GOD’s goodness – Romans 11:33

God's Goodness

GOD is worthy to be praised; regardless of how long we live in HIM, we may never get to understand HIS thoughts which are higher than our very own.

We get to experience GOD’s riches which are too numerous to name but no matter how much we get from HIM, HE will never be depleted. HE is the possessor of wisdom and knowledge, this is why we should never make any decisions be they great or small without first going to HIM and asking HIM for wisdom and the knowledge which is understanding to do those things that need to be done today. The decisions that GOD has for us sometimes appear unclear to us but instead of not moving forward because what HE informs us to do and how HE informs us to carry out that which HE desires for us to do will be a great benefit for us.

GOD will never lead us astray; HE will never embarrass us, and HE will never tell us to execute something or say something that will not show the naysayers who our GOD is. Trust in HIM fully for all things.

 The decisions that GOD has for us will never be explained by any mortal, again, may I remind you that our thoughts are not as high as HIS. And, our understanding of HIM is limited as long as we reside here on earth. Trust in the ways of GOD, trust in how HE desires for us to be. Know that when we request to have the mind of CHRIST JESUS, that we will not be able to contain the fullness of the mind of CHRIST. Our mortal mind, unfortunately, will still possess thoughts which are worldly, fleshy, and negative. Understand, that the thoughts that we have are those things which still reside within our heart. JESUS would and will never have the thoughts that we have, however, this does not mean that we are still sinners or less righteous.

It is impossible to be a son of GOD and to still be a sinner regardless of some of the actions we may still display. We are the righteousness of GOD through CHRIST JESUS and we must always remember this and stop calling ourselves sinners. Daily, we should be shedding off the old nature, that old man because daily we should be dying to ourselves. The mind of CHRIST is to humble ourselves as HE did and perpetually be in that state of not our will, but HIS will be done. I cannot stress this enough the LORD GOD is abundant in riches, HIS wisdom and knowledge are deep which are never-ending and HIS thoughts are not our thoughts and our ways are not HIS ways.

Is. 55:8


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We are saved but they are not – Colossians 4:4-5


We all have members in our family may be in our household and we all socialize with others and those who are great friends towards us and we with them. But there is that one critical thing that we do not have in common with them and that is that they are non-believers in CHRIST JESUS, we are not related to them anymore by blood. Our blood has been transfused by the washing and renewing from CHRIST JESUS. When we became believers, we burned to have our family members, those we socialized with often, and our friends to be saved. But as time goes by those same individuals still are non-believers and we are not on fire to convince them anymore that CHRIST JESUS is the LORD, that HE is GOD. So, as we go about our CHRISTian life some of us may not take those opportunities, those open door moments to share CHRIST JESUS with others for various reason that I will not attempt to write because you understand just what I mean. The number one reason we may not recognize open door opportunities is that we fear being rejected. Understand my loves that JESUS CHRIST the SON of the Living GOD, who is 100% GOD is also 100% Man who walked on this very earth that we are walking on and HE was rejected prior to HIS being crucified. So, we are in good company. It is not for us to argue or make anyone understand the message of CHRIST JESUS. We are to be living examples which will draw people to us because they see in us what they cannot see or experience anywhere else or with anyone else.

For us we must pay close attention to our own conduct, we are to shed off that natural character and lack of integrity that belongs to us and put on the spiritual character and integrity of CHRIST JESUS. Not that we should be taking HIM off but I write this because daily when we rise from our sleep we must be mindful to ask the FATHER in the name of CHRIST JESUS to have us to be where HE desires us to be, to do that which HE desires us to do, to say what HE desires us to say and to think about HIS Word. This is how we look for first the kingdom of heaven and all HIS Righteousness. Understand, that it does not take us to be religious in our lifestyle, this is what turns people off and begin to avoid us. It is much better to be in a relationship with JESUS rather than being religious. If you were funny before you became a believer in CHRIST JESUS than continue being funny, do you not understand that humor is a wonderful medicine? If you were great to be around, continue being that. I cannot stress enough how we were designed by GOD to be the way we are simply better in HIM. I have been saved for forty years and I confess to you that those who beat people up with the Bible or those who are super religious acting but yet when a crisis hit they speak and act like nonbelievers really pain my spirit. I do not like being around people who cannot have a pleasant conversation without preaching at me for the entire two minutes or more when we are either on the phone or face to face. We should be well-grounded people able to communicate with most everyone in our everyday language. Ask for wisdom in how we are to live the current day so that we will not experience the unwise behavior that is a part of our flesh nature.

