every possession within our home as well as the correct coverage that will protect the lives within the home and  from what may cause the destruction within or of the home? The Holy Ghost is our full life insurance. He is not our term (renting) insurance. Without being baptized in the Holy Ghost we will not speak, think, and live in the victorious power which is offered to us. There are many beloved children of the Living GOD who possess fire insurance, meaning they are saved from the pit of hell. But why not have, the total package, why not speak the truth in confidence, why not pray as only the Holy Spirit can pray, why not live our lives as the overcomer that we are instead of continuing to be beaten up by the devil and his minions?

Matthew 3:11, 28:19; Is. 4:4; Mark 1:4, 8, 16:16; Acts 1:5, 2:3-4, 38; Romans 6:3; 1 Corinthians 12:13; Galatians 3:27




Simply put its when we beat or strike up against something. Many of us are in a battle and don’t know it; we battle with the use of our attitude and our words. And, please let me not forget the battle of our mind. Battles are only applied to what or who we see as enemies and therefore we attack others and most often ourselves. That’s right we strive and struggle with ourselves.

We are always trying to handle situations with others and with ourselves; maybe the problem is not so much the situation but in our trying. This is my thought on being in battle with others and ourselves; cease and desist; stop trying we most often never successfully accomplish coming to an end of those very tough situations regarding others and ourselves. I believe that we place far too much belief; confidence; and trust in ourselves rather than in CHRIST JESUS. HE has never lost a battle, yet our first instinct is not to run to HIM with our problems but to try and work them out ourselves. CHRIST JESUS is the One who determines the outcome of each battle and HE is not going to sit by and watch us be destroyed unless we don’t include HIM. The number one reason why we are in a battle is that of fear. When fear comes upon us, we need to decide which we will allow to control us; are we going to allow fear to cause us to forget everything that we know in CHRIST JESUS or are we going to face those fears boldly in CHRIST JESUS and rise? In CHRIST JESUS we need to know that the battle is not ours so cease being afraid of what people have said or is saying about us. Stop trying to keep up with those who may have better possessions than you in time we can have everything that we desire regarding possessions. We need to learn how not to covet what others have. Don’t you want to have things without being in debt; don’t you desire to have the ability to walk into any store see what it is that we will like to have and pay for them in full without spending that which should have gone towards paying for that which we already are in debt to? Cease from trying to do the job that GOD is more than able to accomplish without our help. Ask the LORD GOD to help you through the Holy Spirit to stop being so concerned with how the world sees us and rest in how CHRIST JESUS see us. Transform your mind by casting down every imagination that is nothing like GOD. If it does not line up with who CHRIST JESUS is, what HE said we are to HIM, and what HE is to us; we better know that those thoughts are not godly but deadly through the devil. We cannot battle our thoughts with thoughts to battle the thoughts we must speak out using our mouth and tongue to form the words which are GOD like. CHRIST JESUS desire that we think thoughts that are good, pleasing and perfect in HIM. When the Holy Spirit resides within us, we can live with a new attitude in the character and integrity of our Savior CHRIST JESUS. So, when we begin to have thoughts about people that irritate us remember that JESUS CHRIST died for those people also and that HE loves them too. In the book of Philippians, we are given the blueprint and instructions on how we are to think. Look at Phil. 4:8.

1 Samuel 17:47; 2 Chr. 20:15; Rom. 12:2; Eph. 4:23




JESUS CHRIST was struck many times with repeated blows not only to HIS body but to HIS face and character as well. The Roman soldier beat JESUS CHRIST with a cat of nine tails, in history it is known that the Romans used teeth, iron balls, hooks and the like which were attached to the leather straps to inflict wounds on the one being punished with scourging. But the people who were growling for JESUS CHRIST to be crucified hit HIM with their open hands, fists, reeds, or with whatever instrument that would inflict pain. Many of us have read in the scripture from Job that he said people gaped at him and may have either not known what that meant or did not know the complete definition to the word gape. What was meant not only for Job but for JESUS as well is that the people sneered at them, mouths were opened and used with the desire to injure and devour the person’s character. You understand because we are all guilty of gapping at people. This is a no-no.  I’m not going to cover all the torture that JESUS CHRIST endured for us all but I will only cover HIS being beat.

