Faith – Series I

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May 27, 2020

Faith is not a lesson that can be rushed through or read upon as a novel. Faith is what is obtained from GOD and then studied to renew the old mindset into a new mindset. So, I have decided to write a series on faith walking through the New Testament with a couple of Old Testament scriptures added for good measure.

Deuteronomy 32:20

The Most High GOD does not look on sin. HE conceals/hides/with-holds/withdraws from sight. HIS presence/consolation and support are hidden. Those without faith in CHRIST JESUS, who is nothing like CHRIST JESUS at all will like to think that they are the children of GOD but this type of thinking is deceptive. GOD does not have children who are void of HIS most unique SON CHRIST JESUS and who are perverse in nature.

Habakkuk 2:4

Every sinner is unrighteous. Only those who have come to CHRIST JESUS in faith are righteous.

Little faith or Misplaced faith – Matt. 6:30 MSG

Are we born with faith? Yes, we are. We believe that the adults in our personal environment are exactly who they say they are to us. As we grow older our faith diminishes to walk by sight, not by faith. We choose to believe the lie for the truth and that is because ninety-nine point nine percent of the time we do not know the truth. We are told to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, the tooth fairy, the boogie man, ghost, goblins and such. If you are an American reader, understand that the history that we are taught in school is not accurate or one-sided. There are those who have placed their faith in addictions of various sorts, employment, people, and wealth only to find themselves dis-solutioned or trapped in the dungeon/prison doors that we are doomed to serve a life sentence in without the possibility of parole. So, which do you at this very moment have, faith or misplaced faith in CHRIST JESUS? Do you accept, believe, lean, rely on, trust-in CHRIST JESUS, or has someone and or something taken the place where HE should be in your heart?

Matt. 8:26

Why are you afraid/cowardly/faint of heart/frightened? It is because you have misplaced faith.

Matt. 14:31

Misplaced faith/trust in JESUS is always in the company of doubt. What is in you to cause you to not believe in CHRIST JESUS? The Living Bible has it written this way “why do you doubt ME”?

Matt. 16:8

Those of misplaced faith/trust in JESUS will always be opinionated with self-determination to prove their case as to why something is or is not. This is called leaning on self-understanding. They have faith that their conviction to what lies they believe in is true and will stand their ground with the motive behind why what they believe is accurate and the hidden motive for the conclusion of their reasoning. Just because someone has the ability to verbalize and wow us while making their final cause does not make it true. The Word of GOD who is CHRIST JESUS the Living Word is TRUTH. And when we do not trust in HIM we will always fall for the lie. 

Matt. 17:20, 21:21

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having little faith, the problem is having misplaced faith. Remember, I wrote above that every human is born with faith but it is up to us where and who we place our faith. Each time JESUS said to those that HE was speaking with “you of little faith”. Why would HE say this if it were not true? Because, HIS telling them this meant that they had either heard and may be seen or not seen what HE can do, seen what HE can do either first hand or the result of what HE did.JESUS has no problem with our having a small mustard seed of faith but by no means should we be one year and greater with that same amount of faith in HIM. The mountains that are in our way are those people and things that try to disrupt our peace. But instead of speaking to the mountain, we speak about the mountain. Instead of running to GOD regarding the mountain, we run to addictions/crutches, the telephone, people in person or fall into anxiety/depression/worry. We surrender to the mountain all because we are actually demonstrating, teaching, and preaching to ourselves and those who are watching us that we do not believe/rely/trust in JESUS as we emotionally think we do in Sunday service. The key to faith is to not doubt. For the past forty-plus years that I have given my heart to JESUS, I have believed that I too can walk on water as Peter did before he took his eyes off JESUS. Have I successfully done so? Not yet, but that does not mean that I will stop trying as I believe that hopefully before going to sleep in CHRIST JESUS or before HIS return to pick me up and take me home that I will eventually walk on water. And, if for whatever reason the manifestation of my walking on water does not happen in my flesh, I know that when I begin to live in my truest form that walking on water will become effortless as breathing air.

In the conclusion of this Faith-Series One, I will like to leave you with this. Those who are religious or have misplaced faith in JESUS, really are unbelieving in CHRIST JESUS and will never find rest because they are broken off from HIM. Rom. 11:20; Heb. 3:17-19

AMFBeM (™)



May 26, 2020

I am writing about anxiety because I knew that spirit very well for forty years of my young life. Anxiety is likened to the Israelites who wandered around in the wilderness for forty years. Oh, my goodness because this is the first time in my twenty years of being and living free of that demonic spirit, I have just noticed that I too was wandering around in the wilderness for forty years. Well, if you have been wandering in the wilderness for forty, forty plus or less years JESUS and I want you to come out. I used to have that filthy spirit of anxiety/depression from my childhood and at the end of my final three years of being an adolescent seven-teen, and young adult life even after my life of salvation up until I was forty years in chronological age before I accepted and received GOD’s deliverance through CHRIST JESUS. It was then and it is now an awesome freeing experience that I continually relish in.

