GOD’s SPIRIT makes us HIS children-Romans 8:1-2

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So many of GOD’s sons are still living lives of condemnation and guilt. Why!? Because so many of GOD’s sons don’t realize and understand that they have been completely pulled out of the darkness of sin, that they have been bathed, washed clean in the blood of JESUS and that daily the blood of JESUS keeps us clean, that when we do sin that we have a defender (JESUS) pleading our case before the FATHER and that the only thing the FATHER sees when HE looks at us is the blood of HIS SON JESUS. There was a time when it was in our nature to do whatever we wanted to do that pleased the flesh, it began when we were just tiny babies and we were told not to do something, and we did it anyway. Our punishment was a slap on the hands, legs, or buttocks. As we grew older knowing right from wrong we ventured into deeper rebellion which is the satisfaction of the lust of our flesh when before we actually carried the act out there was this still small voice [the Holy Spirit, we call Him our conscience] in our heads warning us not to do that thing which was wrong. Yet, we did what we wanted to do anyway. download

Now, today we are a believer in CHRIST JESUS and every single sin that we were born with whether we thought of or acted on them or not have been washed out of us and off us. We are totally clean, but we have to believe this just as we believed in our heart that CHRIST JESUS is who the FATHER, the Holy Spirit, and JESUS HIMself said HE is and that CHRIST JESUS did just what we were informed that HE did. Just because sometimes not often we will do or say something that is not in the mind or action of CHRIST JESUS does not mean that we have to be saved all over again nor does it mean that we are no longer sons of GOD. We are saved for all eternity because nothing and no one can snatch us out of the hand of our FATHER. Nothing that we do or say catches the FATHER, the Holy Spirit or CHRIST JESUS off guard, they are not surprised by what we do or say because before we were ever born, before the creation of anything by JESUS we were seen in the heart of the FATHER. We were chosen by the FATHER to be HIS sons. So, because we still have a propensity to walk in the flesh, we must keep our heads in the Word of GOD, we must listen to our audio Bibles because the more that we are edified in the Word of GOD the less likely we are to act out or say that which is not in the character or integrity of CHRIST JESUS. Remember, that we have CHRIST JESUS and the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us to work inside out of us. So, chill my brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS and bring back to your remembrance this.f185dc45500d26cd42cc6273a72ef3da

There is now, no condemnation awaiting [adjudging-sentenced to death because we died in our sins or found guilty of being sinners] any of us who are in CHRIST JESUS, who walks in the Holy Spirit so that we will not fulfill the lust of our flesh. We now live and we walk no longer in the appetites, desires, or dictates of our flesh as we did before. Now, we live and walk in the appetite, desire and dictate of the Holy Spirit who resides on the inside of us. We have been acquitted of all charges against us because we no longer disbelieve in JESUS, we are now believers and because of our faith in JESUS, we are not condemned as non-believers are. Non-believers are actively condemned, and should they die still not believing in CHRIST JESUS they will receive their punishment of condemnation.White-Children

The law of the Holy Spirit [the Spirit of life in CHRIST JESUS; the law of our new being] is who produces true life within us because of our union with CHRIST JESUS. So, my beloved, we are set free from the law of sin and death. We are no longer slaves of sin, but we are now slaves of righteousness. In becoming sons of the Living GOD, we have obtained the fruit to holiness and our end is everlasting life with the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit. JESUS is a life-giving spirit within us, and we are no longer beings as Adam was. 

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Gal. 5:16; Jhn. 3:18; Rom. 6:18, 22; 1 Cor. 15:45



Be Inspired by the Word of GOD: 2 Timothy 3:16-17


Every scripture passage is inspired by GOD.

Yet first, you must understand this, that no prophecy of scripture is a matter of any personal or private or special interpretation (it is for loosening, deliverance and solving) 2 Ptr. 1:20.

Scriptures are GOD speaking to us and useful in the manner of:

  1. Learning the full truth
  2. Pointing out our own errors
  3. Correcting our own faults
  4. Will train us all if we allow HIM to do so within HIS Word as HE instructs us to live right in this world which will carry the seal of GOD’s approval.

But the words, it was credited to him (Abraham), they were written not for his sake alone, but they were written for our sakes too. Righteousness, standing acceptable to GOD will be granted and credited to us also who believe in (trust in, adhere to, and rely on) GOD, who raised JESUS our LORD from the dead. For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction, that by our steadfast (constant, dedicated, devoted, faithful, immovable, loyal) and patient endurance and the encouragement drawn from the scriptures we might hold fast to and cherish hope. Rom. 4:23-24, 15:4

The scriptures were not written to make us feel guilty about anything after we have been set free because we believed in our hearts that CHRIST JESUS was tortured for us, died for us, and rose from the grave for us. No, they were written so that we may live victoriously through the knowledge of the truth as we seek out the answers to this life that we are living. The Word of GOD encourages, informs, inspires, teaches, and warns. All the while training us to be our best selves not through self-effort but in CHRIST alone. We are being equipped the more we trust and rely on CHRIST JESUS instead of relying on self.

But as for you, a man of GOD, flee from all these things; aim at and pursue righteousness (right standing with GOD and true goodness), godliness (which is the loving fear of GOD and being CHRIST like), faith, love, steadfastness (patience), and gentleness of heart. 1 Tim. 6:11

Strengthen (complete, perfect) and make you what you ought to be and equip you with everything good that you may carry out HIS will; while HE HIMself works in you and accomplishes that which is pleasing in HIS sight, through CHRIST JESUS (the MESSIAH); to whom be the glory forever and ever (to the ages of the ages). Amen (so be it). Heb. 13:12

*Scriptures: AMP, GNT, GWT, NKJV


Why I enjoy reading the Word of GOD


I do love reading GOD’s Word for the following reasons: to hear GOD speak directly to me into my spirit, to hear HIM answer prayers that I long forgot and for the total enjoyment of just reading my Bible.