Unlike JESUS, we are ready to inflict serious harm on anyone who dares to spit in our face because we understand that this is an act of hatred. JESUS CHRIST endured having HIS precious face spat upon, beat and slapped repeatedly. Unlike JESUS, we are ready to fight anyone who will strike us. JESUS CHRIST endured being spat on and hit over the head with sticks. Some of us can barely take it when others have something negative to say about us. From being a small child I can recall that if anyone dared spoke negatively about my mother or father I was ready to fight. When I was a kid this is what turned the kindest kids who never want to fight into a raging bull. Gapping about the parents of a child was just a no-no. And as we grow up into adulthood; we are not going to allow anyone to speak negatively about us; some of us are ready to rumble just because someone told us that someone said something about us that was unkind. These are busybodies with nothing better to do than to antagonize another and witness them become upset to the point that they approach the one that set their mouth to gape on them. JESUS CHRIST had to deal with being sneered at; HE did nothing. We all believe or believed in the lie “stick and stones may break my bones but name calling can’t hurt me”. Well, this is an untruth, those of us who have survived physical abuse have healed outwardly, sure there may be some ugly scars but none the less they are no longer bleeding or infected. Inwardly, negative words destroy people; often those negative words remind us of how others see us as being. We believe those negative words and for some, the words have caused addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem; promiscuity and worst of all suicides. That’s because those negative words and continually bleeding and are infected. JESUS CHRIST gave willingly HIS back to being beaten and bruised to the point HE barely had a back any longer. HIS back though beaten with forty stripes became one large stripe; an open hole where HIS back was. The beard of JESUS was plucked out in clumps by the hands of others. JESUS withstood the many none ending insults to HIS character. And the spitting in HIS face. This is our example setter that when people speak insults about us and they will cause emotional pain; when people hit us and we will want to strike back; we are falsely accused and we will want to defend ourselves. Do what JESUS did; accept it. Should, the time come when in the proper place to be justified speak your peace without animosity. Believe me when we allow the Holy Spirit to speak on our behalf JESUS will set the stage for our justification before our enemies. Here is an example of what happened to me many, many years ago when I was still employed in corporate America. There was an employee that had a propensity for rubbing people the wrong way, no matter what I did to try to bring down that wall of treachery within her, nothing worked. Instead of me being the one to infect her with kindness she infected me with irritation. One day she was sitting at her desk and I had, had enough of her mouth and actions toward me and took matters in my own hands. I kicked her chair and she fell out of it. When she reported the incident to our manager we had to go before a review board which was a mediator, the manager and ourselves. When I was asked had I done the thing that I was being accused of I simply told the truth; yes, I did it. When asked why I did it; I calmly explained what had happened. When I returned back to my office those that had heard or witnessed what had happened was glad that someone finally gave her what for. But I had not done what I had done to receive recognition for exerting my anger towards an individual so I did not give into all the accolades given to me. What I had done was wrong as wrong as for how she treated people and I was suspended for a few days when I could have been sacked. The thing is that upon my return her attitude towards me had completely changed for the better and we got along great. What I did was exercised injustice but because I allowed the Holy Spirit to speak through me in our meeting JESUS gave me justice. So, if at all possible endure the beat down and know that CHRIST JESUS sees and understands all that we are going through because HE gave HIMself to be beaten for us.

Matthew 26:67, 27:30; job 16:10; Is. 50:6; Lam. 3:30




What is it meant when we read in the scriptures the word beginning? Simply put, it’s the origin of; the first of its cause; the origin of its being. Many people will ask or have asked the question; who made GOD? The answer is found in the scriptures; CHRIST JESUS is the beginning and HE is also the ending. And everything that is has its first entrance into being because GOD/CHRIST JESUS caused it to be. Throughout the first chapter of Genesis/beginning discover the beginnings.

The heavens and earth have its beginning because they were created by CHRIST JESUS. Notice how the scriptures provide us with the plural of heaven. This lets us know that there is more than one heaven. The first heaven is the habitation of GOD where angels and those who believe in CHRIST JESUS resides, HIS heavenly and eternal Kingdom. The second heaven is the expanse which surrounds the earth like a transparent vault that allows us to see the moon, stars, and sun. CHRIST JESUS created the earth and with HIS own hands, HE created the heavens. Every human should have been told and should be told to the point that we know, much like we know our own name; this is to be told to us repeatedly so that it becomes apart of us that CHRIST JESUS created the foundations of the earth. GOD the FATHER speaks to us through HIS SON CHRIST JESUS who created the universe for everything HE created is HIS possession. The LORD CHRIST JESUS, in the beginning, created the heavens and the earth. I have written this repeatedly because I want every reader to know this internally.