Josh 1:9, 6

The more I read Joshua the more I love his tenacity. Sometimes, I like to think of him as a man who may have had the same reservations and fears as the other Israelites. But what made him and Caleb stand out is that when they went out to spy out the promised land and saw all the things that could either be viewed as a blessing or a curse due to trespassing they viewed their blessings. Because the inhabitants of their promised land were in actuality the trespassers because the land was owned by the Israelites through the promise given to them by GOD. I believe that Joshua and Caleb spoke encouragement to one another through reminding each other of the spoken promises of GOD to the Israely tribe. And because they spoke GOD’s promises they remained encouraged and undefeated by the anxiety that presented itself within their minds trying to gain access into their hearts. They did not allow what they saw and they did not allow the unknown to control them but trusted in what GOD said. The lesson is to not combat negative thoughts with thinking but to speak to those negative thoughts. When speaking you cannot hear the voice or voices within the mind because the mind shuts up to listen to the words which are coming out of our mouths. But it is not enough for us to just speak the Word of GOD we must also put action to those words bringing them into existence for you and anyone else to see. Deut. 31:23 “Be strong and of good courage”. Why are we emulating the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz? He was strong but did not know it causing him to emulate being weak and because of that his courage was bad. [I personally love the character of the cowardly lion because he cracks me up]. But being as the cowardly lion of the Wizard of Oz is not a funny matter in reality. 

I want you to join me in walking through some scriptures and come to see that just as I was delivered from anxiety/depression that you too can be delivered if you truly want that. 

Ps. 94:19 Anxiety is not about just one apprehensive thought but rather multitudes of being uneasy and nervous regarding things anticipated or impending, in other words the unknown or unsure of something or someone. Anxiety is an evil demonic spirit of dis-order which keeps company with obsessiveness to compulsions, panic, and disorders all being predominant fear. Dis-order is a disturbance of order; disturbance of normal or regular functions in life; it lacks order; it is a breach of peace; and is abnormal to the mental and physical condition. Anxiety takes away peace and replaces it with disturbance of the mind and keeps people in the place of painful uneasiness. Anxiety springs from fear of what is not known. Anxiety perplexes the mind/spirit and shapes the conduct and most often is the cause of ailments/diseases/illnesses/sickness.

Ps. 139:23 Daily you and I must request from the FATHER to search our heart for anything and anyone that is nothing like HIS SON JESUS. We should give HIM permission to unlock doors to rooms of our heart which have dust and cobwebs; mold; darkness; dank and smelly. Give HIM permission to open up the windows, to bring in light for illumination, to wash and disinfect, to evict things and people, and to set an aromatic scent that is pleasing to HIS nostrils and will bring to us comfort. Stop calling things not given nor supported nor loved by GOD “my”. “My” is possessive and familiar. If anxiety and sickness is what the flesh and spirit has and you call it “my” and you believe that GOD wants you to have it; then why go to the doctor for a cure?

Prvb. 12:25 Anxiety is always located within the heart and it’s spouse is fearful and their children are depressed, obsessive and sick. [a] Prvb. 15:13 Sorrow of the heart is a broken spirit. [b] The antidote is to have/possess a merry heart which people can see in our countenance/face. [c] Another antidote to anxiety is to surround ourselves with people who speak encouragement, who predominantly speak good words which aids in our being filled with gladness. Beloved siblings in CHRIST JESUS speak words for the season of the hearer especially to those who are listening to anxiety causing them to worry. Remind self of Prvb. 15:3 and Is. 50:4

Ecc. 11:10 We have been given the responsibility to remove anxiety/fear/sorrow from our heart. It is to be done with conviction/determination/discipline. Listen to clean/family friendly comedies, if you are a news watcher or reader of the newspaper watch no more than thirty minutes per day for what may have occurred within your local community, the weather, traffic conditions and upcoming events. It is the same with reading the newspaper; everything in that newspaper is not for our eyes. Remember to keep company with people who are encouraging and hopefully that you find causes you to laugh. 

Matt. 6:25, 27, 31, 34 Stop being anxious/worrying about your life. Ps. 55:22 “Throw” your anxiety/burdens/cares/fears/worries onto CHRIST JESUS. HE is the only One that sustains us and if we belong to the FATHER through HIS SON JESUS then most certainly we will never be removed away from HIS presence. Phil. 4:6 We are to communicate/pray/speak about everything being transparent to the FATHER and petition for what we want alway being thankful in advance for what we will be able to see and feel because the answer is always in the now and not in the future. Sometimes, it may take us a moment to actually receive what we are asking for but that does not mean that we have not been heard, that GOD ran out of resources or that GOD does not care about what we care about. Just trust in the answered prayer now and stop telling people who can do nothing about our situation. Tell and rely in GOD through CHRIST JESUS. Ps. 5:7 The FATHER cares for humans especially HIS kids and HE wants to deal with those things that we care about but most often HE cannot because we neglect to sit down and chat about those things or believe that our cares are to miniscule to bother HIM with. First know that we are not bothersome and HE cares for us because HE loves us. 