Today, as I sometimes do, I said that wherever the Bible opens that’s what I will read, well, my Bible opened in the book of Titus and I was reminded of some things. Maybe what I share with you will be a reminder or new information that will help you as you walk with GOD and our Savior CHRIST JESUS.

According to the faith: Has anyone ever wondered what it’s meant when we see the faith written in the scriptures? Well, let’s see if within your spirit you will agree with this answer. The trust and knowledge of the truth which lead to godliness in the lives of GOD’s chosen people; HIS elect; those who possess CHRIST JESUS and not just profess HIM.

Do you know who is GOD’s elect and are you GOD’s elect? GOD’s chosen; handpicked; plucked away from the ordinary; selected; preferred; heirs; GOD’s soul is delighted in to receive HIS blessings/favor; mercy; predestined for eternal life; recipient of GOD’s salvation; all this and more comes from CHRIST JESUS to GOD’s elect. Romans 8:29-30; Ephesians 1:5, 11

What exactly is godliness? The true revelation knowledge that we cannot obtain through worldly education that GOD manifested HIMself in the flesh. This is heart knowledge and not head knowledge. * See below the character traits of godliness.

Mankind/humans are liars, but GOD cannot lie! Malachi 3:19

We can possess the likeness [spirit] of countries that we’ve never been too or maybe never heard of. In the country of Crete Greece, the people are known as Cretans much like in America, people are known not only as Americans but by what state you are from because in America every state has its own accent and culture. It is known that most people can tell what country we are from once we begin to speak, but did you know that the elect of GOD can tell what spiritual likeness people possess all because we know our Bible and the revelation knowledge given to us? This is the spirit of the Cretans of Greece: they always lie; they are evil beast {brutal, rude, coarse and filthy in behavior and language, un-rational}; they are lazy, and they are gluttons. If you are a reader of my blogs, please don’t get upset with me, I did not say this but the Word of GOD did.

As stated above about godliness, here are the characteristics of those who are not godly. The professed Christian are defiled and unbelieving because they pick and chose what to believe in the teachings of CHRIST JESUS as well, they do not trust GOD fully because they are religious rather than having an intimate relationship with the FATHER and CHRIST JESUS. Also, nothing is pure; the mind and conscience are defiled; their works deny CHRIST; they are abominable; disobedient and are disqualified for every good work.

However, the characteristics of the possessed CHRISTian believes all things are pure from GOD.

Mature men are to be:

  • Sober-minded (not given into and not addicted to anything that alters the mind)
  • Respectful and respected
  • Do things in moderation; having limits; not extreme or excessive and non-violent
  • Firm in the true faith of CHRIST JESUS
  • Loving towards humankind
  • Patient towards humankind

Mature women are to be:

  • Sober-minded [not given into and not addicted to anything that alters the mind]
  • Respectful and respected
  • Don’t defame others; speaking lies against and misrepresenting others
  • Teach good things in order to be admired by the young
  • Love your own husband
  • Love your children

Young men:

  • Sober-minded {not given into and not addicted to anything that alters the mind}
  • Show yourself to be the pattern of good works
  • CHRIST like integrity
  • Respectful and respected
  • Incorruptible
  • Conversations that cannot be condemned

Young women:

  • Love and respect your own husband
  • Love your children
  • Be discreet; show godly discernment; be of good judgment rather than judgmental in conduct and with what is spoken; capable of being silent; unpretentious; modest; non-obtrusive and un-noticeable
  • Homemaker -vs- being a home destroyer
  • Good

The grace of GOD brings salvation, HE has appeared to all humans and we can be taught by HIM to:

  • Deny ungodliness – not limited to these; against the inspiration from GOD, against the love from GOD, against praying/speaking to the true and living GOD who rules and against worshipping GOD.
  • Deny worldly lust
  • Be sober-minded
  • Righteous
  • Godly
  • Look for GOD and CHRIST JESUS who is our blessed hope, not as though they are lost but in our daily living

JESUS gave HIMself for us to redeem us from everything contrary, illegal and unauthorized to purify us to HIMself. We are HIS special people be eager to do what’s good in the sight of GOD.

  • Be subject – endure all authorities over self, be obedient
  • Be ready for good works; Colossians 1:10
  • Be peaceable – gentle, humble to all
  • Speak evil of no one

Reminder: we used to be and some of us still are.

  • Foolish
  • Disobedient
  • Deceived and deceivers
  • Obeying our own lust of the flesh
  • Hateful – causing distress towards others

Chapter 3 versus 4-10; awesome read.

  • Learn how to and keep good works
  • Meet urgent needs
  • Be fruitful -vs- fruitless

I’m certain that most if not all of you will enjoy reading the book of Titus again and again.biblereadme



Be totally free


When we come to CHRIST JESUS unfortunately, we are faced with so many traditional acts that we are taught to do once we begin to attend weekly service on Saturday or Sunday. Most of us when we come to JESUS know a wee bit of what the Old Testaments is such as the Ten Commandments, and the Law of Moses. Those things that we do know and many that we are unfamiliar with are then pushed on us from the pulpit and from those who we surround ourselves with. We have to be very careful about that which is said from the pulpit because even from there without harmful intentions what is being preached or taught can pull one down into the pit. If the pastor is teaching the law of Moses rather than the law of CHRIST JESUS, he is unwarily teaching bondage.