I hope that many of you have read my previous blog which describes who the Word is. Because in the beginning the Word/CHRIST JESUS already existed. HE was not born to Mary as the first cause of HIS existence. HE already was from the beginning. HE was with GOD and HE is GOD. As GOD the Creator; CHRIST JESUS made all things and there is nothing that exists that was not created by HIM. Because of HIS great love for HIS human creation, CHRIST JESUS came down from heaven, HIS heavenly Kingdom, HE got off HIS throne and took on the likeness of mankind. As a human living with humans, JESUS is full of grace and truth. HE made it possible that HIS glory was seen which was received from HIS FATHER because CHRIST JESUS is the FATHER’s only begotten SON. In a previous blog, it was written about being the begotten. The glory that JESUS possessed in the earth was not something that HE had received for the first time; CHRIST JESUS has always had glory residing in HIM because it was within HIM when HE was in heaven within the FATHER eons before anything was created by HIM. Through CHRIST JESUS; GOD created everything; the seen and the unseen; authorities; rulers and spiritual powers. GOD created everything through CHRIST JESUS for HIM. CHRIST JESUS existed before any and all things and when in union with HIM all and everything has its proper place. It was the commandment of GOD through CHRIST JESUS that the heavens came into being and it was HIS spoken word that the moon, stars, and sun exist. GOD through CHRIST JESUS is the Creator of all things. Mankind cannot create anything because everything that is discovered or made through and by a man already existed because of CHRIST JESUS; it is impossible to say that mankind is the creator of anything because we do not have the ability to create without the use of what CHRIST JESUS had already created. I dare any human to create anything without the use of what CHRIST JESUS already created. Humans cannot create something out of nothing as CHRIST JESUS did. And in our discovering anything means that the existence of it was there such as electricity and gas and such. It was simply destined to be known by those that we have read in the books of history.

It is CHRIST JESUS who spoke in the ears of John that HE/CHRIST JESUS is the beginning and that HE is the end; the first and the last. So, if anyone has a dispute with who created anything especially the earth because the earth was not caused by some big bang theory; people did not evolve from some evolution. Take it up with GOD because HE is the ONE to make this claim. Science can explore and after many generations, they too are becoming aware that the galaxies and earth were created by a Creator that is not human. And that there is no substantial evidence that what is studied regarding creation was developed by some unknown explosion that caused what we know exist because we are living in and exist as the creation of GOD. In the beginning was the Word/JESUS and the Word/JESUS was with GOD the FATHER and the Word/JESUS is GOD. HE created in the beginning.

Genesis. 1:1; Ps. 102:25; Is. 40:21; Heb. 1:2, 10; John 1:1-3, 14, 17:5; Col. 1:16-17; 1 Jhn. 5:20; Ps. 33:6; Eph. 3:9;  Revelation. 21:6



Father Relaxing with Son

Many times the Bible is read and we come across words that we are unfamiliar with. Especially for those who will only read a language that is from the fifteenth century. I know when I began to read the Bible I too began my journey using a Bible with very old English words but because the Holy Spirit was teaching me and my sister, we never had difficulty understanding any of the words that were on the page. I bring this up because I am still hearing many people complain that they have tried to read the Bible but it’s much too difficult to comprehend. These are the two reasons that come to mind, most begin reading the Old Testament which teaches the legality of anger, being unmerciful, conditions, law, and war, these are the things which trip us up because this is what is magnified in our understanding. The Old Testament also shows forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy but we cannot see this. So, often the reader will not read the New Testament to find out who JESUS is, what JESUS has done for humans, and who we are in CHRIST JESUS. Another reason which comes to mind is the language, if using a Bible filled with old English speech and understanding from the Holy Spirit or the command of the English that is being used either American or Britannia is not in our full command, meaning we do not know the definition to each word that we read in the books, paper or from whatever we are reading. It will be impossible to enjoy what we are trying to read in the Bible. I took the word begot to write about today because in the book of Matthew and Luke people do not like to read the genealogy of JESUS when it is all so important. If we studied those who are listed in the genealogy verses we will come to see that they were a bunch of jacked up people that were used for GOD’s glory. I know that because GOD chose to use these people that HE can and will use us because let’s face it, before coming to CHRIST JESUS we all were some pretty messed up people going to hell. Feminist, new age religion, and non-believers just to name a few like to refer to GOD as a higher power, or as she. Well, the definition of begot is not linked with anyone feminine. To be begotten you must come from male/man. Though GOD the FATHER is a SPIRIT our proof that HE is MAN but not in the manner that we know a man to be. Often JESUS called GOD, FATHER this lets us know that a father is not female. Male/men are the ones who can breed, engender, generate offsprings, sire, spawn, and procreate. All, humans are begotten from their fathers with the exception of Adam who was formed from the dust of the ground and Eve who was taken and formed from the rib of Adam her husband. Adam was the first human to begin the begotten process and he is still begetting children today.