Can any of us add eight-teen or twenty-two inches to our body? Then why worry about that which we have no control of? Ps. 79:9 GOD is our helper for the glory of HIS name, an atonement, a deliverer, and provider for HIS name sake. So, see it is HIS name JESUS that is on the line regarding us. HE will not allow us to go hungry, thirsty or naked. HE has placed in order those who will be a help to our daily needs but wicked people orchestrated by satan makes it difficult for people to obtain those resources that have been put into place for those in need. Those that are not in great need are in the mix of receiving from those whose purpose is to help those who actually are in lack. 

Each day is filled with its own measure of circumstances. Yesterday is history never to be repeated, today is present and we must live in the now and tomorrow may or may not come for you so why worry about a day that does not exist yet?

Jhn. 14:27 Peace is a person, Rom. 14:17. Peace is to be pursued, 2 Tim. 2:22. Peace is the King, Heb. 7:2. Peace is a trainer, Heb. 12:11. CHRIST JESUS has left to us HIS peace, Rom. 14:17, Heb. 7:2, 12:11. CHRIST JESUS has given to us hIS peace so we are to pursue HIM, 2 Tim. 2:22.

Phil. 4:7 GOD’s peace goes far beyond what we are able to understand. HE will stand guard over and in our heart and mind if we will only allow HIM to do so. It is done by our belief and trust in CHRIST JESUS.

2 Tim. 1:7 Beloved children of the Most HIgh GOD we have not been given that spirit of anxiety/fear/worry. Actually, GOD has given to us the spirit of love=power=peace [a quiet and calm] mind which is the totality of being sound.

1 Ptr. 5:7 So, I end this news article with a reminder, “Throw All” your anxieties/burdens/cares/depression/fears/oppression/worry onto CHRIST JESUS because HE actually cares about us.

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May 25, 2020



I’ve chosen from the OT two examples of unjustifiable anger that lived and played with jealousy.

Genesis 4:2-8

Cain and Abel the birth of sibling rivalry. Cain was a farmer/gardener and Abel was a shepherd. Over my many years of being a CHRISTian I have heard various reasons as to why GOD did not accept one fruit/offering over the other and at no time have I heard the accuracy of the reason. Hopefully, after I share with you what is made plain in the scriptures you will begin to see the reason as well. According to Numbers 18:12, all the best [key word], the firstfruits are to be offered to the LORD GOD. But this was not a written law so how was anyone to know what was required? Easy, come with me to Gen. 14:20; Heb. 7:2; Is. 59:7, 21; and Gal. 3:17.

Cain the farmer/gardener did not bring to the LORD GOD the best of the firstfruits he just presented to GOD garbage/worthless, it’s coming from the ground had nothing to do with the fact that it was unacceptable. What made it unacceptable is that it was not the best but worthless. Presentation is everything ask yourself do you want that which is presented favorably or unfavorably. An educator put it this way and I have never forgotten: You smell the scent of a delectable meal being prepared, your favorite meat, starch, vegetables, and dessert. However, when the food is presented it has been placed on a garbage pale lid, which is unattractive, dirty, maggot filled, and pungent. Do you still want to eat your favorite meal from that lid? Of course not! You desire the best so why are we proned to give GOD our second or fewer best? 

Abel was a shepherd and he did provide the LORD GOD his best of the firstfruits. Again, the keyword is the best. Abel’s offering was acceptable and when the lamb and the fat were burned on the alter it provided a sweet-smelling aroma. 

Most often our anger is often unchecked and when unchecked we find a target to unleash onto. I have found it more often than not anger is birthed out of jealousy, hurt from others, misunderstanding, self-loathing, and wanting to have our own way. So, when GOD asked Cain why he was angry it’s because GOD wanted him to look within himself, to search the motives of his heart.

To quote Bruno Mars “What ya mad at, pick your face-up”.  Anger can cause our face to change either in color or a glimmer into evil. The anger Cain felt towards his brother was birthed from having a jealous spirit. GOD had said to Cain that if he would only do what was right according to what he knew was right from wrong which is written in everyone’s heart that he would be accepted. However, if he chose to continue doing what he wants to do then sin is posted at the door of his heart and its desire is to take him further down because sin wants him. So, GOD informed him to rule over sin rather than allow sin to rule over him. 

Genesis 25:29-34, 27:5-46

Another example of sibling rivalry is found between Esau [Edom] and Jacob [Israel]. This rivalry was cultivated by their parents, Isaac favored Esau and Rebekkah favored Jacob. Parents of more than one child, never reveal to your children that you have a favorite.

Rebekkah conceived the very first twins and they brought her much discomfort, so, she asked GOD as to why this was so. GOD informed her that within her womb lives two nations, that one will be stronger than the other, and that the older will serve the younger. 