We spend much of our time in the presence of non-believers while we are at school and at work. We walk among them, and shop among them, most everywhere we are they are. We are to pay attention because we have been sent out as sheep among those who are wolves, but we are to be prudent as a snake yet as harmless as a dove. We are to make proper use of our time because these are evil days that we live in, meaning look for those open-door opportunities, do not kick or push our way into a closed door because the outcome will not be good. There will be some days when we think that we have not made a difference in the life of another because we feel that we have said nothing about JESUS in the lives of others. But, we never considered that maybe our conduct or kindness ministered to the life of another. Do not take on the guilt of the world. GOD knows what HE is doing and when we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit letting us know who to speak with or how to speak with someone that will be our golden ticket for entry.

The people of this world are looking for people who have answers as well as speak a language that is relevant to what they are going through in their lives. But, if we sound much like the world, giving the same answers and speaking that which has been heard repeatedly then we have lost our opportunity to plant a seed that will hopefully germinate and blossom. Speak grace to others without coming off all preachy and religious sounding. When we speak from wisdom, we will gain favor. Our conversation with others must be interesting and be ever ready to answer any individual. We should be able to hide the Word of GOD using everyday language because there are some that we conversate with who do not want to hear anything that sound Bible let alone the use of the name of CHRIST JESUS. So, be wise in the Holy Ghost of CHRIST JESUS. And, when that opportunity arises itself when anyone asks us why we are the way we are that is when we can share who CHRIST JESUS is to us in our heart, acknowledge HIM as being the LORD. Have a logical defense for the hope that we have in this hopeless world, let them know that we have the only hope worth having but be courteous and respect the person to whom we are speaking with.

Eph. 5:15; Mt. 10:16; Eph. 5:16; Ecc. 10:12; Mrk. 9:50; 1 Ptr. 3:15


Discipline and Training – 2 Timothy 3:14-17


Now that we are children of the living GOD, we must be trained in what we are learning from the New Testament scriptures. Just as we were natural babies and learned from our earthly environment, we must also learn from our heavenly environment. No one had to teach us to do things that were not good for our wellbeing. As tiny tots, we are trained not to do things but because of our sinful nature we are rebellious and try to do things which we have been warned not to do and, in many cases, will suffer the consequences. For example; we may touch something that is off limits to us such as a hot stove and we touch it anyway, the consequences are that we will suffer from the heat of the stove. However, we will be tended to our hurt, but we will also learn the lesson of not touching the stove when told not to do so. Our sinful nature will always pull us to think, do and say things opposite of what GOD desires for us. But once we are bathed and washed clean in the blood of CHRIST JESUS, we should be pulled to only do those things which GOD desires for us. Therefore, it is necessary for us to learn from the Word of GOD who we are, and how we are to live.

Follow the pattern of the lessons that we are being taught, do not be a hearer only, be a doer of the Word of GOD. When we do as we are instructed, we will come to see the benefits of our faith in action. Do that which is being taught to us in trust and love which belongs to us from CHRIST JESUS. That which we are being taught from the scriptures we will find that we will become convinced that they are true and for today, we will get to know our teachers, those who are known to be the authors of certain books, like Paul and recall what we are learning. We are to stand firm in the knowledge of what be believe and come to know in the scriptures that we have received help from. We are learning that the Word of GOD is trustworthy and that CHRIST JESUS is the MESSAGE. HIS doctrine is sound and because of HIS teaching, we can exhort and encourage as well as refute anyone who speaks against the Living Word.

The Living Word can provide us with Wisdom which solely belongs to GOD. It is because of HIS Wisdom/the Holy Spirit that we are drawn to the FATHER that leads us to salvation through faith in CHRIST JESUS. Nothing in our earthly nature can do this. We can grow up in a home where members of our household are believers and they freely worship CHRIST JESUS daily and we can still operate in unbelief of HIM. I have met many people who know the Bible better than I, yet, they do not know the Living Word who is CHRIST JESUS. Just as we are born in the natural, we must be born in the spirit, this is called being born-again. We know how to live according to the flesh and this world, now, we must become disciplined and trained according to the Spirit and our new home which is heaven. We will begin to love the Word and think of it often. By immersing ourselves in the Word of GOD we will become wiser and will keep JESUS commandments because they belong to us. In studying the Word of GOD, we will also gain a better understanding than those who claim to know HIS Word, yet, prove that they are religious rather than being in a relationship with HIM. We choose not to work in the desires of the flesh because we are learning that the desires of the flesh draw us towards every evil way. We would rather observe to do that which we have learned according to the Word of GOD rather than turn away from that which we are being instructed in. We will experience the sweetness of GOD’s promises to us and find them to be sweeter than the taste of honey. And as we grow up in the Word of GOD, we will begin to hate all forms of evil. Also, we will learn to move away from the law of Moses because we will begin to learn that in them, we will not have eternal life because we are not able to keep them all.