CHRIST JESUS has delivered us out from the darkness but when we are not taught how to be free in CHRIST JESUS when we do not have the power of the Holy Spirit which comes from being baptized in Him. Not in water but in the fire, we will not have the un-comfortability that triggers us to recognize that what we hear or see is not of GOD. And, when we are not being taught from the pulpit and don’t have the Holy Spirit teaching us from within, we will not be able to recognize those who sit in front, next to or behind us that are legalistic and not free in CHRIST JESUS. We will not be able to recognize that these are false Christians. Most often they can be recognized because they are not joyful people, most times they look like their faces have been soaking in either lemon or pickle juice and they are always telling others what to do that is no longer a requirement of GOD. Let me ask you a question, whatever your nationality is; do you have to be taught how to be that which is apart of your country or are you just that? I’m a native American meaning that I was born in this wonderful country and I am also a descendant of the American Indians which were here before the Europeans came and stole the land. I’m also a descendant from these countries Africa, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Syria but I don’t acknowledge myself to be African, English, Irish, Scottish or Syrian. I’m an American and I live in all the freedom of being an American. I have some knowledge of how natives of those countries that I’m descended from live, but I do not try to live my life as they do because I was not born in those countries. It’s the same when we become born-again CHRISTians we are natives of heaven because we have believed, have faith in, depend and rely on JESUS. Heaven is our true domain and home so, to be free in the kingdom of GOD is not lurking around asking those that we think are natives or living there for directions of how to be or where to go. No, we are to move about in the freedom CHRIST JESUS gave to us, but we must be taught from the Holy Spirit how to be free in HIM. We must raid our Bibles much like we raid our kitchens at home. We must rest in the Word of GOD much as we rest at home either on the couch, our favorite chair or on the bed. We must learn to walk in the freedom of being naked before CHRIST JESUS exposing all that we are so that HE can train us to be more like HE is.

False Christians are either unknowledgeable of the true Grace of GOD or slick in trying to have us perform in the efforts to show that GOD has favorites. Let me share with you this, GOD does not have favorites, HE loves us all and HE blesses us all. It is HIS delight to provide for us but if we don’t know how to depend, rely on and trust in JESUS how can HE bless us in the manner that we desire? It is our faith in JESUS that gives us the overflow of blessings rather than the limited blessing that even the non-believers experience. We must cease or not allow any longer false Christians to control us. Get into your Bible and read who you are from Galatians to Jude. Recognize that we are just as important as those that others perceive are important because of their status in ministry. If people are lifted up to a place of pseudo-importance let it not make one bit of difference to you because we all are very important in the life of CHRIST JESUS. We are not required to have degrees from an accredited college/university; we are not required to be a major gospel singer, we are not required to be a notable play writer, actor, or novelist. We are not even required to be a superstar athlete. What is required of us all is to live free in CHRIST JESUS knowing that HE loves us and that HE is the ONE molding us from the inside out into HIS image. GOD favors us, dear heart! When we know who we are in CHRIST JESUS we will be able to see and recognize those who are poor in spirit, destitute, those who are destitute of the saving grace of GOD and suffering from being guilty from those acts of sins. Once we come to CHRIST JESUS, we are immediately free from all charges of our acts of sins and we are immediately free from sin in our not believing in CHRIST JESUS. We have been delivered from darkness so stay out of the dark and live in the light of CHRIST.

Understand that those who call themselves Christians and pretend to live in freedom, yet, will turn and be another way only to please people because of what they believe is completely in the wrong. There is no need to try and fit in or to be what you are not. Just be yourself in CHRIST JESUS and allow the work of JESUS to present itself in us. We must be careful of our actions because it’s is very easy for baby Christians to follow the lead of those that have claimed to be Christians for years because people look up to those who they perceive as one who has it together. Follow the truth properly, if we live legalistically and fail at it, yet, have the audacity to instruct others to live legalistically rather than in the freedom CHRIST it’s because you don’t know HIM intimately as you ought. Get this understanding dear lamb that none of us receive GOD’s approval by trying to follow the laws of Moses or any other tradition that is put on us that is religious. Anyone of us who come to CHRIST JESUS through faith in HIM is approved by GOD. It has nothing at all to do with the performance so stop. Legalism kills and so does religion.

 Cultivate your relationship in CHRIST JESUS and live continually in HIS crucifixion because we too have been crucified with and in HIM. Live freely in CHRIST JESUS I can’t stress this too much. Daily choose to believe in CHRIST JESUS remembering that it was JESUS CHRIST who took our punishment for sins. No longer reject or neglect GOD’s kindness towards us. If we are to reject anything, reject legalism and religious traditions because we have GOD’s full and complete approval and that we know that JESUS death was not pointless.

Galatians 2


Is Trusting GOD the in thing


I’m so very tired of hearing people who profess to be Christians that any and all the bad things that are happening to them are the results of not being or doing what they knew to do either for others, themselves or GOD. I’m just not understanding how anyone can believe that a disease that they have been diagnosed with, an illness/sickness that is attacking their body is a punishment that comes from GOD. When I hear people speak in this manner it clearly informs me that they are religious and do not know GOD intimately through a personal relationship with HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS.

In the Old Testament, we see GOD as the GOD of Judgment only when people do not or have not done what they knew to do according to the Law of Moses. However, in the New Testament GOD is seen through JESUS CHRIST as being forgiving, full of grace, kind, loving, and merciful. You really need to think about the nature of GOD according to how JESUS presented HIM. And not according to what HE once did because of the Law of Moses which did not bend, nor direct, yet, killed.

The scriptures clearly inform us that it is satan who destroys, kills, and steals. What part of your body is or has been destroyed? Though you are breathing, you are not counted as one who is dead, however, your faith is being killed day by day with the way your heart thinks. And you are allowing satan to steal from you to love unconditionally, HIS unspeakable joy that you should possess even when all hell is surrounding you, that peace that can’t be comprehended by the natural mind, the patience to wait on GOD even when it appears that HE is not hearing you, kindness to everyone even those who are not loving, to exhibit the goodness of GOD in everything, to trust in the faithfulness of JESUS, to be gentle even when people are causing you great irritation, self-control to cast down every wicked imagination which rises within your heart/mind against what GOD said is so.