As stated above I explained that this scripture reference shows favoritism but it also shows un-needed and un-wanted help. You know how we do it, we always think that GOD requires our help to accomplish HIS goals and plans. Not true! Rebekkah’s actions threw a wrench into GOD’s perfect plan. GOD did not ask for Rebekkah’s help nor did HE require help from her. When we put our hands to anything thinking that we are helping GOD causes a postponement of what is to be and will be without our assistance. GOD is not the One who postpones HIS perfect plane it is actually us. But it is GOD who cleans up our mess. Take a look at what occurred when Rebekkah involved herself in helping GOD. But understand this it is not that Rebekkah did not believe GOD it is that she did not trust in the process of GOD. She leaned onto her own understanding. 


  • Mother kept Jacob close to home and taught him to cook and possibly housekeeping.
  •  Mother taught Jacob how to deceive and manipulate.
  • Mother taught Jacob to steal.
  • Fear from Jacob towards Esau came about and hatred from Esau towards Jacob came about.
  • Mother sent Jacob away for his protection from his brother and he never saw his parents again nor did they see him. When his parents died he was not there to help in their burial alongside his brother.


The name of Jacob actually means [supplant], trip up the heel, cause to fall, remove and displace by strategy.

I researched over and over to locate justifiable and unjustifiable anger and this is what I found.

According to the OT [pre-crucifixion of JESUS] though it is written in the section of the Bible that we call the NT we can read this.

Matt. 5:22 unjustified; Mrk. 3:1-5 justified. Rom. 12:19 instructs on wrath. Anger is resentment and wrath is violent indignant anger [such as Cain had towards Abel and Esau had toward Jacob. Here are a few more scriptures that can help us to understand anger and wrath; Prov. 27:3-4; Rom. 1:18-32, 8:1-9; Eph. 4:26, 31; Col. 3:8; and Jms. 1:19-20.

We need to know that when we place a deaf ear and keep our eyes closed to the saving grace of CHRIST JESUS we keep ourselves against GOD and though GOD will continue to show HIS mercy to those who do not love HIM as HE did with Cain by placing a protective mark upon his head. Understand that it is our choice to have GOD hate us to love us as HE did with Cain and Esau as well as with Abel and Jacob, Mal. 1:3; Rom. 9:13,16. GOD has shown to the world HIS love by sending HIS unique SON to die in our place. HIS torture and death were not done in vain, Jhn. 3:16. And most assuredly CHRIST JESUS is alive! Jhn. 3:13, 20:17; and Eph. 4:8.  

AMFBeM (™)

Be Encouraged


1 Kings 22:14

Speak what the LORD tells you to speak. No need for us to embellish anything that HE has spoken into our spirit to share with others.

Rom. 1:11-12

Just as Paul had a strong desire to see those that he wanted to impart some type of spiritual gift to establish the hearer, the listener, the ones who have faith. So we too should have that same desire because this not only will encourage those that will listen and operate by faith but we who are speaking only what the LORD tells us to speak will encourage us as well along with those that we encourage by mutual faith.

Col. 2:2

With all the foolish talk that we endure in our daily lives, do you not think that it is refreshing to listen to words of encouragement that have a positive effect on us? Every believer’s heart should be braced, cheered, and comforted through being encouraged as our hearts are being knitted together in love. This will give to us an abounding wealth along with blessings of assured conviction in our understanding, that we may become progressively more intimate, more acquainted with, and know without wavering the accuracy and thoroughness of our GOD, who is the CHRIST.

Acts 15:31

I come from an era where my high-speed technology was an electric typewriter. With penmanship, a manual typewriter or an electric typewriter grammar and spelling were essential. This kept the flow of what was being relaid to the reader to know the complete thoughts and intent from the heart of the writer. Today, our high-speed technology has given us the in-home or portable computer via desk/laptop, and our mobile phones. There is no reason we do not take some time to gather our hearts thoughts to share with someone words of encouragement. No embellishments because those words are often laced in lies. Adorn the words that we speak or write in truth and love. Speak only those words that the LORD GOD has provided for us to speak, no more, and no less. Speak not in the personal or self-righteous desire that we have because someone is not doing, looking, or speaking in a manner that is distasteful to us. After all, we will never win a soul by Bible-bashing or discouragement but we will win souls through the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS and encouragement. Remember, it was JESUS who through HIS being born loves you, JESUS who through HIS death saved you, JESUS who through HIS burial carried your sins away, JESUS who through HIS resurrection justified you, and now HE is seated next to the FATHER on HIS right-hand side preparing for that day when HE will return to gather only those who belong to HIM.


What is your aroma?