Every scripture from the Old Testament to the New Testament is the breath/inspiration of GOD. Scribes/note taker/secretary/writer, they wrote down what they experienced through doing and what was seen as well as what was spoken from the mouth of GOD. We will experience that HIS Word is profitable/gainful/useful and was not written just for those who were living during the writing of the scriptures. But they were written for every generation of people. Everything that was written in the past was written to teach not only that generation but us and future generations as well. So, be steadfast, level footed and patient because our faith in JESUS will provide us with endurance and encouragement to hold fast and to cherish the hope that we have in HIM. As we are being taught in the Word of GOD we will begin to notice our faults and will desire to change, to have JESUS remove that which is not like HIM, and to replace that which is being taken away with only that which is HIM. The Word of GOD is not meant to depress and oppress us but rather show us that we can be corrected from our sinful habits through HIS instructions on right living in HIM. This is how we become disciplined and trained.

We are GOD’s people because in HIM we are complete, we pursue faithfulness, gentleness, godliness, love, righteousness, and we are immovable. Daily we are becoming equipped, prepared, and qualified because we are vessels who have been chosen/set aside from those of the world. We are being used for honorable works which are all types of good works in CHRIST JESUS. We are strong and gaining more strength every day we are also perfect in CHRIST JESUS. It pains me when I hear my brothers and sisters claim that they are not perfect when the Word of GOD clearly informs us that we are. We are being disciplined and trained to be that which we ought to be in HIM. Get it out of our minds that we can do anything that is according to the will of GOD without CHRIST JESUS because we cannot. CHRIST JESUS, HIMself is the One doing all the work within us, HE is the One who can carry out all things which are pleasing in the sight of the FATHER. We must become humble and rebuke all pride that is still within us, asking the FATHER to cast out all hints and residue of pride that still is and replace pride with what is holy through CHRIST JESUS.






2 Tim. 1:13; Tit. 1:9; Ps. 119:97-104; Jn. 5:39; Rom. 4:23, 15:4; 1 Tim. 6:11; 2 Tim. 2:21; Heb. 13:21


The LORD GOD is: Deuteronomy 7:9


The LORD/ADONAI/JESUS HE is GOD we must keep this in our mind, know this in our heart, recognize, remember, and understand this that HE is a faithful GOD. We are not to bow down to any idols regardless of their form, shape, or name, this includes people, places, and things. Our living GOD is faithful, and we were called/chosen to the fellowship of CHRIST JESUS. In HIS faithfulness we will be proven as well as guarded against satan. The LORD GOD is faithful even when we are faithless because HE cannot deny HIMself.

HIS grace and mercy are extended to all of us who keeps the covenant of CHRIST JESUS rather than keep the covenant of the law of Moses which is the old and obsolete covenant intended to point us to CHRIST JESUS in the knowledge of us knowing that we cannot live without HIM. Today, if, is not an option because the LORD does take delight in HIS children and the living GOD gives us new mercies which are shown towards us and we recognize that fact and this keeps our love for CHRIST JESUS ever-growing daily not that we loved HIM first but that HE loved us first and we choose to live out HIS covenant daily. The LORD GOD of heaven is a great and awesome GOD, HE keeps HIS covenant with us, and HE loves us. So, just rest in HIS commands and HIS covenant for us. We have already confessed that we were sinners without CHRIST JESUS in our lives because we did not believe in who HE is and what HE did for us and what HE is still doing on our behalf. Today, when we confess to HIM, it’s not like it was before when we were sinners. Today, when we confess to HIM it’s much like when we realize that we made a mistake and speak out aloud to ourselves or to another confirming that thing that we had done or said in error. There should be no guilt attached to our mistake. Guilt is for criminals/sinners and we are no longer criminals/sinners, we are the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS.