The title of this blog is called Is Trusting GOD the in thing because clearly, it’s not when our lives through our actions and our words go against the Word of GOD. I wrote a previous blog asking the question, do you trust GOD in everything? Faith is who we are by our actions and our words because as we think that is who we are. If you believe that you are sick then you are sick, if you believe that you can’t be or do then you can’t. JESUS told many in the scriptures who were laying on their beds to rise up and walk. These people did not see themselves able to get up and move but JESUS did. Sometimes, it will take the faith that JESUS has to move on our behalf, but it will always take our trust in HIM for HIM to operate.

Nineteen years ago my body began to turn against me. I have had some up and down moments over these past nineteen years. There was a time when my doctors told me to go home and get my affairs in order because there was no more they were able to do. I did two things because nineteen years ago I had the first of a few strokes and was completely blind and now I see with the same eyes I was born with. I loved that my doctors exhausted all their earthly knowledge because even in my weakened state I knew that the Holy Spirit was at work in me. I never gave up to all that was and is going on with the flesh of my body. I know that I need my flesh, but I do not consider it more important than my spirit or the Holy Spirit who resides within me. Whatever scriptures I knew that fit the circumstances I held on to those and kept them running through my thoughts and confessed them to myself and to others. The two things that I did upon returning to my home was type and print out the promises of GOD as to my healing, one of the print outs was taped in my direct eyesight since at that time I was bedridden. It read I will live and not die. I’m of light complexion and my color began to grow dark which was a sure sign that things do not look well for me. The other thing that I did was that I did follow through on what the doctors suggested and that was that I did get my affairs in order and I had to have a serious conversation with my mother and my children about what was going on. And, I assured them that I was not going to die before my one hundred and twentieth birth anniversary and that GOD reminds me that I will live and not die. GOD’s Word assures me that I am healed no matter how things look for me. Well, I was hospitalized and underwent surgery. When I was taken back to my room, my daughter noticed and exclaimed that my complexion was getting lighter. Once I awoke from the anesthesia completely, I had to use the commode. I was not allowed to walk or at least walk without assistance. I paid that no never mind because GOD was not going to allow me to fall. I walked to the water closet without assistance to and from. My family was amazed! Soon after the nurse came into the room to inform me that my doctors will be in soon to check on me. During their visit, they told me that they wanted me to get up and walk but not to do so without assistance. Once I informed them that I already got up and walked to the water closet without assistance and that there was no sign of pain, they were in disbelief. Daily my nurse came in to check the morphine pump and daily she would tell me to use the pump for pain. Daily I would tell them that I was not in pain and that I have been moving around the room and halls without any help from the staff. There was much disbelief because they knew just how bad the situation looked for me prior to surgery and most of the patients past and present do not move around without the help of others let alone avoid using the morphine pump. I was released early and have never suffered in my flesh to the degree that doctors thought I would die from. Today,  I experience much pain in my flesh daily and though I am categorized as being disabled. I have never allowed the pain I have lived with these nineteen years to stop me, yes, I have slowed down but I have not stopped the mission that GOD has set my feet to do. I don’t see myself as being disabled but ability challenged. I refuse to magnify what I look like.

I trust GOD because it’s my in thing. I act on what I know in GOD, I don’t speak what I see if it’s a negative thing that I see. I speak life into my being and will not cease to do so.

Also, we all have desires to live a certain way, surrounded by those things that we believe will make our life easier through comfort. And most of us do not possess those things that we would like to have for our enjoyment. GOD does not want to see us without those things that will bring us happiness, but we must trust HIM to provide us with those things. No matter how long it may take us to obtain what we want, know that GOD is a provider. HE has provided us with gifts and talents to use for HIS glory. HE has provided us with employment, but you have provided yourselves with jobs. It’s going to take a moment for you to get that. GOD has provided us all with the ability to earn finances, but it takes you to control what you have obtained. If you speak that you are broke, then you will remain so even though you earn wages. If you say that this is that, and what you are saying does not line up with GOD’s Word then it will be as you say. Life and death are in the power of our own tongue. We are to trust GOD because trusting in HIM is the in thing.

Just as we take our vehicle to the manufacturer, for example, you own a Rolls Royce, a Lincoln, a Chevy, and such. It is far better to take it to the dealership for maintenance rather than taking it to someone who is trained to repair vehicles but not necessarily your make. There is nothing wrong with the qualifications that a mechanic has it’s just that he/she has not been specifically trained to work on the type of vehicle from a specific manufacturer. They do not spend quality time performing on the maintenance of just one type of vehicle. Taking your Rolls Royce to a GMC dealer for maintenance will never give you the quality service expected. It’s the same with humankind, GOD is our manufacturer and only HE can provide the type of maintenance that is required to keep us running well.

This blog may not be in the same informative way that most of my blogs have been published for you to read. I wanted to just chat with you about our need to trust GOD no matter our understanding, no matter what our circumstances look like and no matter how foolish we may appear to those who don’t know the true and living GOD. Never count GOD out because HE just may choose to reveal that which we need from HIM in the final seconds of the situation. We may be knocked down, but we are not knocked out. Things may appear hopeless but don’t give up, don’t give in. Allow GOD to show HIMself in everything going on in our lives. Trust GOD because it is the in the thing, trusting GOD is ultracool, learn to walk by faith, the faith of JESUS and not by our sight. Seeing is a fickle sense because everything that we see is temporary but the things that we don’t see are everlasting.

CHRIST JESUS is the full package of being Grace and Truth because they came/come by HIM. So, trust in HIM because trusting in HIM is the in thing.



Trust GOD in Everything


Trusting GOD doesn’t make sense to most people this is why so many people shy away from trusting HIS Word because everything HE desires for us to do requires faith in HIM alone.

If you read or are familiar with those men and women who placed their trust in GOD, we will see the glorious outcome they all experienced. GOD used those people to help us in our walk of faith today. They were just ordinary people who did some amazing things not because of who they were but because of who GOD is.