May 15, 2020

2 Corinthians 2:15-17 AMP
For we are the sweet fragrance of CHRIST [which exhales] unto GOD, [discernible alike] among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing: To the latter, it is an aroma [wafted] from death to death [a fatal odor, the smell of doom]; to the former, it is an aroma from life to life [a vital fragrance, living and fresh]. And who is qualified (fit and sufficient) for these things? [Who is able for such a ministry? We?] For we are not, like so many, [like hucksters making a trade of] peddling GOD’s Word [shortchanging and adulterating the divine message]; but like [men] of sincerity and the purest motive, as [commissioned and sent] by GOD, we speak [HIS message] in CHRIST(the MESSIAH), in the [very] sight and presence of GOD.
AHH, the sweet fragrance of CHRIST is who I desire to be in HIM. Filling my lungs up and having my heartbeat in the Word of GOD as I exhale HIS forgiveness, glory, goodness, grace, healing, love, mercy, and any other attribute which is GOD through HIS SON, JESUS the CHRIST.
Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of living close to where a bakery of bread, cakes, and pies are made all day every day can understand what I mean about the aroma that just brings about great pleasure to the sense of smell. It cuts through the stench of abnormal life.
This is GOD’s desire for each and every one of HIS kids that we carry in us that heavenly scent which cuts through the life of sin. That fresh, living vital fragrance that can only come by and in CHRIST JESUS.
Unfortunately, there are a small number of souls who are either stopped up as those of us who have experienced head colds, sinus allergies/infections, the flu or lost the sense of smell due to trauma. These are those who have the scent of hell’s fiery furnace wafting from them. They do not recognize nor possess the scent of heaven but judgment for death, doom, and gloom. Not believing that they can be accepted just as they were found, yet, not to be left in that same condition. You know the ones who say that they need to get their lives right before coming to GOD, or they believe that they have done far too many things that GOD cannot forgive.
None of us before we begin to believe in JESUS are fit and most definitely it should be recognizable when people get into ministry believing that they will become wealthy from the finances of others. That they have no idea what it means to be a servant just as JESUS was. The reason so many people do not look to the living church is that too many sound and behave as the world does. A current example is that there are more religious rather than those who have a deep-rooted relationship in CHRIST JESUS who are putting far more faith, reliance and trust in what mankind is saying regarding this pandemic instead of confessing, living and reminding their siblings in CHRIST about the report of the LORD MESSIAH. The pandemic is the disease/plague but the epidemic is the fear.
It is critical that within our hearts, our minds, our motives must be pure and sincere in all things about CHRIST JESUS. Speak GOD’s Word which is the message of CHRIST realizing that we are never outside the eyes of GOD.
Ephesians 5:2 & Ezekiel 20:41 GNT & NLT
Your life must be controlled by love, just as CHRIST loved us and gave HIS life for us as a sweet-smelling offering and sacrifice that pleases GOD.
When I bring you home from exile, you will be like a pleasing sacrifice to ME. And I will display MY holiness through you as all the nations watch.
Philippians 4:8 AMP
For the rest, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there are any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things [fix your minds on them].
As you have read the scriptures written above, ask yourself, how is it possible to not possess the aroma, the scent of heaven when we possess JESUS and JESUS possess us and we are living what the instructions have offered to us?
Below you will see the different contrast as to which type of aroma/scent people, maybe you have.
The Positive distinctive, pervasive, and pleasant or savory scent. This aroma/scent should waft from us at all times everywhere. All about the reputation and behavior of the character.

  • Ambiance – set the mood among the people in the places you are.
  • Atmosphere – present a positive influence.
  • Climate – what do our emotions/the mind detect? This is the prevailing influence.
  • Flavor – the quality of our character.
  • Mood – what is our state of mind? Attitude.
  • Temper – composure, courage, disposition, passion, and trend.

The negative, pervasive, and unpleasant or unsavory scent. All about the reputation and behavior of the character.

  • Fetor [fee.tor] – offensive
  • Maladore [mal.o.der] – offensive
  • Reek – disagreeable
  • Stench – repugnant
  • Stink – offensive like dung [feces], garbage, urine, waste


Pestilence 2020/covid19

Many of you may have wondered where I had gotten to due to my long silence. I have kept silent for a reason, the first being my annual vacation which I try to take during the month of November through December returning to write in January of the new year.

This year, however, I kept silent for the purpose of listening to the hearts of those who profess to be CHRISTIANS yet speaking judgment. I’ve also been watching how people are reacting to this pandemic and witnessed how fear has caused an epidemic in the hearts and minds of not only the non-believers in CHRIST JESUS but in the believers in CHRIST JESUS as well.

I did not want to speak before JESUS via the Holy Spirit had given me what to say. On Friday, May 9, 2020, the Holy Spirit finally began to download/upload what it is that I am to share with the world (known and unknown readers of the AMFBeM blogs which are written with the purpose to (1) Encourage, (2) Inform, and (3) Inspire all who read about the knowledge of GOD through CHRIST JESUS.

So, let us begin with some key scriptures followed by what is for the believer in CHRIST JESUS.


Exodus 9:15

Many are agreeing with what is being said and listening to those that believe GOD is angry and judging the people in the world. 

If this is true, why is it that GOD being angry, judgmental, unforgiving, without grace, and unmerciful, why is it that HE has not before now stretched out HIS hand to strike each and every non-believer (sinner/antiCHRIST) who speak and live against HIM/JESUS in their heart, mind, and actions, down with pestilence? 

