Not your will but GOD’s will


1 Johns 2:28 the blood-washed are the children of GOD and unlike our earthly parents who desire that we grow up and leave home. GOD desires that we live in HIM and remain there. There is a reason as to why our heavenly FATHER desires that once we return to HIM that we take up our home in HIM. And that is because HE knows that we are more familiar with what is going on in the world than we do with what is going on in heaven. HE knows that the temptation of the world is strong and ever pulling on our heartstrings. But GOD is much stronger and HE too is pulling on our heartstrings and HE is victorious in this battle of wills.

Yes, there are times when we give in to our own wills of the flesh which is worldly but we find ourselves running right back to HIM for safety and HIS shelter. This happens because GOD will never force/push us to do anything that we do not want to do. Once we become familiar with the will of our FATHER we will notice or someone will cause us to notice by telling us how much we have changed. Our devotion to those things that we once thought that we could not do without becomes perfectly clear to us that we did not need them but wanted them.

Just like when we pray to the FATHER most often our request has nothing at all to do with HIS will but rather our own. So, when we do not receive the answer we get irritated, begin to distrust, or anxious and provide for ourselves what we asked for from HIM. Big mistake. Like any good earthly father who provides for his children those things that are needed first and then later will provide us with those things that we want. GOD our FATHER also provides us with those things that we need first and then if those things that we want will not take us away from HIM, then HE will provide those things to us as well.

1 John 3:21-22 one of the curses that we obtained was a conscience. Our conscience will tell us when we are doing or saying something that we should not say or do. Our conscience is very legalistic and legalism is condemning. Once we experience condemnation we shrink away from our FATHER. Because we believe that we are guilty of a crime. When we return we begin to beg for HIS forgiveness. This is a no-no and reveals to us that we do not understand the finished works of CHRIST JESUS, we are already forgiven of past, present and future actions of sins. What we should do when we return is to just acknowledge to GOD that we did or said what we did or said because we wanted to or via mistake. Stop making excuses for the will of the flesh. Now, simply ask the FATHER what it is that is desired which we know is according to HIS will and know with assurance that HE will provide that to us. What is the commandment that we are to obey? To love all people and in doing this we will have obeyed the law of Moses without trying to recall what they are or perform ceremonies in order to please GOD and be found acceptable in HIM. Follow the love recipe that CHRIST JESUS commanded of us and we will not go wrong.

1 John 5:14 be confident that everything that we ask for which is pleasing to GOD is heard by HIM and that HE has approved of our request to provide us with what we asked for because it is HIS will.



GOD’s ambassador


In the Old Testament Levites were the Priest of GOD. Today in the New Testament the Priest of GOD are all of HIS children. We should never take our responsibility for granted. In the OT we are informed to preserve the knowledge of GOD through safeguarding it and keeping it pure. We should not only inquire but require instruction among each other. We are the true messengers of the Good News/Gospel of CHRIST JESUS.

2 Corinthians 5:20 the apostle Paul wrote that we are the ambassadors/representatives of CHRIST JESUS and it is through us that GOD speaks to those who are void of the knowledge of the finished works CHRIST JESUS has already completed perfectly. The finished works are acceptable to the FATHER. There is nothing more to be required of HIM to do, HE is not coming back to earth to repeat anything that HE has already said and done and HE is not coming back to earth to change all that HE has said and done. People need to be reconciled/reunited back to GOD.

Ephesians 6:20 the apostle Paul did not allow his circumstances such as being a prisoner and shackled keep him from speaking what needed to be said regarding CHRIST JESUS. He spoke only that which the Holy Spirit gave him to speak because all that the Holy Spirit reveals is truthful and perfect. Much like the apostle Paul we too should be bold, and courageous in what GOD has given to us to share with others. All of us do not need to be ordained into the clerical ministry because all of us were not designed to be so. We are however all ambassadors/ministers/representatives and we must find our niche as to how to relate to others about CHRIST JESUS. Our audience is vast and we can share CHRIST JESUS on the street, in school, in our employment, on public transportation and any other place people are. Just because you are not ordained by GOD first then your pastor to be apart of the fivefold ministry does not count those who are not out. Just say only what the Holy Spirit has given to you to say and you will be just fine.