Ex. 20:5-6; 2 Thess. 3:3; 2 Tim. 2:13; Numb. 14:18; Deut. 5:10; Neh. 1:5; Dan. 9:4

Social Media

social-media-1405601_1280-790x628.pngGossip, be it verbal communication or the use of social media which is being used to express idle conversations is wrong. Social media was not intended to be used to express one’s negative gossip and immorality. Gossip and the social media can be used for good, such as sharing with others what the FATHER has done for us through HIS SON JESUS or to remind others of what JESUS has done or is doing in our lives. Gossip should also be used to share great news about what is happening with ourselves or with other family members or about someone we know. With that being shared let me continue to share with you what we should not be using social media for.

Social media should not be used to share:

  • Gossip, one who runs telling news about others that are meant to be kept between you and the one that spoke with you, one who runs telling negative idle news about someone.
  • Immoral conversations, pictures, or videos.

What we should continue to share on social media:

  • Encouragement for others
  • Information that can be helpful and useful in the lives of others
  • Inspire others through positivity
  • Clips from programs which are wholesome and hysterical
  • Ministries which share the Word of GOD truthfully
  • Connection with friends or family members that we lost touch with

In the Word of GOD, we are instructed how to properly deal with anyone who wrongs us, but we do everything but what I will be sharing with you. These instructions are for brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS; however, I see this being useful for anyone. Now, for the believer in CHRIST JESUS we should never harbor hatred in our heart for one another when someone in the family has done something or said something that is hurtful or irritates us, we are to speak to the one that caused that within us. Not, gossip verbally with others or write about it on social media. If our brother or sister in CHRIST JESUS hears {have the capacity to receive sound} and listens {pay attention, consider, give attention} to us about how he or she has made us feel and ask to be forgiven, then we will have won our family member back to us. However, understand that some people can be a bit thick in the head and may cause us to be hurt or irritated again possibly up to seventy times in one day and each time if he or she asks to be forgiven we must do so. Believers and non-believers alike should air out their disputes in private, none other should be involved in your mess. Speak privately to the one who has caused the harm, and if he or she hears and listens to us that will be great but if he or she does not hear and listen to us, walk away, and leave it alone. Do not blow up and pull others into that mess. Notice, how when people post their mess on social media how those that follow them have negative input about the situation which actually is fuel being poured onto an already blazing fire.

Cease airing your dirty laundry publicly, be an adult about this situation. Instead of being reactive [occurs when our emotions have been upset, shortsighted, half-baked] be proactive [foreseeing, visionary] about things that are hurtful and irritating to us. As our wonderful First-Lady, Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go high.” Cease doing the opposite which is going low or lower as the offender has done. Most often, when we privately speak with our offender, we will find out that it was just a misunderstanding. I understand that in every case this may not be so. But, be the better person and take the high road, do not jump into the pit of mud along with the offender. Do not make yourself to look ignorant just because the offender has no problem being ignorant. If your offender does not hear or listen to you, then that is their problem, they are the ones who will lose out on continuing to have a relationship with you. We do not have to remain in a negative space with anyone, I do not care who it is. We must see ourselves as valuable people rather than invaluable.

If we must write something on social media about anyone who is mean spirited towards us, write something positive and tag that person in it. This will show that we have decided to be the better person rather than being pushed into the muck and mire along with them. And, if necessary, block the person from future communication with you on social media and anyone else involved in what should have been a private matter between you and the assailant.

Matthew 18:15; Lev. 19:17; Mt. 18:22


GOD’s SPIRIT makes us HIS children-Romans 8:1-2

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So many of GOD’s sons are still living lives of condemnation and guilt. Why!? Because so many of GOD’s sons don’t realize and understand that they have been completely pulled out of the darkness of sin, that they have been bathed, washed clean in the blood of JESUS and that daily the blood of JESUS keeps us clean, that when we do sin that we have a defender (JESUS) pleading our case before the FATHER and that the only thing the FATHER sees when HE looks at us is the blood of HIS SON JESUS. There was a time when it was in our nature to do whatever we wanted to do that pleased the flesh, it began when we were just tiny babies and we were told not to do something, and we did it anyway. Our punishment was a slap on the hands, legs, or buttocks. As we grew older knowing right from wrong we ventured into deeper rebellion which is the satisfaction of the lust of our flesh when before we actually carried the act out there was this still small voice [the Holy Spirit, we call Him our conscience] in our heads warning us not to do that thing which was wrong. Yet, we did what we wanted to do anyway. download