After all, HE did this pre-crucifixion; Ex.3:20, 7:5-what is different about Egypt, Sodom, and Gomorrah just to name a few from the countries in which we reside? Sin is still rampant in the hearts of non-believers in JESUS.

2 Chronicles 20:5-9

During this pandemic why have we allowed the doors of the church building to be closed and locked? 

This is not only keeping the believers in CHRIST out but it is also keeping non-believers in JESUS out who are looking for answers.

  • As believers in CHRIST JESUS we are to stand in assembly (the company of people/congregation in the same place for the same purpose).
  • Believers in CHRIST JESUS are the house of the LORD. Acts 17:24; 1 Cor. 3:16, 6:19, 2 Cor. 6:16.
  • Believers in CHRIST JESUS know that the LORD GOD is the GOD in heaven. Deut. 4:39 know today and consider this within the heart, that the LORD JESUS HIMself is GOD in heaven above and on the earth beneath; there is no other. Josh. 2:11 the LORD your GOD, HE is GOD in heaven above and on the earth beneath. 1 Ki. 8:23 LORD GOD there is no GOD in heaven above or on earth below like YOU, LORD GOD keeper of YOUR covenant and mercy. Mt. 6:9 Our FATHER in heaven, Holy is YOUR name.
  • That HE/JESUS alone rules over all the kingdoms of all the nations. Ps. 22:89 for the kingdom is the LORD’s, and HE rules over the nations. Ps. 47:2,8 the LORD Most High is awesome; HE is a Great KING over all the earth. Dan. 4:17, 25, 32 [MSG]; the angels announce this decree, the holy watchman brings this sentence, so that everyone living will know that the High GOD rules human kingdoms, JESUS arranges kingdom affairs however HE wishes and makes leaders out of losers. We will learn that the High GOD rules human kingdoms and that HE arranges all kingdom affairs. We will be given enough time to learn that the High GOD rules human kingdoms and puts whomever HE wishes in charge.
  • Believers in CHRIST JESUS know that in the hand of the LORD GOD is Power and Might (liberty/power/strength), (Ps. 20:6 with the saving strength of HIS right hand). 1 Chron. 29:12 riches and honor come from GOD, GOD reigns overall. In HIS hand is power and might; in YOUR hand is to make great and to give strength to all. 2 Chron. 25:8 GOD has the power to help and to overthrow. Ps. 62:11 Power belongs to GOD. Mt. 6:13 GOD, YOURS is the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.
  • The LORD GOD is the GOD of the believer in CHRIST JESUS. Gen. 17:7 We have an everlasting covenant that was established between GOD and Abram because believers in CHRIST JESUS are the descendants of Abram/Abraham. Ex. 6:7 I asked above what was the difference between Egypt, Sodom, and Gomorrah, the answer is nothing because. Egypt can be viewed as a place, a person, or a thing which has sinners beneath burdens, and what exactly is a burden? It is a difficult and heavy load that is carried. It causes grief, it is wearisome and it is oppressive. When we believe in CHRIST JESUS and become the people of GOD we will be brought out of the place that has caused us grief. We will be brought away from our jailer who does nothing but causes grief. We no longer have to deal with being worried or stressed out. And oppression will be lifted from us. No more unreasonable impositions, no more unjust hardships, heaviness, and rigor.
  • Believers in CHRIST JESUS are the descendants of Abraham, a friend of GOD’s forever. Jms. 2:23 How do we become friends of GOD? By believing as Abraham believed which caused him to be righteous. To be righteous is to believe in CHRIST JESUS. To be unrighteous/sinner/antiCHRIST is to not believe in CHRIST JESUS. 2 Cor. 5:21 become the righteousness of GOD in CHRIST JESUS. Rom. 10:3 discontinue being ignorant of GOD’s righteousness by being self-righteous which causes sinful people to not submit to the righteousness of GOD.
  • True believers in CHRIST JESUS know that when disaster and pestilence come, we will continue to stand in the presence of GOD knowing that HE hears and saves us. 1 Ki. 8:33, 37-42, and 2 Chron. 6:28-30 backsliders turn back and face towards JESUS, confess HIS name among the people, go back to praying to make supplication (humble and desire) HE will hear you from your heart (HIS temple) because you already belong to HIM and HE has already forgiven you once we accepted HIS free gift of salvation from HIS precious SON, JESUS. There will be famine and pestilence. We are witnessing a global pandemic now because this pandemic has nothing to do with GOD. On the contrary, this pandemic has to do with sin which comes from the author of confusion and lies. Sin is a plague of the heart, it is an inner pandemic and much of what is happening in the world is the plague, the pandemic surfacing from within the sinful human condition outward. As true believers in CHRIST JESUS, we are not to fear this plague/pandemic which has caused an epidemic of fear. We pray for those who are of this world, pray for their salvation in CHRIST JESUS, and in the salvation comes healing, deliverance and so much more.