If you have a child, ask your child to trust you in an area that you will ask of them that seem totally goofy. It is so left field that it may cause them to decline or hesitate. If your child without any thought do what you asked of them, that’s super great because your child just demonstrated to you, complete trust in you. This is what GOD desires because HE is our heavenly FATHER, yet time and time again we exercise that we really don’t trust GOD as we may proclaim because it’s all revealed in our actions. But if your child declines or hesitates to do what you’ve asked, ask the child why.

It is imperative for us all to know that we must choose to trust people. And because of our experiences, we find it a wee bit difficult to take people at face value because we do not want to experience disappointment and we don’t want our expectation of what we place into a person dashed.

But GOD is not humankind, HE is the Creator of humankind, it is impossible for HIM to lie. If GOD says that the sky is green, and the grass is blue that is what they will be, and we will be totally amazed.

So, the relevant questions we all must ask of ourselves which requires an honest answer is – do we truly trust GOD; do we truly trust in CHRIST JESUS and do we trust the Holy Spirit?

GOD’s desire for us to experience HIS very best this is why HE gave us HIS only begotten SON JESUS.

I will use just a few people that demonstrated their trust in GOD.

Abram: Exalted father – aka – Abraham: Father of a multitude

Let’s see how his trust in GOD grew over time. The Lord had said to Abram: “Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you. I will make you a great nation; I will bless you and make your name great, and you shall be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you, and in you, all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” Although Abram left, he did not do as the Lord required of him, he did not leave his family but took his family with him.

Let’s fast forward to see how much Abraham matured into trusting GOD. God tested Abraham, and said to him, “Abraham!” And he said, “Here I am.”  Then GOD said, “Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you.” Abraham rose early in the morning and saddled his donkey, and took two of his young men with him, and Isaac his son; and he split the wood for the burnt offering and arose and went to the place of which GOD had told him. Abraham said to his young men, “Stay here with the donkey; the lad and I will go yonder and worship, and we will come back to you.” Did you catch that? He believed that he and his son would return this is why he spoke that. Let’s continue. But Isaac spoke to Abraham his father and said, “My father!” And he said, “Here I am, my son.” Then he said, “Look, the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for a burnt offering?”  And Abraham said, “My son, GOD will provide for HIMself the lamb for a burnt offering.” So, the two of them went together. Isaac trusted his daddy. How many of you would have begun thinking some thoughts that have nothing whatsoever to do with trust? Abraham built an altar there and placed the wood in order; and he bound Isaac his son and laid him on the altar, upon the wood. And Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son. WoW, can you put yourself in Abraham’s place or for that matter put yourself in Isaac’s place? What would you have done had GOD spoken this to you or what would you have done if your parent or parents tied you up, then motioned with a weapon to do you bodily harm? The Angel of the Lord/JESUS called to him from heaven and said, “Abraham, Abraham!” So, he said, “Here I am.”  And HE said, “Do not lay your hand on the lad, or do anything to him; for now, I know that you fear/revere GOD, since you have not withheld your son, your only son, from ME.” Then Abraham lifted his eyes and looked, and there behind him was a ram caught in a thicket by its horns. So, Abraham went and took the ram, and offered it up for a burnt offering instead of his son. Gen. 22

Daniel: GOD is my judge

Daniel was taken from his land and family to Babylon where he was obligated to service the king. His name was changed to represent hedonism Belteshazzar meaning to protect the king. Because he was apart of the royal palace, he obtained the required training. However, because he had piety and observed the Mosaic law, he obtained the confidence and esteem from those who were over him. The training that he received in Jerusalem was never forgotten and it was a help which caused him to excel over his peers. Daniel had a habit of praying with his windows open to GOD because his trust was in HIM. And, because of his intimate relationship with GOD, GOD blessed him, and this caused envy among his peers. After his peers devised a plot to have Daniel killed, they tricked the king and had him to sign a decree to anyone who did not obey his orders. Well, Daniel did what he knew to do and that was to open up his window as he had habitually done before and prayed. This caused his peers to reveal to the king what Daniel was doing and it was then that the king became grieved because he finally saw that in his signing that decree, he was tricked. But the king had no choice but to follow through. Daniel was brought before the king and eventually thrown into the den of lions. But before he was taken away, the king said to Daniel, “Your GOD, whom you serve continually, HE will deliver you.” The heathen king had to in his heart trust in GOD for him to say this. And, with much hope, the king arose very early in the morning and went in haste to the den of lions. And when he came to the den, he cried out with a lamenting voice to Daniel. The king spoke, saying to Daniel, “Daniel, servant of the living GOD, has your GOD, whom you serve continually, been able to deliver you from the lions?” Daniel said to the king, king, live forever! My GOD sent HIS angel and shut the lions’ mouths so that they have not hurt me because I was found innocent before HIM; and also, king, I have done no wrong before you.” Now the king was exceedingly glad for him and commanded that they should take Daniel up out of the den. So, Daniel was taken up out of the den, and no injury whatever was found on him, because he believed/trusted in his GOD. Dan. 22.

Ruth: friend

She began her life as an idol worshipper but after the death of her husband, brother-in-law and father-in-law migrated with her mother-in-law on her return to Bethlehem. There she continued to learn about GOD and her trust in GOD grew. She became the grandmother of King David the maternal progenitor of JESUS CHRIST. Book of Ruth.

Mary: aka Miriam

Wife of Joseph but prior to them becoming husband and wife was found with a child that was not placed within her womb by any man. Her child was placed within her womb by the Holy Spirit while she was still a virgin. The angel Gabriel informed Mary that she is to be the mother of the MESSIAH. Mary went away to be with her cousin Elizabeth and Elizabeth acknowledged that her cousin Mary was carrying the MESSIAH within her womb and upon hearing the voice of Mary, Elizabeth’s baby leaped within her womb. Mary returned back to her home in Nazareth where apparently, she was showing the results of her baby growing on the inside of her.  Joseph was informed by an angel about her condition and the part that he would have in the child’s life. So, Joseph gladly took Mary his wife into his home. This was trust in GOD that he did as he did, and he trained JESUS to be a part of the family business of carpentry until it was time for JESUS to begin the work that HE came to earth for. Matthew and Luke.