CHRIST JESUS has many names but the only name that invokes authority and power is the name of JESUS. One of the names that we use of HIM is the Word. The Word is who was given into the womb of Mary by the Holy Spirit who birthed the Word/JESUS who is called CHRIST/the Anointed One. HE is the promised Seed that was spoken of in Genesis. JESUS wears a robe which is covered with blood and HIS name is the Word of GOD. The gospel of the Living GOD is all about HIS SON, the LORD JESUS CHRIST regarding HIS humanity. Because in order for HIM to relate to us His humanity was born and descended from King David. The Living GOD does everything with perfect timing, we can see this in the begetting of HIS own SON who came as the Son of a human mother and HE perfectly lived under the Jewish Law, no human was or is able to do this. And, yet we keep trying to do so. JESUS left all HE has in heaven to come to earth in the form of a human. HE freely gave them all up to take on the nature of a servant, not in the manner of what we know a servant to be. HIS type of servitude was not one who labors as we are acquainted with such as those we see in restaurants or bound by contracts as we are with new phones, nor was HE a slave to any man. JESUS willingly became the subordinate of the Law which HE wrote HIMself and gave to Moses. HE lived as a human subjected by the Jewish Law. Though JESUS is KING, HE voluntarily served others in ministry. JESUS is often called servant throughout the Bible. GOD JESUS became a human being and HE appeared to humans in the likeness of humans. This is the mystery that non-believers have difficulty wrapping their minds around, that the Living GOD manifested HIMself in human flesh. To become as humans are JESUS had to become flesh and blood and HE shared in our human nature, yet, without sin because there was and is no sin in HIM due to the fact that HE was not a begotten son of Joseph HIS earthly father. The Word is heard, seen and touched, JESUS is the Word of life. To know the Word we must look for HIS Spirit in others and we will find HIM when they are freely able to acknowledge that JESUS came as a human being who has the Spirit which comes from GOD. And those who deny this fact are antichrist and deceivers. The Word is full of grace and truth and HE lived with humans. The glory of the LORD GOD has already been revealed we just need to have the scales removed from our eyes to see HIM. And there will come a time when every human eye will see the Word in one single moment, this is the promise from the LORD GOD. The blood washed know and rely on the returning of CHRIST JESUS because we have witnessed HIS Majesty. JESUS received from HIS FATHER glory and honor this was not only known to HIM but those who heard with their own ears the voice of the Excellency Glory when HE said: “This is MY beloved SON in whom I AM well pleased”. We are to know the truth which makes and sets us free. JESUS is the only way, the only truth and HE is the only true life, there is no other way any human who has been begotten will ever see the FATHER except through JESUS and to do this we must believe in HIM. Pilate perceived that JESUS is a KING this is why he had inscribed on a plaque which was placed above HIS head on HIS cross that JESUS is the KING of the Jews. JESUS is the KING who was born to come into the world. For HE is the begotten of the FATHER. And anyone who is a witness to this truth will hear HIS voice and know it. The decision was of GOD the FATHER that HIS SON JESUS the Word possesses the full nature of GOD.

John 1:14, 8:32, 14:6, 18:37; Mt. 1:16, Rev. 19:13; Rom. 1:3; Gal. 4:4; Phil. 2:7; 1 Tim. 3:16;  Heb. 2:14; 1 Jhn. 1:1,  4:2; 2 Jhn. 1:7; Is. 40:5; 2 Ptr. 1:16-18; Col. 1:19

*Jesse begat David the King; Jacob begot Joseph the husband of Mary who birthed the Word and called HIM JESUS who is the CHRIST. Matthew 1

*JESUS was thought to have been begotten from Joseph who is the husband of Mary. Joseph was begotten from Heli; King David was begotten from Jesse and Jesse was begotten from Obed the husband of Ruth who used to be a Moabites; Seth was begotten from Adam who is the son of GOD but not the begotten son because he was created from the dust of the ground. With the image and likeness of GOD. Luke 3