Psalms 91:36       

Believers in CHRIST JESUS know that GOD/JESUS is a deliverer from the following. 

  • [1] traps set by the hunters {satan and his demons} Ps. 124:1,7 if it had not been for the LORD JESUS who is on your side, our soul would not have a way of escape. The trap is broken and we have a way of escape. We can escape dangerous, hazardous, contagious, infectious epidemic diseases that cause devastation. Understand that pestilence walks in darkness.

Jeremiah 34:17

Why are we not proclaiming liberty to our siblings in CHRIST JESUS as well as our neighbors?

  • Lk. 4:18 because CHRIST JESUS lives within our heart we have all that HE had when HE walked this earth. Like HIM we have the Spirit of the LORD within us not upon us. The Holy Spirit must live within as promised not come and go as He did pre-crucifixion. We are anointed to speak the gospel of CHRIST JESUS to those who do not have the gospel in their hearts, this is what makes them poor. We carry the healing Word of GOD to heal anyone who is brokenhearted. We must share the freedom of liberty rather than sharing what causes captivity of being imprisoned. The Word of GOD will open the eyes of the blind. And the Word of GOD will deliver us from oppression so that we may live in the freedom of GOD/CHRIST JESUS. Rom. 8:21 [AMP] nature will be set free from the bondage of decay and corruption into the glorious freedom of GOD’s children not GOD’s human creation, there is a difference. We all are the creation of GOD but we all are not the children of GOD. That privilege belongs to those of us who are washed clean in the blood of CHRIST JESUS because we believe in HIM, we trust in HIM, we rely on HIM. 2 Cor. 3:17 the LORD GOD is the Spirit and wherever and whoever has the Spirit of the LORD GOD is free in HIS liberty. Gal. 2:4 keep your eyes and ears open because there are some who pretend to be free but will try to drag us back into bondage and captivity. Gal. 5:1, 13 remain anchored in the liberty that was obtained through CHRIST JESUS who alone has made us free. Do not allow anyone or anything to entangle you again into bondage. Understand that we are free but never take our freedom for granted by grieving the Holy Spirit due to the lack of self-control in the flesh. Be a forgiving, loving, and merciful servant to those who are in the body of CHRIST. Jms. 1:25 we reveal just how blessed we are when we live in the liberty of our freedom in CHRIST JESUS, not by speaking but in demonstration through our life. Be a doer of the Word of GOD more than a speaker, as the saying goes; “I can show you better than I can tell you”.

And finally, know that what is being witnessed is what is found in the scriptures, no one should be caught off guard. All these are the beginning of sorrows.

  1. Nations against Nations: Gen. 14:9; 2 Chron. 15:6; Is. 19:2; Hag. 2:22; Zech. 14:33; Mt. 24:7
  2. Kingdoms against Kingdoms: Deut. 28:5; Mt. 24:7
  3. Famines, Pestilence, Earthquakes: Gen. 12:10; Ex. 5:3; 1 Ki. 19:11; t. 24:7
  4. In the last days which has been in occurrence for millennial after millennial Acts 2:17-21

AMFBeM (™) ©



The holiday of Thanksgiving is approaching, there will be many blogs along with mine that will be provided about this annual day and there will be many sermons spoken before or after this national holiday. However, it is my sincere hope that as I write about this annual celebration that we all will forget the misconception of the pilgrims and Native Americans and the comradery of family and friends giving praise to the food and the sacrificial bird. I want to try and provide us all with a better focus on this keyword which is found in the Word of GOD and apply it to our lives not just once or twice a year but daily.

In the third book of the Law written by Moses, he wrote that we should offer, maybe we need to reacquaint ourselves with this word first. Offer: the original definition is of sacrifice; the presentation in action of devotion and worship. This definition has become archaic, outdated, and passe’ but should be put into use by everyone again especially the body of CHRIST.  The second definition is to offer prayers of thanksgiving. We all need to self evaluate ourselves by asking of ourselves the question; do we daily offer our sacrifice of thanksgiving to the FATHER in the name of the SON/JESUS for all that HE has done, is doing, and will do in our lives?

Our flesh nor the flesh of any animal can satisfy the FATHER better than the flesh of HIS Only Begotten SON/JESUS who is our Peace in the flesh. JESUS said that HE is the Bread of Life. Here is another self-examination that we all must ask of ourselves; Do we eat the flesh of Peace who is the Bread of Life as often as we think of HIM?

Our offering of thanksgiving to the FATHER in the name of our LORD/JESUS is to be done not out of the celebration of holidays, legalism and rituals but rather from our own daily free will. Remove all the customary practice of legality, rituals, and rules and we will find that our offering of sacrifice to the FATHER in the name of JESUS will be most wonderful.

When our hearts have been turned back to the FATHER we will come to recognize that we are to offer to HIM our sacrifice of thanksgiving as well as telling others what or why we have so much to give thanksgiving for.