Mal. 2:7


Obedience through love


When a child begins to lie it is often a reaction from fear of the punishment for telling the truth. My grandmother used to tell me once I began to live with her, that if I told the truth about something I had done or said. That she may become upset but the consequences would be far harsher if I lied to her instead of telling the truth. The keyword is may, it took me a while to begin to trust her only because I had been abused in my previous home. However, after I began to step out and test the waters of what she was trying to teach me I found that most often the worst that I received was two weeks without watching television and or going outside to ride my bike or skate. If I lied to her the worst I received depending on what I had done was a spanking, not a whipping or [whooping]. My grandmother taught me to trust her and because of that trust in her and her promise I stopped lying to her and anyone else. My love for her became precious so when she closed her beautiful eyes for the final time it sent me into a tailspin.

CHRIST JESUS desires that our love for HIM become precious because we have grown to trust in HIM more and more because HIS promises to us are actually true. Nothing that HE said is shown to be a disvalue to us. And because we are learning day by day to trust in HIM more and more our love grows more in HIM. And we find that obeying what HE is directing us to do is not a difficult thing at all.

John 14:23 when we really and truly love CHRIST JESUS we will want to and we will keep and obey HIS Words. HIS teachings are priceless. So, when we hear people say that they love JESUS and yet they have not changed one morsel in their character and integrity, know that this person is lying because those who truly believe, depend, have faith, trust, and rely on CHRIST JESUS and HIS finished works at Calvery, they will obey HIM not Moses or anyone else over CHRIST JESUS.


Love unconditionally

Everlasting-Jeremiah 31-3

Genuine love is unconditional. The way GOD loves us is Agape Love. Regardless of our rebellious nature, GOD will love us. Agape love/unconditional love shows honor, it causes us to want to be a help to those who dislike us for whatever reason, it causes us to show honor to people and especially our GOD. When we love as GOD loves we rejoice, are hopeful, we exhibit patience, we have a consistent prayer life, and though this is not the end we show hospitality towards others meeting their needs beginning with our brothers and sisters in CHRIST. Unconditional love is our foundation. We who belong to CHRIST JESUS operate in the gifts/fruit of the Holy Spirit of love.

Unfortunately, everyone does not understand just what love is. So allow me to explain this concept of love to you. Before GOD created anything in heaven or earth HE knew you and HE loved you. GOD knew that once HE begins to create that there would be rebellion found in the heart of one of HIS angels and that because of the pride found within his heart that HE would have to evict him and that the angel which was evicted along with his legion of followers will never receive HIS forgiveness.

GOD also knew that the prince of darkness would come into the Garden of Eden, that he would begin the process of causing the world to be sinful and that mankind would require a Savior and Deliverer from the clutches of sin and death.

Now, think about all the evil thoughts that you have had. GOD loves you. Think about all the rebellious actions you have done. GOD loves you. Think about all the evil words which you willingly threw out of you mouth in general conversations or to purposefully hurt another. GOD loves you. And, if I have forgotten to mention anything else but you can recall something which has been omitted, know this, that even through that. GOD loves you.

Love is not a feeling that we have for another and then all because something has gone awry we no longer love that person. For example, before I married my husband he was the best boyfriend I had. After we got married he turned into the monster that was well-conceived. I no longer loved him in the manner that I once thought that I had for him. After our divorce, I still love him we are parents and grandparents and we see one another from time to time. My love for him is still there but it is limited (friendship love). I desire only the best for him, it hurts me to find out that he is having health problems. And, I desire that JESUS will find him. However, the person that I am unconditionally in love with is far different than the love I had ever experienced with my former husband. This love that I share with him is a growing love and has seen us through some turbulent times (limited) as well as many (too many) incredible days, weeks, months and decades. Each day I look forward to what we will share with one another today.

And, yet, GOD’s love for us is deeper and wider. Face it none of us ever woke up with GOD being the first person on our mind. For some, GOD never enters their thoughts and for others, HE may cross our minds for a moment. But at that moment do we glorify HIM, do we praise HIM, do we exalt HIM, do we thank HIM, do we thank HIM for loving us first and for giving us HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST?

We are consistently on the mind of the FATHER, the SON/CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit.

Ok, let us recap the love that GOD has for you.

  • GOD loved you before you were ever created
  • GOD loved you regardless of all the things that you did, will do, have thought of and have said
  • GOD gave you HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS as the paid in full/propitiation/ransom/sacrifice for our sinful nature
  • GOD sets free and delivers all those who believe in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS

Once we experience/know the love of GOD then we begin to love HIM as well as others.

1 John 4:10, 19


The Characterization of a CHRISTian


People are looking for authentic CHRISTians all over the world. They have heard about us, they have read about us but it seems as though we have become extinct. But we have not, we are here and we are as bold as lions and as gentle as doves.