Behold the Lamb of God

The legally blind can fix their eyes but are only able to see mostly shadows. The complete blind has their eyes fixed yet can see only darkness. But those who are able to see with or without glasses can fix their eyes and still be blind to what they should be able to see. This type of blindness is called spiritual blindness. We can place our gaze onto people, places and things and never see how demonic influences are in control. However, when we come to CHRIST JESUS we will have those scales removed from our eyes and will be able to see with clarity the company we keep, the places we frequently visit and the things that we have touched or own that requires us to destroy or not take ownership in the first place. But this is not what I want us to look on, it is my desire to have those who are not in a relationship with CHRIST JESUS to actually see HIM for who HE is and HIS desire for all of us. Even if at first you need to squint to try and bring HIM into focus do what you must until you believe in HIM with your entire heart and then HE will cause you to see HIM clearly without squinting.

There are two reasons as to why JESUS is called a lamb. The first is that HE is gentle, innocent and meek, the second is that HE came into this world to be our sacrifice. Lambs were often sacrificed as we can find throughout the Bible. When John the Baptist looked he saw his cousin coming forward and said to those who were there “Behold/look” John did not keep it a secret as to who JESUS is, he told everyone there that JESUS is the Lamb of GOD and that HE is the One who takes away the sins of the world. We can look to no other person, place or thing because no one has the ability to save the world other than CHRIST JESUS. Every human must look and see JESUS as our sacrificial Lamb of GOD who laid HIMself down for us all though HE was innocent of sin because sin was and is not in HIM. However, we are guilty because sin is or was in us, why do I write that sin was in us? Because unless we have been washed in the Blood of CHRIST JESUS we are sinners, guilty of sin and have nothing to do with JESUS. But after we look on JESUS, believe in JESUS with our heart, and confess JESUS with our mouth then we are no longer guilty and we are no longer sinners. We have become the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS.

We actually need to behold/see the love that GOD the FATHER has for us all. As children of the Living GOD it is still strange to us just how much our FATHER loves us, yet, we know with assurance that no matter how much we love HIM, we can never love HIM as much as HE loves us. HIS love for us is greater than humanly possible. Hmm, makes sense why GOD the FATHER is not a man but SPIRIT. No matter how hard or how much we try to convey the love that the Almighty GOD has for us people will never understand what we are trying to share with them because they do not know HIM and because they do not know HIM they will never know who we really are as long as they remain blinded and in darkness. The love that we have for the FATHER, SON and Holy Spirit have nothing to do with the fact that we love HIM but it’s completely based on the fact that HE loves us. The FATHER sent to and gave us HIS only begotten SON. HIS mission was to forgive our sins and HE did so perfectly. So stop looking for HIM to repeat what HE has already done and believe in what was accomplished through HIM and accepted by the FATHER. The FATHER loved the world so much that HE gave to us HIS only begotten SON so that everyone who believes in HIM/JESUS will not die but have eternal life. Continue to choose not to believe in HIM or believe that you have time to believe in HIM and you will have eternal death. Understand that GOD’s mercy is abundant and HIS love for us is great. We all are born spiritually dead and grow up to be animate zombies, we don’t need to watch the walking dead or any other type of zombie television show or movie because we live among them daily. Being spiritually dead we are not aware that we are disobedient until we are made alive spiritually in CHRIST JESUS and become obedient. It is by the grace of the Almighty GOD that we are saved from eternal punishment. And this is not an automatic or inclusive way that we have obtained, we must first believe in the heart the LORD CHRIST JESUS then confess HIM through our mouth. Just as we unwittingly lived for satan we will willingly live for CHRIST JESUS. Just as CHRIST JESUS arose from the dead so do we, and as HE rules in the heavenly so do we. The FATHER demonstrated HIS love for us with extraordinary greatness of HIS grace in the love that HE shows us in HIS SON CHRIST JESUS.  

John 1:29, 36; 1 John 3:1, 4:10; Jhn. 3:16; Eph. 2:4-7



We all operate with expectation and hope where we believe what has been done, said, or seen. However, what we see is not a part of the operation of believing because what is seen is a tangible fact. However, when we believe that which is spoken without the sense of seeing that takes faith. Our believing is all about faith. We believe and hold on to the knowledge that our beloved parents are who we are born from so why not believe in CHRIST JESUS the very same way? To believe we must operate in the expectation of hope. To trust, place our full confidence in or on something or someone in rest. Having our heart and mind in total agreement.

Everyone who chooses not to believe in CHRIST JESUS will be judged and rebuked/punished after they die because they did not believe in HIS being the risen CHRIST.