There are many example setters that you can look up and see yourself but take notice of how they trusted in GOD so that you can begin to walk out in faith to trust in GOD.

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Grace is as we are instructed GOD’s undeserved; unmerited favor.

In the OT, Grace is seen in the following:

Noah –

  • no faults;
  • a man of integrity;
  • the only good man of his generation/time; who had GOD’s approval;
  • walked with GOD. Gen. 6:8

Moses –

  • the LORD spoke to him face to face as friends do;
  • the LORD knows him by name;
  • the LORD showed Moses HIS way/ HIS plans so that he may continue to please the LORD;
  • Moses wanted to know the LORD more intimately;
  • Moses wanted to know the LORD’s will;
  • the LORD is pleased with him;
  • and the presence of the LORD goes with Moses and gives to him rest. Ex. 33:12

Grace is shown from the LORD GOD as a remnant/a residue that remains; He provides the way of escape; He provides a new life and new opportunities, and our eyes are lit up because of Him. Ezra 9:8

  • The LORD is our Protector and KING;
  • HE/Grace blesses us with kindness and honor;
  • HE/Grace grants us favor;
  • HE/Grace does not withhold any good thing;
  • HE/Grace does not hold back HIS blessings to those of us who trust in HIM. Ps. 84:11

The LORD shows favor and is gracious to those of us

  • who are modest;
  • submissive;
  • void of pride;
  • void of arrogance;
  • mild tempered;
  • gentle;
  • and not easily irritated. Prov. 3:34

Grace is a crown of glory. Prov. 4:9

Grace is kind to non-believers; sinners, He shows them pity. Is. 26:10

Grace provides

  • blessings on top of blessings; abundance; overflow. 4:7 & *see note below.

Grace is a Spirit and prayer;

  • the Spirit of Mercy and prayer;
  • the Spirit of blessings and mercy – which is given/poured into the descendants of King David; and causes us to look on CHRIST JESUS. Zech. 12:10

*Grace-As explained in the book of Zechariah 4:7.

All the difficulties and oppositions that lie in the way will be gotten over and removed, even those that seem insuperable [Overcome; conquer, get the better of, overflow, surcharge, invade. Surpass; beyond, exceed, excel] (Zech. 4:7): Who and what are you, great mountain? Before Zerubbabel, you will become a plain.

(1.) How the difficulty is represented; it is a great mountain, impassable and immovable, a heap of rubbish, like a great mountain, which must be taken away, or the work cannot go on. The enemies of the Jews are proud and hard as great mountains; but, when GOD has work to do, the mountains that stand in the way of it will dwindle into mole-hills.

 (2.) How these difficulties are despised: “Who are you, great mountain! that you should stand in GOD’s way and think to stop the progress of HIS work? Who or why do you appear to look so big, that in this manner you seem to be a threat, and to a degree feared? Before Zerubbabel, when he is GOD’s agent, you will become a plain. All the difficulties will vanish, and all the objections are gotten over. Every mountain and hill will be brought low when the way of the LORD is to be prepared,” Isa. 40:4. Faith will remove mountains and make them plains. CHRIST is our Zerubbabel; mountains of difficulty were in the way of HIS undertaking, but before HIM they were all leveled; nothing is too hard for HIS Grace to do.

The same hand that has begun this good work will perform it: HE will bring forth the head-stone (Zech. 4:7,9. The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house, be it spoken to his honor (perhaps with his own hands he laid the first stone), and though it has been long retarded {delayed} and is still much opposed, yet it will be finished at last; he will live to see it finished, no, HIS hands will finish it; herein he is a type of CHRIST, who is both the Author and the Finisher of our faith; and HIS is the Author of it is an assurance to us that HE will be the Finisher, for, as for GOD, HIS work is perfect; has HE begun and will HE not make an end? Zerubbabel will himself bring forth the head-stone with shouting’s, and loud acclamations of joy, among the spectators. The acclamations are not hoorayed, but Grace, Grace; that is the burden of the triumphant songs which the church sings.

(1.) As magnifying free Grace and giving to that all the glory of what is done. When the work is finished it must be thankfully acknowledged that it was not by any policy or power of our own that it was brought to perfection, but that it was Grace that did it—GOD’s good-will towards us and HIS good work in us and for us. Grace, Grace, must be shouted, not only to the Head-stone, but to the Foundation-stone, the Corner-stone, and indeed to every stone in GOD’s building; from first to last it is nothing of works, but all of Grace and all our crowns must be cast at the feet of free Grace. Not onto us, LORD! not onto us.

(2.) As depending upon free Grace, and desiring the continuance of it, for what is yet to be done. Grace, Grace, is the language of prayer as well as of praise; now that this building is finished, all happiness attend it!

Peace is within its walls, and, in order to that, Grace. Let the beauty of the LORD our GOD be upon it!

Take notice what comes from the Grace of GOD, in faith, and upon good grounds, be committed to the Grace of GOD, for GOD will not forsake the work of HIS own hands.