I found in the book of Nehemiah that we can also offer to the LORD our sacrifice of thanksgiving in song. We do not need to find a song that has already been recorded or sing the songs of thanksgiving (that is if it is done at all) by the choirs of our local assembly where we gather to worship the FATHER and the SON/JESUS. We can simply make the words up from the joy that bubbles up in our hearts when we begin to think of all that JESUS means to us. If we keep a journal, why not write a poem dedicated to the LORD?

In the book of Psalms, we have over thirteen reminders to provide us with a kickstart if we are finding it difficult to bring to our own remembrance as to what we are to give thanksgiving to the FATHER for.

Prior to our believing in CHRIST JESUS, we were much like Mount Sinai, hopeless, prideful, a wasteland, just plain sinful were we in our heart. Now, for those of us who do believe in CHRIST JESUS and HIS Finished Works we are much like Mount Zion, comforted, our hearts are like Eden where the LORD has planted gladness and joy so that we can open up our mouths and rejoice in thanksgiving to HIM.

Be and give up our offering with our sacrifice of thanksgiving. We have a merry heart, so allow our voices to sing from that. Our FATHER is multiplying us and we are the more, we must take our focus off of those who are in and of this world and place our focus on CHRIST JESUS because with every soul who has and is escaping captivity the sinners are diminishing. We outnumber them we are not small in number. We are the congregation of the LORD not of whatever denomination we call ourselves.

Sacrifice, we have seen this throughout this blog because it is found among the scriptures that are being used. But just as I provided the definition to the word offer let us take a proper look at this word as well. Sacrifice: the action of our offering to our GOD and LORD the FATHER and to the SON CHRIST JESUS. Our willingness to surrender who we are and what we have. Not in observances to rituals and rules but in our remembrance of what CHRIST JESUS has done is doing and will do. CHRIST JESUS has paid in full the cost for us, nothing is owed due to borrowing, credit or loan, out debt and punishment is paid in full. Our Salvation is CHRIST JESUS.

Everything that I shared above is found in the Old Contract/Testament/Will. Now, let us take a look at how in the New Contract/Testament/Will we can continue to have and operate in our spirit of thanksgiving.

In our bodies of actions, we are to show the resurrected life of CHRIST JESUS. Regardless of our being mistreated by others, remember that our flesh is temporary and that our flesh is to die and we are to willingly starve it from all its desires that we in our sinfulness happily gave into. Our flesh which is dying daily is constantly screaming “ I want or give me” but we are to deny its worldly and lustful cravings and show the active life which is at work within us through CHRIST JESUS. Operate in the spirit of faith of CHRIST JESUS knowing with assurance that the FATHER raised CHRIST JESUS up from the dead so that HE can bring with HIM HIS bride which is the church (us). What is going on is for us to experience HIS grace and we too will offer HIS grace to people through our life which is our thanksgiving that increases not decreases in our glory of GOD.

We are enriched in all things from the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS and because we know this it is possible for us to be generous and in our generosity will be thanksgiving to GOD. GOD is the provider of the overflowing, not the GOD of the broke, busted, disgusted and not enough.

We have no cause to be concerned about the unknown because the FATHER has made all that we have need to know, known to us. We worry because we do not speak to the FATHER, we do not share with HIM the desires of our heart, we do not ask HIM for those things that we either have need of or want. If we did these things than we would offer up to GOD our sacrifice of thanksgiving in the name of CHRIST JESUS.

Instead of remaining rooted and grounded in ourselves, employment or others become grounded and rooted in GOD our FATHER. We should have established faith in HIM because we have been or are being taught about HIS great plenty/increase which will encourage us to give to HIM our great plenty/increase of thanksgiving. Have a vigilance of thanksgiving.

Stop pushing your abstaining from certain foods onto others. In other words, if you desire for your own personal dietary reasons not to indulge in eating certain foods, you should do so voluntarily. Not because of the faith in your denomination, and not because of your misinterpretation of the Bible. Abstain because it is your personal choice. GOD made every type of meat to be received and to be eaten with thanksgiving to HIM. Every animal, beast, and insect with flesh is made by GOD which means that it is good and good for human consumption. It is either our wrong beliefs, our misunderstanding of the Word of GOD, or our dislike for certain meats that we refrain from consuming.

Now, to wrap up all that has been shared with you so that you can participate in your annual celebration with family and friends, recall to remembrance the following.

Blessing, Glory, Honor, Might, Power, Wisdom and most affectionately Thanksgiving. Be to our GOD, the FATHER, the SON/CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit, forever eternally. Amen.

Leviticus 7:12-15, 22:29; 1 Chronicles 16:8; Nehemiah 12:8, 27, 31, 38, 40, 46; Psalms 9:1, 26:7, 50:14, 69:30, 75:1, 95:2, 100:4, 107:1, 22, 116:1, 17, 136:1, 147:7; Isaiah 51:3; Jeremiah 30:19; Jonah 2:9, 2 Corinthians  4:15, 9:11-12; Philippians 4:6; Colossians 2:7, 4:12; 1 Timothy 4:3-4; Revelation 7:12