Now, today we are a believer in CHRIST JESUS and every single sin that we were born with whether we thought of or acted on them or not have been washed out of us and off us. We are totally clean, but we have to believe this just as we believed in our heart that CHRIST JESUS is who the FATHER, the Holy Spirit, and JESUS HIMself said HE is and that CHRIST JESUS did just what we were informed that HE did. Just because sometimes not often we will do or say something that is not in the mind or action of CHRIST JESUS does not mean that we have to be saved all over again nor does it mean that we are no longer sons of GOD. We are saved for all eternity because nothing and no one can snatch us out of the hand of our FATHER. Nothing that we do or say catches the FATHER, the Holy Spirit or CHRIST JESUS off guard, they are not surprised by what we do or say because before we were ever born, before the creation of anything by JESUS we were seen in the heart of the FATHER. We were chosen by the FATHER to be HIS sons. So, because we still have a propensity to walk in the flesh, we must keep our heads in the Word of GOD, we must listen to our audio Bibles because the more that we are edified in the Word of GOD the less likely we are to act out or say that which is not in the character or integrity of CHRIST JESUS. Remember, that we have CHRIST JESUS and the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us to work inside out of us. So, chill my brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS and bring back to your remembrance this.f185dc45500d26cd42cc6273a72ef3da

There is now, no condemnation awaiting [adjudging-sentenced to death because we died in our sins or found guilty of being sinners] any of us who are in CHRIST JESUS, who walks in the Holy Spirit so that we will not fulfill the lust of our flesh. We now live and we walk no longer in the appetites, desires, or dictates of our flesh as we did before. Now, we live and walk in the appetite, desire and dictate of the Holy Spirit who resides on the inside of us. We have been acquitted of all charges against us because we no longer disbelieve in JESUS, we are now believers and because of our faith in JESUS, we are not condemned as non-believers are. Non-believers are actively condemned, and should they die still not believing in CHRIST JESUS they will receive their punishment of condemnation.White-Children

The law of the Holy Spirit [the Spirit of life in CHRIST JESUS; the law of our new being] is who produces true life within us because of our union with CHRIST JESUS. So, my beloved, we are set free from the law of sin and death. We are no longer slaves of sin, but we are now slaves of righteousness. In becoming sons of the Living GOD, we have obtained the fruit to holiness and our end is everlasting life with the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. JESUS is a life-giving spirit within us, and we are no longer beings as Adam was. 

Happy asian children close up

Gal. 5:16; Jhn. 3:18; Rom. 6:18, 22; 1 Cor. 15:45


Be Inspired by the Word of GOD: 2 Timothy 3:16-17


Every scripture passage is inspired by GOD.

Yet first, you must understand this, that no prophecy of scripture is a matter of any personal or private or special interpretation (it is for loosening, deliverance and solving) 2 Ptr. 1:20.

Scriptures are GOD speaking to us and useful in the manner of:

  1. Learning the full truth
  2. Pointing out our own errors
  3. Correcting our own faults
  4. Will train us all if we allow HIM to do so within HIS Word as HE instructs us to live right in this world which will carry the seal of GOD’s approval.

But the words, it was credited to him (Abraham), they were written not for his sake alone, but they were written for our sakes too. Righteousness, standing acceptable to GOD will be granted and credited to us also who believe in (trust in, adhere to, and rely on) GOD, who raised JESUS our LORD from the dead. For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that by our steadfast (constant, dedicated, devoted, faithful, immovable, loyal) and patient endurance and the encouragement drawn from the scriptures we might hold fast to and cherish hope. Rom. 4:23-24, 15:4

The scriptures were not written to make us feel guilty about anything after we have been set free because we believed in our hearts that CHRIST JESUS was tortured for us, died for us, and rose from the grave for us. No, they were written so that we may live victoriously through the knowledge of the truth as we seek out the answers to this life that we are living. The Word of GOD encourages, informs, inspires, teaches, and warns. All the while training us to be our best selves not through self-effort but in CHRIST alone. We are being equipped the more we trust and rely on CHRIST JESUS instead of relying on self.

But as for you, a man of GOD, flee from all these things; aim at and pursue righteousness (right standing with GOD and true goodness), godliness (which is the loving fear of GOD and being CHRIST like), faith, love, steadfastness (patience), and gentleness of heart. 1 Tim. 6:11

Strengthen (complete, perfect) and make you what you ought to be and equip you with everything good that you may carry out HIS will; while HE HIMself works in you and accomplishes that which is pleasing in HIS sight, through CHRIST JESUS (the MESSIAH); to whom be the glory forever and ever (to the ages of the ages). Amen (so be it). Heb. 13:12

*Scriptures: AMP, GNT, GWT, NKJV