*Matthew Henry’s Commentary

 In the NT, Grace is seen in the following:

Grace causes us to grow strong; to be full of His Wisdom (which is the Holy Spirit), and knowledgeable that HIS blessings are on us. Lk. 2:40

Grace became flesh/human; HE lived among humans; they saw HIS glory; Grace is the only begotten SON of the FATHER who is JESUS CHRIST the ONE spoken of in the OT and made perfectly clear for us to comprehend knowing that HE is the ONE full of Grace and Truth.  It is only out of the fullness of HIS Grace that those of us who trust in HIM will receive blessing after blessing/gift after gift. It is only through JESUS CHRIST that HIS Grace and truth came. John 1:14, 16-17

The apostles had great power to testify about the resurrection of CHRIST JESUS because of GOD’s abundant Grace which was with them all.  Acts 4:33

The Grace of GOD should be seen in people and people should see that we are blessed by GOD’s Grace and HIS kindness.  Acts 11:23

We are to speak boldly in the LORD GOD about CHRIST JESUS because HE bears witness to the Word of HIS Grace. And it is because of this that the LORD GOD performed miracles/signs and wonders. We are to represent as worthy of notice to the Grace of GOD’s care for the work that we complete in HIM. Acts 14:3, 26

We must believe that we are saved in like manner as those before us through the Grace of the LORD CHRIST JESUS. Acts 15:11

We are to be a help/encouragement through the enablement of kindness given to us to those who believe in the Grace of GOD. Acts 18:27

Our life and what we have accomplished in our own power/strength should not be considered more important than being obedient to the Holy Spirit. We should or must have the desire to complete the task given to each of us and that is to testify of the risen CHRIST. And to declare the Good News about HIS Grace. We are to be commended that is we are to be noticed and represented by GOD and the Word of HIS Grace which is what only builds us up and provides to us an inheritance among the sanctified; set apart/for we are the sons of GOD.  Acts 20:24, 32

It is only through CHRIST JESUS that we receive Grace for obedience to the faith. We are the beloved who have been called to be saints/the sons of GOD. Rom. 1:5, 7

Understand that the sons of the Living GOD are freely justified/absolved/ acquitted/approved/defended/pardoned/put in right standing/ and vindicated through the Grace of CHRIST JESUS because we are redeemed by and through HIM. Rom. 3:24

We must get out of the mindset that we are to do anything or something to earn our way into GOD’s good graces or into heaven. That has all been taken care of through CHRIST JESUS. Unwarily, we are looking for wages from GOD in some form or another that assures us that we are going to heaven to be with HIM. CHRIST JESUS fully paid our debt there was nothing that we could have done before and most definitely there is nothing that we can do now to add to the debt that CHRIST JESUS paid in full on our behalf. The promise that was given to us is based on and received through our faith because our father of faith is Abraham. And, should we decide to live by the law of Moses we are to obey them in every way not breaking one of them or we will be guilty of breaking all six hundred and thirteen of them. If anyone is able to obey the law of Moses completely than you also will receive the promise. Rom. 4:4, 16

Our faith in CHRIST JESUS has brought us into the experience of GOD’s Grace, this is why we can approach our FATHER and stand in HIS favor. And just as we brag about things of the world, we should be willing to brag and boast in the confidence that we have in GOD’s glory. As children of Adam in the natural, we cannot escape the DNA that he has passed down to each and every one of his kids from generation to generation. Eternal death rules in the lives of non-believers and we witness the devastation that the actions of sin do in the lives of people. Our only escape and hope are found in CHRIST JESUS who through HIS abundant Grace has given to us a way of escape from eternal death and sins. The Grace that we have in HIM is in great prevalence / great quantity / very prevalent / and if we are still missing what the scripture is teaching us to get this understanding; the Grace of GOD through CHRIST JESUS is abundant, ample, full, furnishing full supplies / we are not barren / we are not lacking anything / and we are rich in HIS supplies.  Recognize lovers of the law of Moses, it was impossible for our ancestors to obey all six hundred and thirteen of those laws and it is far more impossible for this generation and the generations to come to obey them. The law was not written for us to live by in the manner in which we are to live according to the Grace that we have from the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. Actually, the law was written to show us that we are rebellious and can’t keep them. For example, when we are told not do a thing or not to repeat a thing verbally, what is the thing that we do or say that we were forbidden to do or say? This is evidence that we can’t keep the law. And, if you missed that example, here is another one, the speed limit is posted twenty-five, but we drive thirty or above. In this are we obeying the law or breaking it? We actually are breaking the law but just as in the natural, we receive grace to go no faster than five miles over the speed limit GOD’s Grace is supplied to us in greater abundance. If we were to self-evaluate ourselves and be honest, we could see that in our daily living we are actually missing the mark and are deserving of eternal death even if we are not sinning with the activity of our body what is our thought pattern like? This is why we should relish in the eternal life that we have received from CHRIST JESUS causing us to be justified in and through HIM by HIS Grace.    Rom. 5:2,17, 20-21

The law of Moses and sin no longer has dominion, it no longer has power and is no longer master over anyone who lives in the assurance and rest of GOD’s Grace.  Rom. 6:14

We have heard that many may say lord, lord but don’t know the nature of CHRIST JESUS as their true LORD and their true Savior so though it may appear that there are many in actuality there are only a few who are true believers that possess the remnant / the residue of GOD’s grace in their lives. Those that we see who are working to prove that they belong to GOD do not know or understand who Grace is. Grace does not require us to perform but to rest. Rom. 11:5-6

Everything that we are and do in the name of CHRIST JESUS is not done in vain. Actually, whatever work that we are tasked to do for the GOD of Grace we are to understand that it’s not us but Grace within us which compels us to do for CHRIST JESUS. 1 Cor. 15:10

GOD’s Grace is reaching more people every second of the day and they are offering to HIS glory prayers and thanksgiving. 2 Cor. 4:15

Excel in the Grace of GOD. The Grace of our LORD CHRIST JESUS left all of HIS abundance in heaven to come to us so that HE will cause us to be abundant in HIS poverty. JESUS was and is no way impoverished as we know poverty to be in our minimum understanding. JESUS took on the resemblance of poverty which is human flesh. 2 Cor. 8:7, 9

It is GOD’s nature to give to us more than we ask for or need by HIS constant overflowing Grace. GOD’s Grace is exceeding in us. 2 Cor. 9:8, 14

GOD’s Grace is enough for us; it’s all that we really need, and we will witness that HIS power is at it’s greatest when we are at our weakest. 2 Cor. 12:9

Become familiar with this, GOD is the ONE who appointed/chose/ picked us out before we were even born and separated us to HIMself from our mother’s womb through HIS Grace. Gal. 1:15