It is rather easy to spot an authentic CHRISTian we are the ones who have a lifestyle of the following. Romans 12:9-13

  • We love sincerely from the inside out; people should be able to witness the sincere kindness, knowledge of CHRIST JESUS, love and purity, that we have for people due to the Holy Spirit being present within our life. Our purpose is to promote from a clean heart and a good conscience love and trust.
  • We hate all that is evil, not the people but the actions
  • We cling to anything that is good
  • We are devoted to the people of GOD; CHRIST JESUS clearly has given to HIS people a commandment which we must follow. We are to love one another in the same manner that HE loves us. We do not require to be reminded because we truly cannot help ourselves, we simply love unconditionally. We develop and exercise our brotherly love continually.
  • We are respectful towards one another; we pay all of our debts on time, we honor all positions of authority, (regardless of age). We are not selfish in our ambition or conceited or prideful. We are humble thinking of others better than we do ourselves. We honor even those that we do not agree with because everyone has a right to believe and think in a manner that is best for themselves. We will never bully our faith onto them.
  • We are not lazy
  • We rejoice because we are filled with joy and in times of conflict and trouble we are patient because we have hope and strong prayer life. We are filled with joy because our name is found in the Lamb’s book of life. When we pray we know that GOD will provide us with HIS help this is why we never give up. We are overcomers because we remain with endurance, we are patient and steadfast.
  • We are not stingy, we share what we have with the people of GOD when they are in need this is what being hospitable is about. Praying is encouraged and is wonderful but we also put our faith into action. We know that the LORD is our helper and we are not afraid of anything other people deem correct to do against us. Should, we invite people into our homes we will not complain about how they are in our homes. For every person, we show hospitality to we are actually showing the same to CHRIST JESUS.

2 Cor. 6:6; 1 Tim. 1:5; Jhn. 13:34; 1 Thess. 4:9; Heb. 13:1; 2 Ptr. 1:7; Rom. 13:7; Phil. 2:3; 1 Ptr. 2:17; Lk. 10:20, 18:1, 21:19; Heb. 13:6; 1 Ptr. 13:6; Matt. 25:35


You decide


I continually express to my daughter and her husband that telling children to “do as I say and not as I do” is not the proper way to teach anyone, especially our children. The proper way to teach is to “do as I do”. This principle works no matter where we are, it works in the schools, at our place of employment, while shopping and so forth. We may not see the results immediately, however, I guarantee you that the principle works. We are the ones who must decide to do what is right regardless of the outcome that we see. You would be surprised to find out that what we demonstrate to others is actually being demonstrated by them with others without our knowledge. Do not allow our opportunities to demonstrate our faith in CHRIST JESUS to pass us by. Whether it is showing by example how to be polite, offering a helping hand, speaking and smiling with others, or to take a stand in our no longer participating in affairs that we once enjoyed but no longer have a desire to be a part of. We do not have to preach a sermon. Just be clear and precise that you no longer want to participate and be done with it.

Nehemiah 4:6 Build up strong ethics for yourself with the help of CHRIST JESUS and HIS Holy Spirit. People are watching and taking notice. When people notice that we have a determination to live by the principles given to us by GOD, they will become attracted to that. People are never attracted by what we say permanently rather they are attracted to what they can see and if by what they see lines up with what we are saying, then and only then will it be retained permanently. People will want to spend time with us when they can see that our life is not hypocritical. So, to sum all of this up work with the determination in the Holy Spirit to reflect the character and the integrity which is a lifestyle, not a performance.




During our times of becoming or being emotionally and mentally tired, we often focus on how to revenge ourselves from those who come after us with evil intentions. This is not the proper way in how we should handle what looks like to many of our defeat. We should never ask our FATHER in the name of JESUS to bring about harm or to quote back to HIM this scripture, [vengeance is MINE, said the LORD].

Before the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST, those prayers that we find in the Old Testament would have been sufficient. But after the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST, they no longer are. During the time when JESUS CHRIST walked among HIS creations, mankind. JESUS spoke and taught about being loving even to those who will come against us.

Nehemiah 4:4 Our FATHER can see clearly that the loads that we are carrying because we have not taken them to HIM, has caused us to become mentally and physically weaken, that our strength is about to fail.

Our FATHER has mercy for us, we have HIS loving-kindness, we have HIS pity. HE is not blind, HE does not turn HIS head to keep from looking at us. HE is aware that some of us are filled up with the contempt and pride of others. They ridicule us because they are arrogant and prideful. The problem is that some of us are not aware of these facts. And because of our ignorance of these facts, we do not live our lives knowing that our FATHER provides us with HIS grace because we are afflicted and humble.

Ps. 123:3-4; Prov. 3:34