Those of us who chose to believe in HIS name and received HIM we have been given the authority to become the children of the Most High GOD.

We have spoken with our mouth that JESUS is the LORD only because we have believed this in our heart that GOD the FATHER has raised CHRIST JESUS from the dead and this is the cause of our being born in HIM, this is why we can boldly say without reservation that we are saved in HIM.

It is imperative that we believe with all not some of it but all our heart that CHRIST JESUS is the SON of the Living GOD. Know this dear heart that it’s only possible for us to speak by the Spirit of GOD in the acknowledgment of who CHRIST JESUS is and it is impossible for us to curse the CHRIST. Those that blaspheme JESUS the CHRIST/GOD is a blasphemer speaking the name with impious irreverence, speaking reproachfully of GOD or HIS Holy Spirit and being arrogant about who GOD chooses to work through, and what HE is doing because of our lack of understanding. What and who GOD chooses to do and use is HIS prerogative. But know this those of you who are ignorant to being in a relationship with the Living GOD because of CHRIST JESUS, our GOD is a never changing GOD what HE has done and accomplished in the past, HE is doing today and in all the tomorrows to come. Those who have the Holy Spirit residing within them easily will confess that JESUS is the LORD. Every tongue should confess but every tongue sadly will not do so, CHRIST JESUS is the LORD and HE is to the glory of GOD the FATHER. When JESUS the CHRIST died it was done so that HE will become LORD of both the living and the dead. What does this mean? It has nothing to do with those who are dead as we know it. What it has to do with is that those who are truly alive in CHRIST JESUS, HE is our Ruler. And for those who are living zombies without CHRIST JESUS, it is the hope that you will believe in HIM so that you will become a part of us who are living in HIM.

We all begin our life from the womb with a measure of faith. Both naturally and spiritually, it is our spiritual faith that does not get to grow and mature in the homes where CHRIST JESUS does not reside. If the parents are not teaching the forgiveness, grace, love, and mercy of JESUS we will not believe from childhood. Our natural faith is always active because it is by faith that babies will drink and eat anything, it is by faith that children will go with and speak to anyone, and it is by faith that so many people are gullible because there is no fear of danger and no barriers. None of us should operate in the spirit of fear however, we should be gullible in our belief only to all things CHRIST. Our faith in JESUS makes it possible for us to please GOD the FATHER. We can only come to the FATHER when we have true faith in HIS SON, JESUS. CHRIST JESUS rewards us all when we apply HIS Word to our life. We should never neglect or become careless in our relationship with HIM. Never be ashamed to use the name of JESUS when speaking about HIM through our testimony or in general conversation. We must be sure that when others are speaking with us and they keep saying god ask what their god’s name is. We need to be sure that they are speaking about JESUS. Many people believe in GOD and that’s terrific but even satan and his demons believe in GOD the Creator but deny GOD the SON. The devil and his demons will tremble when we mention GOD but they will only run when we invoke the name of JESUS in faith and by our faith.

We must have the same assurance and belief in GOD the FATHER as Abraham had which is explained by our transaction for our righteousness, after all, believers are Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promises. Our motives are wrapped up in our righteousness in CHRIST JESUS because of our belief in HIM. Within our heart is what we believe for unrighteousness which is what is heard when we speak or for righteousness which is also heard when we speak. Because whatever is in our heart it will come out of our mouth. Can people hear the salvation we possess from our mouth even though we are not speaking scriptures each and every time we communicate with others? When I’m among people and I’m just trying to blend in and just be me, I’m very often revealed by others. They will ask me if I’m a preacher not because I’m speaking in scriptures, being legalistic, or judgmental but because they can see the light of CHRIST shining through me and can hear HIM speaking encouragement, forgiveness, grace, love or mercy. Most times I don’t know what it is that I’m saying to others but what I do know that I don’t speak to others in the same manner that most do. Just because most people agree with what is said or going on does not make it right. And if you come to me and ask me what I think you will only get the truth from me. I can’t tell you how many people that I no longer socialize with have come to me many years later informing me of what I’ve said to them and how it encouraged them. Believe in the LORD JESUS and recognize that HE values and consider that we are important and dear to HIM. Because we believe in CHRIST JESUS we will become and are friends of GOD. Those of us who have an active belief in CHRIST JESUS has been persuaded that JESUS is able to keep whatever we have given over to HIM, this is why we are not ashamed to reveal to others who CHRIST JESUS is to us and why we believe in HIM.      

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