We need to make up in our minds that we will refuse to reject the Grace of GOD, we will not mix it with the Law of Moses any longer because now we understand that choosing the Law of Moses over the Grace of GOD is our silent confession that JESUS CHRIST died for nothing and that it was pointless. Gal. 2:21

Just as oil and water do not mix together but separate themselves so is the law of Moses and Grace; they will never mix well either. Trying to mix the law of Moses with Grace is actually separating ourselves from GOD’s Grace and causing us to be falling from HIS Grace and we cut ourselves off from CHRIST JESUS. Gal. 5:4

GOD’s Grace has made us acceptable in the Beloved who is CHRIST JESUS. It is in the blood of CHRIST JESUS that we are redeemed / we have been purchased and the debt is paid in full. We are free from our sins and we are completely forgiven of our past-present-and future sins. Eph. 1:6-7

We were once dead spiritually because of our sins and because we disobeyed the laws / we failed at keeping them/we violated the laws of Moses. However, in the love by which GOD so richly loves us HE made us become alive in HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS by HIS precious blood, so it is by Grace that we are saved. There was nothing that we could have done and there is nothing that we can do to earn salvation or a place in heaven. Eph. 2:1, 5, 8

GOD has given us all the responsibility to share HIS Grace with anyone who will listen. Allow GOD’s Grace to speak through us so that we may share the unsearchable abundance in CHRIST Eph. 3:2, 8

Only speak words of Grace to the hearers, we must be mindful of the words that are coming from our mouth. Most often we will say traditional words that we believe sound good because those are the words that we have heard for situations. Those words are worldly and benefit no one. Eph. 4:29

The Good News is ever present with us now as it was then. It has continued from the beginning producing good fruit or results all over the world as it has been doing in our lives since the day that we heard the Grace and truth of GOD and who HE really is or HIS true nature. Col. 1:6

In prayer ask the FATHER to keep us worthy of our calling in HIM. I once wondered why this was placed in the NT scriptures but now, I understand, we’ve all seen ministers of the gospel who have been placed on pedestals and worshipped then brought down low to the ground because pride was discovered within them.  We must have a desire to remain humble and never allow GOD’s glory to be shared with us in the manner that it’s all about us. When we do this, it will be in this manner that the name of our LORD CHRIST JESUS will be honored among us. Then will CHRIST JESUS good will be honored GOD the FATHER. 2 Thess. 1:11-12

Remember this won’t you that our LORD pours out HIS abundant Grace on us and gives to us HIS faith and love which is ours because of our union in CHRIST JESUS. 1Tim. 1:14

We are saved and called with a holy calling not according to any works we are able to perform according to our own education, power or strength. But according to HIS Grace which was given to us through CHRIST JESUS before time began.  CHRIST JESUS saved us to become HIS own people. 2Tim. 1:9

We know to say this, but we miss out by not living it and that is that we are to be strong in the Grace of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. 2Tim. 2:1

GOD the FATHER has revealed to the world HIS Grace CHRIST JESUS for the salvation of all people. Titus 2:11

We have been justified by GOD’s Grace which has transformed us into heirs according to eternal life by which we are confident. Titus 3:7

As humans were made so did JESUS willingly become a little lower than the heavenly angels by taking on the likeness of mortal man in the flesh so that HE could suffer death on our behalf and be crowned with glory and honor.  It was through GOD’s Grace that JESUS tasted death for every human so that we would not have to. Heb. 2:9

Now that we have accepted, believe and have received CHRIST JESUS into our heart we can now come boldly to the throne of Grace and speak with our DADDY face to face.  We are recipients of HIS Grace and HIS mercy which helps us when we are in trouble. Heb. 4:6

When the Law of Moses was instituted, we had to obey them and our disobedience to them put us to death without any mercy because we were judged guilty by the evidence of two or more witnesses.  Now, because those who refuse the Grace of GOD through despising the SON of the Living GOD they too will be put to death and judged by the Holy Spirit because they disbelieved and treat the blood of JESUS our covenant as some cheap thing. Not realizing that it is HIS blood which purifies us from sin.  Heb. 10:28-29

We must not turn from the Grace of GOD back to possessing that root of bitterness which springs up from within us and causes nothing but trouble and defiles us.  Grace is what helps us to serve GOD out of reverence. Heb. 12:15, 28

GOD is our Grace provider and HE gives us HIS grace in abundance. However, don’t fool yourselves because HE will not waste HIS Grace, HE will stand against; oppose and disappoint those who are prideful but will provide HIS overflowing Grace on those of us who are humbled. Jms. 4:6

If you indulge in getting drunk or ingest anything that has control over your mind or alters the way you think you are not sober in your mind.  If you would rather believe lies because of your lack of understanding the truth all because the lies come across to you as more attractive, you are not sober in your thinking. And if you believe that what you are doing or what you have chosen to believe is not harmful then you do not have soberness of your mind and thoughts.  Our minds must always be ready for action and remaining alert due to our setting our hope completely on the Grace of CHRIST JESUS which has been offered or given to us.  We can’t be this way if our minds are clouded and we have placed our confidence in everything but CHRIST JESUS and HIS Grace. 1Ptr. 1:13

We all are to acknowledge that we all are inferior especially to one another so when we know this be humble. Remember, GOD opposes the proud but provides HIS abundant Grace to all who live in humility. So, allow the Grace of GOD to daily establish us, perfect us, settle us and strengthen us by HIS Grace. 1Ptr. 5:5, 10

Let us avail ourselves to growing or better yet, growing up in the Grace and knowledge of our LORD CHRIST JESUS. 2Ptr. 3:18

Only people who are addicted to the unlawful indulgence of lust which are but not limited to such as addiction to immoral sex; vile and wicked behavior will creep in unnoticed and turn the Grace of GOD into acts of lewdness and will deny the ONE and only Living GOD as well as HIS Beloved SON, CHRIST JESUS. People like this are marked for condemnation and are ungodly. Jude 4